A little poem about Bluestar's poor kit.--LeopardkitSunClan Forever!


It was cold.
Too cold for the innocent kit.
She gave up.
For she was lost.
A silvery cat
With stars in her pelt
Was at her side.
She took her away
To safety.
The blue queen was weeping.
Her siblings were frighted.
Mosskit cried
"I love you, mama,"
Her call was lost in the clouds.


In a shining forest
With a beautiful sadness
The she-kit was found
Souls of other kits danced happily around Mosskit.
But she kept crying
But she was safe.
She was found.


The protector of Mosskit
Gave a sweet reply,
"Honored are you, for your innocence lasts."
A new name was whet the kit had.
An Honored Kit.

Author's Note

I chose the name Mossmist because she could see her sister's destiny in Riverclan.

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