Chapter One

Moonwake. The shimmer on the water makes me feel happy, relieved and like I am walking on air. The river ripples and it stays the same. I look at the moon. It is brighter than ever. The night is when everything comes alive. The only thing that stirs is the leaves in the wind.

"Moon, come on," whined Sun.

"I would like to wait here for a little," I answered calmly.

"Fine but hurry up!" demanded Sun.

I watched the river for a while. Unlike the sun the moon watches over me. It approves of me. It is a beautiful feeling when the moonlight shines on my pelt. Unlike me, Sun is more of a day cat. He is slightly irritable but very loving. My life is quite simple. I sleep in the same cave every night close to Sun. His golden pelt is warm from him lying in the sun. I love him but I have never told him that. I don't know if he loves me too?

I arch my back and walk back to the cave. Sun is asleep. I cuddle up next to him. His breath is slow. I slowly close my eyes. I only see darkness. The sound of Sun's breath brings sleep to me.

Chapter Two

Coming Soon

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