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Clan Cats


Leader- Stormstar

Deputy- Cedarvalley

Medicine Cat- Hopeheart
















Leader- Cederstar

Deputy- Rainpelt

Medicine Cat- Pineshadow






Apprentices- Open







Leader- Breezestar

Deputy- Open

Medicine Cat- Open

Warriors- Open

Apprentices- Open

Queens- Open

Elders- Open


Leader- Coalstar

Deputy- Frayclaw

Medicine Cat- Frostblossom

Warriors- Open

Apprentices- Open

Queens- Open

Elders- Open

Chapter One

Moonwake. The shimmer on the water makes me feel happy, relieved and like I am walking on air. The river ripples and it stays the same. I look at the moon. It is brighter than ever. The night is when everything comes alive. The only thing that stirs is the leaves in the wind.

"Moon, come on," whined Sun.

"I would like to wait here for a little," I answered calmly.

"Fine but hurry up!" demanded Sun.

I watched the river for a while. Unlike the sun the moon watches over me. It approves of me. It is a beautiful feeling when the moonlight shines on my pelt. Unlike me, Sun is more of a day cat. He is slightly irritable but very loving. My life is quite simple. I sleep in the same cave every night close to Sun. His golden pelt is warm from him lying in the sun. I love him but I have never told him that. I don't know if he loves me too?

I arch my back and walk back to the cave. Sun is asleep. I cuddle up next to him. His breath is slow. I slowly close my eyes. I only see darkness. The sound of Sun's breath brings sleep to me.

Chapter Two

"Good catch!" beamed Sun.

I nod my head as thanks while holding the rabbit. He gives me a slight smile. My stomach goes funny. Is this love? I try to shake it out but every time I look at Sun it comes back.

"Hello," said a small little voice.

I turn around to see one of those clan cats. He is small and has fluffy grey fur. He must be a kit.

"Hello young one, what are you doing?" I ask.he bub

"My name is Greypaw. My mentor Robinwing is taking me to do battle training." he bubbled.

I put my rabbit down and nudge towards Greypaw.

"This is for you Greypaw, my name is Moon," I say.

Greypaw smiles at me. I smile back.

"Thank you! I will take this back to camp before I go and meet Robinwing."Greypaw bubbled.

I nod my head. I have always wanted to be a mother. I always wanted to have kits. Maybe one day.

Greypaw ran off. I turn to Sun and he rolls his eyes.

"Why did you give him that rabbit?" growled Sun.

"Because he was cute and he lives in a clan where there are more cats to feed," I explain.

Sun and I walk back to the cave. When we arrive Sun ordered "You stay here Moon, I am going to get us lunch,"

I nod my head and he leaps into a run. I watch his golden pelt disappear into a bush. The sun. It is bright outside. It is almost blinding. I like the cave in the daytime. It protects me from those dangerous rays of sunlight.

Chapter Three

Only the moon knows the way, it guides me, it chose me, for some reason. Sun is still asleep. I look at him. I love him. But how do I tell him? What if he doesn't love me? I must tell him how I feel soon. A ray of sunlight seems to show over the horizon. It is bright. My eyes soon adjust.

"Sun, I am going to go hunting," I whisper.

I know he isn't awake but I wanted to tell him anyway. I walk out of the cave. Dawn had come. I see movement out of the corner of my eye. A little grey fluff caught my eyes. It must be a rabbit. I quietly stalk the rabbit to the bush where it is hiding.

"Hello!" said a familiar voice from the bush.

A little grey cat pokes their head out of the bush.

"Hello, Greypaw! What are you doing here?" I ask cheerfully.

"I came to see you!" he beamed.

"What about?" I question.

"ThunderClan needs more warriors. I was wondering if you would like to join us. You can bring your friend too," explains Greypaw.

"I'm sorry Greypaw but we like to not be controlled by other cats. We like to do our own thing. But thank you for informing me. If anything happens we will come." I say sadly.

Greypaw nodded his head slowly and gave me a slight smile.

"Well I have to now, Specklepaw is waiting," he says as he runs off.

"I wish I could join him. But Sun has always wanted to be free." I mumble.

I walk back to the cave even though I didn't catch anything. I see Sun in the cave moving swiftly. It looks like he is worried. I quickly run to him.

"Why are you so worried?" I ask.

He jumps and then stiffens.

"I was worried," he answers trying to look as brave as possible.

I whack his ears gentle. "Why were you worried?" I question.

"I was worried about you," he explains.

"Why?" I ask again.

He took a deep breath and said, "Because Moon, I love you."

Chapter Four

I stood there in shock. Did I just hear correct? Did Sun... love me? It must be a joke.

"Sun, stop triking me," I say.

"Moon, this is not a trick. I love you so much. I cannot hide my feelings any longer. Do you love me too?" asks Sun nervously

"I- I love you too!" I confess.

"Really?" he asks shocked.

I nod happily. I am so glad he feels the same way. I didn't need to tell him. He told me.

"Dreams can come true." I think.

Sun licks my ears. I let out a long, happy purr. He steps back and I nudge his cheek. We sit in silence for a moment. The sun begins to fall behind the trees and the edge moon seems to come out of hiding. It is beautiful. I lay down on the cold stone beneath my body. I watch the moon rise. The river seems to bathe in the moon's rays.

I look at Sun, who seems to be watching the moon as well.

I think, "The sun and the moon are so different, but they need each other, just like Sun and I,"

Chapter Five

Love. It makes your stomach go funny like moths buzzing around. It makes me happy. Sun makes me happy. I love him so much. Nothing will ever happen to him. I will make sure of that.

"Come on Moon," whined Sun, "we have to go and get breakfast."

"Coming!" I say cheerfully.

I follow his golden pelt through the bushes. Twigs fall in front of me and I have to dodge them so I don't scratch my eyes. I leap out of the bush, playfully tackling Sun.

"Hey!" he yells, struggling under my grip.

I release my paw and he hops up quickly. I let out a mreow of amusement.

I hear movement. I quietly stalk to wherever the noise was coming from. "Hopefully, it isn't a small ThunderClan cat this time!" I laugh to myself.

A rabbit pops out, it ran as fast as it could. But I was too fast I struck the killing blow. I picked up the white rabbit in my mouth. I walk back to Sun with the prey in my mouth. He had caught a vole. We walk back to the cave. The sun, it heated up my black pelt even though my time in the sun was limited.

When we arrived at the cave I sat down next to Sun. I noticed that he was trying to hide a purr. I smiled at him. He looked down at his paws, embarrassed. I nudge his cheek and he looks at me. I decide that I must eat now. I take polite little bites out of my rabbit. It is sweet and delicious.

After Sun and I finished our breakfast I stand up and stretch my legs. It felt nice as the muscles tightened then relaxed. I run out of the cave. Eager to go exploring.

"Why don't I go and see Greypaw?" I think to myself.

I run as fast as I could. I stop when I smell different cats. It is odd to smell more cats.

Chapter Six

The Clans smell different. It was odd.

"What are you doing on our territory?" askes a stern voice.

I look around to see a grey cat smiling at me.

"Hello, Greypaw!" I beam.

"Moon, what are you doing here?" he asks.

"I came to see you," I answer.

"Are you going to join ThunderClan?" questions Greypaw.

I think about it for a moment. Should I tell him? No, I haven't told Sun yet.

"No, I am sorry Greypaw. I haven't asked Sun yet. I must ask him." I reply.

"That is alright. I understand." nods Greypaw.

He is so small. Not as small as a kit but he was still small. I lick his head and he purrs. His grey pelt is soft like a bird's feathers. He looks up at me with his yellow eyes, his eyes glistening in the sunlight.

"I better get going now. See you later Moon!" he bubbled.

"Wait-" I stutter.

"What is it?" he questions.

I think about it and take a deep breath "I-I, I haven't told Sun yet but... I am expecting kits."

Chapter Seven

"Wow, congratulations Moon, I am so happy for you," he said, excitedly.

"I haven't told Sun but, being a loner and raising kits, just with him and I, it will be too hard so I think we will be moving and staying with ThunderClan," I explain to him.

His eyes widen and then he starts jumping around me.

"Cool, I will go and tell Hopeheart that we will be getting a queen." he beams.

"No, don't tell her now. I have to tell Sun I am expecting kits and then discuss that we should move to ThunderClan." I answered.

"Oh okay, why don't I come with you to the cave and I can wait outside," adds Greypaw.

"Okay, come on." I nod.

We run off back to the cave. I have to slow down a little for the ThunderClan apprentice who has smaller legs.

When we arrive at the camp the sun is already above us. Its blazing rays warm my pelt. It is very hot like fire. I run into the cave to cool my pelt down. Sun is sitting down quietly with his paws keeping his head off the ground. I nudge him and he smiles at me.

"Sun there is something I must tell you," I say, sitting down next to him.

Our pelts touch and we look at each other and our eyes shine with happiness.

"What is it?" he asks.

"I am expecting kits and Sun you are the father!" I explain happily to him.

He looks at me. His eyes widen.

"Really? I am going to be a father!" he says as he jumps around the cave,

I let out a mreow of amusement.

"I was thinking it would be hard to raise kits just the two of us and once they are grown up we can move back here but Sun, I think we should be clan cats for raising our kits," I explain.

He stops jumping and looks down at his paws.

"Fine Moon, but once our kits are old enough, we are moving back here," he says irritably.

That is Sun. Irritable and loving.

I run out of the cave to tell Greypaw. I look around. He isn't there. The only thing outside the cave was the usual bushes and on the grass, drops of blood.

Chapter Eight

Where was Greypaw? This was horrible. This was scary. The blood on the grass made me cry. I cried for Sun. He came running out.

"What is it Moon?" asked Sun, worried.

"You remember that apprentice I gave my rabbit to, he suggested we come to ThunderClan so I told him to come with me when I asked you and now he is gone," I stuttered.

My words didn't form properly. I couldn't speak. It was terrifying.

"We will find him Moon, don't worry," vowed Sun.

We ran off in different directions to look for the apprentice. I was worried. Very worried. Every bush I checked my heart raced, hoping, wanting for Greypaw to be there. But no luck.

His scent became fainter and fainter the more I looked. I wouldn't give up until I find him.

Then I saw it. I was getting closer to finding Greypaw. A piece of grey fluff lay in front of me.

"Don't give up hope Moon. You will find him." thought Moon to herself.

My legs don't feel tired. Like I could run forever to find Greypaw.

I stop. It couldn't be. Could it?

A few steps away I could see a grey body. But there were cats surrounding the body.

"Is he dead?" asked one of the cats surrounding the body?

"Stop!" I yell.

I didn't even know if it was him. But I had to try. I swerve between the crowd of cats.

There he was. Greypaw lay motionless on the ground.

"Greypaw, wake up." I cried.

The crowd of cats looked down at Greypaw.

Greypaw moved. He was alive! He had many cuts on his head and body but he was alive. That was all that mattered right now.

I lick his head, his pelt was cold.

"Greypaw, you are alive." I beam happily.

"Moon, what happened?" he asked.

"Don't worry right now Greypaw. We must take you back home." I say comfortingly.

I look up at the sky. I must have spent a while looking for him because it was already dark. The moon was peeking out from behind the trees.

"Thank you Moon," I say staring up at the bright circular shape in the night sky, "thank you for sparing Greypaw's life.

Chapter Nine

It was horrifying what had happened to Greypaw.

What cat would do this? It was obviously a cat. There was no doubt about it.

I brought him back to his camp. I called for a ThunderClan warrior. They came running out. A golden she-cat was the first and she seemed so grateful.

I think maybe moving to a clan is the best idea. It was nice there. Some of the cats seemed quite defensive and loud but some were welcoming.

I followed the golden she-cat to her cave. It smelt odd. Lots of smells filled my nose.

The she-cat fixed Greypaw. I was very happy.

I look at Sun. He is sound asleep. When the golden she-cat fixed Greypaw I felt relieved. I hope Greypaw is alright. He seemed so lost when I found him.

I walk out of the cave. The moonlight is a soft, welcoming feeling. I walk to the river. The moonlight shimmers on the rushing water.

Did I still feel safe in the forest after what happened to Greypaw?

My stomach wriggles.

My kits will be here soon.

I will love them forever.

I will never stop loving them.

No matter what.

The moon will guide them as it did to me.

Chapter Ten

My stomach ached. My kits were nearly here.

"Sun, we have to get to ThunderClan now!" I screeched.

The pain was getting worse every second.

"Come on," said Sun.

I noticed his tone. It seemed to be worried and sad.

Maybe he is as nervous as me?

He grabbed his moss from the back of the cave and then he accompanied me to the entrance of the cave.

"We will be their soon," promised Sun.

I struggled even though Sun was helping me. The pain. It was excruciating. I tried to walk normally but it was too hard.

Every step I took felt like a day.

"Remember," I thought, "This will be over soon."

Sun was with me. I tried to smile at him. It might have looked like a frown but at least I tried.

The pain was getting too much.

"We are almost there Moon!" said Sun comfortingly.

He was right. I could see ThunderClan. I tried with all my strength to walk faster. It was getting closer.

"Greypaw!" Sun yells.

Greypaw turns his head and then runs up to us.

"I will go and get Hopeheart!" he says to Sun.

"It will be alright Moon!" promises Greypaw.

I try to keep walking when I see Greypaw run off.

My stomach aches but I can make it.

Hopeheart comes running out with something in her mouth. She stands by my side trying to help me walk.

I go into a cave. It looks a lot like ours. Hopeheart mews for me to lay down. I do as she says and I feel a bit better lying down.

I feel a quick nip on my underbelly and then I see a calico kit right in front of me. I relax realising that is my kit.

I feel another nip and tumbling onto the moss is a black kit. Hopeheart quickly gives them to Greypaw and Sun.

"Lick!" Hopeheart orders.

"Moon, this is your last kit. You ready?" asks Hopeheart.

I nod my head and tumbling out onto the moss is a little grey kit.

Hopeheart licks the kit until it mews. Sun and Greypaw place the black and calico kits in front of my underbelly for them to start suckling.

"What do you want to name them?" asks Sun, looking happily at me.

"I will have to think," I say smiling at him.

Chapter Eleven

My kits. Oh, my beautiful kits.

Their little mews melt my heart.

I have decided that the little grey tom will be called Greykit, after my friend Greypaw.

Hopeheart pads into the nursery.

"Have you thought of any names yet?" she asked when she lay down next to me.

"I have decided that the little grey kit will be Greykit." I answered.

"That is a great name!" answered Hopeheart as she licked my head.

"May I suggest a name?" questioned Hopeheart

"Sure!" I said with a mew.

"What about Willowkit for the tortishell she-cat?" replied Hopeheart.

"That is a beautiful name!" I said, showing my gratitude.

"Do you like that Willowkit?" I asked to the calico she-cat.

Willowkit let out a mew of approval.

"Do you like Ravenkit?" I asked Hopeheart.

"I love that name!" approved Hopeheart.

Ravenkit let out a mew of approval before tumbling over to my stomach. He started suckling from my belly and then Willowkit and Greykit followed. They still haven't opened their eyes but it won't be long.

Hopeheart and I lay in silence for a bit. Once my kits had finished suckling they started mewing.

"It is okay!" I whispered to them.

I noticed that Greykit's eyes seemed to have opened.

"Look, he opened his eyes!" exclaimed Hopeheart excitedly.

"Hello Greykit, I am your mother!" I said to him with a lick on his head.

Greykit padded up to Wllowkit and then lay down next to her. He pushed his nose into her pelt. Willowkit mewed and then she opened her eyes. They were a pale purple.

"Wow, that is really rare!" mewed Hopeheart.

"Hello Willowkit, this is your home." I mewed to her.

They then padded up to Ravenkit who was moving his head around.

They mewed at him and then he opened his eyes.

"This is amazing!" bubbled Hopeheart.

"Hi Ravenkit!" I meowed to him.

Ravenkit's eyes were a bright green.

"I will go get Sun!" said Hopeheart as she rushed out of the nursery.

A few moments later Sun and Hopeheart came rushing in.

"Oh, they are beautiful! Have you thought of any names?" asked Sun.

"Yes, the calico she-cat is Willowkit, the grey kit is Greykit and the black tom is Ravenkit." I answered.

"Kits, this is your father!" I mewed to them.

Sun placed his nose in my pelt and whispered, "I love you so much Moon,"

Chapter Twelve

"Pinned you," mewed WIllowkit with a mew.

They are so grown up. It seems like seconds but it has been two moons.

"No, you didn't!" protested Greykit.

"This is pointless," grumbled Ravenkit.

"Ravenkit, if your siblings want to play it please don't criticise them," I explained to the black kit.

Ravenkit nodded and pad out of the nursery.

"Mother, why is Ravenkit so grumpy?" asked Willowkit.

"That is his personality," I explained.

Willowkit nodded and then went back to playing with Greykit. Watching, I clean my pads getting all of the dirt out of them.

Before long Ravenkit was back.

"Mother," whined Ravenkit, "I want to play a different game with them!"

"Why don't you ask your siblings?" I offered.

"Yeah, what game do you want to play?" asked Willowkit.

"Okay, I have an idea," mewed Ravenkit happily.

"It is good that you are getting along," I purred.

I watched the three kits play their game. For the first time, they were actually getting along. It was a miracle.

They are so old now. Soon they will be apprenticed.

"Calling all cats for a clan meeting!" called Stormstar.

"Come on kits, let's go and listen to Stormstar," I said.

The kits followed me eagerly out of the nursery. We find a place close to the front and my kits were squeaking with excitement.

"What do you think is happening?" asked WIllowkit.

Stormstar made his way up the tall rock and meowed, "We are here to announce that we now have to apprentices who will be becoming warriors,"

Sun walked up beside me and kay down. I followed and my pelt was tingling with excitement.

"Greypaw and Specklepaw have been training hard and have learnt all the ways of the clans. I call upon StarClan to look down on these apprentices and accept them as warriors," Stormstar said as he looked up at the sky,

"StarClan?" snorted Ravenkit.

"Yes, they are all the warrior ancestors," explained Willowkit.

"From here till you join StarClan, Specklepaw you will be known Speckleflame. You are a smart she-cat and you, someday, will pass down all you know to a young apprentice." declared Stormstar, his long pelt blowing in the soft wind.

A murmur of approval spread throughout the crowd of cats like a wave.

"And Greypaw, you will be known as Greyheart. You are a kind cat who knows your morals and soon you pass down your knowledge." meowed Stormstar, his eyes shining brightly.

"Greyheart! Speckleflame!" cheered ThunderClan.

Chapter Thirteen

Days were long.

Nights were even longer.

My kits are driving me crazy.

I look out at the dark night sky. My kits are finally asleep.

I thought I am the only one awake so I decided that I would like to get some fresh air. I walked out of the nursery and my dark black pelt shimmered in the moonlight.

The distant snores of ThunderClan cats were hard to hear when I focused on the breeze. It seems to smell a little different than before.

I sniffed the air again and it still smelled different.

Then I saw it.


"Fire!" I screeched.

I ran to the nursery and called, "Wake up!"

Skyfall's head jolted up and her green eyes opened.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Fire! Wake every cat up!" I ordered.

Skyfall nodded and then called her kits.

I turned and then meowed, "Kits, wake up!"

Ravenkit was the first one up. The Willokit's purple eyes opened and shimmered with worry.

Greykit wasn't waking.

"Greykit!" I called.

"What is it?" he asked, his voice had a tint or irritation.

Relief flooded over me. For a few moments, I thought he was dead.

I pick him up by the scruff and he struggles. He is now too heavy.

"There is a fire." I meowed sternly.

All my kits' eyes widen with fear and excitement.

"I need you to stay with Skyfall while I wake up Stormstar," I ordered.

Without an answer, I ran off as fast as I could.

"Stormstar!" I yelled.

"What is it?" he calls back.

"There is a fire!"

Chapter Fourteen

"What?" screeches Stormstar as he ran out of his den.

I didn't need to repeat my sentence because he had already noticed.

"Go wake up the warriors!" orders Stormstar.

I nod and sprint to the Warrior's den.

"Wake up!" I yell.

Grumbles and groans came from the warriors.

"It is so late. Why did you wake us up?" groans Dapplefire.

"Fire!" I explained.

After that, every cat was on their feet rushing out of the Warrior's Den.

Sun brushes past me.

"Where are the kits?" he asks.

"With Skyfall," I promise him.

He nods and ran with me to the nursery.

"Thank you Skyfall." I thank her when I see my kits.

She doesn't reply but just picks up her kit, Grasskit, by the scruff.

"Follow me kits." I say before rushing out of the nursery.

Sun and Hopeheart were waiting for me when I came out.

"Quick!" squeaks Hopeheart.

Hopeheart picked up Greykit by the scruff. Sun picked up Ravenkit and I picked up Willowkit.

"Mum, we can run on our own!" whines WIllowkit.

I ignore her and follow the other cats out of camp. I look back one more time and see the fire coming closer.

Would ThunderClan be alright?

Chapter Fifteen

The distant crackles of fire were easy to hear.

Terrifying thoughts fill my head. Our camp being engulfing by the fire.

It was hungry.

Very hungry.

"Will we be alright mumma?" asks Willowkit, her purple eyes shining with fear.

Sun pads up to her and places his nose in her tortishell fur.

"We will!" Sun promises.

I nodded my head in agreement.

Muffled voices of worry spread throughout the group of ThunderClan cats. They are all thinking the same thing.

Where are we going to stay?

"ThunderClan," announces Stormstar, "we need a place to sleep. Does anyone have any ideas?"

ThunderClan cats look at each other.

"We could stay with one of the other clans!" suggests Cedarvalley.

Many cats nod their heads.

"But which one?" asks Hopeheart.

"RiverClan have been the nicest to us lately. We will ask them." meows Stormstar.

"We are going on an adventure!" I tell my kits.

"Yay!" the mew excitedly.

"Follow your father and I!" I order them before turning around.

The group of ThunderClan cats start to walk in the direction of the RiverClan border.

One question lingers in my mind.

What will happen if RiverClan doesn't accept us?

Chapter Sixteen

The group of ThunderClan cats made their way to the river. Hopefully, we will make it their soon.

"Mum," whines Ravenkit, "my paws hurt."

"We will be there soon!" I promise him.

Ravenkit nods and walks beside Willowkit. Sun is beside me, our pelts touching. A warm feeling rises in my stomach.

I love Sun so much!

The moonlight shimmers on every cats' pelt as we walk in the open.

"StarClan is watching us!" meows one cat.

There were nods of approval throughout the crowd.

"Why do they believe in that nonsense?" snorted Ravenkit.

I turned to him and glared, "That is not nice! StarClan is real."

Greykit and Willowkit said in unison, "It is Ravenkit!"

Ravenkit grunted and looked down at his black paws. Sun and I shot each other a glance and rolled our eyes.

Stormstar's grey pelt was at the front of the group of the cats, leading them like a true leader. Cedarvalley walked beside him.

When Stormstar goes to StarClan, Cedarvalley will be Cedarstar. But who will be his deputy?

Many questions ring in my mind. The fire, Ravenkit's doubt in StarClan and the future of ThunderClan.

"Are you alright?" asks Sun, his eyes filling with worry.

"Yes, I am!" I promise him.

He nods and brushes against me. I purr happily as our bodies touch.

The river comes into sight. The moon reflected on the water. I smiled happily, thinking back to the time at the cave. When Sun and I were alone. I look at the moon and then back down at the river.

This is the most beautiful time.



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