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Leader- Stormstar

Deputy- Cedarvalley

Medicine Cat- Hopeheart

















Leader- Cederstar

Deputy- Rainpelt

Medicine Cat- Pineshadow






Apprentices- Open







Leader- Breezestar

Deputy- Open

Medicine Cat- Harebreeze

Apprentice: Heatherpaw

Warriors- Open



Queens- Open

Elders- Open


Leader- Coalstar

Deputy- Frayclaw

Medicine Cat- Frostblossom



Apprentices- Open

Queens- Open

Elders- Open


Sighs and mutters.

Screams and fears.

The night is a dangerous place.

But, it is one of the most beautiful times as well.

It is filled with past memories, love and the beautiful shine from the moon.

Just like my moon.

My one true love.

Moon, the most beautiful she-cat in the world. Her back pelt shines in the moonlight. Her heart is filled with love.

Moon and I are so different but so alike at the same time.

Her kindness soothes my anger. Her heart guides my soul.

We are perfect.

So are our kits.

Our wonderful kits.

Moon told me how Moonwake was her favourite time of day.

But mine is Moonglade.

Chapter One

The river comes into view.

"How are we going to cross it?" asks Darkshade.

Murmurs and worries spread throughout the crowd.

Moon brushes against me and I smile. Her pelt is as soft as a feather.

Stormstar interrupts the murmurs, "We can swim. Warriors, you will carry the kits."

The ThunderClan cats nod and make their way over to Skyfall and Moon. Moon smiles at Cedarvalley who picks up Willowkit. I pick up Ravenkit.

"Put me down!" orders Ravenkit.

I roll my eyes at Moon as she picks up Greykit. Ravenkit has always been the one to argue. The one who protests. I still love him though. He is just figuring out his path.

Ravenkit wriggles and I sigh.

The ThunderClan group watches Stormstar walk to the edge of the river.

Will he cross first?

Before I could even ask Moon, Stormstar had lept into the river.

He is one of the bravest cats I know. He has taught me the ways of a clan cat and now, I can't even imagine being a loner.

ThunderClan is my home. Everyone was so welcoming.

But, what has happened to our camp.

I can only hope that it isn't as bad at I think.

Chapter Two

We trudge into the water one by one.

As soon as I step foot in it, the cold rippled throughout my body. Every one of my legs felt like they were frozen and I couldn't walk straight. Ravenkit is huffing and squirming so it doesn't make anything easier.

"Stop it!" I growl.

He huffs again but stays still.

Thank StarClan.Cedar

The water from the river is calm, soothing almost if you weren't freezing.

I see the river's edge and pick up my pace. I leap out of the river and the cold leaves me.

"Put me down!" orderes Ravenkit.

I nod and place him on the ground. Ravenkit shakes to get the invisible water droplets off his pelt.

I roll my eyes and do the same except I actually had water on my pelt.

Moon jumps out of the river and lands next to me. She places Greykit down next to Ravenkit and licks her pelt. I smile and lick her cheek. She purrs but continues to clean herself.

Cedarvally places Willowkit next to her brothers. I nod my head as a thanks and he returns the gesture.

Stormstar is walking around, checking if every cat is alright. He pads over to Moon and I.

"Are your kits okay?" he asks us.

I nod and Moon says, "Yes, they are,"

Stormstar smiles before walking off to check on Skyfall. I turn to Moon and brush against her.

"What are you doing here?" growls a voice.

Chapter Three

I jump at the voice and so does a few other cats.

"Hi Cedarstar!" greets Stormstar.

"What are you doing on our territory?" Cedarstar snarls.

"There was a fire in ThunderClan territory. We have no place to stay. Are we able to stay with you?" frowned Stormstar, something sparking in his eyes.

Moon looks at me and then to the kits. She then speaks, "Please, we have kits and they may not be able to survive without somewhere warm to stay!"

Greyheart nod and so did I. Cedarstar look from one ThunderClan cat to another, his eyes blocking out any emotion. When he got to Willowkit, Ravenkit and Greykit, his eyes soften.

"Okay but only until you are able to go home," Cedarstar announces.

Greyheart brushes against Moon and then meows happily. I nod and lick Moon's ears.

"Good job!" I whisper in her ear.

She smiles and picks up Willowkit. Greyheart picks up Ravenkit and I pick up Greykit. Stormstar starts walking next to Cedarstar. All of ThunderClan follows, nervous and happy that they had a place to stay.

"Wait!" says Stormstar, stopping the group, "I have an announcement to make!"

The group's murmurs soon went silent, waiting for our leader to speak again.

"Today, two cats have shown courage and strength. They deserve their warrior names. Moon and Sun, please come forward."

I place Greykit on the ground and told him to stay there. I walk forward and smile at Moon. She grins back. Once we made our way to the front of the group we stop.

"Sun, do you promise to obey the warrior code and serve your clan?" asks Stormstar.

"I do Stormstar!" I answer.

"Then, from today you will be known as Sunfall!" he smiles.

I grin back, pride gleaming in my eyes.

"Moon, do you promise to serve and protect your clan?"

"I do Stormstar!" smiles Moon.

"Then from today, you will be known as Moonheart." announces Stormstar.

"Moonheart! Sunfall!" chants the ThunderClan group.

I purr and brush against my beautiful mate.

It seems my journey of a warrior just begun.

Chapter Four

I barely got any sleep last night, as Ravenkit insisted that he had to sleep with us. I love him, but dear StarClan, he can be a pain. On top of that, we had to sleep outside because there wasn't enough room in the warriors den and I had my warrior vigil . A yawn escapes me and I then sniff the air, scrunching my nose up at the smell. The scent of morning is mixed with the disgusting smell of fish.

What a lovely way to start the morning, I think bitterly.

"Good morning," Moonheart smiles as she wakes.

I smile back, "Mornin'"

She stands up and arches her back before padding over and brushing against me.

A purr starts to rumble in my throat before I hear an annoyed squeak behind me.

"Mum! Dad! You're embarrassing me!" Revenkit growls.

Moonheart rolls her eyes and lets out a purr of amusement, "Ravenkit, one day, you'll be very happy with another cat and you'll feel the same way I feel about your father!"

Ravenkit let out a disgusted snarl before turning and walking away, his black pelt glistening in the sunlight. My ears twitch at the sound of paws slowly coming towards us.

Must be the dawn patrol!

"We are going to see ThunderClan camp tomorrow, to gage how bad the damage is. I'm hoping it's not bad," Moonheart worries.

I nod beside her, my whiskers twitching.

Sure enough, it was the dawn patrol. I smile as Greyheart runs forward and greets us both. He places the fish he caught on the ground and I scrunch up my nose at the aroma.

"Did both of you sleep, alright?" Greyheart asks curiously.

"No, not really, the ground is very uncomfortable!" I frown, my ears twitching with annoyance.

Moonheart nods next to me, agreeing.

Why do the ThunderClan warriors that were chosen to go on patrol get to sleep in a den! Hopefully Moonheart and I will get picked for tommorow.

Greyheart nods and a bit of guilt shines in his eyes, "Yeah, it must me. I'm sorry about that!"

Moonheart shakes her head, "Don't be sorry Greyheart!"

Greyheart drops his head and Moonheart tries to change the conversation.

"Hey, I see you caught a fish!" she exclaims happily.

"I did, it was extremely difficult though! They are so slimy and slippery, they are hard to grab and swipe at. The water is freezing as well! I don't know how RiverClan does it!"

Moonheart licks Greyheart's ear and I say, "You've done well! Catching a fish is something I would never do, even when Moonheart and I lived in the cave!"

Greyheart purred proudly before picking up this fish and padding over the to the fresh-kill pile.

The aroma of fish was still stuck in my nose and I let out a growl.

I guess we better get used to this, it might be a while before ThunderClan's territory is fixed. I wonder how bad the damage is. I guess, tomorrow, we will find out!

Chapter Five

Coming soon!

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