Hi! For one, I hope you enjoy this, two if you want me to add you oc's in just leave their name, look, and personality in comments also if they have a mate and who. So let's start!


Leader: Beestar

Deputy: Mapleclaw (tortiseshell and orange she)

Medicine cat: Leopardheart (black white and grey dappled she)


Whitefur (large white she-cat with long, thick fur, a bobbed tail, and one yellow eye and one blue eye)

Ambersight (a fiery orange she-cat with amber eyes)

Bouncestep (orange cat with black paw, blue eyes)

Firefern (flame colored tom ice blue eyes)

Foxspark (orangish red tom amber eyes)

Gorsespark (Reddish brown tom amber eyes)

Wildbreeze (black tom with amber eyes and a white ear, foot, and tail-tip)

Gingerstrike (ginger she-cat with bright green eyes and a white belly)

Badgerfoot (white tom with black stripes)

Dandlelionfur (golden she with amber eyes)


Featherpaw (shockingly beautiful mottled silver she with white tipped tail and beautiful sky blue eyes)

Goldenpaw (golden she with green eyes)

Flamepaw (white she with red tail and ear tips big amber eyes)

Spottedpaw (dappled she with green eyes)

Hazelpaw (brown she with blue eyes)


Dappleflame (grey she with white spots, mother of Foxspark's kits, Ashkit and Sunkit)

Sweetheart (tortoiseshell she with green eyes, Honeykit's mom)

Blazeheart (Ginger she-cat with darker paws and fiery, amber eyes, kits are Thornkit, Petalkit, and Snowkit)


Roseshine (pinkish she dark brown eyes)

Lilythorn (purplish she with brown eyes)

Honeysky (golden she with blue eyes crushed back legs)

Featherpaw squealed. Finally, since Moonpaw's death, she was happy! Her warrior ceremony was today, and she loved her clan so much. Whitefur, her mentor, was really nice, intelligent, and stern, she trained her to be better, and slowly recover after Moonpaw's death. Goldenpaw launched at Featherpaw, squealing. "You'll never beat me in fighting!!!" Goldenpaw screeched. "Oh, you think so???" Featherpaw meowed, flipping her sister over with ease, and pinning her down.

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