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This is a collab written with the combined talents of Birdy, Foresty, Arti, Wetty, Birchy, and Red.

Enjoy. :)


This is a story of life.

Well, this is also the story of my death. But this is the story of six cats, six cats who I trusted, six cats who I watched over, sure that one day they would be the future of RiverClan.

You are used to magic, you are used to StarClan being kindly old spirits who save the Clans at every turn.

But your StarClan is not ours. Your villains are weaker then the threats we face. Your Clans have forgotten the meaning of being a Warrior.

We walk alone, our ancestors as uncaring as the stars. We fight our own battles and we have no magic powers, no great prophecies or heroes. We have no quests to find something dear or ghostly enemies. Those will come later, in your time, when you have forgotten.

But this is our time.

We do not need a battle each moon to make our lives worthwhile. We do not require StarClan to fight alongside us.

We are Warriors, Warriors of RiverClan.

And this is our story.

Chapter 1 - Icenose (Birchy)

Chapter 2 - Blazeclaw (Foresty)

Chapter 3 - Stormfeather (Wetty)

Chapter 4 - Leopardpaw (Birdy)

Chapter 5 - Bramblepath (Arti)

Chapter 6 - Creekpaw (Red)