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Allegiances and Clanmap(In progress)

Duskclan -

Leader -

Ivystar - a white she-cat with gray and black dapples and crystal-blue eyes.

Deputy -

Bramblefang - Brown tom with a tan belly and muzzle.

Medicine Cat -

Nightfall - Black tom with yellow-green eyes and an oddly-shaped white mark on his hind leg.

Warriors -

Sunheart - Light tan tabby she-cat.

Beechleaf - Light brown and white she-cat.

Owlclaw - gray and brown tom with yellow eyes.

Cedarfur - gray tabby tom with light green eyes.

Splayedfoot - Orange-brown-white tortoiseshell tom with a twisted foot.

Whitefeather - White she-cat.

Rootleg - white siamese tom with dark brown legs.

Volemouth - Gray dappled she-cat

Featherpelt - white and blue-gray she-cat; Moonpaw, Pantherpaw, and Mistypaw’s mother.

Apprentices -

Pinepaw - Brown-red tabby tom.

Honeypaw - Yellow/tan she-cat

Finchpaw - Gray and black she-cat

Oakpaw - Brown-gray tabby tom

Moonpaw - Dark blue-gray she-cat with white patches and sightless white-blue eyes.

Mistypaw - gray and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Pantherpaw - sleek black tom with yellow-aburn eyes.

Foxpaw - Redish tom with a dark brown stripe running down his back and a fluffy tail.

Queens -

Darkflower - Black, gray chested she-cat with blue eyes.

Juniperpelt - light blue-white she-cat.

Cloudsky - white and gray she-cat with light yellow eyes.

Elders -

Thorntail - Brown tabby tom with a spiky tail.

Appledew - reddish-brown she-cat.


Leader -

 Sunstar - golden tabby tom with orange/yellow striped.

Deputy -

 Frostheart - long-haired white tom with crystal blue eyes.

Medicine Cat -

Lilyflower - tortoise-shell she-cat with golden-brown eyes.

Warriors -

Aloefur - light gray she-cat with darker flecks.

Myrtletail - gray chested brown tom.

Liongaze - Golden and brown tabby tom.

Downyfeather - Silvery-white she-cat with light green eyes.

Dustfoot - half white and brown tom.

Ivysnap - Short-legged tortoiseshell she-cat.

Bluesky - blue-silver tom with a white muzzle. 

Willowpad - tan tabby she-cat.

Heatherheart - Black she-cat with yellow eyes.

Apprentices -

Lightningpaw - golden striped tabby tom with darker brown flecks. Son of Sunstar and Willowpad.

Sootpaw - dark gray tom with yellow eyes

Eaglepaw - white and brown she-cat with a pelt the color of an eagle’s.

Petalpaw - long-haired, light gray tortoise-shell she-cat.

Aspenpaw - Black and gray tabby she-cat.

Flakepaw - frosty white she-cat; Storm’s sister.

Stormpaw - long-legged dark-gray tom with a pelt speckled white; Mother was a rouge and left him in Noonclan. 

Queens -

 Cerryrose - reddish-brown she-cat

Morningflower - White she-cat with a black dappled pattern on her pelt.

Fawnleaf - gentle light brown she-cat.

Elders -

 Acornshade - Red-brown tabby tom 

Dawnclan -

Leader -

Amberstar - reddish-orange tabby she-cat with emerald green eyes.

Deputy -

 Ripplepond - Blue-gray tom with a fluffy tail.

Warriors -

 Ebonyshine - Dark brown tabby she-cat with 

yellow eyes.

Plumstride - orange tortoiseshell tom.

Splashleap - blue-gray tabby she-cat with a fluffy tail and brown chest.

Riverfoot - gray and white tom.

Shellstream - tan and white tabby she-cat

Beavertail - Brown tom with a fluffy tail

Apprentices -

 Duckpaw - brown tortoiseshell tom

Littlepaw - gray tom.

Shadepaw - Black and gray she-cat

Rapidpaw - Reddish-brown tabby tom with a white muzzle.

Dawnpaw - blue-gray she-cat

Sandpaw - tan and white tortoiseshell she-cat

Queens -

Quietflame - Tannish-orange she-cat with blue eyes.

Swanpelt - White she-cat with crystal blue eyes.

Seaheart - Gray and white she-cat

Elders -

 Snowfeather - white dappled she-cat

Lakestream - gray and brown tom

Stormbird - dull silver she-cat with brown eyes. 

Eveningclan -

Leader -

 Lionstar - yellow and brown tom with unusually long dark fur around his face and copper eyes.

Deputy -

 Blacknight - completely black tom with blue eyes

Warriors -

Honeydew - yellow and white tabby she-cat

Milkpelt - white tom

Berrypad - Orange and tan she-cat

Leopardbite - tom with a leopard-like pelt 

Brokenface - Gray tom with twisted jaw

Robinheart - reddish-brown she-cat with green eyes.

Heathereyes - tan she-cat with purple-ish red eyes.

Rainstripe - Gray tom with a lighter stripe down his back.

Apprentices -

 Thawpaw - White and silver tom

Deerpaw - Brown tom with lighter speckles

Harepaw - light gray she-cat

Sprucepaw - Brown she-cat

Cedarpaw - tabby tom with a brown and gray pelt.

Queens -

Ravenspirit - Black she-cat with amber-brown eyes 

Firetail - white she-cat with a fiery orange tail.

Swiftheart - brown she-cat with a white chest.

Elders -

 Applestem - worrisome thin brown tom 

Weasleleg - short gray she-cat

Mossclaw - white tortoiseshell tom


The night was as cold as the rivers in leaf-bare. The frost and hunger clawing at every cat in Duskclans’ pelts. “Whitepool, Tell me a story!” A young she-kit mewled as she stared admiringly at her elder. 

“Alright little one,” he mewed quietly, his whiskers twitching

“A long, long time ago, when the Sky Oak was nothing more than a meager sapling, five clans were scattered. These clans were Shadowclan, Riverclan, Skyclan, Windclan, and Thunderclan.” 

The little she-kit gasped in amazement, “Really? Why? What happened next?” 

Whitepool let out a small snort of amusement and playfully cuffed the kit over the ear, adding,

“Well if you stop talking I’d be able to finish!” 

The kit lay down, her bright blue gaze fixed on him.

“When the clans broke up, so did their warrior ancestors, and the warrior code was lost for what looked to be an eternity. But-” 

Whitepool paused for dramatic effect as he heard the kit’s tiny tail thrumming the floor excitedly. 

“Seasons later, Starclan reunited to gather their beloved clans once more.”

“While most cats from the clans had forgotten about their heritage completely, some still carried the spirit of true warriors in their hearts, passing down memories and keeping the clans alive in themselves. So, the cats of Starclan recruited four cats who held close to the warrior beliefs to reunite their clans.” Whitepool mewed, his whitened eyes glittering. 

“They met in dreams, even giving these four cats proper warrior names, Frostsky, Leafpetal, Shineheart, and Moonflight. These cats went on to recruit other kittypets and loners to teach them the ways of the warrior code and strengthen their warrior skills.”

“When the clans were restored at last, Starclan bestowed upon the first cats their nine lives, making them leaders, and gave their four clans names. Dawnclan, because of the renewed hope and energy the clans would have like the beginning of a new day. Noonclan, for the peace the clans would hold for a while, but that could vanish in a matter of hours. Eveningclan, for calmness, peace, and security that the cats would feel at camp. And Duskclan, for the realization that everything has an end, but one that only gives way to a new beginning.” 

Whitepool sighed in contempt and flicked his ears.

“And that all leads up to the clans we know today.”

He finished, yawning and standing in a luxurious stretch. 

“Wow! That’s so cool!” The she-kit said as she bounced around on her paws, tail twitching. Then suddenly sat back down, confused. 

“But why did the clans scatter in the first place? And why weren’t there five clans?” She asked dipping her head to one side.

“No cat knows, perhaps Starclan.”

Whitepool added and finished stretching, patting himself down a soft pile of moss. 

“Alright Moonkit, run along now back to the nursery before you worry your mother.” He said as he gave her ears an affectionate lick. 

Moonkit returned an ear-lick before hurriedly padding out of the elder’s den. Whitepool sat up restlessly for a moment longer before turning to lay in his nest. Before he even got comfortable, he was met by a warm-sweet smell and the presence of someone standing over him. Whitepool looked up to see a she-cat, he was amazed. Being blind, he lived his life in darkness. 

But he could actually see her with his own eyes. The she-cat that stood before him was not like his other denmates, She was much younger and her pelt was well-groomed and shone with the stars. 


Whitepool whispered, his voice cracking with emotion and awe that he could see her beauty. 

“It is I, my beloved Whitepool.” She purred, rubbing her stary gray muzzle against his. 

“Why have you come to see me? Have you come to guide me to the ranks of Starclan?” Whitepool whispered as he stared into the depths of her sparkly green eyes. A deep rumble escaped her throat and her whiskers trembled. “No, my love,” Ferndream meowed as she gave his ear an affectionate lick.

“Your time is not for many moons,” She purred, a hint of sorrow in her voice. “Starclan sent me to tell you that you must not retire to an elder just yet,” Ferndream whispered, her voice more steady and serious. 

“Why?” Whitepool meowed curiously. 

“You must mentor young Moonkit. She is the moon, that rises and shines in the sky, more lustrous than the brightest star, she is on the path to unfathomable greatness” She said gently.

“Greatness she will not achieve unless you are able to be her mentor,”  Whitepool stared off into the darkness as if pondering this. “My dearest Whitepool, I know it will be hard for you, but you are the only one who can teach her all she needs to learn,” Whitepool still stared on.

“Please,” She begged. Whitepool turned around, his eyes gleaming with amusement, 

“Who said I wouldn’t?” Whitepool rubbed his pelt on her’s, intertwining their tails. 

“I’ll be waiting for you, my beloved,” Ferndream whispered as her shape started to ebb away and her voice became nothing more than an echo on the wind. 

Chapter one

Moonpaw was about to leap for a squirrel that was noisily chewing an acorn, too focused on its task to notice the approaching danger.

she tensed up her back legs and sprang, but she overestimated the jump and missed it, sailing over its head. The squirrel lept to the safety of a nearby tree, Moonpaw in pursuit, but of course, it was too fast. 

“Mouse dung!” 

she spat as she stood clawing at the grass with unsheathed claws. 

“Bad luck,” Whitepool, her mentor, meowed as he padded up to stand next to her. “C’mon let’s head back to camp.” He said as he flicked the tip of his tail on her shoulder. 

Was it really just bad luck?

 Moonpaw thought solemnly as she padded empty-jawed back to camp. 

The camp was made in a clearing of the forest in the heart of Duskclan territory. A barrier of trees, bushes, and brambles lined the very edges of the camp and a cave-like rock was centered at the middle, that was Ivystar’s den and their clan gathering place. 

Although she had never actually seen it with her own eyes, Moonpaw had heard enough about what it looked like and had trodden around so much that she knew where everything in the camp was.

 As they walked through the camp, Moonpaw felt shame hot under her pelt as she heard the other apprentices eating their meals and sharing tongues. Whitepool headed to the fresh-kill pile. Moonpaw didn’t feel like eating, instead, she found a soft patch of grass to sun herself in. 

I could have caught that squirrel! She argued with herself. “Moonpaw!” Someone called. 

It was Mistypaw, Moonpaw’s sister. 

Mistypaw was padding toward her with fresh-kill in her jaws. “I caught my first fresh-kill!” She meowed triumphantly. 

Great for you! She thought sarcastically 

“Great.” Moonpaw meowed unenthusiastically as she curled herself up.

 “What’s wrong?” Mistypaw mewed as she nuzzled Moonpaw with her paw. “It’s nothing” She lied. Mistypaw saw through her lie and glared at her. 

Even though Moonpaw was blind, she could still feel the fire of her stare on her pelt. 

“Ugh, you won’t leave me alone, will you?” Moonpaw sighed, a hint of amusement betraying her irritation. Mistypaw just sat in front of her to listen, hungrily chomping down her fresh-kill. 

“I missed a squirrel,” She said, ashamed,  as she hung her head low. Mistypaw gave a sort of amused snort. 

It’s not funny! She bit back the retort, instead, narrowing her eyes at her. 

“Listen, don’t go ruffling your pelt over a missed squirrel. even experienced warriors miss a kill from time to time.” She said sympathetically as she finished the last of her meal. “Plus, you’ve barely had any training.” She added. Neither have you!

 Moonpaw thought about her apprentice ceremony that happened just two moons ago.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” She mewed, trying to believe it herself. 

“Anyway,” Mistypaw meowed at last, “I should be getting on, I have to clean out the elders’ den.” Moonpaw could imagine her sister’s exaggerated eye-roll as she padded across the clearing. “Bye!” She mewed as she raced off. “Bye!” Moonpaw called after her, feeling strangely emptier than she had before. 

Maybe I’m not meant to be a warrior after all.

 She thought, her heart beat faster with fear as she thought of not becoming a warrior and spending the rest of her days stuck in the camp like an elder. She shook her head, dislodging the frightening thought. She decided she’d go talk to Nightfall, the Duskclan medicine cat.  

He’ll know what to tell me. She decided.

“Nightfall?” Moonpaw called from outside the medicine cat’s den. 

The den was made out of a sort of stone hill, like a cave that rose from the ground, but only partly. Lichen and moss hung down in front of the entrance, shielding the medicine cats and their herbs from wind and rain. 

She could hear shuffling around inside for a moment, but stayed outside, as it would be rude to barge in on Nightfall if he was doing something important. 

“Moonpaw is that you? Come on in.” She heard him meow from inside the stone den. She stepped inside and was immediately hit with the intense aroma of herbs. She coughed a bit from the unexpected smell before speaking, 

“Thank you, Nightfall.” Moonpaw imagined the black medicine cat dipping his head. 

“What is it you’ve come for?” He asked, licking his paw to gently bring it over his face. 

“Well,” She started, not sure what to say next. 

“I-I’m not sure if I should be a -” She paused.

 Would he really know all the answers? 

“Your not sure if you should be a warrior, are you?” Nightfall finished for her. 

She sighed. 

“I don’t know,” She admitted. “It’s been hard. I missed a squirrel that was practically perched on top of my paws!” She mewed, frustratedly sliding her claws in and out. “Hmm,” Nightfall murmured. 

“Well, I don’t think I can give you the answers you’re looking for.” He meowed finally. “I’m not Starclan, you know.” He added.

 Moonpaw sighed tail drooping, wishing he would just tell her what to do.  

“But,” he continued as if sensing her utter misery. “Maybe ask you should Starclan for guidance, your warrior ancestors might be able to put your mind at ease.” He mewed. wisely. 

And hedgehogs might fly, she doubted. 

“Thanks for all your help.” Moonpaw lied as she padded across the clearing. 

How in Starclan am I going to get them to come to me? 

As Moonpaw curled up in her nest that night, she listened to the creaking of the oaks, the soft snoring of Mistypaw, and the gentle whispering of the breeze through the leaves. She hoped that she would hear some kind of ghostly voice on the breeze, but there was nothing but the gentle sighing of tree limbs. 

Please, Starclan! Send me a sign! She pleaded as she laid her head down on the soft moss and bracken of her nest. Please, just show me what to do.

 She closed her eyes and listened to the steady, rhythmic breathing of her denmates. 

As darkness filled her mind and she fell into a deep sleep and slowly, the noises faded away. When she woke and opened her eyes, Moonpaw expected the usual darkness that greeted her, but instead, she was met by a beautiful lush green forest.

 Fronds of ferns and bracken furled and unfurled around her paws. She saw flashes of starry pelts streaming through the undergrowth on the far side of the forest. 

Is this Starclan’s hunting grounds? Moonpaw asked herself, so awestruck that she almost uttered the words out loud. This can’t be a dream!

 Moonpaw thought in wonder as she felt the sweet-scented breeze ruffle her fur and the fronds tickle her pelt.

 “Moonpaw?” A questioning, yet kind voice called from behind her. 

She spun around quickly to see a young, strong white tom with a dappled pelt. 

He looks just like Ivystar! She thought in amazement. Beside him were two she-cats. One with an orange tabby pelt and another with a white pelt. 

“What are you doing here Moonpaw? Your time to hunt with Starclan is not for many seasons.” The large tom said. “I-I came to see if you could help me.” Moonpaw stammered, embarrassed at being confronted like this. The Starclan cats looked at each other with unreadable expressions.

 It was the white she-cat who broke the silence “Well if you’ve come all this way just to talk, let us introduce ourselves.” an amused purr rumbled deep from within her throat. 

“My name is Skycloud,” She meowed affectionately. Moonpaw was confused, she remembered that name but couldn’t quite place who she was. 

Next spoke the white, dappled tom, “I’m Whitestar.” He said half-amused, half commanding. 

That name!

 That was the former leader and Ivystar’s father’s name! 

Moonpaw soon remembered who Skycloud was too.

She was Whitestar’s mate and Ivystar’s mother! She hadn’t noticed the connection because she had never met them in person, as they both died long ago when her mother had only been an apprentice. 

She turned her head as the smaller, short-legged orange she-cat spoke up, “My name is Tigerflower,” She said in a surprisingly loud and firm voice. 

She scared Moonpaw a bit and made her remember not to ruffle her pelt. 

“I was the former medicine cat before Nightfall .” She mewed, flicking her tail unconcernedly. 

“Now,” Whitestar meowed when she had finished,  staring back at Moonpaw. 

“What did you want to talk to us about?” 

Moonpaw stared down at her paws, though she could feel the gazes of the three cats bearing down on her. Waiting for an answer. 

“I don’t think I can be a warrior…” She began. 

She expected the Starclan cats to say something to her, but instead, they just stared at her intently, their expressions unreadable. 

“I wanted to ask if you might know what my destiny holds, and maybe you could tell me what I have to do?” She looked away, afraid of what the Starclan cats might say, but all was still silent. The three cats finally gave each other strange looks and spoke in low, hushed voices. 

Tigerflower was the one who broke the unnerving silence, “Moonpaw, we talked amongst ourselves,” She said in a firm, but gentler voice than before, sitting up straight and curling her tail delicately over her front paws. Moonpaw turned her head as Skycloud spoke, 

“You are on a path destined to greatness,” She said in a very motherly way. 

Moonpaw felt hope and joy surge throughout her pelt.

 I’ll finally know! She thought cheerfully. No more guessing. “But,” Whitestar interrupted. 

“The decision you have is not our’s to bear,” He continued, more serious. Moonpaw’s heart lurched. 

He’s not going to tell me, I’ll never know now!

  “But it is yours alone to make.” Skycloud finished. Her calm, sweet voice slowly soothed Moonpaw’s worries. 

Mine alone to make?  She was surprised. 

“But remember, Moonpaw. The choice you make will shape the clans for seasons upon seasons.” Tigerflower warned, nearly growling. 

Starclan wants me to carve out the clans’ destinies? Moonpaw almost couldn’t believe what she was hearing, fear swarmed beneath her pelt. 

Before Moonpaw could ask any questions, Whitestar mewed “Dawn is approaching, you must go back to Duskclan now, Moonpaw.” As he spoke, the Starclan cats and the lush, green forest faded away, giving way to a cold darkness that swept Moonpaw up like the current of a river. The choice is yours alone to make… She heard Skycloud’s soothing mew one last time as she was swept into the dark tide once more. When Moonpaw woke again, it was barely dawn. She could tell by the mass amount of slow breathing and snoring that no cat was awake yet. Good. She sighed in relief. As she slowly remembered the daunting choice she must make, She smelled a sweet and soothing scent wrapping all around her. 


She sighed, full of certainty though.

I know now what I must do.  No matter how many moons I must train, 

I will become a warrior. 

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