Welcome to the Moon's Fire allegiances! As you probably know, OrangeClan was completely erased from the map. The only clan-born survivor is Lionfire, who ran away from Dapplestar with his close-to-kitting mate, Moonstripe. 

If you guys ever question why there are so many new cats that weren't in Blue Moons, just assume that they were converted! Now they're good!


A foreword

What's that? You want to know why Dapplestar isn't a clan-born survivor?  Featherstar of YellowClan killed her in the Great Battle of the Blue Moon. Yes, Dapplestar is clan-born, but since she died and Lionfire with Moonstripe joined YellowClan, OrangeClan was erased from the map.  We're getting off topic, aren't we? It's time to show the allegiances! 



Leader: Stonestar - silver she-cat with a striped grey and silver tail

Deputy: Violetwing - small lilac she-cat with yellow eyes and brown spots

Medicine cat: Deertail - Light brown tom with grey eyes

Warriors: Thornspot - Dark grey tom with light grey stripes

Apprentice: Snakepaw

Juniperfoot - Black she-cat with Bluegrey paws

Apprentice: Tawnypaw

Grasswhisker - Golden she-cat with light brown stripes and green eyes

Patchleg - White tom with a brown leg

Apprentice: Flamepaw

Snaketooth - Light grey she cat with dark brown stripes

Darkpelt - Black tom with one yellow eye and one blind amber eye (formerly known as Firt, quit working with the bad guys)

Lilywhisker - Light ginger she cat with blue eyes

Fernshadow - a black and brown tabby tom with green eyes

Apprentices: Flamepaw - Ginger tom with brown eyes and a white spot around his left eye

Tawnypaw - White she-cat with ginger stripes and green eyes

Queens: Whitebirch - White she-cat with brown tabby stripes and amber eyes

Kits: Hawkkit - White she-kit with black stripes and yellow eyes

Elders: Aldertail - Dark brown tom with blue-green eyes


Leader: Featherstar - Dark brown she-cat with light grey stripes and yellow eyes

Deputy: Pearlfeather - White she-cat with dark brown spots

Medicine cat: Sandlight - Dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes

Warriors: Squirrelfoot - Dark brown she-cat with orange eyes

Sunfur - Ginger tom with blue eyes and white spots

Skyfern - Bluegrey tom with green eyes and white spots

Brighteye - Golden she-cat with green eyes that glow eerily in the dark

Apprentice: Applepaw

Iceflight - blue eyed she-cat with a white pelt in the winter and a brown pelt in the summer

Lionfire - Yellow tom with orange spots and blue eyes

Hazelspot - Black she-cat with light brown spots and green eyes

Sandyfang - ginger tom with brown eyes and grey paws

Apprentice: Cloudpaw

Clawfur - grey with an amber streak from his tail to his neck, and bright green eyes

Apprentices: Applepaw - Red tom with brown eyes

Cloudpaw - Light grey she-cat with blue eyes and white ear tufts and tailtip

Queens: Bubblegaze - White she-cat who is the mother of Hopekit and Iciclekit, foster mother of Frostkit

Moonstripe - Black she-cat with white stripes and is the mother of Firekit, Flamekit, Fernkit, and Spottedkit

Kits: Hopekit - White she-kit with grey stripes and lilac eyes

Iciclekit - Bluegrey she-kit with silver stripes and green eyes

Firekit - Dark ginger tom (hasn't opened his eyes)

Flamekit - Dark ginger she-kit with a silver paw (hasn't opened eyes) 

Fernkit - Light grey she-kit with black and white stripes (hasn't opened eyes)

Spottedkit - Dark brown she-kit with silver spots (hasn't opened eyes) 

Frostkit - silver white she-kit with a grey tail tip. (Unopened icy-blue eyes)

Please no more kits in YellowClan

Elders: Harewing - Light brown tom with grey eyes


Leader: Cinderstar - Brown she-cat with light grey spots

Deputy: Peachfeather - cream she-cat with brown spots 

Medicine cat: Tawnypool - Calico she-cat with brown eyes

Warriors: Needlestorm - White tom with brown eyes and yellow stripes

Ravenwing - Black tom with yellow eyes

Pineflake - Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes

Swiftflight - Light grey she-cat with orange eyes

Lionswoop - Golden tom with light grey spots

Seedsplash - Light brown she-cat with lilac eyes

Mosstail - Light brown she-cat with green eyes

Flameclaw - ginger tabby tom with amber eyes

Drizzletail - light grey she-cat with hazel eyes and a black tailtip

Newtsong - dark brown tom with orange eyes and has a blind eye

Grasswing - calico she-cat with blue eyes 

Ratheart - black tom with cream markings

Twigwhisker - dark brown she-cat with light green eyes

Apprentices: none

Queens: Thymeleaf - Bluegrey she-cat with green eyes, mother of Ivykit and Wavekit

Hollybranch - black she-cat with green eyes, mother of Blazekit, Ravenkit, and Bramblekit

Kits: Ivykit - Dark brown she-cat with green eyes and black stripes

Wavekit - Bluegrey tom with shining yellow eyes and silver, curved stripes like ripples

Blazekit - ginger tabby tom with unopened amber eyes

Ravenkit - black furred she-cat with unopened dark blue eyes

Bramblekit - black tom with unopened amber eyes

Elders: Dawnwhisker - light grey dappled she-cat with blue eyes

Cats (or creatures) outside clans

The Outcasts


Jagger - black tom with a white front right paw and a white tail tip


Fang - brown tom with amber eyes and black tabby stripes

- Apprentice is Wolf

- Mate: Mist


Burst - black tom yellow eyes

-Mate: Strike

Strike - Blue she-cat with amber eyes

- Mate: Burst

-Kits: Shadow and Abyss

-Foster kits: Sky and Frost

Rage - dark brown tom with amber eyes and black tabby stripes

Night - black she-cat with a white muzzle and deep, Violot eyes

Mist - misty grey she-cat with light blue eyes, expecting Fang's kits

Flame: lithe reddish-brown tabby tom with green eyes

-Apprentice: Twitch

-Mate: Spring

Hazel - light brown she-cat with stormy, grey eyes

Ghost- Pale grey, almost white she-cat with white belly fur and scarred, blind eyes.

Andy- Dark grey she-cat with lighter belly fur and black ear tips.

Ark- Huge dark grey tom with amber eyes and a brown muzzle and tail.

Feather- Pretty brown she-cat with yellow eyes.

Broken- Dark grey tom with black patches and deep, blue eyes.

Spring - tan and light brown tabby with green eyes

-Mate: Flame


Wolf - dark grey tabby tom with light grey paws and muzzle, yellow eyes

Twitch - white tom with black paws


Shadow - black tom with amber eyes

Abyss - also black tom with amber eyes

-Parents: Strike and Burst

-Foster siblings: Sky and Frost

Sky: calico she-kit with amber eyes

Frost: white tom with silver tabby stripes and blue eyes

The Outcasts was created by TheWarriorTraitor666. I'm giving a shout out for this idea for my fanfic!


Shade - black she-cat with yellowish white fur cutting through the black

Kink - ginger she-cat with bright blue eyes and a subtly bent tail

Timber - woody brown tom with a single white stripe running from the back of his beech neck to his tailtip

Holly - black she-cat with silver tabby stripes and yellow eyes

Ash - dark brown tom with black ear tufts and blue eyes

Thorn - light brown tom with ginger-y eyes

Snow - white she-cat with light blue eyes

Wing - white tom with amber eyes

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