Hello, guys! This is the sequel of the fanfic I'm proudest of, Blue Moons. I suggest reading that first, if you haven't already. I hope you guys like book two!

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Moonstripe's kits are healthy. But somehow, the prophecy about the birth of Moonstripe's kits was wrong. Lionfire and Moonstripe are really puzzled. However, they ask to join into YellowClan to raise their kits there. There, the kits receive their clan names. 

Author's note: I'd like to give a shout-out to my friend Ro. She has created many covers for me, and compliments my writing. 


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It's been a few sunrises since Moonstripe gave birth to her kits. Lionfire has been keeping watch and hunting for the both of them.  One morning, Moonstripe stretched up in her nest. "Good morning, Lionfire," she cheerfully said. 

He licked her ear. "Can you walk? Can the Kits walk? I think it's time we move out of here," Moonstripe nodded. "I can walk, and I think we have to carry at least the youngest kits. This den gets really cold without many cats in leafbare,"

Lionfire shook his head. "We really are going to need names,"

"I agree,"  Just then, a movement caught Moonstripe's eye. The oldest of her kits was flicking its tail. Moonstripe thought that this was strange for such a small kit.  "Yeah. Where will we go though? If I'm correct, Dapplestar has murdered OrangeClan off the map!" Moonstripe meowed.

"I'm thinking one of the other clans. Probably YellowClan, since Sandlight helped us," Lionfire answered. "I'll take this one. C'mon, we can guide the others with our tails. But first, I want to see if I can carry two kits at once,"

"Me too," Moonstripe said. She took the youngest in her jaws, and barely had enough room for another. Moonstripe looked up at Lionfire, who had picked up the remaining kits.  They set off in the direction of YellowClan camp. There was a small drizzle of rain. Lionfire looked over at Moonstripe one last time, and held the ferns away with his tail to let her in, and followed.  The leader, Featherstar, happened to glance over at them and gasped. "It can't be, can it?" 

Lionfire dropped his kits gently into the ground. "What do you mean?"  Featherstar's eyes gleamed with joy. She yowled across the camp, "We have OrangeClan survivors!" 

Sandlight ran out. "Moonstripe! Lionfire! You're okay! We were hoping that the cats from the blue moon wouldn't find you. Did any of the kits get harmed?" 

Moonstripe dropped her kits and said, "Not that I know of," 

Featherstar leapt up onto the hill which held her den, and yowled, "Let all cats of YellowClan gather!"  Moonstripe led her kits over to the growing multitude of cats.  "Today, I have discovered two OrangeClan survivors. I am proud to provide shelter for Lionfire, Moonstripe, and their kits. Do any cats disagree?" 

" Actually, " Lionfire said, "can we stay, like, until the end of our lives? I mean staying here forever," 

Featherstar looked down upon them. "I guess. Once again, any dissenters?" 

The only thing heard were the kits who were crying softly. 

"Then it's official! Lionfire, Moonstripe, you are welcomed as full warriors and queens of YellowClan. If your kits don't have names, name them. If they do, make sure they're clan names, etc. Thanks to you two and the rest of YellowClan," 

Moonstripe led her kits over to the nursery. "We will have a nice nest to sleep in soon, my darlings," she whispered to them.

They mewed softly. 

Chapter One

Lionfire padded into the nursery and stopped at Moonstripe's nest. "Have you named them yet?" 

"Well," Moonstripe said, "I was thinking of at least trying to follow out the prophecy. Besides, it said, 'Three, they say', so maybe the prophecy has a reason for me having four?" 

"Alright," Lionfire said. "Three effs. The first one is Firekit. The next is Flamekit. They look alike in so many ways, so there names mean something in common," 

Moonstripe smiled. She nudged the next oldest kit with her nose. "Fernkit. And the last one, for her spotted pelt, is Spottedkit. They're so cute," 

Lionfire nodded. "I can't wait to see what color their eyes are,"

"Me neither," Moonstripe purred. 


One morning, Moonstripe woke up to Firekit mewing loudly. He slowly lifted his eyelids. 

"He's opening his eyes!" Moonstripe excitedly, but quietly, meowed. 

Firekit blinked his eyes into focus. "So this is what the world looks like....." his eyes seemed to say. 

They were a beautiful grey. Almost like silver, even. 

He squeaked. "Wow! Everyone's so big!" Moonstripe smiled in amusement. 

"Hello, Firekit. I'm your mother, Moonstripe!" 

"Ahh! Big scary cat! Can I play a game?" He meowed, probably not able to decide which emotion he wanted to show. 

"Wait until your siblings have opened their eyes," Moonstripe purred. 

"What? I'm not an only kit? Open your eyes, sibli--- Wha!!! She looks like me! Copycat!" Firekit meowed. 

"That's your sister Flamekit. Be quiet. She's sleeping!" Moonstripe chided. Oh, little kits. They don't really know how to control their emotions the moment they open their eyes.

Firekit curled up in a ball again. He put his tail over his nose and started sleeping again. Moonstripe guessed that since there was no cat to play with, he just decided to sleep. 

After Firekit went to sleep, Bubblegaze's kits, Iciclekit and Hopekit, came over to Moonstripe. "Did Firekit go to sleep?" Hopekit asked, lilac eyes stretched wide open. 

Firekit opened one eye to a slit and said, "I'm not asleep," 

Iciclekit poked him. "Can we play? Please?" 

Firekit opened his eyes and stretched. "Moonstripe, can I?" He whispered to the other kits, "she said that I couldn't play until my siblings opened their eyes," 

"Oh, uhh, hmm. Okay," Hopekit whispered back. 

Moonstripe smiled. "You can play with Iciclekit and Hopekit. But first, be quiet, it looks like Flamekit is going to open her eyes!" She whispered.

Firekit laid down and intently watched his sister. "I hope they aren't exactly like mine," he said. 

Flamekit snapped her eyes open and hissed, "Be quiet! Why can't a she-kit ever get sleep?" 

Her eyes were a gorgeous yellow. "Phew," Firekit said, "she doesn't look exactly like me. She's still a copycat though. Do you want to play?" 

Flamekit purred. "I guess so,"

Iciclekit squealed. "C'mon! Do you want to explore the camp?" 

Firekit squealed when Flamekit batted his ear, and said, "Yeah! Let's go!" 

Chapter Two

Fernkit squirmed in the nest. It felt..... empty. Where is everycat? ​​​​​​

She heard four small voices talking loudly. Ugh. she thought. Good thing they left......

Anyway, Fernkit decided that she wanted to do something. But it wasn't just anything. It was the one thing that Fernkit finally decided she was ready to do. 

I'll open my eyes today. ​​​​​She tumbled into a big cat. Fernkit opened one eye. Then, she slowly opened the other. 

"Hello, young Fernkit. I'm your mother, Moonstripe!" A big cat said. She was a black cat with white stripes. 

She squeaked. "Who's that?" Fernkit nudged a sleeping cat her size. 

The black cat with white stripes, who called herself Moonstripe, answered, "That's your younger sister Spottedkit. She's sleeping. If you want, you can go outside and find your siblings, Flamekit and Firekit, with Iciclekit and Hopekit, and I think they said they were going to explore the camp," 

Fernkit nodded and rushed outside. She immediately bumped into a large yellow cat. "Sorry," she muttered.

The cat laughed. "Sorry? I'm your father, you don't need to be sorry, Fernkit!" 

"Oh, um... Okay," Fernkit said, embarrassed.

The big cat introduced himself as Lionfire. "You should find your siblings. I think they're in the elders' den right now," Lionfire said. He pointed with his tail in the direction of the den.

Fernkit mumbled her thanks and got going. Sure enough, she found four small cats huddled around a large cat.

"Hi! I take it you're Fernkit?" Asked the small white she-kit. 

"Yeah. Who is everyone? Sorry, I just opened my eyes," Fernkit looked down. 

The small white she-kit said, "I'm Hopekit. Here next to me is Iciclekit. Your brother Firekit is the dark ginger tom with the grey eyes. Flamekit is the one with yellow eyes," 

"Okay!" Fernkit said.

Iciclekit meowed to her, "You really should hear the Harewing's stories! They are so good!"

Harewing chuckled at the kit's enthusiasm. "Now, now. Do you young fellas want to hear a story about how once I climbed a tree?"

Firekit scowled. "Can't everyone climb trees when they are apprentices?"

Hopekit smiled. "Oh, don't you wait. This story is about how he climbed a tree....... as a kit. You don't want to miss this one," 

Chapter Three

Brackenspring sighed as he walked alongside Owldawn.

"I feared that it would fail," he said. "Unfortunately, the same cats who gave me the first prophecy told me another for if it fails,"

Owldawn shook his head. "Then what are you waiting for? Tell me!"

Brackenspring licked his lips. "Oh alright. Here it is. Tell Sandlight when I'm done. 

Fire will kill thy ferns.

Not much of one, huh? Nevertheless, it's still a prophecy," 

Owldawn spat onto the ground. "Fine. I still don't know why we have to tell them silly riddles,"

Owldawn ran off to the pool, once again. This time, he imagined the dark ginger she-cat. 

Sandlight's reflection turned toward the leader's den. Darn it Owldawn thought, She's not asleep yet!

Owldawn heard Sandlight telling Featherstar from inside, "I'm tired. I expect that Bubblegaze's cramps are going to settle down tonight. I'll give her some poppy seeds, and then I'll head to my nest," 

Owldawn felt bad for eavesdropping, but oh well. He zoomed ahead in the image until Sandlight was heading to her nest. Hastily, Owldawn created a scene behind him; the scene was by the pool, except in a cavern, like the Moonpool. 

Soon after the scene was finished, Sandlight was blinking by him in the dim light.

"I assume you've heard of the blue moon prophecy, right?" Owldawn said, not turning his head to face the dark ginger cat.

Sandlight sighed. "Yes. And it went wrong. That's not the reason I'm here, right?"

"Well..... Kind of...." Owldawn meowed, turning to face her. "Since the prophecy failed, there was a back-up prophecy. I don't know how that works, but it went like this:

Fire will kill thy ferns. 

I believe you are to tell Featherstar and Moonstripe about this," Owldawn quickly said.

Sandlight shook her head. "They won't believe me. It's because a prophecy happened not so long ago. Maybe you should send it as a sign?"

Owldawn smiled. It was a mischievous smile. "You'd be surprised. But, I still sent out a sign for you, only because I knew that would happen,"

"When should I...... Nevermind," Sandlight meowed. "I've got to get back. Thanks for telling me,"

"It's been my pleasure," Owldawn said. And, as Sandlight left, the scene dissolved.

Chapter Four

"Nah," Featherstar said. "There can't be another prophecy!"

"Then what is this?" Sandlight held up a leaf that had belonged to a fern. It was red and orange, like the color of fire.

It was Greenleaf, so any other cat wouldn't understand why it was that color.

"That's a fern that was colored red with berry juice," Featherstar said.

"I hate to say this, but I have to agree with Featherstar on this one. My kits are hungry. Find a better sign," Moonstripe meowed, hanging her head.

Sandlight frowned at Featherstar and Moonstripe. "How could you do this? This prophecy should not be ignored!"

Featherstar shook her head. "There's not another prophecy. Go back to work,"

A voice whispered in Sandlight's head. She recognised it as Owldawn.

"Do not despair. The answers will come soon, and they'll have to accept the prophecy," He said.

Sadly, Sandlight nodded. "Okay," she whispered.


Featherstar tiredly stepped up onto the TreeRoots. Her pads were sore from climbing up.

"Let all cats old enough to recognise the smells of the forest join me under the TreeRoots for a clan meeting!" She yowled the familiar call. 

Many cats gathered around. Featherstar waited until every cat was there, then started.

She couldn't help but notice Moonstripe sitting next to Bubblebreeze looking tired. Featherstar could hear kits playing in the nursery.

"Two kits have reached the age of six moons, which is the traditional age to become an apprentice. Iciclekit and Hopekit, please step forward!" Featherstar meowed.

Iciclekit and Hopekit bounced forward, and Hopekit was almost squealing in delight. 

"Do you both promise to uphold the warrior code, even at the cost of your lives?" 

"I do!" Exclaimed Hopekit. Iciclekit quickly followed and said, "I do,"

"Then I ask StarClan to look down upon these two apprentices, and to watch over them. From now on, Hopekit, you will be known as Hopepaw. Your mentor will be Skyfern. Iciclekit, you will be known as Iciclepaw. Your mentor will be Squirrelfoot. May StarClan guide your paths,"

Hopepaw bounded up to her her mentor and touched noses. "Can I say goodbye to the kits and get settled into the apprentices' den before we start?" She asked.

"Sure," Skyfern said. 

Hopepaw poked her nose into the nursery. "Hopekit!" squealed Flamekit, "Where have you been? Where's Iciclekit?" 

Flamekit has become one of Hopepaw's best friend, and she loves playing. Hopepaw meowed, "I'm an apprentice now! My name's Hopepaw instead!"

Flamekit looked down. "Congratulations!" Hopepaw could hear the disappointment in her words.

"It's okay, I'll still play with you!" Hopepaw soothed. Flamekit immediately brightened up. 

Hopepaw hurried out to the apprentice's den. Iciclepaw was waiting for her. "It's sad, though, that we don't have any denmates......" Iciclepaw meowed.

Hopepaw rested her tail on Iciclepaw's shoulder. "It'll be alright. We still have the kits to play with!"

Iciclepaw smiled. "Yeah, you're right. Thanks. I've got some moss and bracken for your nest,"

"Thanks," Hopepaw got right to work forming the nest. She had watched Mosstail fixing Bubblegaze's nest before she became an apprentice, since there weren't any.

After she was done, Hopepaw raced outside and almost bumped into Skyfern.

"A little excited, are you?" He asked playfully.

"What's my first assignment?" Hopepaw asked.

Skyfern purred. "I think I'm going to show you around the territory, and maybe, just maybe if we have time, I'll teach you the hunting crouch," he said.

Hopepaw meowed, "Let's go!"

Chapter Five

Iciclepaw ran over to meet Squirrelfoot. "I'm ready! Where to first?"

Squirrelfoot scanned the young, eager apprentice, and then said, "I'm thinking of taking you to see the territory with Skyfern and Hopepaw,"

"Alright! Hurry! They're leaving now!" Iciclepaw meowed impatiently.

"Then go! I'll be right behind you," Squirrelfoot said. Iciclepaw thought that she could detect some kind of sadness in the she-cat's words.

Iciclepaw didn't dwell on that thought for long, though. She ran up to meet Hopepaw, who was halfway through the entrance ferns.

Hopepaw jumped when Iciclepaw brushed against the ferns. "Oh, hi! Are you going out to explore the territory? I am,"

Iciclepaw smiled. "You won't believe it. I'm going with you guys!"

Skyfern's voice could be heard ahead. "C'mon, young apprentices! I'm going to show you the Owl Circle!"

Iciclepaw ran to catch up. She could hear Hopepaw running beside her, and Squirrelfoot far behind. The sounds told Iciclepaw that she was walking. 

What's her deal? She's a mentor, she's supposed to be in the lead! I'd much rather have Skyfern as a mentor than her! Iciclepaw thought. 

Skyfern stopped shortly at a wide circle of tall trees. "This is Owl Circle. Many owls have been sighted around here. It's a good place to hunt, but be careful. Owls like to take little kits and apprentices away!"

Iciclepaw shivered. Skyfern, seeing her shiver, said, "Don't worry. You only have to look out during the night, they're asleep now,"

Hopepaw giggled behind Iciclepaw.

Most the it went like this. Skyfern enthusiastically leading and giving facts, Iciclepaw always reacting to the facts and soaking in knowledge, Hopepaw, not saying anything, but still reacting, and Squirrelfoot hanging behind, not interacting or listening or anything.

When the sun started to set, Skyfern led them back home. Hopepaw asked the question that Iciclepaw had been thinking the entire trip. "What's Squirrelfoot's problem? She should be happy to have an apprentice, and be up here with us talking and laughing!"

Skyfern sighed. "Squirrelfoot isn't usually the kind of cat to interact with others. It's alright, as she might get better as she trusts you guys more. She's not had an apprentice for a while, and doesn't enjoy bossing other cats around,"

Iciclepaw shook her fur. "That's fine. I understand her,"

"That's good," Skyfern said. "Not many cats do. Many cats just think she wants to be an elder, but she actually wants the opposite. Being younger is all of their wishes. I bet Featherstar gave Squirrelfoot an apprentice because she wanted her to train one last apprentice before doing whatever it is she'll do,"

Hopepaw nodded. "Okay,"

Iciclepaw raced back to camp, hoping that the kits weren't asleep yet.

Chapter Six

Flamekit watched as Hopepaw and Iciclepaw disappeared through the entrance ferns. 

"Aww," she said. But at least they had said goodbye...

Flamekit walked back into the nursery. Firekit and Fernkit were wrestling each other. Spottedkit was sound asleep. What a pity she hasn't opened her eyes......

Flamekit meowed to Fernkit, "What are you guys doing?"

Fernkit giggled and said, "We're playing!" She whispered another part. "Also trying to convince Spottedkit to open her eyes,"

Fernkit's sky blue eyes were playful. Flamekit knew that when that happened, she would start-

"Jumping! Whee!" Fernkit pounced on Flamekit. "Aauuuuggghhh! Whaaaaaaaaa!"

Just then, Spottedkit moved. "You guys are so loud," she complained.

Firekit squealed in joy. "She opened her eyes! She opened her eyes!!!!"

Flamekit took note that Spottedkit's eyes were green. Like, Greenleaf green. They were so rich green that Flamekit felt a little overwhelmed. 

Spottedkit narrowed her eyes. "What are you staring at?"

"Nothing, sorry. Your eyes are just prettier than mine," Flamekit said. 

"Oh, okay." Spottedkit said.


Moonstripe came back from her long trek in the woods. She had really needed that stretch.

As Moonstripe padded into the nursery, she saw four tiny shapes huddled with each other. "So Spottedkit has opened her eyes, huh?" 

"Yeah!" one of the dark ginger shapes said. "They're fern green,"

Moonstripe figured that Flamekit had spoken. "Make room, I'm coming in!"

Flamekit squealed and stumbled out of the nest. Spottedkit quickly followed her. Firekit just stayed where he was, and Fernkit tried to push him out of the way.

It looks like Spottedkit and Flamekit have created a bond together.... Moonstripe figured. Flamekit's right! Spottedkit's eyes are green. But they look more rich green than fern green....

Spottedkit shook her tiny head and climbed back in the nest. Moonstripe had gotten in and made room for the kits. Flamekit followed the small she-kit up.

Moonstripe began grooming the top of Flamekit's head, because there was a piece of fur sticking up. Flamekit mewled in protest.

Spottedkit began giggling. Moonstripe had no idea why, nothing funny had happened. Soon, Firekit and Fernkit were laughing, and then Flamekit busted up in laughter.

"What? What is it? What's funny?!" Moonstripe demanded.

"I don't know," Fernkit said in between laughs.

Suddenly Spottedkit stopped laughing. She said, "What's that outside?" 

Moonstripe turned around to see Pearlfeather sorting out patrols. "Oh, Pearlfeather is just making patrols,"

Spottedkit thought for a moment. She suddenly squealed, "Look! Hopepaw is on that patrol!"

Moonstripe nodded. "I think its a border patrol," she said.

"Okay," Spottedkit said.

Chapter Seven

Hopepaw followed Lionfire out into the woods. Lionfire meowed, "I think let's check the GreenClan border," he meowed.

From behind, Iceflight said, "Alright,"

Lionfire bounded forward, and Hopepaw followed just as quick. She could smell the GreenClan border up ahead, and marked a tree. Iceflight meowed to Hopepaw, "Hey, Hopepaw. Why don't you mark the border up ahead. We'll finish the ones down here. Go to the Fire tree when you're done,"

Hopepaw nodded and hurried up ahead. The Fire tree was known for its red leaves early Leaf-fall and late Greenleaf. She made sure to note where the border was, and when she reached the 'top', Hopepaw marked a big pile of rocks. 

She hurried and finished that area, and was about to move to the next when a small, pitiful mewing stopped her. It sounded like a kit. Hopepaw remembered the warrior code and followed the sound.

A scent that Hopepaw had never smelled before reached her nose. It smelled of the disgusting Thunderpath. Hopepaw had no idea why. 

Hopepaw brushed aside the ferns, and entered a small clearing. A small kit was crying its heart out in the center.

She quickly looked around, and picked up the kit. At once it stopped squirming and mewing. What kind of a mother leaves her kits out in the wild, when they haven't even opened their eyes yet? Hopepaw thought in disgust.

She caught the Fire tree trail's scent, a path where small ferns led to the tree. The scent was small, as the kit's scent took over.

Lionfire ran up to Hopepaw. "Where were you? Who is that?" he asked.

Hopepaw set the kit down, and meowed, "I found this kit while I was marking the territory. It was crying, and no other cat or cat's scent was around, not even a stale once. The poor thing hasn't even opened its eyes!" Hopepaw explained. "I think we should ask Featherstar if we can let her join, because it's probably hungry,"

Iceflight came over. "First of all, the kit's a she-kit. Second," she looked at Lionfire, "she needs nursing. We should take her back and let either Moonstripe or Bubblegaze nurse her since Bubblegaze hasn't left the nursery yet,"

Lionfire meowed, "I agree. I'll carry her. We need to get her back to camp quick. She's starving!" He picked up the small kit, and ran to YellowClan's camp.

Featherstar greeted them. "What's this?!" She exclaimed, clearly not seeing the rush.

Iceflight frowned at Featherstar, and quickly explained, "Hopepaw found a kit by the Thunderpath and took it in. She's hungry and her mother was nowhere to be seen, so Hopepaw took her to us. We agreed that we would ask you to take her in," Iceflight took in a deep breath, and continued. "So will you take her in? We think that either Moonstripe or Bubblegaze should nurse her,"

"Oh, alright. Lionfire, ask Bubblegaze if she wants to. I think that Moonstripe already has enough to look after,"

Lionfire nodded, but subtly as to not disturb the kit. He raced off, and Hopepaw anxiously followed.

Hopepaw peeked into the nursery, where four kits were play fighting with each other. Firekit and Fernkit had made a temporary alliance.

Lionfire meowed to Bubblegaze, "We found a kit by the border. Will you care for it? We don't know the parents, and the parents were nowhere near the kit,"

Bubblegaze nodded. "Being in the nursery a little longer can't hurt. Has Featherstar named the kit?"

Lionfire shook his head. "I'll tell Featherstar that you'll care for it. It's hungry, and you'll have to name it, but it's better than a dead kit. Thanks!"

Hopepaw smiled.  I'm getting another sister!

​​Chapter Eight

Spottedkit watched as Lionfire came in and out, not even addressing or even noticing her mother and siblings. But, on the bright side, there was another kit to play with!

Flamekit asked, "What's her name?"

Bubblegaze examined the kit. "I think I'll name her Frostkit. Her fur sparkles like frost on leafbare trees,"

Frostkit squirmed, as if agreeing with her given name. "Aww," Flamekit meowed, "I was gonna name her Whitekit. I mean, she is white,"

Spottedkit purred. "Nah. She can be Frostkit. It's a cute name,"

Frostkit turned toward Spottedkit's voice. Suddenly, images of Frostkit tumbled around in Spottedkit's vision.

They were moving fast, but Spottedkit made sense of the important ones, which were moving slower.

In one image, a white she-cat was holding a silvery scrap of fur in her jaws. A white tom was holding her off. There wasn't any sound, but Spottedkit could tell that the tom, probably the father, didn't want the she-cat to do whatever it was with Frostkit.

One particular image came by. This wasn't any image, though, because it had sound.

Spottedkit could hear the white tom saying, "You can't, Snow. No cats live in that forest. Our kit will just die! "

The one called Snow, the white she-cat, said, "Our kit will die if we keep her! I've seen these forest cats. I've seen them with my own two eyes! She will be safe! "

The white tom sighed as Snow left into the forest.

The images shut off, and Spottedkit thought she saw the small kit's eyes flicker open, then closed.

Spottedkit turned back to her mother. The same image thing had happened when Spottedkit had first seen her, and with her siblings as well.

The image she just got from Frostkit troubled her. Spottedkit guessed that the mother was Snow, because of the things she said. But, Spottedkit was troubled even more because of the fact that Moonstripe knew this 'Snow'.

Spottedkit didn't want to share her secret of understanding, but this was important. Luckily, Moonstripe said, "Firekit, Flamekit, Fernkit, Spottedkit, why don't you okay outside? It's a nice day,"

Spottedkit nodded, and when her siblings left, she turned to Moonstripe. "Can I talk to you?"

Moonstripe nodded. "What is it?"

"Well, can we talk somewhere......" Spottedkit added in a quieter voice, "private,"

"Sure," Moonstripe nodded. "I know a place behind the nursery,"

Spottedkit followed Moonstripe out and behind the nursery. "You know your friend Snow?"

Moonstripe frowned, and whispered, "How do you know her? You've never met her,"

Spottedkit stared at her tiny paws. "I have this weird ability that when I first meet a cat, visions of their life before that time I saw them would come to me," Spottedkit took a deep breath. "I think I know who Frostkit's parents are,"

Moonstripe sucked in her breath and took in what Spottedkit had said. "Who are they?"

"A- umm.. I think Snow was the mother. A white tom who called her Snow I think is the father,"

Moonstripe shook her head, and smiled. "Frostkit is about your age, which means that she'll open her eyes soon. I didn't know that Snow and I were pregnant at the same time!"

Spottedkit looked back down. "Can I go now?"

Moonstripe nodded. "First, did you see anything important from your siblings?"

Spottedkit shook her head. "No. The only things I saw were when you named us, and carried us to YellowClan camp. I still remember the den we were born in,"

Moonstripe's eyes widened. "Can you tell me what happened during the birth?"

"Sandlight was with you, and you blacked out. Before you woke, Sandlight left and told Lionfire that she was leaving to go back to YellowClan. That's pretty much it,"

Moonstripe mused on the dark she-kit's words. "Thanks. I'm surprised that she took Wing as a mate,"

Spottedkit cocked her small head. "Wing. Okay,"

Moonstripe nodded. "Alright. Go play with your siblings now,"

 Chapter Nine

A black shape slid through the trees. There were visible white parts and scars, though, so it wasn't a complete shadow.

A brown tom came out of nowhere to join the shape. "Jagger," he hissed. "Welcome back,"

The black shape rolled its eyes. "You don't have to do that every time I leave," he hissed back. Jagger parted the ferns, and led the way into a huge camp. "Alright, cats. Get over here. Chop, chop,"

A blue she-cat groaned. But, she quickly stopped herself as her mate glared at her.

Jagger scanned the clearing, and began. "I, Jagger, as leader of these Outcasts, say that all of the apprentices should work harder. Mentors, train them harder. More. The territory we found is inhabited by other cats, who are unwanted,"

A reddish-brown tom narrowed his eyes. "If they're in our land, why not just chase them out? I don't think pushing on our two apprentices will make anything better,"

"I think it will. I am leader, you will do as I say, Flame," Jagger hissed loudly. "Now these aren't just any cats. They are the stubby Clan cats. We will fight them out of our territory when we're ready!"

"Whatever," Flame said. 

Jagger turned around to glare at Flame. "Did you just talk back to me?"

Unlike most cats, who would shrink in terror, Flame smiled smugly. "Yes I did. And, also, I brought another clan cat,"

Jagger hissed. "Who is it?" He yowled.

"Oh, just another clan cat. Shortened 'er name to Ghost. She's blind," Flame replied.

"Why do I even bother with you?! You've brought too many clan cats here. Why don't I just kill you now?" Jagger seemed to smile at the thought.

"Because I'm getting you warriors to help fight," Flame said.

"But they're Clan cats!" Jagger screeched. All cats, other than Flame, stepped back at least four fox-lengths.

"They're cats who hate the clans. Maybe you should start caring for other cats, other than yourself?"

Jagger fixed one amber eye on Flame. Then, he added the other, until it was a starting contest. 

"Fine. I'll let you stay for now," Jagger said. Everybody sighed in relief. "But don't make me angry again," 

Flame nodded with a sly smile on his face.

"Outcasts, you may go. But, Flame and Fang, go immediately with your apprentices to train."

Fang nodded. Flame just ran away, his apprentice, Twitch, at his heels. Jagger growled to himself, and sat down with a mangled piece of prey beneath his paws, and started eating.

Chapter Ten

Clawfur watched as three misguided kits walked out of camp. Firekit, Flamekit, and Fernkit currently thought that there was a weak badger in the forest that they could defeat. If they defeated it, then they would become apprentices early.

Clawfur still couldn't believe that neither Spottedkit nor Frostkit were tempted by the offer. It was every kits' dream to become an apprentice! 

He loved toying with the warrior code. Just because he was a clan cat, the warrior code didn't have to bind him.  Clawfur remembered all of the times the dumb code had been broken by himself.

  1. He followed his friend, Sand into the camp. There he had become a warrior, and was put into a hunting patrol. He got separated from the group, because Clawfur claimed he had seen a squirrel that he's getting. Clawfur caught the squirrel, and ate it. He caught and ate two shrews, and then licked his tips to return to his group. When they questioned where he was, he just replied, "I didn't catch anything,"
  2.  Clawfur wandered out of camp at dawn one day, without going anywhere really. By the time it was sun-high, a brown cat walked over to him. "Do you hate the clans?" Clawfur sneered. "Why do you ask?" He smiled and said, "We need a spy. Come to this exact spot tomorrow at the same time and we'll recruit you," Clawfur was curious, and did that, and became a spy.
  3. Clawfur led Cloudpaw into the GreenClan territory. "It's okay when you're with me!" Clawfur coaxed. Cloudpaw followed eagerly. "Look! It's a yummy squirrel! Since its from GreenClan, we'll be weakening them! It's alright! Go on. Catch it!" He said. Cloudpaw caught it, and Clawfur coaxed her to catch another squirrel and two mice. Cloudpaw said that she was hungry, so Clawfur said she could eat a mouse. Clawfur told Cloudpaw to put her prey on the pile, and that he'd return soon.
  4. Clawfur agreed to help both his new friend Fang and his RedClan friend, Darkpelt, spy on YellowClan. He even hunted to help RedClan defeat YellowClan.
  5. Clawfur openly challenged the leader on a clan meeting and Applepaw's warrior ceremony.
  6. Clawfur lured the new named Applecloud away from the camp in his vigil. Applecloud didn't know any better, so it was perfect! Clawfur told Applecloud that the clan didn't need him, and pushed him off a cliff.
  7. Clawfur ignored Ivykit on a border, who was crying for help beneath a badger.
  8. Clawfur told the kits that there was a weak badger that they could kill in order to become apprentices faster. It was true, but the badger was stronger than Clawfur told them.

Clawfur smiled at the many times he had broken that code that didn't matter. He walked back to the warrior's den, and hid his smile as he bumped into Lionfire. "Hello, Clawfur," Lionfire growled. "I saw my kits walking out of camp, you smiling as they walked out. Tell me, why didn't you stop them?" "I sent them out," Clawfur smugly said.  Lionfire growled more and walked away.

Chapter Eleven

Firekit ran back to camp, Fernkit and Flamekit just behind him. He didn't like Clawfur- he was a liar. There wasn't any weak badger!

The trio walked hesitantly back into the nursery. Spottedkit was staring into nothing, and Frostkit was sleeping.

"What?" Firekit said. Flamekit tapped Spottedkit on the shoulder. She blinked, and shook her head.

"What did you guys do? What happened?" Spottedkit asked. Fernkit shook her head, and Spottedkit blinked. "Hmm,"

Moonstripe was sleeping in the nest. Until now, Firekit hadn't realised that the sun was gone.

"Go to sleep," Spottedkit complained. "It's cold here without you,"

Firekit sighed. He padded into the nest, circled around, and settled beside Flamekit. His tail touched his nose, and Firekit sneezed.

No matter how much he tried, Firekit couldn't fall asleep. He walked out of the nursery after vainly trying the sixth time.

Featherstar was gazing at the stars. Firekit froze, and crept back into the nursery.

Featherstar turned around, and said, "Firekit, come here,"

Firekit slowly went forward, fearful that he'd get in trouble. "Wh-what is it you need?"

She smiled. "I just wanted you to know, you remind me of a certain warrior I knew. His name was Fireflight,"

Firekit looked down. "How soon until I'm an apprentice?"

Featherstar looked at him. "You have less time than you think. You aren't who you know. Fire isn't something to play with. Blue moons, blood moons. Ferns of YellowClan and wings of the blazing sun. Fire can kill thy ferns. No, Fire will kill thy ferns. Be careful. There's something more to you than meets the eye, Firekit. Only half a moon before the sixth moon strikes," 

Firekit's eyes widened. Something important was in her words. Firekit tried to remember them all, but only two lines stayed.

Fire isn't something to play with. Fire will kill thy ferns.

Firekit shivered, and went back to his nest in the nursery.

Chapter Twelve

Frostkit thought that there was more than a moon left till she was an apprentice. But now, she could hear Featherstar yowling, "Let all cats old enough to recognise the smells of the forest join me under the TreeRoots for a clan meeting!"

Frostkit knew it was for her and her denmates' apprentice ceremony. Frostkit was excited- she kinda had a crush on Firekit..... Spottedkit knew, but Frostkit had made her swear to not tell him until they were warriors.

"Five kits are ready to be apprentices. Wow. Do all of you promise to learn and uphold the warrior code, even at the cost of your lives?" Featherstar meowed.

"I do," All four of the other kits said in unison. Frostkit quickly agreed.

"Then by the power of StarClan, I make these kits apprentices. Firepaw, your mentor is Hazelspot. Flamepaw, your mentor is Iceflight. Fernpaw, your mentor will be Brighteye. Yes, I know we're all mourning for Applecloud, but I know you're ready for another apprentice. Spottedpaw, I will mentor you myself. Frostpaw. Your mentor will be Lionfire," Featherstar said.

"Firepaw! Flamepaw! Fernpaw! Spottedpaw! Frostpaw!" Frostpaw paused to listen to the warriors cheering for the new apprentices.

Frostpaw eyed Spottedpaw enviously. She was so lucky to have the leader for a mentor! Frostpaw heard Featherstar say, "Clan dismissed," and then four cats came to their new apprentices.

Frostpaw suddenly felt excited. Lionfire was Firepaw's father! Surely he'd have a tip or two for her! Suddenly, Frostpaw felt a little shy. What if Lionfire told Firepaw about her crush?

Frostpaw quickly made up her mind as a big, yellow cat walked up to her. She assumed it was Lionfire. "Hi," Frostpaw said in her most confident voice, even though she didn't feel like it.

Lionfire smiled. "Hello, Frostpaw. Congratulations. Don't worry, I'm nice. If you want, you can go with Iciclepaw and Hopepaw to find a nest,"

Frostpaw smiled. This was going to be fun! She ran over to her new denmates. Frostpaw didn't know Iciclepaw or Hopepaw that well, but they were her foster sisters.

Hopepaw was in the apprentices den when Frostpaw arrived. "Where's Iciclepaw?" Frostpaw asked.

"She's hunting right now," Hopepaw said. "Don't worry, I'll help you with your nest. Then we can help the others!"

Frostpaw smiled. She liked being an apprentice. Going over to the corner where there was some moss, Frostpaw helped Hopepaw shape a nest of bracken and lay the moss inside.

Chapter Thirteen

Jagger prowled around the edge of YellowClan. Clawfur was supposed to be here now! 

It has been a normal day for The Outcasts. Flame was (as usual) causing trouble. Jagger had solved a kit problem between Shadow, Abyss, Sky, and Frost. Shadow wasn't being nice.

Jagger saw a grey cat sitting in a tree. "Took you long enough," Clawfur grunted.

Jagger growled. "As a spy for me, you don't hide from your master. You better fix that tomorrow,"

"Yes, Jagger," Clawfur smugly rolled his eyes. "The kits are apprentices. They're overflowing the apprentice's den!"

"Good. This is what we need. Perfect for us. Like a bunch of apprentices will stand a chance against us. Can you make them get here?"

Clawfur smiled. "As you wish, Jagger,"

"I will get what I want!" Jagger hissed to himself. "Those clans will die at my paws!"


Spottedpaw spotted Clawfur leaving the camp. Quickly, she asked Hopepaw and Frostpaw to take care of her nest. This was important!

Spottedpaw knew that Clawfur was up to no good. The vision she had of Clawfur when he had first joined the clans was not a good one.

Clawfur was climbing a tree when Spottedpaw caught up. She quickly hid behind a bush and watched. A pair of amber eyes stared at her. Spottedpaw jumped out of the bush in surprise.

"Ssh," the cat the eyes belonged to said. "He'll be mad if he finds me here,"

Visions clouded Spottedpaw's gaze, a thing she was very much used to. Spottedpaw got ready for the most important ones, which would always slow down.

Spottedpaw saw a black cat with amber eyes. She assumed that was the cat in front of her. She also saw blue she-cat and another black tom, this one with yellow eyes.

A black tom with white fur patches walked up to them. The picture suddenly became audible. "Burst, Strike. What are the names of your kits?"

The blue she-cat answered, "This one is Shadow. The other one is Abyss, Jagger,"

Spottedpaw hadn't noticed the other small cat until then. Abyss was his name. The picture sped on, to be replaced with what seemed like a ceremony.

Shadow was standing by Abyss. They were standing in front of the black cat with white patches. His name is Jagger, Spottedpaw reminded herself. She assumed that this was their apprentice ceremony. Spottedpaw had no idea how old Shadow was here.

All of the visions ended. Shadow retreated back into the bush, and Spottedpaw ran back to camp.

Chapter Fourteen

Firepaw woke up from his nap. I'm an apprentice! he thought. He had explored the territory, which was busy work. His denmates were all sleeping still.

He leisurely stretched and accidentally prodded Frostpaw. "Ugghhh watch it!" Frostpaw groaned. Firepaw quickly jumped out of his nest and went to grab some fresh-kill when he noticed Spottedpaw was gone. Where is she?

Firepaw notice a shift in the bushes by the entrance. What's going on? Where is Spottedpaw?

He grabbed a thrush and was about to go back when Hazelspot stopped him. "What?" Firepaw asked.

"You need to feed the clan first. Let's go hunting. I know you are hungry, but you should be able to learn the hunting crouch now," Hazelspot said. 

Firepaw groaned. All he wanted was a bite of food! "Okay," he reluctantly said.

Hazelspot smiled and led him out of the camp, holding aside the ferns that shaded the entrance. Firepaw followed, sniffing the forest as he walked past.

"Alright. There are many smells of the forest. You are old enough to remember them, and that is the first part of hunting," Hazelspot stopped, sniffing the trees.

Firepaw looked around. He didn't see anything except the green of the forest. 

"Mouse," Hazelspot whispered, crouching low to the ground. "That first scent is mouse. It kinda smells like nuts and moss Keep in mind that they can sense your movements and vibrations in the ground. They are one of the trickiest preys to learn to catch. Once you understand the hunting crouch and have experience, they seem easy. Here, copy my crouch,"

Firepaw looked down and said, "Then my belly fur would rustle the leaves,"

Hazelspot sighed. "Just do it," She looked at Firepaw, and promptly added, "Not too fast,"

Firepaw slowed and raised his tail up so it wouldn't touch the leaves either. "Put your tail lower," Hazelspot advised. "That way you can avoid low-hanging branches," Firepaw nodded and adjusted his tail.

"Crouch forward slowly, lightly putting your paws in front of the other. The mouse doesn't know to look for cats right now, so it won't notice us," Hazelspot continued. Firepaw silently groaned. It was so much information, and that was only one piece of prey!

Hazelspot continued forward and snatched a small grey scrap of fur from the bushes, and showed Firepaw onward. "I think we'll catch some more types and then go back," she said, glancing at the sun.

Firepaw learned more prey and their scents, and went back to camp with some different types of prey. He had a sparrow, a vole, and a squirrel.

Heading back, Firepaw saw some more prey, and quickly killed another squirrel. Hazelspot smiled and nodded at him to continue. As the sun was setting, Firepaw set his prey on the pile and kept a squirrel for himself.

Firepaw bit into the squirrel. It was delicious. Of course, everything was great if you caught it. Beside him, Spottedpaw and Flamepaw were sharing a sparrow.

"Do you want to share?" A shy voice sounded behind Firepaw. He jumped and turned around. Frostpaw was holding a vole in her jaws. 

"Sure," he said. "I also have a squirrel,"

Frostpaw smiled nervously. She set down the vole and took a bite out of Firepaw's squirrel.

Chapter Fifteen

Hopepaw looked over at Frostpaw and Firepaw. They looked happy. Although she had something to say to Frostpaw, Hopepaw decided to wait until they were done. Instead, she went over to Spottedpaw and Flamepaw.

"Hi!" Spottedpaw said, looking up from her sparrow. "How'd training go?"

"It went well, thanks," Hopepaw smiled. Something was bothering her, though. Spottedpaw seemed to notice, but didn't say anything, only glanced at Flamepaw, who was happily gulping down a thrush.

Spottedpaw said to Hopepaw, voice lowered, "Is something wrong?"

Hopepaw shook her head. Flamepaw looked up, licked her lips, and said, "Oh hi, Hopepaw. Are you hungry?" 

"I guess," Hopepaw said, only half-listening. A cat seemed to be beckoning toward her, a small black cat. The cat had stripes, but in the shadows, Hopepaw couldn't decide which color they were. The cat looked as if it was a she-cat. 

Flamepaw finished her thrush and said, "I'll be in the apprentice den. I'm tired!"

"Hopepaw," Spottedpaw said once Flamepaw was gone, "I know something is bothering you. What's-" Spottedpaw followed Hopepaw's glance to the black she-cat and paused.

Hopepaw glanced at Spottedpaw. Her eyes were suddenly sad, as if sympathizing for a cat who was teased or hurt or such.

Spottedpaw's eyes suddenly widened with understanding, and she whispered, "We should follow her,"

Hopepaw narrowed her eyes. "Are you sure? How can you know she can be trusted?"

Spottedpaw looked down, and said, "Not here, not now. Let's go. I might tell you later,"

Hopepaw frowned, but followed Spottedpaw into the brush. "Shouldn't we tell somecat about this?"

Spottedpaw shook her head. "She's in trouble. I'm sure we can help her and be back before dawn," 

The she-cat started rapidly shaking her head and widened her eyes. She ran to them and said, "Tell Moonstripe! Also Bubblegaze! We don't have much time and will be there a while!"

Spottedpaw nodded, turned, and ran back, but Hopepaw stopped. How did she know Bubblegaze's name? What if she was a spy?

The cat led Hopepaw deeper into the woods. She stopped, and said, "Wait for your friend here. I'll get her once she gets back,"

The cat started to leave. Hopepaw ran after her and said, "Wait! What's your name?"

She glanced over her shoulder. The black she-cat looked down, and said, "Shade,"

 Chapter Sixteen

Frostpaw finished her vole. She smiled at Firepaw and said, "I'm full. I'll be going to the apprentices' den and probably resting,"

Firepaw nodded and Frostpaw started off. When she got to the apprentices' den, she noticed Spottedpaw wasn't there. What? Spottedpaw was sharing with Flamepaw, and she's right here... Where's Spottedpaw? Again?

Frostpaw turned around and saw Spottedpaw coming through the ferns and heading in the direction of the warriors' den. She ran off to intercept her.

"Spottedpaw!" She panted. "What are you doing?"

She paused, and looked at Frostpaw. "There is--- cat who--- wants me to follow her and------ tell Bubblegaze and Moonstripe,"

"You've been in a hurry, haven't you?" Frostpaw teased.

Spottedpaw looked around. "Well..... I guess you could say that. Hopepaw is with me, and they're waiting,"

Frostpaw nodded. "Can I come?"

Spottedpaw thought for a moment. "I'll see if you can while I tell Moonstripe and Bubblegaze. I don't know if they'll even let us go,"

"Well what's the weird cat's name?"

"I don't actually know...." Spottedpaw paused, then said, "C'mon if you want to come,"

Frostpaw followed Spottedpaw into the warriors' den. Bubblegaze was there, talking to Hazelspot. Moonstripe wasn't there.

Spottedpaw headed over to them, stepping over empty nests. "Bubblegaze?"

Bubblegaze stopped talking, and looked at them. "What do you need?"

"Well...... Hopepaw and I have been asked to go on an adventure and the cat who asked told me to tell you so...."

Bubblegaze just shook her head and said, "Okay. Be back by moon-high,"

Spottedpaw looked down. "We don't know how long we'll be,"

Bubblegaze frowned. "Well..... Just come back when you can, I guess?"

Spottedpaw nodded and started out. "Let's go find Moonstripe,"

Frostpaw followed Spottedpaw out with a glance back at Bubblegaze. She was back to talking with Hazelspot. "Maybe she's on a patrol?"

"Yeah.... Let's ask Featherstar just in case she knows," Spottedpaw said without looking back.

Frostpaw looked around. Firepaw was just finishing his squirrel and looking around. He headed into the apprentices' den, then came back out with a confused look on his face.

Spottedpaw was gone, so Frostpaw thought she was in the leader's den. When Frostpaw headed toward it, she heard talking.

"If you insist," a tired voice that sounded a lot like Moonstripe's.

Another voice, probably Featherstar's, said, "I don't know what it is. Does it mean that Firepaw will do something to Fernpaw?"

Frostpaw jumped back. What? The next cat was talking already. "I'm telling you, there is another prophecy, whatever it means. Owldawn said so, and we mustn't disobey StarClan!"

Frostpaw slowly backed away. The voice most likely belonged to Sandlight, and Frostpaw already felt bad for eavesdropping. At least she knew where Moonstripe was.

Spottedpaw came out of the trees and ferns, looked around, and saw Frostpaw. She headed toward Frostpaw. "Where's Moonstripe, do you know?"

Frostpaw didn't say anything, only tilted her head toward the leader's den. Spottedpaw nodded and went over, only to back away.

Moonstripe came out of Featherstar's den first, her expression unreadable. She saw the two apprentices, softened her expression, and said, "What is it?"

"Well, a cat was in the woods, beckoning towards me and Hopepaw. She knows your name, and also Bubblegaze's. She asked us to come with her and ask you, Hopepaw and I don't know how long we'll be, and Frostpaw wants to join us," Spottedpaw explained hastily.

Moonstripe looked around. "Slow down! What was the cat's name?"

"Well..... I don't know her name," Spottedpaw said, looking up.

"Do you know what she looks like?" Moonstripe asked.

"Well, it's a black cat with yellow stripes....." She glanced at Frostpaw.

"You can probably tell Frostpaw what you can do if you want. If you choose not to, that's alright,"

"Tell me what?" Frostpaw asked, looking at Moonstripe.

"Oh, um, can we go somewhere else then?"

Moonstripe nodded. She led Frostpaw and Spottedpaw to the back of the nursery. 

"Well," Spottedpaw began, looking nervously at Frostpaw, "I can do this weird sight thingy where I can see the cat's past as soon as I meet them. Most of the time, it's just pictures, but sometimes I can hear it,"

Frostpaw cocked her head. "And then what?"

"Well, this cat knows you, Moonstripe!" Spottedpaw said.

Moonstripe jumped. She murmured, "Brokenlight...." Then louder, she said, "You can go. Both of you. But come back when you are supposed to. If she asks about your ability, don't answer. We can't fully trust her until she, well, just don't trust her yet,"

"Okay!" Frostpaw said.

"Thanks!" Spottedpaw grinned at Frostpaw, and led the way into the bushes.

Chapter Seventeen

Shade paced nervously in between the ferns. What's taking the apprentice so long? 

The apprentice with her said, "Shade, why did you come to YellowClan?"

Shade turned around. She said quietly, "I will tell you when we get there,"

The apprentice frowned. "Well where are we going?"

Shade sighed. The apprentice was asking so many questions! "Where I live,"

"Then you deserve to know my name, since I know yours. My name is Hopepaw. The other apprentice is Spottedpaw," Hopepaw introduced.

Shade nodded. "Spottedpaw should be here soon,"

"I don't know what's taking her so long..." Hopepaw remarked. "Would you like me to check what she's doing?"

Shade stiffened. She slightly shook her head, instincts kicking in. "Spottedpaw is coming back with another cat,"

Hopepaw sniffed the air. "That's just Frostpaw. My foster sister,"

"Okay," Shade fought the instinct to hide. Two cats came nosing into the small clearing. Spottedpaw saw Shade and motioned to Frostpaw.

"Hi," Hopepaw greeted. "This is Shade. She knows our names," she whispered.

Spottedpaw scanned Shade head to tail, then said, "Cool name,"

Shade smiled. "I'll explain why I'm here on the way. But for now until we leave clan territory, stay quiet,"

Frostpaw looked around. "Why do we have to be quiet?" She asked warily.

Shade looked around. "They're here, listening, now," she whispered. " Quick, come on! "

Shade nodded to the three apprentices, and led the way through the trees.

Chapter Eighteen

Jagger looked around. "Outcasts, where are you?!" he roared.

Flame walked out of his den. "Right here, dummy,"

Jagger growled. "I'm not a dummy,"

Flame rolled his eyes. "You obviously are, and you're also lazy,"

Abyss came out into the clearing, humming a bird's song loudly. Shadow was following by him, making random sounds. Or was it Shadow humming the bird song? Jagger couldn't tell.

" Outcasts! Last calling! Out, now! " Jagger called loudly.

"We're right here," Flame yelled into Jagger's ear. He jumped, and immediately pinned down Flame.

" Excuse me? That is the last straw. THE LAST STRAW!!! " Jagger screeched at Flame. He looked around. It did seem that all cats were here... He looked directly at Spring. Jagger smiled. "Spring," he said coyly. "Come here,"

Spring nervously gulped. "Okay,"

" Kill Flame"

"WHAT? No, I can't do that!" She cried. " He's my mate! "

" Too bad, " Jagger growled. "Do it."

Spring backed away. " NO! I REFUSE! "

Jagger smiled. "Or will you?" He raised a paw, sharp claws gleaming. " Or I can make you, "

Spring closed in slowly on Flame, who screamed. "TAKING TOO LONG!" Jagger smiled. He laid a harsh blow on Spring, and brought the paw down hard on Flame .

A sound like arteries or veins popping erupted from the ginger tom's neck. Flame made a gurgling sound, and lay limp on the floor. Spring screamed.

Shadow had seen what Jagger did. The Outcasts' leader is a murderer. And this is a murderous way of life, a way that you must murder your own clanmates. A life Shadow did not want to be in.

Shadow thought back to the pretty she-cat he had seen a couple of sunrises ago. What was she doing right now? Was she enjoying a nice, warm nest with her friends?

"That's it," Shadow whispered to himself. " I'll leave"

Jagger growled. "Great, now I've forgotten what to say! Get away! I won't hesitate to kill more of you,"

Shadow practically ran away. He could feel Abyss running at his side. They stopped at the nursery entrance. "Abyss?" Shadow whispered.

"What is it?" He replied back.

"Do you, maybe, want to run away from here?"

Abyss shook his head. "Jagger will kill us when he finds us. I'm not going. Why? "

Disappointed, Shadow walked away. Instead of answering, he dejectedly walked away. He didn't notice he was going into the forest out of camp, but he wouldn't care if he did.

Chapter Nineteen

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