Mixed Emotions is a collabaration series by Rainy, Robo, Misty, Silver, Feather, Nighty, Red, Lilly and Ninja.

Mixed Emotions.jpg

Five Clans.

Six Cats. Six Personalities.

One Fatal Disease.

The cats of MistClan, FogClan, DustClan, SandClan, and SmokeClan have never been known for their teamwork. But when a fatal disease called darkcough starts striking cats down left and right, it's plain to see that the clans need to come together. But is there truly a cure, hidden among the dangers of the so-called journey StarClan has chosen for them? And even if there is, how can they possibly survive all the perils if their greatest threat is one another?

It won't be easy, and it might not even succeed. But sometimes you have to push aside your emotions for the sake of what's right. Then, you might find something you never expected.


Darkcough Rising

Straying Hearts

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