Hewo! Here are the allegiances!



Leader: Lakestar - Dark blue-grey tom with green eyes 

Deputy: Fallenclaw - black tom with yellow eyes and silver stripes

Medicine cat: Sorrelpelt - Light blue-grey she-cat with amber eyes

Warriors: Birchpelt - white tom with occasional black spots and orange eyes

Lynxpool - light yellow she-cat with black ear tufts and underfur

Apprentice: Yewpaw

Milkfeather - Pure white she-cat, almost icy- colored fur and yellow eyes

Ivycloud - black she-cat with green eyes and small, light ginger spots

Maplefur - pale ginger she-cat with brown eyes with white legs and paws

Apprentice: Grasspaw

Alderleaf - dark red tom with grey eyes and brown stripes

Reedfeather - ginger tom with orange eyes and brown underfur

Cloverstorm - brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Apprentice: Zappaw

Ravenflight - dark grey tom with blue eyes with white paws

Apprentices: Yewpaw - Blue-grey she-cat with brown eyes 

Zappaw - ginger tom with white spots and green eyes

Grasspaw - light brown tom with orange eyes

Queens: Leopardflight - creamy white she-cat with golden spots and yellow eyes, mother of Cinderkit, Leafkit, and Mistykit

Roseclaw - light red she-cat with blue eyes, mother if Molekit and Jaykit

Kits: Molekit - light brown tom with blue eyes

Jaykit - Blue-grey tom with green eyes

Cinderkit - light grey she-kit with hazel eyes and dark grey stripes

Leafkit - creamy white she-kit with blue eyes, brown spots all over, especially on her sides

Mistykit - silver she-kit with light grey stripes and belly fur, has one green eye and one blue eye

Elders: Adderbite - brown tom with amber eyes


Leader: Yellowstar - ginger tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Squirrelpool - light brown she-cat with amber eyes

Medicine cat: Hazelpool - dark brown she-cat with blue eyes

Warriors: Deerwhisker - light grey tom with black spots and yellow eyes

Tawnytail - Light grey she-cat with a black tail

Grayfoot - silver tom with a dark grey paw 

Hailpelt - light blue-grey she-cat with brown eyes

Apprentice: Amberpaw

Mossywhisker - black she-cat with dark green eyes

Petalclaw - light brown dappled she-cat with amber eyes

Ravenlight - ginger tom with dark grey eyes

Goosewing - Cream colored tom with light grey colored flecks of fur and yellow eyes

Apprentice: Newtpaw

Brightfur - Pure white she-cat with dark brown paws and green eyes

Antfur - light brown tom with occasional dark brown spots and blue eyes

Crowbite - dark grey tom with orange eyes

Apprentices: Amberpaw - Ginger she-cat with blue eyes

Newtpaw - light brown tom with murky green eyes

Queens: Waveshine - silver she-cat with light grey tabby stripes and green eyes

Kits: Heatherkit - light brown she-kit with lilac eyes

Ivykit - Dark grey she-kit with green eyes

Elders: Gorsebush - light grey tom with blue eyes

Milkbreeze - Cream colored she-cat with grey eyes


Leader: Irisstar - Pure white she-cat with green eyes

Deputy: Dovefeather - dark grey she-cat with orange eyes

Medicine cat: Needletoe - light grey tom with black tabby stripes and orange eyes

Warriors: Eggfur - light grey tom with orange eyes

Coldeye - brown tom with blue eyes

Wildspot - dark brown tom with many light brown spots and green eyes

Sunleaf - golden tom with green eyes

Ravensong - black she-cat with a white cape on her back

Apprentice: Jaggedpaw

Briarfeather - dark brown she-cat with white tabby stripes

Mossclaw - black she-cat with dark blue eyes

Meadowfur - light yellow she-cat with green eyes

Hollyfang - Siamese she-cat with dark brown eyes

Embertuft - light grey she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentices: Jaggedpaw - Blue-grey tom with light green eyes

Queens: none

Kits: none

Elders: Bladeclaw - dark grey tom with blue eyes


Leader: Owlstar - black tom with dark brown eyes

Deputy: Eagletalon - dark blue-grey tom with menacing, orange eyes

Medicine cat: Vixenspike - light grey she-cat with orange eyes

Warriors: Nectarmist - brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Deerbranch - light grey tom with yellow eyes

Sagefoot - black she-cat with a light grey paw and blue eyes

Finbrook - dark grey tom with amber eyes

Bumblefox - ginger tom with black stripes and yellow eyes

Tigerfang - black tom with brown eyes

Apprentice: Cherrypaw

Clawfoot - dark grey she-cat with blue eyes

Redpatch - dark ginger she-cat with green eyes

Silvertooth - white she-cat with grey eyes

Briarwillow - brown she-cat with orange eyes and white stripes

Thistleheart - Blue-grey tom with yellow eyes

Shardmoon - dark grey tom with a silver spot over his right eye

Lightningclaw - black tom with yellow eyes and occasional ginger stripes

Apprentices: Cherrypaw - dark grey she-cat with amber eyes

Queens: Rosewillow - ginger she-cat with amber eyes, is expecting Eagletalon's kits

Kits: none

Elders: none

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