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I've thought of one :)

Mistykit has always wanted to be a medicine cat since she opened her eyes. A few sunrises after Mistykit became Mistypaw, a young, shy apprentice hovered around her, watching Mistypaw work. One day, he approached her, and Mistypaw kind of fell in love, but tried not to let her mentor notice.  Mistypaw couldn't decide what to do. Will she stay a medicine cat apprentice, or become a warrior apprentice with Jaypaw?


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Leopardflight crouched through the reeds, and then swam into the RiverClan entrance, a fish in her jaws. Lakestar will help himself to a happy meal tonight. Leopardflight thought. The pregnant she-cat was worried for her mate's brother. Lakestar kept insisting that he wasn't sick, but every cat knew that he had caught Greencough earlier than leafbare. 

Leopardflight was greeted into the camp by Milkfeather. "Welcome back, Leopardflight! I'll put that on the pile, and you get some rest. Sorrelpelt says that you need rest in order to have strong kits," Milkfeather said.

"Thanks," Leopardflight meowed. "I really need the sleep,"

Leopardflight circled in her nest, and rested her tail on her paws. Closing her eyes, Leopardflight tried to sleep, but was abruptly shaken up by a huge pain in her stomach. Letting out a yowl, Leopardflight closed her eyes in pain.

Sorrelpelt rushed into the nursery. "Are you kitting? I really thought they were due tomorrow....."

Sorrelpelt rushed out and returned with several herbs and a large, round stick. Leopardflight bit down on the stick. "Here's the first one," she warned.

It was a light grey she-kit. It meowed loudly.

A dark grey and white shape rushed in. "Is she kitting?" Asked Ravenflight.

Sorrelpelt nodded. "Can't you see that? She needs her space," the medicine cat meowed to Leopardflight's mate. 

Ravenflight sighed. "I'll come back when they're done,"

By now, the second one was out. It was a creamy white she-kit, with brown spots.

"I think that's it," Sorrelpelt announced. But, soon after Sorrelpelt finished, Leopardflight groaned and Sorrelpelt felt for another.

"Scratch that," she said. "There's another,"

A small silver kit came out. It was so small, even for a newborn. "Here's the last. I'm inviting Ravenflight back in to name your kits," Sorrelpelt said.

Leopardflight let out a sigh of relief. "It's surprising how they're all girls," she yawned.

Ravenflight padded in, and inspected the kits. "This one doesn't look like either of us," he meowed, nosing the creamy she-kit.

Leopardflight smiled, and meowed, "I know. And Leafkit will be her name. Cinderkit for the firstborn,"

"Our youngest will go by the name of Mistykit. After all, the mists of the day have risen, right when she was born," Ravenflight said.

Leopardflight nodded. "It suits her,"

Mistykit squirmed once, and meowed softly.

Chapter One

Author's note: The rest of the book will be in Mistykit/Mistypaw/Mistytail's point of view.

I flicked my tail, and poked Leafkit on the nose.

"Hey!" Leafkit protested. "Mistykit, that's not nice!"

"It's how you win a battle, though," Cinderkit said, looking up from washing in front of the nursery. I rolled my eyes. 

"Why don't you join us then, since you know so much about fighting?" I challenged. 

"Okay," Cinderkit said. At once, Cinderkit, Leafkit, and I leapt at each other.

"I'll get you, ShadowClan warrior! No, even better. Sunningrocks is ours, ThunderClan!" I yowled.

"Nuh uh!" Leafkit said. "Sunningrocks belongs to ThunderClan!"

When Leafkit jumped on top of me, I quickly moved away, causing her to drag in the dust. "RiverClan wins!"

Cinderkit quickly licked Leafkit's pelt, so Leopardflight wouldn't worry. I followed Cinderkit into the nursery, but Sorrelpelt stopped me when Cinderkit had passed. "How did you know what Marigold was this morning?"

"Um... I don't know how," I said.

Sorrelpelt cocked her head. "Is that so? Come with me into my den, please," I followed the medicine cat into the strong-smelling den.

Sorrelpelt nudged a pile of small, blue berries. "Can you tell me what these are?"

I examined them, and meowed, "Are those juniper berries?"

Sorrelpelt nodded. "That's right. I've performed an exercise for you in the back of my den, if you want to become my apprentice,"

I looked up at her. It was my dream to become a medicine cat! "I'm up for a challenge!"

Sorrelpelt led me deeper into the den. "I want you to sort these herbs, tell me the name, and tell me what they do,"

"Okay," I nervously said. "Here I go,"

I was aware of Sorrelpelt standing in the background, watching my progress. I had three piles done when she said, "Keep going. You're doing great,"

I finished sorting the herbs, and pointed out piles with my tail, and telling her what they were. "Catmint for Greencough, Marigold for infections, umm.... Juniper berries for belly aches, and I don't know what these do, but there's Dock, Horsetail, and Chervil,"

Sorrelpelt nodded. "Very good. If you want, you can ask Lakestar to become my apprentice,"

I beamed. "Yeah!" I exclaimed, and ran to the leader's den.

Chapter Two

I bounded to the leader's den, and scratched on the rock. I got confused, because it didn't make any noise. I scratched again, but this time it made noise, which puzzled me.

"Come in," Lakestar said.

"I want to be Sorrelpelt's apprentice," I meowed.

His lips moved in response, but I didn't hear anything. "Sorry, what was that?" I meowed.

Lakestar said another thing, but I didn't hear again. "Um...."

"If it's okay with Sorrelpelt," he tried.

"I heard it," I said. For some reason, my hearing would only half work.

"Take this case to your mother. I don't know what to do," Lakestar said.

I nodded, and ran out to the nursery. "Leopardflight!" I said, and I knew I said it, but I didn't hear it. I whispered to myself, "Curse you hearing,"

Leopardflight looked up from the nest. Her lips moved, and I shook my head and said, "What?"

Leopardflight narrowed her eyes, and said, "I said, 'What is it?', but you didn't hear me. Were you listening?"

I shook my head. "I was listening, but Lakestar says I might be half deaf,"

Leopardflight looked at me from head to toe, worry shining in her eyes. "It must be because of your blue eye. I once had a friend called Luna, and she had eyes like you, but she was half deaf. My mother is a blue-eyed cat who can't hear anything. I guess that that's what happened to you, and you inherited the trait,"

I looked down at my paws. "Oh well. That sucks,"

Leopardflight nodded. "I guess that since you're almost an apprentice, I'll teach you how to read lips, for when you don't hear something,"

I nodded gratefully. "Also, Lakestar said that I can be a medicine cat apprentice!"

She purred. "Good. Now play with your siblings. I think they're with Molekit and Jaykit,"

I ran off to find Cinderkit and Leafkit. Sure enough, I found my sisters with the other kits, Jaykit and Molekit. I found Leafkit pouncing on everyone.

I ducked under Leafkit when she jumped at me. Only later did I find out that she had said to me that Yewpaw was coming over to show them battle moves. 

I went over and started talking to Cinderkit. "Guess what?" I meowed.

"Hmm, let me guess. You watched Sorrelpelt work again?" Cinderkit said, not looking up from what she was doing. 

"No, even better. I'm her apprentice soon!" I said.

"That's great! What else?" Cinderkit purred. Sometimes I thought she was beyond her years.

"Um.... I found out I'm half deaf...." 

Cinderkit looked down. "That stinks,"

"I know, right? Anyways, Sorrelpelt decided to do a weird test thing, and I passed, so I'm her future apprentice!" I said.

Cinderkit smiled, but I detected some kind of negative emotion behind it. I chose to ignore it. "Well, our ceremony is in two sunrises, so sure!"

Leafkit came over and asked, "Whatcha talking 'bout?"

"Nothing much," I said. "Just that I'm half deaf and I'm going to be a medicine cat apprentice," My hearing cut off after I said 'going'.

I couldn't hear anything after that, and when it came back, Cinderkit was saying, "...... that you're half deaf?"

I started cleaning myself, and realized that everycat was staring at me, and I said, "Sorry, what was that?"

Leafkit and Cinderkit shared a glance, and said simultaneously, "There's the answer,"

I shook my head and padded away.

Chapter Three

I tried to squirm out of the nursery before Leopardflight caught me, but I only made it halfway through. "Oh no you don't. You need to be extra cool for your ceremony," she started licking me over and over again.

"Stop! I can clean myself!" I complained.

"Did you see Molepaw's fur at his ceremony? You don't want to look like that, do you?"

" No, but.... " I started, but Leopardflight cut me off.

She said, "There you go. Now, hurry and go sit with your sisters. I'll be right behind you, do don't try to mess up your fur,"

"Okay, " I rolled my eyes. I ran over to sit down with Leafkit and Cinderkit. I could see Jaypaw and Molepaw looking at us, like, Here the crazy she-kits come. Jaypaw's added, Or I guess she-cats now.

I turned away to avoid staring. Lakestar was looking down at us. "Three kits have reached the age of six moons. Cinderkit, Leafkit, and Mistykit, please step forward,"

I looked back at my mother. I wasn't turning back now. I looked back up at Lakestar, who I thought wasn't speaking. But, he had actually assigned Leafkit her mentor and was moving on to Cinderkit when I could hear again. Or, I suppose it was Leafpaw and Cinderpaw by now.

Cinderpaw's mentor was Alderleaf. Leafpaw told me later that hers was Ivycloud. I padded over to Sorrelpelt, and eagerly asked, "What are we doing first?"

"We're collecting herbs and talking about their uses. I understand you know about some?"

"I know the basics, " I said. 

"Good," Sorrelpelt said. "The first herb we'll come across is Alder bark. This," she pointed with her tail to a tree, "is alder. Smell it, remember it. This is for toothaches. Remember that,"

"Alder bark, toothaches. Got it," I said.

Author's note: I don't really green feel like recounting the herbs. Sorry...

By the end of the patrol, my head was stuffed full of knowledge of herbs. I made a list in the back of my head:

  • Alder bark: toothaches
  • Beech leaves: carrying other herbs
  • Blackberry leaves: bee stings
  • Borage leaves: producing milk and for fevers
  • Burnett: strength
  • Catchweed: burrs and keeping politics for rubbing off
  • Catmint: Greencough/Whitecough
  • Chervil: belly aches and infected wounds
  • Cobweb: slows the bleeding
  • Coltsfoot: cracked pads and easing breathing
  • Dock: smoothes scratches and sore pads
  • Feverfew: for fevers
  • Honey: sore throats

That was all I learned today. On Sorrelpelt's order, I collected some beech leaves since we were low.

Out of the corner of my eye, a blue-grey shape was watching me. Jaypaw quickly looked away and went into the apprentice's den.

I knew that Jaypaw was up to something, but I didn't know what. 

I curled up in my nest that evening. Tomorrow, I was actually going to collect herbs!

Chapter Four

I woke up to Sorrelpelt prodding me awake. "Huh?" I yawned.

"We're collecting herbs soon. On the way, we'll review the known herbs and hopefully learn some new ones. Sound good?"

I nodded. "I'm ready,"

Sorrelpelt led me out into the forest. "Quiz. What's the first type of tree you see that's an herb?"

"Um.... Sorry, what was that again? My hearing has stopped again," I said, looking down at my paws.

Now, the reason I like Sorrelpelt as a mentor is because she's very patient with my hearing. She knocked my head right where the ear began, and I could hear again. Sorrelpelt and I had found out that it helps with my hearing.

"What's the first tree who's bark is used as an herb?" She patiently said.

"It's alder bark, right?" I asked. I guess that sleep had put away my training, because I couldn't remember the lesson yesterday.

"Yeah. First, we'll learn how to harvest bark. We're going to pretend that Adderbite has a toothache. Alder bark will help with that, and we're almost out," she explained. "Try to copy me on this oak tree. We don't want to waste any excess bark that isn't pulled off correctly,"

She sliced a horizontal line on the bark, and sliced down with her claws. The bark came off in a nice, curled strip. "Now, we don't usually give extra bark that isn't needed to elders, so when we're done, I'll show you how to flatten it,"

I sliced a line. It was a little, well, not straight. "That's alright," Sorrelpelt encouraged. I raked down with my claws, and the bark peeled off. But, it didn't come off as easily as I thought it would.

Sorrelpelt laughed and said, "It'll be a little tough when you first start. Rip your piece of bark off, and I'll show you how to flatten it,"

I did as she said. Sorrelpelt unfurled the bark, and sat on it. I laughed. "Is that really how you flatten them out?"

She nodded, a big grin on her face. "It's really fun. Unroll your bark, and join me!"

I unrolled the bark, and sat on it like she did. We sat on the bark a while longer, and we did the same thing again, except with alder bark. Sorrelpelt and I took the oak bark and alder bark back to camp.

"The oak bark is a good substitute for alder bark if we ever run out. But, I don't think we'll run out so we'll just keep the Catmint on it for future use," Sorrelpelt explained.

"Are we going to do anything else this afternoon?" I asked.

Sorrelpelt said something, but I once again didn't hear it. "What?" I asked, but I couldn't hear that, either.

Sorrelpelt sighed, and once again, I couldn't hear it. She massaged my ears again, and spoke again. I caught snippets of it.

"Yes........ parsley and thyme....... sunset..... half-moon tomorrow. Some Cobweb.... nice," Sorrelpelt said again.

I nodded. The clues probably meant that later today we'll go collecting more herbs, I'd probably need rest since the half-moon is tomorrow, and I think that the last part meant that she'll collect some cobwebs.

I knew that Leopardflight was hopefully available so I could do some reading lips lessons.

Finally, my hearing came back, and I could see Jaypaw standing near the entrance to the den. He came up to me and said, "Um.... Can I collect some moss for the elders?"

I nodded absent-mindedly and walked into the nursery. "Leopardflight?" I called.

"Yes, Mistypaw?" Leopardflight looked up from her nest.

"Can we do some lessons now?" I asked.

For a moment she looked confused. Then, she nodded and said, "Sure", walked out of the nursery, and beckoned me with her tail to follow.

Chapter Five

Leopardflight led me to the training hollow. It was a clearing in the middle of some trees. A large willow tree was providing some shade, which is why RiverClan chose it. Or, at least that's what Adderbite told me.

Cinderpaw and Leafpaw were training. I watched as Cinderpaw leapt on top of her sister. Leafpaw went limp, and then tried to throw Cinderpaw off, but the grey she-cat had anticipated it.

"Rraahhh!" Leafpaw pawed Cinderpaw's underbelly. Cinderpaw gasped and turned over.

"Haha! Now I'm on top!" Leafpaw cried. 

"Now, now," Alderleaf said. "Good job, both of you. I wouldn't want to be on the opponent's side when you are against me!"

Suddenly Cinderpaw threw Leafpaw up. "I'm back!"

Ivycloud sighed. "That's enough, both of you. Leafpaw, you should've kept limp for longer. C'mon, we'll do more tomorrow. I'll ask Fallenclaw if you two can go on the dawn patrol tomorrow," 

Leopardflight led me to where my sisters were fighting. "Alright. Step one, learn the letters. I'm going to mouth the alphabet, and you're going to mouth it with me. You're going to look at me, recognise the letter, and do it yourself. Ready?"

I nodded. She mouthed 'a'. She did it again, and I mouthed it, then said, "A," 

Leopardflight nodded and did 'b'. We repeated our process many times, except with different letters each time. When I was ready for 'H', Leopardflight said, "Alright. I'm going to do a review. I'm going to mouth a letter, and you're going to name it. Alright?"

"Yeah," I said.

She mouthed letters, and I guessed each one.


"Yes. Next,"

" F. "

She nodded.

"A, then C,"

"Yup," Leopardflight mouthed two more letters.

"Um. The second one's F, but I can't figure out if the first is 'B' or 'E'..."

Leopardflight said, "Yes, F's the second one,"

She mouthed it again, and I guessed, "E,"

"No. It was 'D'. We'll do some more tomorrow. I want you to practice mouthing letters with Sorrelpelt. Alright?"

I nodded. It was easier than I thought, but I would surely get tripped up on rhymes of 'E'.

Chapter Six

I walked over to the medicine den. I could hear the echoes of birdsong.

Sorrelpelt greeted me. "Hello, Mistypaw! How was it?"

"Good," Sorrelpelt nodded. I headed toward the pool, and she asked, "Whatcha doing?"

"I'm practicing my lip reading," I said. "Will you do it with me?"

"Sure," Sorrelpelt said cheerfully. "Which letter are you at?"

"It was G," 

"Cool. How about you practice reading your own lips, while I gather more herbs?"

I nodded. "Sure,"

Sorrelpelt smiled, and padded out of the den.

I stared into the pool, and soaked some moss in it. Then I had a brilliant idea. I mouthed moss into the pool, and repeated. Then, I wandered around the medicine den, carrying out my plan.

Note: Sorry that chapter was so short!

Chapter Seven

I noticed Sorrelpelt standing by the den. "Hi," I said.

Sorrelpelt smiled. "How's it going?"

"I found a good way to study," Sorrelpelt tilted her head.

"And that is?"

"It's a good way to practice herbs and reading lips!" I said. " I learned to mouth all of the herbs I know! And I practiced H through N, " I quickly added.

She smiled. "Good. Let's see you do it, then I'll proceed to test you,"

I looked down into the pool, nudged our Alder bark, and mouthed, 'Alder, for toothaches'. 

She nodded. I continued nudging piles and mouthing what they are.

"Now that you know your own lips, read mine, alright?" I nodded. "Also, nudge the pile that it is. Ready? First one!"

Sorrelpelt mouthed an herb, and I said, "Juniper," I nudged the juniper berries.

Sorrelpelt nodded and did more. I answered to each one, and nudged the piles. "Borage, Catmint, dock, burdock, thyme, mint, honey,"

I was careful to not stick my nose in the honey. I just nudged the beech leaves it was on. Sorrelpelt finally said, "Alright, I think you've practiced enough. We'll gather and learn more herbs later. Maybe play with your siblings?"

I smiled and nodded, then ran out of the medicine den. I could hear Sorrelpelt sigh, and then my hearing stopped momentarily.

I found Leafpaw by the brambles outside camp. "Whatcha doing?" I asked, although I couldn't hear anything.

Leafpaw said something along the lines of, "A was looking for boss," I assumed she said 'moss' because I don't know what boss is.

"Cool," I said. "Guess what? I can read basic lips now!"

"That's great!" She said, and my hearing came back.

"Where's Cinderpaw?" I asked, looking around. "Is she training? I was wondering if you guys could play,"

"Sure, I can play," Leafpaw said. "I don't know if Cinderpaw can. Last I checked, she was training with Jaypaw, Molepaw, and all of their mentors,"

I thanked Leafpaw and ran off to find the training hollow. I went a few pawsteps, and stopped. Jaypaw?

I started kinda liking Jaypaw, from how he always seemed to hover around the medicine den. Urg, you're a medicine cat and only an apprentice! You can't like him! Nowhere near that age, besides, he probably doesn't like you.

I shook my head and walked on toward the training hollow.


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