Leader:Leopardstar - a dappled golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Deputy:Mistyfoot - A blue-gray she-cat with Ice blue eyes


Medicine cat: Mothwing -dappled golden she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice:Willowpaw -A gray tabby with a white chest and green eyes

Warriors: Blackcaw-A black tom with orange eyes

Icewing- A white she-cat with blue eyes

Mintfur- A light gray tom with amber eyes

Knobblefur- A brown she-cat with messy fur

Flyface- A gray tom with a yellow face

Apprentice: Birdpaw

Voletooth - A small brown tom

Reedwhisker - A black tom with gray eyes

Duskfur - A dusky brown she-cat

Apprentice - Swiftpaw

Mosspelt:A tortoisehell and white she-cat with blue eyes

Beechfur-Golden tom with green eyes

Apprentices: Shallowpaw - A pale gray she-cat with blue eyes

Birdpaw- A brown tom with darker sides and golden eyes

Swiftpaw - A dark gray tom with a white tail

Queens: Dawnflower - A very pale gray she-cat (Mother to Minnowkit , Pebblekit , and Splashkit)

Kits: Minnowkit - A dappled gray and white she-cat with amber eyes

Pebblekit - A white and orange tom

Splashkit - A sleek gray she cat with blue eyes

Elders : Heavystep - a dark brown tom


Leader:Blackstar - A white tom with black paws and black rimmed ears with amber eyes

Deputy : Russetfur - A dark ginger she-cat with dark green eyes

Medicine-cat: Littlecloud - A small tabby tom.

Warriors: Oakfur - A small brown tom

Ratscar - A grey tom with a scar

Smokefoot - A dark grey tom

Apprentice - Owlpaw

Snaketail - A Dark brown tom with a tabby striped tail

Apprentice: Scorchpaw

Cedarheart - A dark grey tom

Apprentice : Applepaw

Rowanclaw - A dark ginger tabby with amber eyes

Ivytail - White , black , and tortoiseshell she-cat

Tawnypelt - Motttled tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice - Toadpaw

Smallfur- A small brown tom with short thin fur and blue eyes

Apprentices : Owlpaw - A small brown tabby

Scorchpaw - A dark gray tom with amber eyes

Toadpaw - A dark brown tom

Applepaw - A mottled brown she-cat

Queens: Tallpoppy - A long legged light brown she-cat


Leader:Firestar - A Flame colored tom with green eyes

Deputy:Brambleclaw - A dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes


Medicine cat:Leafpool - A Light brown tabby she-cat with white chest and paws with green eyes

Warriors: Tigerleaf- A brown tom with a white tail and black ears with leaf green eyes

Marblefur- A gray white and black she-cat with green eyes

Brakenfur- A golden - brown tabby tom

Cloudtail:A thick white tom with blue eyes

Spiderleg - A long limbed black tom with amber eyes


Dustpelt-A brown tom

Apprentice : Hazelpaw

Brightheart - A white she-cat with ginger patches and a single blue eye

Winterscar - A black she-cat with a white scar on her tail

Rainwhisker-A dark grey tom with blue eyes

Thornclaw-A golden brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Ashfur-A pale gray tom with darker speckles and blue eyes

Sandstorm-A pale ginger she-cat with leaf green eyes

Whitewing-A white she-cat with green eyes

Birchfall - A light brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Apprentices:Berrypaw - A cream tom with blue eyes

Hazelpaw - A gray and white she-cat

Mousepaw-A gray and white tom with green eyes

Queens :Squirrelflight - A dark ginger she-cat with one white paw and green eyes (Mother to brambleclaws kits -Jaykit Hollykit and Lionkit)

Sorreltail -A tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes (Mother to brackenfurs kits - Poppykit Cinderkit Honeykit and Molekit)

Silverfang - A white and silver she-cat with bue eyes and black ears and a tail (Mother to rainwhiskers kits - Aspenkit Rainkit Icekit and Crystalkit

Daisy-A cream colored she-cat from the horseplace

Ferncloud-A Pale gray she-cat with darker speckles and pale green eyes (Expecting Dustpelts kits)

Kits: Jaykit - A gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes

Lionkit-A Goldentabby with thick fur ringing across the neck and amber eyes

Hollykit-A black she-cat with green eyes

Poppykit-A tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes

Honeykit-A sleek dappled light brown she-cat with blue eyes

Cinderkit - A dark grey she-cat with dark blue eyes

Molekit-A dark grey tom with green eyes

Aspenkit-A black tom with a golden tipped tail and amber eyes

Rainkit-A black tom with blue eyes

Icekit -A silver and black tabby with a white petal shaped patch on her chest and blue eyes

Crystalkit- A silver tabby with dark Green eyes that turn dark blue when its cold

Elders:Mousefur A cranky brown she-cat with eyes color of sunlit ice

Longtail - A blind tabby tom retired early due to losing his eye sight


Leader:Onestar-A light brown tabby tom

Deputy:Ashfoot-Grey she-cat

Medicine-cat:Barkface-Brown tom

Warriors:Crowfeather-Dark grey almost black tom

Tornear-Grey tabby

Webfoot-Dark grey tabby

Wesealfur-Ginger tom with white paws

Hillnose-A greenish tom white paws

Downwind-A brown tom with ruffled fur

Slashsnout-A white tom with scars on his muzzle and amber eyes

Pigeonflight-A Grey tom with white spots and brown ears with blue eyes

Gorsefur-White and grey she-cat with blue eyes

Queens:Nightcloud - Black she-cat (Mother to crowfeathers kit Breezekit)

Kits:Breezekit - A black tom

Spirit group ( A group like a clan but different)

Leader:Night-A black tom

Deputy:Mud - A brown tom

Healer:Thorn-A golden she-cat

Care cats (Cats like warriors)

Clover- Grey she -cat

Winter-White she-cat

Leaner:Promised morning

Snow-Brown she-cat with white speckles

Bird-Tortiseshell she-cat

Learner:Promised Petal

Wing-Silver she-cat

Stone-Grey tom

Bee -Yellow and black striped tom

Mouse-Light brown tom

Beech-Yellow tabby tom

Sharp-Black tom

Sand - Sandy colored tom

Lotus-White she-cat with green eyes

Cosmic-Black tom with blue eyes

Leaf : Black tom with white ears and Leaf green eyes

Sleek Formerly fluffy-Very sleek golden she-cat with slipery fur formerly with super fluffy fur

Cloud-Black tom with cloud like white patches

Learners:(Like apprentices)


Queens:Brook:Grey she-cat (Expexting Leafs kits)

Dawn-Pale brown she-cat (Mother of clouds kits Morning and Petal)

Kits:Morning-A sleek dark brown she-cat with green eyes

Petal-Dappled gray and bron she-cat with orange eyes

Elders:Whisker-A white tom that retired early due to losing all his whiskers

Other cats:Kakashi-A gray tom with white upper half of his face and a black lower half with grey eyes and silver ears that lean on one side.Named after kakashi from naruto.

Storm-Dark gray tom with blue eyes

Feather-White she-cat with amber eyes mother to storms kit badger

Badger-Fluffy black and white tom kit with a striped face and blue eyes

Rouge group

Leader:Fluttering Leaves-White she-cat with amber brown and yellow speckles

Darkening Night-Black tom with blues eyes and a silver back

Fire Cone-Rusty tortoiseshell tom with a dark ginger tail

Drizzling Rain-Milky gray and white she-cat with blue eyes

Swift Breeze-White she-cat with silver ears and a black tipped tail with green eyes

Shy Fox-Ginger she-cat with brown eyes

Rusty Fish-Dark red tom with silver splotches and black eyes

Peaking Sun-Grey she-cat with one yellow spot

Gathering Clouds-Grey tom

Slow Vole-Light brown tom

Dawn Pelt-White she-cat with brown spots

Ice Breeze-White she-cat with a silver tail and black ear tip with Ice blue eyes

Kits:Little Step -Brown she-cat with small paws

Chapter one (Mistyfoots POV)

Mistyfoot crouched down focusing on the vole.Just as she started to creep up something disturbed the vole.It ran away towards the lake.

"Mouse dung!"Mistyfoot hissed "Bad luck“ a amused voice came from behind.

Mistyfoot whipped around to find Blackstar the Shadowclan leader looking at her right over the border

."What are you doing you almost crossed the border"Mistyfoot spat."Relax I'm not over the border just next to it" Blackstar mewed."Then why are you here?" Mistyfoot asked suspiciously "Well I've been waiting for you to come to ask you one thing."

"What" Mistyfoot snarled "Meet me tonight ." “But why" Mistyfoot gasped . "There's not enough drama around besides I was lonely without a mate and you are pretty." "Are you suggesting that you want me to be your mate?" Mistyfoot checked.

"Yeah if you say yes we can have kits" Blackstar purred "The kits! If I said yes they wouldn't be halfclan the would be a three clan cat because I'm half clan.Besides I already have a mate Blackclaw."

"At least meet me tonight here" Mistyfoot took a deep breath "Ok " Blackstar's eyes glowed "Then see you tonight same spot bye" And then he raced away ."He acting like a mousbrained apprentice" Mistyfoot muttered before she ran away to catch prey.

Chapter two(Mornings POV)

"Wake up wake up" Petals voice rang through the nursery "All right"Morning grumbled heaving herself up and shaking her pelt."Be quiet or else you will wake up Brook" Their mother Dawn gently scolded them.

"No need to scold them I'm already up" Petal and Morning whipped around to find Brook the gray queen blinking at them.Then she struggled to her paws before mewing"Why don't you go out side today is your learner ceremony" "Your right we forgot" Petal gasped "You mean you forgot" Dawn teased "What ever lets go outside!" Morning pushed past her sister and rushed outside.

As usual it was raining but again it was always raining during morning and became sunny at sunhigh."Whats Night doing with Thorn, Bird, Winter, Snow, Cosmic, Lotus, and Mud?" Petal's scent flooded up her nose "Dunno" Morning responded. "Well they better stop talking because it will be our cermony at sunhigh" As Morning started to agree Dawn voice came from behind"Its dawn so you don't have to worry "

"Come on " Morning wailed . "Don't come on it must be serious if there is senior care cats, the deputy, healer, and leader there" "But the sooner we become learners the sooner we learn how to fight, hunt, and learn the history of the spirit group." Petal argued .Morning nodded the kits were forbidden to learn the story behind the spirit group until they were learners.

"I wonder who our mentors will be " Morning meowed "It's not fair that every one else knows expect us" Petal added.That was true every one in the group knew who their mentors would be expect the kits who were becoming learners." "Well I know and they are very nice" Dawn purred "I want Winter" Morning sighed "Lotus would be nice and Bird" Petal mewed.

"All I want to know is why we live on the rocks in the river" Morning growled. She was always wondering that.Their camp was indeed on the rocks.It was surrounded by brambles . There was a cave for the care cats ,for the healer , and for the elders.The nursery was a bramble bush that was reinforced with sticks, tendrils and more brambles.The leaders den was like the nursery exept smaller and made for one cat but the roof was stone and there was a tumble of rocks from the sides leading up to the roof. There was a tree stump next to one side where the deputy would sit when the leader called meting from above.One side of the den was also stone to support the roof.

"Quick go back to the nursery and let us groom you" Morning blinked and saw that the patrols were returning and their father cloud was heading twards them, He looked as if he was going to burst with pride. "Why do we have to be in the nursery" Morning complained as her parents began to herd her and Petal twards the nursery where brook was waiting. "Because that is a tradition" Cloud meowed sternly"I want you to behave yourselves now"He added as he smoothed Mornings fur.Lotus stuck her head into the nursery "Cloud I need to talk to you " "Why"?Cloud asked "Because we need to share the news with everybody cosmic is telling the rest of the care cats while mud sorts things out with whisker." "Ok wait here" Cloud mewed before he padded out

"What was the news?" Brook asked as Mornings father came back in "Another prohecy from the star group our ancestors." Cloud sighed.Morning pricked her ears the star goup was where dead cats from the spirit group went and spoke with the leader and healer. "It must be really important" Dawn pointed out."It is the prohecy is 'the shadow with light from the black star from the shadows and the misty foot from the river will unite with the spirit'" And then Cloud sat down and started to groom his kits.

Chapter three (Mistyfoots POV)

Mistyfoot looked around where was Blackstar? "Hello" Mistyfoot jumped whipping around she found Blackstar. "You scared me" Mistyfoot hissed "Sorry " Blackstar murmmed "Come with me " Curiously Mistyfoot got up and followed Blackstar deep behind the border .

Suddenly Blackstar turned and came to a big oak tree.Inside was a hollow "Here come inside we will meet here from now on" he purred. "But I will have to cross the border" Mistyfoot mewed worriedly .

"Over there is riverclan land"Blackstar responded waving his tail."Oh ok" Mistyfoot mewed. "So why I asked you to meet me was that I want you to be my mate." "Yes" Mistyfoot answered with out thinking Blackstars eyes lit "Yes?" "I mean in time because I feel like my fur prickles when I see you like when I used to see Blackclaw."

"Thank you"Blackstar purred. "Lets meet the night after the next because I'm suppose to give Shallowpaw a assesment the day after the next." Mistyfoot suggested "Sure" Blackstar purred before Mistyfoot go to her paws and went to her own side of the border.

"Now this is the time you are suppose to show off your skills" Flyface mewed. He and Mistyfoot were giving their apprentices a assement. "Why do you keep on looking at the shadowclan border?" Shallowpaws voice snapped Mistyfoot out of daydreaming about Blackstar.

"I am not" "No you are" The pale grey she-cat argued."If you mention that again you will be looking at Heavysteps bottom while Minnowkit gets her warrior name" Mistyfoot snarled.Shallowpaw's blue eyes widened and the apprentice fell silent. "You guys will not see us but we will be watching your every move" Flyface meowed

"Now go" Mistyfoot mewed.Instantly the two apprentices raced away. "See you" Flyface purred and then he disapeared in the bushes.Taking a deep breath Mistyfoot plunged into another bush and started to follow Shallowpaws trail.

A while later Mistyfoot felt pleasure , Shallowpaw had caught a crow and three minnows.Now in her spot in the tree she could see Shallowpaw catch a fourth minnow."Good job" Mistyfoot heard someone call.Birdpaw was walking twards Shallowpaw holding a rabbit. Mistyfoot curled her lip how could windclan cats stand them?

Shallowpaws mouth dropped open before she purred "Thank you"

Just then the bushes trembled and a dappled grey and white she-cat shot out that was oddly familiar.Minnowkit? She thought

Chapter four (Sands POV)

"Morning! Petal! Morning! Petal!" The group yowled Morning and Petal's name.They had been given Bird for Petals mentor and Winter for Monings mentor."Bee lead a border patrol take Snow Wing and Sand" Sand jerked his head up and saw the patrol already gathered .Slowly he padded forward where Mud was addressing the patrol "Report any strange scent ok?" the patrol nodded "Then go"

"Anything strange?" Wing asked where Sand was crouching his fur bristling "I scent a intruder" he paused "No three" Bee snorted "Are you sure I don't scent anything" "Remeber you just became a care cat are you sure" Snow asked "I am sure Night was my mentor and he said that I had the sharpest nose" Sand retorted

"Hold on I scent the too" Wing meowed Bee and Snow paused "Us to "Bee muttered. Suddenly the bushes trembled and three cats came out.

The first one was a dark gray tom with blue eyes.The second who Sand presumed was his mate was a white she-cat with amber eyes and was carrying a kit.The kit was a fluffy black and white tom kit with a striped face like a badgers.

The dark gray tom spoke first "I am Storm this is my mate Feather and my kit Badger.We want to join your group for protection"

"Protection" Bee snorted "Listen we are from the rouge group.Fluttering Leaves our leader is so cruel.She makes Feather hunt and starve the useless kits.Please take us in"Storm pleaded

"Why does your name not sound like the rouges?" "We were orignaly Stormy Day and Feather Falling and Badger Stripe .They starved my kit Twighlight Pelt to death and were about to starve Badger so we escaped." Feather added

"Fine you can coome but don't even think of changing your mind" Wing warned. Wearily the cats followed Wing back to camp with the rest of the patrol flanking them.

"They can stay" Night declared .No cat argued and then all of them walked back to their dens.

Chapter five (Badgers POV)

Badger snugggled against his mothers warm belly.

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