Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama

About: Mistpaw struggles with knowing her brother's mentor, Tigertooth, desendant of Tigerstar, killed their deputy. Now Rainpaw her brother, is following in his visious ways. Mistpaw has only one thing to do, leave her dream to become a medicine cat or save the Clan.


Pilot Story: This was pretty crappy, It was MistClan's first draft, *gasp* I know, It was totally locked up and protected in my computer, I never wanted it to get out to public, but now, you can see where my ideas started

Set One

Blurb for MistClan

Mistkit has always been the helpful mercyful cat. Unlike her brother Rainkit, always wanted to follow in the path of streangh. Mistkit finally becomes Mistpaw, medicine cat apprentice of MistClan. She always stood watch for her brother Rainpaw, mostly because his mentor was the desendant of the evil Tigerstar, Tigertooth. One day while Mistpaw and Petalcloud are looking for herbs she saw Tigertooth battling Rainpaw, training him too hard. She is horrified at this and finds out something unbelieving about what Tigertooth also did, Rainpaw is becoming more and more like Tigertooth everyday. Mistpaw is very worried now, what will she do? Give up the dream of being MistClan's medicine cat and save the Clan? Or let her Clan be destroyed by the clutches of blood?

Blurb for Silent Skies

Dawn is now fighting Tigerstar with her brother Rainclaw, and her friends Ash, Trout, and Birdflight. But something happens, since Tigerstar is the recarnation of the other Tigerstar, he has something another cat never has. The power to control some dead. Tigerstar has done something horrible, he has brought the Dark Forest back to the Earth. Dawn is in trouble and only faces one question, how do you fight death itself?


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