Note: This story was adopted by Ducksplash, but all credit for the allegiances and prologue go to Honey.

Allegences for Clans * App=Apprentence*


Leader: Owlstar- dark brown tabby tom w/ white chest

Deputy: Stonetooth- gray and white tom

App: Reedpaw

Med.Cat: Poppyshine- small tortoise-shell w/ golden paws and chest

App: Mintpaw


Blackwing- handsome black tom

Blossompetal- orange tabby she-cat

App: Hazelpaw

Mudfoot- dark brown tabby tom

Dappledpelt- small tortoise-shell w/ black ears

App: Rosepaw

Birdsong- long-legged light brown she-cat

Eaglecall- dark brown tom

Brownwhisker- black+ brown tom

App: Smallpaw

Whiteflight- pretty white she-cat

App: Rabbitpaw

Cloudheart- white she-cat w/ bright blue eyes


Smallpaw- small gray+ white she-cat

Rabbitpaw- gray tom

Rosepaw- creamy coated she-cat

Mintpaw- cream and black she-cat

Hazelpaw- light brown she-cat

Reedpaw- long-legged black tom w/ brown tail


Dawntail- creamy coated she-cat. Mother of 2nd litter, Milk-kit and Acornkit

Mistflower- pale gray she-cat. Mother of Brownwhsker's kits, Fogkit, Birchkit and Briarkit

Nightnose- pregenant black she-cat


Mossfoot- old ginger tom

Spidertail- old gray she-cat

Webnose- dark gray tom


Leader: Jaystar- long-furred black tabby tom

Deputy: Cherryheart- ginger she-cat

Med.Cat: Whitefrost- white tom w/ shocking blue eyes


Kestralwing- muscular brown and gray tom

Stormclaw- dark gray tabby tom w/ long scar across forhead

App: Emberpaw

Breezeyflower- pretty brown tabby she-cat

Antfeet- black tom ginger paws and chest

App: Mothpaw


Butterflyflight- long-tailed tortoise-shell she-cat

Moonfur- silver- gray coat


Windpelt- ungroomed gray tabby tom


Leader: Petalstar- young gray tabby she-cat

Deputy: Snowfoot- dark gray tabby tom w/ white paws

Med.Cat: Waterfall- small short-haired silver she-cat

App: Grasstail- white and brown she-cat w/ gray muzzle


Fishsplash- ginger tabby tom w/ white spots

App: Willowpaw

Graybird- gray she-cat

Barkclaw-slender brown tabby tom

App: Longpaw

Mudspots- white tom w/ dark brown sploches

App: Sunpaw

Minnownose- black tom


Hailfur- light brown and light gray she-cat


Leader: Flowerstar- very frail gray and white she-cat w/ dark emerald green eyes

App: Bumblepaw

Deputy: Stonetail- black, ginger and white tom

Med.Cat:Lightningtail-ginger tom;w/ tabby marked tail


Goldenbee- muscular golden tabby tom

Featherheart- pale gray and white she-cat

App: Bluepaw

Smokestorm- dark gray, almost black tabby tom

App: Timberpaw

Lightfur- light ginger she-cat

Mousetooth- sleek brown and gray tom


Berry- white and cream she-cat. Former loner.

Foxnose- preganent dark ginger she-cat w/ white chest, muzzle, and tail


Badgertail- old brown tom w/ half of tail since it was bitten of by badger

Cloudyeyes- once-beautiful dark ginger she-cat. Blind in both eyes


" Dawntail, you have two she-cats. What are you going to name them?" Poppyshine had finally finished helping the creamy queen give birth. It hadn't taken long before two wet bundles of her had arrived on the moss beside her.

" I don't know, but I know one of them must be named after one of my parents." The tired queen replied.

"Roseheart and Jaywing would be very proud of you." The medicine cat purred.

" That's it! Rosekit will be the creamy one." She pointed at the little bundle that had cream fur just like her.

"Perfect. But what about the other?" Poppyshine was now looking at the cream and black kit.

" Mintkit" Dawntail had replied to the she-cat quickly with no doubt.

" Why Mintkit? " The tortoiseshell she-cat asked shocked at her response. " Because I want to name her after one of the wonderful herbs you use almost every day.I'm kind of hoping that her name would inspire her to become a medicine cat too."

Dawntail had no idea that what she said was true, but at the moment, everything having to do with Mintkit's name was just simple. Not on real purpose anyway. No one knew that Mintkit was destined to be the next HeatherClan medicine cat.

Chapter 1

Mintkit pounced on Rosekit in a flurry of fur.

"I'm going to be the greatest warrior WindClan has ever seen!" she exclaimed to her sister.

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