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We are StarClan's greatest secret. We are the Dark Forest's greatest weapon.

Do you even know our name? I doubt it. StarClan has kept very quiet about us. We are the cats who's deaths, who's births, who's very lives served no purpose. There are so many of us.

Hardly anyone even knows how to get to our home. We aren't the shadows and the night like the Dark Forest or the stars glittering coldly in the sky. We are the horizon, the middle of the earth. We are not good or bad. We are the nothing, the dust in the wind. We are nothing, which is to say everything.

You wonder my name? Well, that I cannot say. I have been here so long I have forgotten. And no one will remind me. The younger, the newer cats here look for a way out, call for StarClan. They won't come. I have tried many times. But our ancestors are too high above us. They will never come. It's better to accept then live here forever without a hope.

Our home, the barren, ash covered field you see behind me is where we live. There is nothing to do, nothing to see. We hardly speak.

Ah, you see the fire in my eyes? No, I have not gone mad. This is the fire of hate. Hate for the ancestors who left me behind, hate for the cats who have abandoned us.

Are you here to join us? No, you have the light of life in your eyes, sureness in your paws, the steady heartbeat that deserted me so long ago.

But, when you leave here, take this with you. Tell cats of how to find us in their dreams. So they may hear our tale. You may still have faith in your ancestors, but what have you done for them? They will forget you as though you were nothing. Like us. You will be swept back here like a leaf in the wind.

Ah, now I can see the fear in your eyes! It pities me to think that warriors these days are so selfish. Don't growl at me, it's true. Do as I say, we can overthrow StarClan. And if not...I'll see you when your dead. The determination you feel, we've had it for eons. And we couldn't do anything about it.

But now we can, Tigerstar has shown us the way. And you, you my friend will help us. And you will be rewarded greatly. No go. Leave me. And remember what I said.

We are StarClan's most guarded secret. We are the Dark Forest's greatest allies.

We are the Middle Ground Warriors.

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