characters: Branchpaw(WindClan, handsome brown tom with green eyes), Shiningpaw(StarClan, she-cat with sparkling silver pelt and blue eyes)

chapter one

I am Branchpaw from WindClan. I am great hunter, according to my mentor, Hawkclaw.

but, I am alone... my whole family died. and other apprentices bully me.

one night, I went to my den feeling depressed, as usual. I have my own seperate den 'cause there's a lot of dens in WindClan.

and that night... a she-cat with sparkling silver fur came to me.

chapter two

hi. I am Shiningpaw. I died when I reached the age of 10 moons. StarClan is an exciting place. you never know what is gonna happen. and you can go on adventures every day!!

one day, I looked down on WindClan territory, and I saw a handsome tom;and he looked lonely. so I came down at night to cheer him up.

and he was pretty surprised.

chapter three

"w-who are you?" I asked.

"Shiningpaw. I am from StarClan," she said.

"what's your name?"

"I am Branchpaw."

"Branchpaw. nice name," Shiningpaw said.

"well, thanks!" I said. "well, since I was apprenticed, others bullied me and teased me. so I am kinda alone."

"oh, that is sad... anyways, I am here to cheer you up," Shiningpaw said.

chapter four

"really? that is so great! thanks!" Branchpaw said.

I wanted to play with him all night, but I heard that tomorrow is his battle session. so I played with him only until midnight.

"I gotta go. good luck with your battle session," I said.

"thanks. bye." Branchpaw said.

"I'll come back next night. and you know what? I like you," I said. and touched nose with his.

chapter five

my heart stopped for a second when Shiningpaw said she likes me.

and she disappeared, leaving me in my den.

I almost yowled with happiness.

next morning, I went out to battle session. I was fighting against Stripepaw, the dark tom with almost invisible stripes.

Hawkclaw yowled.

and we started.

I bited his tail as soon as he stood on top of me. I kicked his belly and pinned him on the ground.

"stop!" Hawkclaw yowled again.

and we stoped, panting.

chapter six

it was night again. it was time to visit Branchpaw.

I came down to Branchpaw's den.

"hello, Branchpaw," I said.

"Shiningpaw!" he exclaimed.

"did you had a good day?" I asked.

"yes, and Berrystar said she will make me as a warrior tomorrow sunhigh!!" he screamed with excitement.

"nice," I said.

"thanks! hey, where do you wanna go today?" he asked.

"should we visit... the old forest?" I said.

"sure!" he said, smiling.

I blinked. and we were in the old forest, nothing had been destroyed yet.

"wow. it's just you and me! and the pond! it-it shines like you!" he said.

"thanks," I smiled.

chapter seven

"wow," before I knew, I was entwining my tail with hers.

Shiningpaw smiled.

"I wish we could be like this forever," I said.

"you think?" she asked.

"well, I do think StarClan is sparkly," I joked, grooming her fur as it got messy by wind.

"it's moonhigh. I gotta go... again. see you tomorrow. bye," she licked my ear, and disappeared.

chapter eight

I was back in StarClan, feeling great. I am getting used to helping Branchpaw with his feeling. and I think I might love him.

should I say yes for being his mate or not? I wondered.

I really want to say yes, I thought. if he says he want to.

chapter nine

"Branchwhisker! Branchwhisker!" my name echoed through the crowd.

"hey, Branchwhisker! welcome to warriors'world," Hawkclaw said, cheerfully.

"thanks, Hawkclaw," I replied.

that night, Shiningpaw visited me again.

chapter ten

"hey, Branchpaw!" I said.

"Shiningpaw! my name is Branchwhisker now," he replied, with cheerful voice.

"congratulations!" I said.

"I wish I could earn my warrior name...," I said.

"how about... Shiningpool?" Branchwhisker said.

"good idea," I said.

chapter eleven

"and... Branchwhisker? I-I love you," Shiningpaw said.

I was not surprised to hear that. well, since we met, I was in love with her, either.

"me too, my dear Shiningpaw," I replied lovingly.

" do you want to be my mate?" she said shyly.

I did not answered. instead, I pushed my nose into her silver fur, while Shiningpaw groomed my fur.

it was already Moonhigh.

"so... I gotta go...," Shiningpaw said.

chapter twelve

"I can go with you," I surprised as I heard Branchwhisker.

"are you sure?" I asked.

"yeah, in WindClan, nobody love me... or like me. I'd rather go with you," he said.

"but... than... you'll be dead," I said.

"nah, I really don't care," he replied with loving voice.

"than let's go." I licked his nose, and we walked through the stars, heading for the StarClan.

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