My story for rainys contest!

Chapter One - Springpaw

A cat ran into the forest, trying hard to to cry. Why does this happen to me? He thought. He stopped at the edge of th river, looking down at his reflection. His black and white pelt shimmering. He lowered his head, he could see himself standing at the hightree, being leader was his only wish, he didn't have time for family. He had to be the best apprentice. While he sat Thier he heard a purr, "so this is your hiding place!" His sister, Moonpaw said. He just nodded, too angry to talk. "You had another fight with Berrypaw huh Springpaw?" She mewed. Springpaw nodded, "you should get back to camp."

"Hmm, maybe I should, I am going to train soon," she answered and licked Springpaw on the ear. He sighed, everything was hard for him, he wanted to rule, to have power, but he doesn't want his family to hate him. Springpaw looked down at his reflection, he could see himself on top of the talltree, ruling RavenClan. But he saw his friends and family shunning him. He lowered his head, and he let a tear roll down.

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