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This is a poem written for Blazey's contest. (It ended up getting 1st in the 'Saddest Poem' category :D)

It is written by Brams.

NOTE: This poem contains spoilers for Crookedstar's Promise - read at your own risk!

Enjoy <3333

Love Falls

My life started off so happily,

With my mother caring.

With my brother, young - yet so loyal already -

And my father - the daring deputy.

But yet I wondered - what's our land like?

The marshes, river, and all that's beyond,

So I snuck out, persuading the oak

To follow me in my quest.

We found the slippery stepping-stones,

We crossed - and then we got scared back -

By that mangy medicine cat -

And I fell into the river's depths -'

And then my jaw whacked

On a rock beside me.

After this, her love was broken.

She refused to accept

That I was hers -

She was full of hate and scorn -

She stripped me of the storm

The storm that gave me my name -

And changed it to remind everyone

Of what had happened to me.

I tried so hard to please her -

But yet, she still ignored me -

She'd lost all the love in me

And channeled it on my brother -

At least he still loved me

As family,

Unlike what she had done.

I left, and then returned,

She didn't care at all.

I warned the Clan, and saved the kits -

Yet she still didn't want to know me.

But finally, after so long -

It was time to prove

My loyalty.

Moons passed - so long and sad -

I knew her love had fallen

Yet I still loved her

As much as I could give.

I was the newest warrior,

With great fighting skill gained,

But I was unnoticed to her -

Her love had fallen away.

And the day haunts me

The day when that dog

Threatened the Clan,

But she got hurt,

And the force killed her -

And my chance at love was lost forever.

She couldn't change me though.

Leader I became,

Nine lives, all the same -

Yet one wasn't from her -

Did she ever love me again?

... Well, I don't know.

But I have my family now -

Yet my mate died,

With two of the three born -

But a flash of silver survived -

Yet the fall of love still hurt me.

When I think about it now,

I really did change my life.

Maybe if I hadn't run away,

The storm would've pulsed my veins.

But I still lived a life with no regrets.

And when I got summoned to the stars,

I was hoping she would forgive me.

I hoped that Rainflower would forgive me.

It wasn't all my fault,

Yet it was my choice for this.

My choice, which caused the fall of love.

But I still have no regrets...

Even through the love falls.

Author's Note

Omg long poemmmmm xD

This is the end of Love Falls - I hoped you enjoyed it!

This poem, and all my other poems, can be found here.

Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Until next time,

--Never mess with the black shadows 00:34, November 30, 2014 (UTC)

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