This is for HIMG's contest. In this, CloudClan is basically StarClan.

"Wake up, you worthless idiot!"

"Fetch me some fresh-kill!"

"You'll never amount to anything, stupid!"

Flamepaw woke up and served her fellow SnowClanners. She was never trained because she wasn't used to the cold and had a ginger pelt, in sharp contrast to SnowClan's white. Normally, they abused her while Froststar wasn't looking, but now, even Froststar didn't care.

Flamepaw spent the whole day serving SnowClan. At the end of the day, Froststar announced that it was time to please CloudClan. In that ceremony, Flamepaw burned her tail on a fire while holding a mouse stuffed with rose petals. Flamepaw hated it, but there was nothing she could do about it. Or was there?

Froststar handed Flamepaw the mouse. Flamepaw calmly handed it over to Snowcloud, the Clan leader's daughter.

"What are you doing?" Froststar roared.

"She's standing up to you," a voice said from behind, and a golden tom sprang out.

"I'm Lionfur," he explained. "I live in SunClan, and I remember Flamepaw. When she was a kit, she lived in SunClan, too. Froststar kidnapped her to please CloudClan with that "tradition" so he could become leader. Now I will take her back!" As he said that, he jumped onto Froststar's back and the two toms fought. Suddenly, Froststar fell off the mountain.

"No," Lionfur whispered.

"That was his last life!" Snowcloud wailed.

Angry yells spread through SnowClan, but Lionfur and Flamepaw had already ran off into SunClan. Flamepaw became Flamewhisker, and she lived happily in SunClan.

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