New Realms
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Blurb: Upon waking up to find herself in the world of Warrior Cats, Maegan finds that everything isn't what she remembers from the books. Now, with her best friend, who knows nothing about the book series, they take on an alternative name in order to fit in and join ThunderClan.

Though they have to navigate in a world where they both wonder what their value is when they are existing amongst strangers and friends. Not only that, something is lurking, watching, waiting for the right moment to strike.

This is the first book in the New Realms Arc.


This is such a great idea and story. Of course I'm a fan!! -- Ginger


Be sure to look at the Allegiances!

Chapter One

Tapping at the wood, her eyes watching as the little white van pulled towards her driveway. Excitement filled her as a man left his the driver's seat and maneuvered towards the back.

My book. Her thoughts raced as her mind immediately went to predictions of how the story will progress.

The clans were free from Bramblestar's wrath, but now it was up to Squirrelflight to lead her clan. How would she do it? So many questions and scenes filled her mind, so much so that she lost track of time. When she looked back at the white van, she found that it was gone.

Ah heck. She rose from her seat and quickly dashed through the dining room and into the kitchen where she entered the garage. There, sitting at the edge of the deck, was a book-sized box. Immediately, she snatched the item and dashed back into the house.

There, she tore open the box, revealing the book she's been waiting for. Darkness Within, the newest Warriors' book. She squealed internally as she made yet another dash up to her room where she would read the book.

Before she knew it, an hour went by and she was staring at the cover. Having read all the books, she was unsure how to feel about it. If only she had someone to discuss the book in person.

Kayla. Her best friend and someone who has the first three books of the Prophecy Begin Arc, yet she hasn't read them. Her heart sank a little. Sure she could tell her all about what happened, but her friend wouldn't know what she was talking about.

Sighing, she shuffled on her bed and placed the book on her bookshelf to put away later. Though, she quickly pulled out her phone and began to scroll through discussions of the newest book, wondering if her thoughts aligned with other opinions. She could waste hours discussing Warriors with anyone who would listen.

Deep down, while she knew these discussions were meaningful to her, she felt lonely. The face to face interactions was what she craved.

Once again, she sighed. Shutting off her phone, she laid back into her bed, staring up at the plain gray ceiling. Finally she closed her eyes, drawing in a breath.

Her mind went void as she let herself settle into a relaxed state. Though it didn't take long until she heard chattering from outside her house. It was mostly likely her brother and the neighbor kids. But, the more she listened, the more she realized that it sounded like a bird.

Well, sometimes there's a morning dove sitting on the roof. She thought as she shuffled in her restful state, but immediately felt odd. Her sheets were never prickly. Not only that, she felt unbearably hot. Her room was hot, but never this hot.

Upon opening her eyes, a wave of bright rays of light had her shriveling away.

What the..? Why is it so bright in my room? She was dazed, but allowed herself to familiarize herself with the brightness. Finally she opened her eyes, only to find that she was staring down at grass. As soon as she recoginized what it was, her head snapped towards the area surrounding her. Trees stood proud and towering all around, blocking most of her view of the sky. It was unbearably hot, even if patches of sunlight was all that filtered between her and the sky. Her mind went blank once again, unable to process anything.

What in the name.... Noting that she felt small compared to the trees, she turned her head to look at her hands. Only... they weren't hands. They were... paws?

Terror flooded through her as she stumbled back only to trip on her mess of extra limbs. A cold dread itched her skin as she desperately wondered if she was dreaming or not.

What is happening! She screamed at herself, stumbling to a shaking stance. Oh God...

Her thoughts never progressed as everything went black.

Chapter Two

There was a buzzing in her ear, her head spinning as her eyes fluttered open. Her blurry vision had her lifting her head to focus her sight, whilst looking around. Muffled voices filled her ringing ears. She craned her head to see who or what was speaking. Her body was quaking, but she forced herself to move and attempted to rise to her paws.

"Woah there!" A voice spoke up.

Hearing the footsteps coming towards her, she whipped her head in that direction. With her steadily restoring vision, she could make out a pale gray cat.

"You took quite a fall, you shouldn't be moving until we get a medicine cat," he told her.

Her mind spun as she took in those words. Medicine cat? What?

"I... fell?" Her voice shuddered as she answered.

His green eyes glazed over in worry. "Mousewhisker, when is Leafpool coming?"

Despite her disarray, those two names stuck out. Leafpool? She knew that name. ThunderClan's medicine cat in the Warriors' books. So why would her name come out of this cat's mouth?

"Spiderleg has gone to fetch her," another cat, a gray-and-white splotched tom rose his voice. "It shouldn't be too long now."

Spiderleg. What in the world is going on?

"What about the other she-cat we found?" The smaller gray cat asked.

"Thornclaw and Cloudtail brought her back to camp," Mousewhisker responded. "She should be fine, but Jayfeather will look over her. Keep watch over her, won't you Bumblepaw? I'll see what's keeping them."

"Okay," Bumblepaw meowed, the gray tom settling beside her, his eyes watching as Mousewhisker disappeared.

Feeling the heat from the other body next to her made her feel uncomfortable. She chalked it up to her disability that made her feel this way. But, strangely, she noted that it felt familiar. I guess... It's because I know this cat and his history? Her opinions on Bumblestripe were mixed, but she liked him at one point.

Speaking of this... Did I just iseikai myself into the Warriors world by accident? All worry suddenly vanished. She knew this world like it was second nature. This was more exciting to her than getting the newest book the day it comes out!

"Do you have a name?" Bumblepaw asked abruptly.

My name...? My name is Maegan. She thought, staring at him. But... That's too human. I can't use that... Her mind went into a tangle of potential names that would fit into this realm.

"Magic," the name came out without much thought.

Bumblepaw's eyes seemed to twinkle with interest. Magic was an appropriate name, even if it didn't match how these cats' naming systems.

"Fascinating name, Magic."

Hearing the name come from him and how he sounded like he admired it made her feel wonderful. But, referring to herself as Magic felt odd, though she welcomed it.

"Well, thanks," Magic answered him, a tender feeling forming in her chest.

"No problem," Bumblepaw let out a friendly purr. "It's unique."

Then, the dreaded awkward silence filled between them. Magic hated not knowing what to say, but she could bear with it for a bit longer, especially when she knew other cats were coming.

I wonder... She lifted her nose to drink in the scents. Being human, she could only smell so much, but her mind almost lost it when she could smell everything. Always knowing that animals could smell better than humans, she had the chance to put that to the test and it was right. Although she couldn't put a finger on what she was smelling, she knew she would have to determine what it was eventually.

Though, she noted that an object was coming towards them. She angled her head to look and was relieved that it was only a few clan members. Magic quickly determined which one was Spiderleg, that distinct brown underbelly was a dead giveaway. Mousewhisker was trailing behind a light brown she-cat.

Is that Leafpool? Magic was blown away. From the fanart she admired, Leafpool was always an aesethically pleasing cat to look at and seeing her up close, she was nevertheless still pleasing to look at.

No wonder people think Mothwing likes her. Magic always had a love towards cute cats and Leafpool fell into that category.

"Hello there," Leafpool meowed, her voice just as Magic always imagined. Thick and laced with honey, almost as if she drank it and it became one with her voice.

Magic was at a loss with words, but acknowledged her by nodding her head as a greeting.

"I'm going to check you over, is that all right?" Leafpool meowed.

Magic swallowed, "Yes.."

Leafpool nodded, moving around her to examine her. As much as Magic had read what medicine cats do and had a fascination towards their jobs, but in the moment, she had no idea what Leafpool was doing. Looking for broken bones? Bumblepaw had said she fell, but she felt nothing. But, she knew the Leafpool was merely performing her job. Though, it didn't take long for Leafpool to finish, but the medicine cat didn't seem convinced.

"We'll take her back and let Firestar know we'll have another cat joining the medicine den," the medicine cat meowed.

"Fair enough," Mousewhisker meowed. "I'll go ahead. Bumblepaw, stay next to her in case she needs help, and Spiderleg, I don't want to hear a single complaint. You're staying with them."

Magic casted a glance to Spiderleg, quickly noticing that the tom had a peeved look on his face and he had his mouth open to complain. When he was called out, he quickly shut it and growled.

Typical Spiderleg. She thought, rising to her paws. Magic was no longer rattled, but she noted that she still felt odd in her new cat body.

"You can take it slow if you need," Leafpool meowed to her, "I'm in no rush."

"Same here!" Bumblepaw added.

Magic felt a purr rise in her throat. "Thank you."

As Mousewhisker set off before them, Magic couldn't help but to feel excitement prickle through her.

Wow. I'm amongst characters I've always wanted to meet! She internally screeched at herself. I cannot mess this up! I must learn more!

Chapter Three

Upon entering the camp, Magic suddenly felt the familiar feeling of being criticized. She knew that many eyes were on her and surprisingly; she felt calm.

I know these cats. She thought, letting her own eyes wander.

She could easily recognize some cats, like Brightheart. Much like Leafpool, the fanart that Magic has seen of Brightheart always has an aesthetically pleasing feel, but Magic would be lying to herself if she said she still felt that way. Brightheart's injuries were gnarly and not pleasant to look at.

No matter what, she is still very inspirational. Magic reminded herself.

She then turned her attention back to Leafpool as she led her across the camp and towards the quarry's rock wall. Leafpool's mixed eyes landed on her, seeming to make sure Magic was following, though she quickly stepped inside.

Sharp scents filled her nose, making her eyes water at how powerful those herbs were. Her nose wrinkled as she squinted her eyes to shield that fact that she was tearing up. Moving into the den, Magic's eyes had to adjust to an intense transition from a sun-filled quarry to a dark, barely lit den. It surprised her at how fast her eyes could adjust, so she took a moment to look at the den.

She could make out the indents in the walls. She quickly determined that was where the herbs were, waiting to be used. Sniffing the air once more, she aimed her nose to see what else she could smell. A musky scent came from another section of the den, leading Magic to believe that there was a pool of water.

A rustling in the back had her turning her head, her eyes landing on a tall, skinny gray cat emerging from the back. Upon seeing him, her mind went blank. It was Jayfeather.

Roaring thoughts suddenly sprang to life, leaving her standing still, green eyes wide as all she could do was stare. It was the real Jayfeather, and she had no idea what to say. Should she introduce herself? Should she stay quiet and move? Her paws seemed to be trembling with the sheer amound of adrenaline that coursed through her. This encounter was all too surreal!

"Are you going to keep standing there or are you going to join the other loner?" An all too familiar voice snapped at her.

That snapped her out of her out of her wild thoughts. Feeling embarrassed, she ducked her head and stepped to the. "Sorry..." She managed to say, before the sleek medicine cat pushed past her, scoffing.

She watched him as he left the den, her ears flattening. Magic always had a feeling that most people she met didn't like her and now realizing that may be the case with one of her favorite characters had heart twisting.

"Don't mind him," Leafpool's voice called to her, "He's had a thorn in his side for the longest time. Don't take it personally."

Magic faced her, simply nodding before she moved to join her. The brown she-cat led her into the back of another den. Inside Magic quickly noted the empty nests. All except for one. A pale gray-and-silver tabby cat laid in one of the nests, their eyes staring off. Though, their ears perked and they lifted their head, deep amber eyes moving towards Magic.

"Hello," she meowed, Magic's ears twitching at the she-cats voice, taking note of how it sounded familiar. "I guess you found the other cat, huh Leafpool?"

Beside her, Leafpool nodded. "She seems fine, you as well. You two will be fit for traveling again soon."

The other she-cat slowly dipped her head, looking as if she didn't know what to say. Magic couldn't help but to hear her speak again. Something about her seemed to hit close to home for her.

"You may choose a nest, Magic," Leafpool meowed, her tail swaying to invite her to do so.

With a simple nod, Magic padded forward, choosing a nest closest to the entrance of the den. As soon as she settled, Magic couldn't help but to sink into the nest. Knowing that the nests for the clans were supposed to be comfortable, she never knew how comfortable. She had always thought of it as course and uncomfortable, but clearing her line of thinking had been wrong.

She could hear the pawsteps of Leafpool leave the den, allowing Magic to finally settle. She felt heavy as she sank into the nest, feeling the exhaustion take over. But, as soon as she closed her eyes, the other she-cat shifted.


Hearing her name, Magic's head shot up, her eyes snapping at her. The tabby she-cat simply stared at her, a look of hope weighing heavily in her eyes.

"How..?" Magic started.

"It's me," she meowed, "Kayla."

Magic's heart swelled as she quickly left her nest and took the one next to Kayla. Kayla's tail quickly swayed, almost like she was a happy dog. Magic felt like a weight was lifted from her. For her, it was honestly so nice to have someone close to her, experience this with her.

"I thought it was you," she meowed. "I know your voice from anywhere."

"I thought you sounded familiar too," Magic confessed, a purr rising in her throat, "I guess I didn't think much of it."

Kayla let out a mrrow of laughter. "Dumby."


"Anyway," Kayla quickly changed the subject, "What happened? Why are we in the bodies of cats and where are we?"

Quickly realizing that anyone, especially Leafpool, could hear them, Magic let out a shush to quiet her friend. In response, Kayla wore a worried look.

I will have to explain later... She made a mental note about how ThunderClan cats like to stick their noses into everything.

"I only have one answer," Magic lowered her voice, beaming nevertheless, "We are in the world of Warriors."

Kayla's eyes narrowed in confusion at the tone shift. "That book series you read?"

"Yes!" Magic purred. "Isn't it great? I can finally meet my favorite characters!"

An amused look appeared on Kayla's face. "Though there are two more questions."

Magic quickly dropped her excitement for the sake of her friend, "I don't know. All I remember was reading the newest Warriors book and I went to take a nap. Then I woke up in the forest. ThunderClan found me and now I'm here."

A white ear twitched and Kayla's face twisted as she took in those words. "So.... we were transported?"

"I think so," Magic meowed, pondering, "Kind of like... Inuyasha? In a way?"

"Huh," Kayla huffed, an anxious look developing in her eyes. "Well, I suppose we could see what's up with this world."

That was all Magic needed to hear to let her imagination run wild. ThunderClan literally came to her and now she had a chance that no one else had, other than Kayla. Imagining herself as a warrior, fighting, patrolling and following the Warrior Code. She dreamed of this the moment she was able to get into the series. Living as a real warrior was everything to her and the characters she's created for the Warriors universe.

"We could join ThunderClan," Magic suggested.

"Join?" Kayla questioned. "Isn't that a bit hard for outsiders?"

"Well, yes," Magic nodded, confirming, "But, half of this clan has kittypet blood, so we have a chance."

Nodding like she understood, Kayla then tilted her head. "Didn't Leafpool call you Magic?"

"Yeah, that's what I told her my name was," she responded, "Maegan is too human for this world. Why? What did you say?"

"I called myself Kayla, you know, my name?"

Magic blinked. Well... It's not that bad, I suppose. She then nodded. "Well, when you join, you're going to need a more natural name. Like Leafclaw or Hawkwing."

"Ah, I remember you saying that," Kayla meowed, her head tilting in thought, "So... Maybe Storm?"

"Storm? Yeah, that'll work."

Storm nodded, her concerned expression seemingly vanished. Noticing that, Magic felt better that she was able to cheer up her friend.

"Lets get some rest," Magic told her, "I am pretty tired."

"Honestly, same," Storm meowed, moving to settle back into her nest.

Magic purred, shifting to where she was comfortable in the nest. There she rested her head on her paws, letting herself settle from her excitement. Her eyes grew heavy once again, but it didn't take long until she was consumed by darkness.

Chapter Four

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