Part of the Catching On (Series)

"What do you want to do?"



"There's nothing left for me to do."


Sunnypaw was a special she-cat who loved to work with others. She starts to love Wolfpaw, but would he love her? She's a she-cat that's never noticed, and Wolfpaw's a tom that's popular and loved. Can she overcome the barrier and get him to love her? What will happen if she has to give up love to live? What happens if someone else loves her and she cannot refuse?



"Shine!" She shrieked, staring after her sister, who was being carried off by Twolegs. "Shine, come back!" She yowled.

The rain pattered down onto Sunny's head, and she cringed in the cold. The Twolegs were already padding farther away. "Shine!" She screamed. She heard her sister's cries, but there was no use. She couldn't do anything about it.

Then there was a roaring noise, and Sunny shuddered. She had heard about the roar of the water, the way it swiftly swallowed everything in it's path. A flood!

Sunny hurried up a tree, her claws blunt and useless. She clawed at the bark, but it was slippery and too smooth for her to climb. Too late, Shine was swept off her paws and was left in the swirling waters to die. "Sunny, save me!"

Sunny faced the churning water, her heart set to save her sister. She dove into the water, but the wave of icy cold river water hurled her about, causing her to lose her sight. "Sunny!"

The small she-cat was dunked under the surface, and she gulped down water. Coughing and spluttering, Sunny emergerd from the flood and searched for Shine. "Shine, where are you?" She cried, horrified.

The water kept coming, faster than ever. Sunny was swept off her paws once more, and she struggled to stay afloat. Shine emerged farther ahead, her breath coming in gasps. Sunny spotted her and swam desperately for her. "Shine, I'm coming!"

But the pale she-cat cried out as another wave caused her to tumble long the river side. Sunny gritted her teeth as she paddled forward, only to be swept right past her target.

Breathing hard now, Sunny tried to relax and let the flood sweep her along. But the water was greedy, and it swirled around her, attacking her and pushing her down. Sunny screamed as the water pulled her underneath the surface. She closed her stinging eyes, and pushed upwards.

She could no longer breath. There was nothing around her to help her stay afloat, and she was too small to even get up.

Laying limp, she heard a soft cry of dismay. Shine! Sunny thought desperately. Her sister needed her help. Launching herself upwards, Sunny fought for air. Erupting from the freezing torrent, Sunny searched the banks for Shine.


The rain had slithered to a stop, and the flood gradually stopped flowing. Sunny lay limp on the shore, her breath coming in gasps of horror.

Her sister was no where to be seen, and Sunny gulped back a wail or sorrow. She struggled to stand up, her legs soaked and her fur plastered onto her side. Where are you? She thought desperately, her amber eyes frantically darting around.

Then she saw her poor sister. Shine was stretched out a few feet away, her body still and small. Sunny let out a cry of dismay and staggered over to her.

"Oh Shine..." She whispered. "It would have been better if you stayed with the Twoleg." Tears sprung to her eyes. "We both should have stayed as kittypets..."

She bowed her head, her tears staining the sodden ground. Shine's body was still, and her flank no longer moved. "Shine!" Sunny wailed. "Why did you have to die?"

And the rain came down

Like tears of the sky

But there was nothing left

In the world left to die

Chapter One

I was curled up in my nest, my dream flaring in my mind. I shuddered, remembering the terrible moment when I lost Shine to the flood. After the flood, the WaterClan had found me, and I'm glad they did, because I had no where else to go.

"Sunnypaw!" That was my mentor calling, but I ignored her. "Sunnypaw, we have to go and do battle training!" I knew we had to, but I didn't want to.

Sunmark stuck her head in. "You okay there, Sunnypaw?"


Sunmark gritted her teeth. "At least come out so we can start your training sessions." She mewed kindly. "You can come back and mourn later."

"Mourning can't be put off!" I yowled. "She's gone, and I want to accept that." My voice lowered into a soft whisper. "But I can't."

My mentor sighed. "Sunnypaw, you're keeping everyone waiting. Get out of your nest and let's go." She turned around, and stalked out of the clearing. I remember being an avid kit, willing to do anything Shine dared me to do. Now? I'm useless and unwanted.

"Hey Badgerpaw, look at that despicable she-cat!" Stonepaw sneered. "She's nothing but a piece of dirt. She can't even keep her pelt clean enough, and it's not even bright, even though it's yellow!" Badgerpaw snorted and prodded Wolfpaw.

"Look at the 'famous' she-cat, Wolfpaw. Now will you admit she's ugly?"

I hid my face, I knew I had no features that qualified me as "beautiful", but their words stung at my heart. I waited for Wolfpaw to say the same, and prepared for the pangs of sadness. But all he did was grunt and say. "She looks fine to me, fellas, not sure what you're trying to tell me. Are you sure you haven't been looking at dirt so long that you thought she was dirt too?"

Smiling quietly, I glanced over my shoulder at Wolfpaw. He wasn't looking at me, but I was. His muscular shoulders were wide and steady, and his blue eyes shone with power and kindness. I was practically in love with him.

Lionpaw snickered from beside them, and Badgerpaw blushed, giving me a furious glare. Stonepaw muttered about something and sulked away.


I whipped around and hurried to Sunmark's side. "Sorry!" She purred.

"As long as you're getting along with others, I'm fine. You just watch our for those bullies." She gazed at me worriedly. "I don't like how they always tease you."

I shrugged. "It's okay, they'll grow out of it." But I knew they wouldn't unless I showed them what I was worth. But the truth was, I was worth nothing.

Sumark pointed ahead. "You're going to do water training with Ivypaw today. She'll show you the basics in swimming and using the water to help you in battle."

I stopped midstep. "W-water training?"

Sunmark glanced back at me. "Yes, water training. Is there a problem?" Her amber gaze pinned me down. I shuddered and curled up into a ball.

"I don't want to touch the water."

My mentor furrowed her brow. "Sunnypaw, what's wrong?"

"The flood."

I whispered softly, still shivering from fright and horror. Scenes flashed before my eyes. The pounding rain, the rising water level, then the overflowing water tide, and last of all, seeing Shine's body on the ground. I wailed to myself, and shut out all the noises.

"What's wrong, Sunmark?" Leopardspots called out. "Is there something wrong with Sunnypaw?" Ivypaw bounded over to my side.

I didn't want any of them near me. They didn't understand my fear of water, they didn't understand anything about me. They just thought I was an unstable she-cat who couldn't do anything. Perhaps I really was that. Ivypaw put a paw on my shoulder, but I shook her off, growling.

She jumped back, her hazel-green eyes worried and mewed softly. "What's wrong, Sunnypaw, you can tell me, you know."

Our mentors let us talk, and they stayed in the distance. I sat by the riverbank, trying to control my fear of the water. Then I started to talk.

"When I was little, right before I joined the Clans..."

With the pounding rain

And the water rising

With the little figures

And the lone cat crying

Chapter Two

I was back at camp now, with Badgerpaw and Stonepaw teasing me once more. "I heard about your training session, Sunny, you were too weak and scared to jump in the water!" They laughed and jeered at me, but I stood away from them, not bothering to react.

My mind was on the river. At the training session, it had seemed kind and willing to take me in. But I knew it's tricks. It would look calm and still, but it would start to rise when you least expected it, and it will swallow you forever.

Lionpaw was silencing them. "Anyone who teases one so kind like Sunnypaw would be foolish. Obviously you two are blind because you cannot see her beauty."

I blushed, and glanced sheepishly at Lionpaw. Wolfpaw sat nearby, his tail bushed and curled around him. "They know nothing, Lionpaw. They can't even figure out that she belongs here."

Badgerpaw noticed his tone. "Oh, we didn't mean that, Wolfpaw! We-"

"You wanted to insult her. Have fun being a loner yourself, Badgerpaw." The white and black tom opened his mouth, then closed it. "As for you, Stonepaw, you can join Badgerpaw." The gray tom glared at me sullenly he growled at Wolfpaw.

"You'll see, Wolfpaw. You may be the most charming and popular tom right now, but I'll strike you down, and there's nothing you can do to stop me from getting at Sunnypaw."

"He can't, but I can." A voice mewed sternly. Riverstar was glaring at Stonepaw. "Should I have to delay your warrior ceremony or place you in the Nursery? Sunnypaw belongs with us now, and youshould know that. Now I don't want to see anymore of this childish teasing, and I want you all to be good friends now."

Stonepaw then muttered. "Yes, Riverstar."

Lionpaw snorted softly when the WaterClan leader left and purred. "See, Sunnypaw? You're wanted by the whole Clan."

"Not by us." Badgerpaw muttered. "Even if we can't be mean to you, we can still be hostile." Lionpaw rolled his eyes.

"They aren't part of the whole Clan." He mewed kindly to me. "You're still wanted by us. Right, Wolfpaw." The gray tom nodded absentmindedly.


My eyes were on Wolfpaw. He was a gorgeous tom, and I ducked my head when he glanced over, embarrassed. Lionpaw was in mid-senctence, when he froze. His gaze darted between me and Wolfpaw, and he stuttered. "I better get going then." Then he rushed to the den and disappeared.

Wolfpaw stared weirdly after the tom, then turned to me. "You'll get along fine with the others, Sunnypaw. And if needed, I can get them into shape." He smiled and then ambled off after Lionpaw.

I blushed involuntarily, and turned to Ivypaw, who was watching. "Did he seem handsome to you?" Ivypaw laughed.

"Everyone loves him, Sunnypaw, not only you. To me, he's a great tom, but I have my eyes on Lionpaw. He's the funny and defensive kind. Wolfpaw's more of a chill tom." Her eyes twinkled in amusement. "Come on, Dawnpaw and Brightpaw wants to meet you."

I bounded after her, into the apprentices' den. Dawnpaw looked up, "Hey, Sunnypaw! I'm Dawnpaw, and this is my sister, Brightpaw." She purred.

Purring back, I waved my tail to both of them. "It's nice making friends with you both." I mewed. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Brightpaw winked. "At least you're kinder and more mature then the rest of them." She pointed at the rowdy group of toms and she-cats that were crowding around Wolfpaw and Lionpaw. "I'm not even too sure how he handles them all." She was admiring him too.

Wolfpaw was speaking now. "Hold on, ladies and gents! You have to give me some space if I'm to be here tomorrow." He purred.

Lionpaw was shuffling beside him. "Plus, some of you can go for me instead." He laughed. "Wolfpaw's not the only good looking tom here. Right?"

Cheers and laughter erupted from the crowds. "Why does it feel like we're in a gathering and mooning over one tom."

"Because we are." Dawnpaw laughed, then she strode forward. "Come on! If you want to be noticed, you've got to show yourself."

I didn't budge. I didn't want to be squeezed with the others, especially since I wasn't a very popular she-cat. Even though I did want Wolfpaw to notice me, I was pretty sure I was already good enough at that with my horrible news.

Ivypaw glanced back at me. "You're not coming?"

I smiled to her. "I'll stay here."

With cheers and love

With a bright open star

Tonight I see the sun

Tonight I can see so far

Chapter Three

There wasn't much for me to do when Ivypaw came back from mooning over Wolfpaw. It was nighttime, and everyone else was fast asleep. Ivypaw was chattering excitedly about how Wolfpaw had whispered in her ear a secret she never thought she would hear.

"What was it?"

It was common that people would exchange secrets to have something they want. Whatever Wolfpaw wanted must have been expensive.

Ivypaw snorted. "It's a secret, Sunnypaw. He exchanged it for my information." I coughed, choking on my own saliva.

"Your information." I laughed. "And what might that be?" Ivypaw rolled her eyes and swished her tail. She seemed really excited about the information she had received.

"I'm not allowed to tell you, Sunnypaw. Maybe if you exchange something important, like a rumor or anything, he might tell you something good." Ivypaw's eyes twinkled.

"I can give it a try."

Wolfpaw was still outside, fending off the crowd of buyers. As I approached him, he gave me a cheeky grin. "Hey, Sunnypaw! Do you have something to share?" His eyes were amused.

"I do."

"What is it?"

"I... I saw Birchstar with Moonflight last night." I stuttered, suddenly realizing I didn't have anything to say to him.

He raised his eyebrows. "I haven't heard that yet. That's a good one, what do you want to know?" His blue eyes were mesmerizing.

"Any interests?"

"A few." He mewed back, his eyes twinkling.

I nodded to him. "Is it fun to just get info from desperate she-cats?" I asked him. He only shrugged, his gaze now serious.

"Depends, would it be fun to you?"

I ended up sitting by the stream, not sure why I wanted to pursue Wolfpaw so badly. Sure he was handsome, but the way he handled things was like... nothing mattered.

Ivypaw sat next to me, pondering over the thing she had heard from Wolfpaw. "Why does he do it?" I ended up asking.

The white she-cat shrugged. "I guess it pleases the rest of the group. He's popular enough, but if he doesn't have anything to share, there's no point to him."

"That's all he is?"

Ivypaw blinked. "It was his choice. When everyone began to moon over him because of his looks, he realized he had nothing to give but secrets."


"Any interests?" "A few." Wolfpaw seemed to be joking at that point, his eyes were merry but tired. But he didn't seem serious. What if he doesn't like me at all? Ivypaw was fidgeting now, and she mewed. "Okay, he told me who he liked."


I stared at her. "It's got to be you, or you wouldn't be so excited." Ivypaw smirked.

"Well he listed a few names because he didn't want to say who he really loved." Ivypaw purred excitedly. "The names were... Silverpaw, Rosepaw, Sunnypaw, and Ivypaw."


Ivypaw laughed. "I guess you've impressed him enough."

I stuttered. "I haven't done a thing for him. And this list was before I approached him. Nobody even really notices me." I pointed out. "How could he have noticed me?"

"He has sharp eyes, Sunnypaw, plus he has friends around him who help." I only smiled slightly, it didn't make sense, but I was giddy with happiness. I can't believe he likes me. But the pain of losing Shine came back, and I cringed.

"What's wrong?"

"I feel alone."


"Who could want me at such times?" I only responded. "I'm a despicable she-cat. This can't be all true. I'm the she-cat who can't get over the death of my sister, I'm the she-cat who can't do anything. How could Wolfpaw like me?"

"That's an answer only he can answer."

Nothing will ever be the same

As different things happen

Things are twisting into reality

And feelings begin to dampen

Chapter Four

Sunmark was taking me outside today, and I bounded along quietly, still thinking about it. "Sunnypaw," my mentor mewed exasperated, "Stop daydreaming and let's go." I jerked out of my train of thoughts and hurried after Sunmark.

"We're going to do battle training again, but this time you're to be put in a team and... you'll see." Sunmark mewed abruptly.

I looked up, and I saw Stonepaw and Badgerpaw bristling. "Look at her again, she's going to need a team to play."

"All of you need teams." Sunmark barked. "Get out of here you little scums." The two apprentice gave me a look of hatred and scurried away.

Sunmark shook her head. "I'm going to tell their mentors, those two are getting out of control." She didn't mention that all of that was directed at me.

When we entered the clearing, there were more then just a few apprentices there. Almost all of them were there. "Sunnypaw, you'll be on a team with Ivypaw, Rosepaw, Wolfpaw, Tigerpaw, and Silverpaw." Good, I wasn't on the same team as those morons.

"And the other team will consist of Lionpaw, Stonepaw, Badgerpaw, Dawnpaw, and Brightpaw." Ivypaw's gaze was tracking Lionpaw, who had his gaze on me. I was watching Wolfpaw, and suddenly the clearing was full of tension. Lionpaw dropped his gaze, and Ivypaw looked a bit disappointed. But Wolfpaw held my gaze, his blue eyes holding me up.

Birchwing nodded to the rest of the mentors. "The rules of this game is to get the other team's feather to your feather. Both has to be up your tree to count. No unshealthing your claws, and play fairly. Does anybody have questions?"

Stonepaw raised his paw. "Yes, Stonepaw?"

"Are we allowed to knock out others."


Stonepaw looked disappointed, but he whispered something in Badgerpaw's ear. Badgerpaw nodded, and met my gaze, his eyes sinister and menacing. I shuddered and waited for the game to start.

"Start planning teams."

Wolfpaw gathered us around. Tigerpaw was watching the other team, as if trying to see what they were going to do. Instead, he seemed to be pinpointing one cat. Then he spoke.

"Okay, I think we should use Sunnypaw as a bait."

That jerked me back around. "What?" I mewed sharply. Wolfpaw hurriedly explained, his gaze still kind and warm.

"Well, Stonepaw and Badgerpaw are obviously going after you. This might be a great way to get their feather if those two are chasing you and you're not going after the feather." Wolfpaw pointed out, but I refused.

"I'd rather be tackled by them doing a good part of the mission." Tigerpaw rolled his eyes, his tail thumping impatiently.

"This way is only better because they don't like you. If you're doing a good part of the mission and they bring you down, it'll ruin our plan."

"I'm faster than them." I snapped. "I can outrun them and help you all." I insisted. Even Wolfpaw turned to Tigerpaw.

"Come on, Tigerpaw, let her try this one time. Sunnypaw's a good fighter and a good runner. She can easily outrun those freaks." Wolfpaw addressed Tigerpaw.

Tigerpaw narrowed his eyes. "Fine, but don't mess up."

I glared back at him, determined to do things right this time and maybe show Wolfpaw I'm someone worth looking at. I listened to the rest of the plan, eager and ready.

"Okay, Wolfpaw you'll go with Sunnypaw, try to distract the others so we can get to the feather. Rosepaw and Silverpaw will take the other side, and I'll charge right through to get the feather." He instructed. Wolfpaw snorted.

"Taking all the fame fot himself." He muttered. But even Wolfpaw had to agree that this was a good plan and we were sure to win this game.


We heard our mentors yowl. I broke off with Wolfpaw, bounding towards the west end of the clearing. Immediately, like Tigerpaw said, Stonepaw and Badgerpaw came to meet me. I hissed at them and lunged for them. They smacked me aside, but Wolfpaw was there to defend me.

On the other side of the clearing, Silverpaw and Rosepaw were holding the other two defenders off. That left Tigerpaw to face Lionpaw.

As I was watching, a paw looped around Wolfpaw and gave me a beating on my head. Yowling, I tumbled back, but Stonepaw was on me. Wolfpaw was busy struggling with Badgerpaw, and he couldn't help. Stonepaw snarled in my face and gave me one last blow before I blacked out.

When things go wrong

And love and hatred collide

There's be nobody

To confide

Chapter Five

"Are you okay?" I woke up groggily, with a golden tom staring down at me. I gaze a little yelp and scurried back. "What happened?" I muttered softly.

Lionpaw was seated in front of me, his eyes worried. "During our training session, Stonepaw gave you a good blow on the head and knocked you out. Wolfpaw gave them a good beating after that. He had to be dragged off Stonepaw."

I purred gratefully. "Thank him for me will you?"

He didn't budge, but his eyes darkened. "Sunnypaw..." I stared back at him in confusion. He bowed his head. "I..."


"I have something to tell you." He whispered softly. I nodded to him, waiting for him to speak. "I wanted to confess that-"


He froze and looked over his shoulder. "I love you, Sunnypaw." Then he turned and hurried out to whoever was calling him. I stared blankly after him, remembering Lionpaw's strange reactions to my looks at Wolfpaw. He was jealous.

Ivypaw came in afterwards, her eyes following Lionpaw. "He looked flustered." She mewed. "So do you. What happened? What did he say?"

"Do you love him?" I asked suddenly.

Ivypaw pondered that for a moment. "I think I do. I like him more than Wolfpaw because he doesn't act like nothing matters. How about you?"

I closed my eyes. "He admitted something to me." Was all I said.


"I.." I paused for a moment. "He said he loved me. Is that normal?" Ivypaw coughed, surprised. Her eyes turned dark and stormy.

"What did he say?"

I didn't meet her gaze. "He was visiting me, and he decided he wanted to confess something to me. He said he loved me." I repeated, but I didn't want to see the anger in my friend's eyes. But I also couldn't keep the truth from her.

Ivypaw seemed to deflate. "I thought I would make an impression on Lionpaw, but I guess not." She muttered, turning to go outside.

"At least you have Wolfpaw. He seems to like you." I called after her.

"I guess." Was all she said.

When Dawnpaw and Brightpaw came by to visit me, I was looking down and sullen. "What's wrong, Sunnypaw? Don't tell me Wolfpaw's rejecting you." Brightpaw teased.

"I don't know about that." I muttered. "But I feel as though I broke my friendship with Ivypaw." Dawnpaw raised an eyebrow.

"What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything!" I burst out. "Lionpaw came in and visited me and he told me he liked me, but the problem is Ivypaw likes Lionpaw, and I told her because I knew she would want to know and then... she just ran off."

Brightpaw furrowed her brow. "I'll go search for her and calm her down. Dawnpaw, why don't you keep Sunnypaw company?"

"No, I want to come along." I mewed stubbornly. "Mintleaf didn't say I had to stay, she probably already released me. I only got bashed in the head once."

Brightpaw sighed. "Okay, you can come."

As we padded out, I began to worry that Ivypaw was going to just run away from the Clans. But Brightpaw found her sitting by the stream and motioned for us to stay back. She strode out, calling to Ivypaw. "Hey Ivypaw!"

The whtie she-cat didn't turn around. "What do you want."

"What's wrong?" Brightpaw purred, staring at the white she-cat. Ivypaw lashed her tail, flicking up water droplets.

"Everything is wrong." She hissed.

Brightpaw laid her tail on Ivypaw's flank, only to have it thrown off. "What happened, Ivypaw? Why are you so depressed?"

"Lionpaw doesn't love me." Was all Ivypaw could manage before breaking down. "All I ever wanted was to have a tom like him, but he loves... he loves.. Sunnypaw!"

"Are you mad with her?"

"I don't know," Ivypaw whispered. "I want to be, but I know that's wrong. I just don't know what I want to do anymore."

I sat behind the bush, feeling my heart go cold. This was all my fault. If I had never joined the Clans, maybe Ivypaw could have Lionpaw as a mate. I turned and sprinted for the border, ready to leave.

Secrets do many things

It can hurt and make you cry

Or it can heal your heart

And help you to fly

Chapter Six

"Sunnypaw!" I heard the shrieks come from behind me as I charged away, unable to accept what I have caused. But surprisingly, I heard Lionpaw's voice with them too.

Dawnpaw was breaking off after me, her long legs outpacing my short ones. "Sunnypaw, what in the name of StarClan are you thinking?" She grabbed hold of me, struggling to keep me from running off.

"I caused all this." I gasped. "Ivypaw wouldn't be so unhappy if I wasn't here."

Brightpaw caught up. "Don't be so bee-brained, Sunnypaw. You deserve to be here. It's just... Lionpaw liked you. That's all."

"But if I never joined the Clan, she could be happy with Lionpaw!" The golden tom had now joined us. His gaze darted uncertainly between me and Ivypaw, who was glaring at him sullenly.

"What's going on?"

I cringed at the tone of his voice. "I... Lionpaw I'm sorry." Ivypaw then proceeded to interrupting me, her tone sharp and unforgiving.

"I think I like you, but you love Sunnypaw." She clipped, turning around briskly to walk away. Lionpaw's mouth gaped open and his amber gaze stared after her. Dawnpaw sighed and mewed. "I'll go calm her down, you two get Sunnypaw back to camp safely."

Brightpaw ended up running after Dawnpaw to help her, so Lionpaw guided me back. "To be honest, if you weren't here, I would just be by Wolfpaw's side, assisting him in whatever he needs."

"You don't like Ivypaw at all?"

"She's nice, but not my taste." Lionpaw confessed. "Okay I'm sorry about telling you, I know you like Wolfpaw and..."

"Don't." I paused to stop him. "I don't know what to think about you right now. I can't decide yet, give me a few days will you?"

He nodded, and didn't pursue it. Sure I liked Wolfpaw, but the gray tom didn't act like anything mattered to him. It was as if I was only a part of his game, something he can play with until it's all over. Lionpaw was sweet, but I didn't know how I felt about him yet.

"I'm going to go and try to make up with Ivypaw." He mewed suddenly, but I shook my head.

"I think she wants to be left alone, Lionpaw. You might as well go join Wolfpaw and the others and play with those other she-cats." There was scorn in my voice, and Lionpaw noticed it. He gave me a hurt look and padded off without looking back.

I sighed, waiting at the entrance for Ivypaw, Brightpaw, and Dawnpaw to come back. But when they did, Ivypaw barged past me without even glancing at me. Brightpaw stormed in after her, and Dawnpaw slowed down to tell me what happened.

"Ivypaw's a tough she-cat, but I don't think she's going to forgive anyone for awhile. She doesn't blame you, but she doesn't really want to talk to you either."

I took in a breath. "Should I try to talk to her? To tell her that I don't actually like Lionpaw and he's the one chasing me?"

"Oh but he doesn't like Ivypaw does he?" Dawnpaw pointed out.

I gave her a look. "How do you know?"

"I hear things, Sunnypaw. Secrets are easily dug out and spread. It's not hard to get info when you have someone like Wolfpaw to trade from." Then she left me standing at the entrance of the camp.

I padded in and heard the uproar of Ivypaw and Lionpaw arguing.

"I thought you actually cared for me, I had feelings for you!" Ivypaw wailed. "You were always so kind to me, and you looked like you cared. Now you're standing here claiming you love Sunnypaw more. She's a rogue for StarClan's sake!"

That hurt. I wanted to turn away from the argument, but I wanted to hear the rest too. Lionpaw spoke softly. "She's an angel to me, and nobody can change that. There's a reason I love her, and I'm sorry that I can't fulfill what you want."

"Oh? Why don't you at least apologize! You just waltz away with my best friend and break my heart?" Ivypaw glared at him.

"She isn't your best friend if you just called her 'just a rogue'." Lionpaw pointed out. "Especially if she's standing right there."

Ivypaw whipped around and registered my shocked expression. She choked back and furious yowl and turned around to glared at Lionpaw. "I can't believe you turned out to be like this."

Then she stormed away.

Lionpaw stood there bewildered, as if he couldn't believe that she had just stormed away like it was all his fault. Wolfpaw was standing nearby, his gaze wandering after Ivypaw. Then he purred when he spotted me. "Hey, Sunnypaw."

Lionpaw bristled angrily when I purred and touched noses with Wolfpaw. He grumbled about hunting and hurried outside. My gaze followed him but I ignored it.

Wolfpaw drew me inside. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know."

"What do you want to do?"



"There's nothing left for me to do."

The angels are falling

Yet the tears have not been shed

Anger and hatred is only the beginning

And it won't stop until everyone has been fed

Chapter Seven

Ivypaw was sobbing at the river, this time she looked ready to jump into the fast, flowing river. I paused, starign at her back until she mewed. "What do you want, Sunnypaw?"

I lowered my gaze. "It's about Lionpaw. I don't know what to feel about him."

"It's too late for me, so you don't need to apologize." Ivypaw snapped, she still didn't glance back at me. Her tail was lashing furiously, but I remained calm.

"I wanted to become friends with you once more, unless you don't want to be friends with the 'rogue'." I growled, remembering her conversation with Lionpaw.

She flinched. "Look, I'm sorry okay? I was just angry that Lionpaw was being so careless and didn't even realize that I cared for him. He isn't the tom I loved."

"He could be."

Ivypaw shrugged, and she stared into the water at her reflection. "Why can't I do anything right?" She whispered. "First Moonheart, then Sunnypaw, then Lionpaw. I don't even deserve to be here." Her broken gaze stared at me. "I'm sorry for hurting you."

Then she whipped around and leaped across the river, barely making it. The water seemed to flow faster, as if daring her to cross back over. Then she gave me one last look and fled. There was no way I could make it across the raging river and reach Ivypaw. She was gone.

I sank to the ground, weeping for the loss of my best friend. Why was StarClan this cruel? Was love this important?


Brightpaw emerged from the undergrowth. "Sunnypaw, where's Ivypaw?" Her green eyes darted back and forth, trying to see where the whtie she-cat was. "Sunnypaw," she mewed more seriously, "Where is she?"

"She's gone, Brightpaw."

Brightpaw's eyes darted to the river. "Did she..."


Relief shown in her gaze. "Where did she go then?" She looked terribly confused. My gaze flickered to the other side of the roaring river.

"She jumped?"


Brightpaw looked depressed. "Why would she jump over the river just to run off? Doesn't she want to stay in the Clan?"

"I don't know." I replied. "But she's depressed about what's been going on with her. She said 'First Moonheart, then Sunnypaw, then Lionpaw'. Who's Moonheart?"

The ginger and white she-cat sighed. "Moonheart was her older sister who died in an accident. Ivypaw thinks it's her fault that Moonheart died. She thinks that she should have protected her sister better."


Brightpaw lowered her head. "What are we going to do now?"

"It's too late to get Ivypaw back, we might as well go back and tell Riverstar that's she gone and she's never coming back. I'll tell Lionpaw." I mewed.


I nodded. "He deserves to know. He might not have loved her himself, but she was the she-cat who loved him. He should know what happened to her."

And that was the first day we went without Ivypaw, the friend who gave me a place to stay, the she-cat who was offered so much.

One betrayal can break a heart

One loss can bring you down

When one tells you they love you

There's no way it'll bring you a frown

Chapter Eight

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around the High Rock for a Clan meeting!" Riverstar yowled. The cats milling about started to gather. Riverstar hung his head, as if mourning Ivypaw already. "Today, a brave and noble apprentice ran off into the wilderness in desperation to escape what she felt was depressing. Tonight, we shall mourn for her."

"She isn't brave and noble if she left." Dawnpaw muttered, and many of the others agreed too. Lionpaw had his eyes narrowed, and he muttered something to Wolfpaw, who only snorted.

My eyes were on Wolfpaw. He looked so at ease, even now, when Riverstar was sharing such news. I missed Ivypaw, but it felt like a relief that the sullen she-cat was not here anymore.

Then I remembered that day when she had shared and exchanged things with Wolfpaw. She had excitedly shared the information with me, and she was one of the few on Wolfpaw's list. Now she would not.

Brightpaw leaned over and whispered. "I wish Ivypaw would come back."

"I don't." Dawnpaw hissed, overhearing. "She's a coward if she thinks that running away from the Clan would make everything better."

I didn't reply, not sure if I wanted Ivypaw back or not. Sure, I missed her, but she wasn't exactly getting along with me anymore. Finally, I said. "At least she didn't just sacrifice her life by jumping into the Raging River."

The rest of the day was spent mourning Ivypaw, but Wolfpaw came over and sat next to me. "Did she ever tell you what I told her?"


"How much?"

How much? "She told me that you had a list of she-cats worth checking out and she was part of them." I replied calmly, though my heart was beating wildly.

"Was that all?"

"No, she said a few other names, but I only remember hers." I mewed, trying not to let the nervousness creep into my voice. Sure, Ivypaw had mentioned my name, but I wanted to hear it from Wolfpaw himself, who was pondering over this.

"Oh okay."

Then he stood up, but I felt that it wasn't enough. "Wait, Wolfpaw." He paused. "Why do you do all this and deal with all this fame? What does it do for you?"

"It doesn't do anything for me, but it only rids of my doubts and mistakes, Sunnypaw." He replied. "Which maybe one day I'll share with you."

Then he ambled away to talk with Lionpaw, who looked a bit miffed.

"Sunnypaw, we're going hunting today!" Sunmark called to me. "Come on, don't sit there like a duck again!" I sighed and got to my paws.

"And just when you've gotten over Shine, Ivypaw's betrayal hurts you even more. Come on, Sunnypaw, I need you to concentrate on your training more than your own life. We all miss Ivypaw, but she decided to leave."

Nodding, I followed her outside, trying to push all my negative thoughts to the back of my head. "Show me your hunters' crouch." She ordered.

Crouching down, I imagined myself launching myself at a pityful rabbit. Sunmark sighed. "That's a stance for half rabbit half mouse."

Blushing in embarrassment, I shifted my position so my haunches were light and barely touching the ground to cause small tremors that a mouse would be able to sense.

Sunmark purred. "That's better. How about we try your hunting skills now?" I nodded eagerly, stepping forward to sniff the air.

A squirrel was nearby, but I could tell it was close to the tree. I decided to climb the tree from behind and hopefully surprise the squirrel from the top. Slithering up the oak tree, I saw the squirrel chirrup softly as it nibbled on it's nut. Then as I positioned myself above the tree, a branch cracked from underneath my paw. Gritting my teeth, I lunged for the squirrel, successfully tumbling down the tree and breaking my leg.

Everything turned into hot white pain. I let out a shriek and the last memory I had was Sunmark hovering over me, her face twisted with pain and horror.

Pain is only one thing

While betrayal can be many

But as little bits take over

Not even the wealthy can save a penny

Chapter Nine

"Sunny?" That voice... She was so kind and sweet. The pain began to go away as she spoke to me. "Sunny, it's me, Shine. Are you okay?" Her sweet voice soothed my hurting heart and I opened an eye.

"I'm fine, Shine. Where are we?"

Shine tilted her head. "We're at home, silly. You fell of a tree and broke your leg. Mother's treating it now. You shouldn't move or you'll damage it even more." She sounded just like my mother sometimes. I sighed and lay there, not daring to move.

"Was Mother angry?" I mewed softly.

Shine shook her head. "No, but she was a bit frustrated that you keep getting hurt. First you're scratched eye, then a bruised paw, now a broken leg. She says she would tether you to a tree if it's to keep you out of trouble."

I laughed, but that hurt too. "She should shouldn't she?" I muttered. "Then I wouldn't be in so much pain either."

Shine sighed and licked my forehead, which seemed to calm the raging fire of the pain. "You know you shouldn't have gone looping up the tree. Mother warned you but you kept going."

"Which led to me falling off the tree." I concluded.

My little sister nodded and mewed. "Here, I'll go get you a poppyseed." She whisked around to run out, but I stopped her.

"No, I want to endure the pain so I know what it feels like. I don't want to sit it through on a poppy seed." I had insisted.

"Always so brave." Shine purred. "I want to be just like you, but I'm not brave enough." She confessed. "You're so strong and determined, but I'm none of those."

"Hey but you have our mother's graceful paws and a kind heart." I reminded Shine, who looked half convinced now.

"Do you think I can become a medicine cat like Mother?"

I nodded vigorously. "I'm sure of it. You already know which herbs to heal me with, and there's no way you won't make a good medicine cat. You have all the herbs memorized, and your patient demeanor you win you a lot of patients."

Shine purred. "If you think so, Sunny."

Then Mother came in and ushered Shine out. "I have to set Sunny's leg, I don't want you to see this, Shine." She gave Shine a stern look.

Shine looked sullen, but she didn't argue. "Wait." I mewed. "She should witness this. If she's to become a great medicine cat like you, she'll have to learn sooner or later."

Mother sighed. "I don't want her to learn by watching her own sister." She mewed briskly. "Off you go, Shine."

But I growled. "Shine's staying, Mother."

She gave me a cold look, but nodded to Shine and growled. "Don't do anything but watch. It'll be painful, I assure you, but don't do anything."

Shine nodded again and stared straight ahead. I gritted my teeth, unprepared for the pain that would follow. Mother placed her paws in the right spot, pressing down hard. I let out a yowl, then she snapped the leg back into place and popped three poppy seeds into my mouth.

When I woke up the next day, Shine was staring at me worriedly. "I think you're wrong about me, Sunny. I was so scared when you started to scream and when you fell asleep with that half scream in your gaze, I wanted to wake you up and reassure you that it was okay."

"No, Shine." I mewed. "You'll do fine. This was only your first time, right?"

"Yeah, but I don't think I can do it."

I jerked awake as pain flared through my leg. Oh right, I broke it again. I knew I was just careless the first time, but I was a Clan cat now, and I shouldn't have fallen so easily.

Lionpaw was waiting for me outside, and when Mintleaf allowed him in, he rushed over to my nest. "Are you okay, Sunnypaw?"

"Yeah, it hurts, but I've been through this before." I informed him. He raised his eyebrows, but licked my cheek.

"I'm glad you're okay. I heard your screams when I was marking the borders with my mentor, Flashdusk, and we rushed over to see what happened. I spotted you writhing on the ground, and I had to help carry you back."

"Was it scary?" I teased, though my leg flared in protest when I purred.

He rolled his eyes. "Of- Okay fine, maybe a little." He confessed, spotting my stern gaze. "But I was sure you were going to die or you were poisoned or something."

I didn't even bother telling him what could have happened if I was poisoned.

"How are you?" He offered with a small purr.

"I'm fine. I think." I added when my leg protested with another jolt of pain. I grunted and sighed, laying down. "I just hope it heals soon."

Lionpaw licked my cheek. "I hope so too, see you later!" I waved my tail at him, feeling a bit of remorse as he turned to leave. As my thoughts drifted back to my dream, I wondered what Shine would be doing if she had joined the Clan with me.


"Sunnypaw?" Dawnpaw's face looked horrified and was full of shock. "You might want to hear this." She mewed.

"What is it?" I asked, curious.

Brightpaw stuck her head in too. "Wolfpaw's gone, and Lionpaw said he was going after Ivypaw." At first, I didn't understand what was going on. Then realization hit me.

He was going to try to make the jump.

When things come crashing down

Spirits die

But when your own love disappears

Games end in a tie

Chapter Ten

"Wolfpaw..." I whispered... "Help me up." I growled softly. "We're going to go catch him before it's too late." But even I knew that was impossible, not with my leg.

Brightpaw mewed in a hushed voice. "I'll search for him as quickly as possible, but I can't guarentee that I'll catch him. You two wait here."

She was a fast runner, Dawnpaw assured me. But I just wanted to be charging off, stopping Wolfpaw from doing the ridiculous thing. There was no way he could make it across the river and make it back. "She can do it." Dawnpaw whispered. "If she can't do it then nobody else can."

We waited teadously, my heart beating as my breath came in gasps. Finally, Brightpaw came panting back, her shoulders sagging in tiredness. "I ran as fast as I could to the river, but he wasn't there. He must have jumped already." She whispered, her eyes defeated.

I wailed and crumpled to the ground, my leg flaring in pain. Dawnpaw curled her tail around me, and Brightpaw looked worried. "I'm sorry, but I don't know if he's alive or not."

It was the worse thing I could hear in a time like this.


I was back in the medicine cat's den, with Mintleaf scolding Dawnpaw and Brightpaw for letting me walk outside. She also berated me for injuring my leg even more, and confined me to her den for the rest of the day. I waited anxiously, knowing that Wolfpaw and Ivypaw would never be able to make it back over.

Then a shout and woop came from outside the den. I scrambled to my paws and slid outside, wincing as my paw touched the ground.

The sight was magnificent. A bedraggled cat stood in the middle, fending off questions. Then her eyes lifted and met mine. "Sunnypaw!"

"Ivypaw? How did you make it back?"

She bowed her head. "It's a long story, Sunnypaw." She whispered. "Well I was hunting alongside the riverbank, knowing that I had left the Clan...


Ivypaw had been hunting, as of her belly was grumbling. She glanced forlornly at the other side of the bank, her eyes misting.

Then a dark shake snaked through the trees, emerging and jumping across. He appeared in front of Ivypaw, his voice gruff. "Lionpaw wants you back at the camp. He wants Sunnypaw to be happy, so I decided to come and bring you back."


"Yes, now do exactly as I say or everything I've done will have been in vain. When I jump, jump right after me and land on my back. Then get a grip and leap for the bank. And when you see Sunnypaw, tell her I love her." He had mewed.

Ivypaw shook her head. "Leave me here, Wolfpaw. I'm not interested in going back, it'll just hurt me and Lionpaw more that we're apart."

"It's not like I can make it back." Wolfpaw pointed out. "Come on, you know that the bank on this side is lower than the other bank, so this is the only way. Now get ready, because I'm about to jump."

Before Ivypaw could say a thing, Wolfpaw had launched himself far away into the water. Ivypaw gulped and leaped after him, landing hard on the dark gray tom. Then she pushed herself up, catching the side of the bank and pulling herself up. "Wolfpaw!" She shrieked as she saw the tom spiral away into the dark waters. He was gone.


"No..." I whispered. "No, this can't be!"

Ivypaw bowed her head and retreated, knowing that I was grieving. As I stumbled back into the medicine cat's den, Lionpaw joined me. "Are you okay?"


"Is there anyway I can comfort me?" Lionpaw offered.

"Just wrap your tail around me." I whispered. "Be Wolfpaw for me, I need a tom in his place."

One sacrifice isn't enough

To save a down soul

But many others can do the deed

Until she is happy and full

Chapter Eleven

Lionpaw slept with Sunnypaw that night because she had been crying the entire time. He had been unsure what to say to her, but at least now she was fast asleep. Be Wolfpaw for me... Sunnypaw leaned on Wolfpaw as much as she leaned on Lionpaw. When Wolfpaw died, she had to wrap herself around Lionpaw to keep going.

"Lionpaw?" The golden she-cat stirred.

"I'm here." He replied, licking her cheek. "Are you feeling alright?" He whispered, looking into her dull, amber eyes.

She whimpered a bit. "My leg hurts."

Lionpaw nodded and backed away. He didn't bother asking whether or not her heart or her leg hurt more. He didn't want to know the answer. "I'll get Mintleaf for you, then I have to go training." Lionpaw mewed. "You get a good rest."


Mintleaf was outside, sorting herbs when she looked up. "Is Sunnypaw okay?" She mewed softly, glancing back at the den.

"I don't know, but she says her leg hurts." Lionpaw replied, his heart aching for the grieving she-cat. She looked so frail and lonely now.

When he padded outside, Stonepaw and Badgerpaw were waiting for him. "Hanging out with the useless she-cat now huh?" Stonepaw taunted. "Well since Wolfpaw's dead, I'm the new king of the apprentices." Badgerpaw snickered.

"And you're the prisoner."

Lionpaw raised his eyebrow. "Am I? Like all those she-cats care about you." Stonepaw gulped, and glanced back at the she-cats, who were all throwing Lionpaw looks.

Badgerpaw rolled his eyes. "When they know who sent Wolfpaw on his death mission, then they'll be coming to us!"

"They already know you mouse-brains." Lionpaw snorted. "Dream all you want, but nobody's going to be following you two."

Brightpaw and Dawnpaw bounced over. "How's Sunnypaw?" They asked.

"She's fine, but I think she's still grieving." Lionpaw replied. "Do you care to come hunting with me?" Brightpaw nodded.

"I'll come."

They padded outside, and Brightpaw mewed. "Did you really send Wolfpaw out to bring Ivypaw back?" Her eyes were curious and questioning.


"Why though? Don't you wish that Ivypaw wasn't here so you could be with Sunnypaw?" Brightpaw stopped and stared at him.

Lionpaw shook his head. "Sunnypaw was miserable without Ivypaw, even though Wolfpaw was here. She relied on Ivypaw more, and Wolfpaw wanted to make her happy once more. But he didn't realize that he was going to have to sacrifice himself to save her."

"She's more down than ever."

Lionpaw sighed. "But with Ivypaw at her side once more, Sunnypaw will recover."

"Do you love her?"


Brightpaw nodded slightly. "She's a kind she-cat, and I'm glad she joined the Clan. Who knows what our lives would be like without her."

"Well maybe I would have mated with Ivypaw." Lionpaw pointed out. "And none of this mess would have happened." But even he knew that he would never have a liking for Ivypaw, no matter how pretty, how kind she was.

There was a terrified scream, and Lionpaw stiffened. "Why do I have a feeling that's Sunnypaw." Lionpaw whispered.

Brightpaw nodded. "That's her."

They raced towards the river, knowing fully well that Sunnypaw had headed there for some reason. "Ivypaw!" They heard her shriek.

Lionpaw froze. "Ivypaw?"

Brightpaw yowled. "Come on, she's beside the river!"

Lionpaw drew closer and heard Sunnypaw whisper. "Ivypaw, you can't just go. I need you here! Wolfpaw died to bring you back."

"But I'm not happy here. Not with so many nightmares floating back to me." Ivypaw hissed back. "Look at him, he's already at your side, and I deserve nothing but grief. Wolfpaw shouldn't have even tried."

Sunnypaw looked like she wanted to reach for Ivypaw, but her leg collapsed. "Ivypaw." Lionpaw mewed. "Don't do it."

"What's going to stop me? You? You don't even love me!"

Lionpaw shook his head. "Sunnypaw needs you, can't you see that?" Ivypaw laughed coldly, her eyes wide pools of misery.

"And I needed you."

She turned and leaped across, this time she barely landed on the piece of land, but the river grabbed greedily at her, and tossed her away.


Nothing was more horrible than this

When nothing but sorrow and grief

Take over the land of the sun

And leaves everything but relief

Chapter Twelve

Lionpaw left me alone today, knowing fully well that I would snarl at anyone who got near me. Now I regretted my choice, because I wanted to have some company. I desperately wanted Wolfpaw or Ivypaw, but they were both dead, swept away by the river.


"Go away."

Brightpaw bit her lip. "Lionpaw wants to speak with you." I sighed and glared at her with my grieving eyes. "I said go away, tell him to leave too."

The ginger and white she-cat shook her head. "Sunnypaw, you can't just bar yourself up like this. You're assessment is today remember? Come on and speak with us."


"Sunnypaw..." She sounded exasperated.

"Just leave me alone." I snapped, turning away. "I don't want to be comforted. I'll just sit here until it's time for my assessment. Remember, it's supposed to be Wolfpaw and Ivypaw's assessment too."

Brightpaw sighed. "If you wish, Sunnypaw, but this isn't going to help you, it's only going to hurt you even more. You should just let us be with you."

I shook my head. "I'm already hurt enough, nothing else can hurt more."


"Sunnypaw, are you listening?" My mentor, Sunmark, mewed sharply. "Come on, Sunnypaw, you have to go hunting in order to pass your assessment. Unless you would rather fail and stay as an apprentice."

I shook my head. "I'll go." I muttered. My leg barely ached now, but I knew it would never heal properly. I walked with a slight limp, despite the two moons that had passed between.

Padding off into the forest, I sniffed the air. It was hard trying to concentrate on my task rather than the deaths of my best friends, but I managed.

It took forever for me to get four pieces of prey, and when I did, Sunmark had appeared and stopped me. "That's good enough, Sunnypaw, I think you're a good hunter already."

I had sank to the ground and started to sob, unable to hold it back. Sunmark helped me wobble back to camp, then I disappeared into the apprentices' den, wiping my tears away. Lionpaw and Brightpaw were already back, but Dawnpaw was still outside hunting. Stonepaw and Badgerpaw were too young to become warriors, and they were giving us glares.

"How are you?" Lionpaw mewed, his golden eyes searching mine.

"I'm fine." I mewed curtly.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around for a Clan meeting!" Riverstar yowled from outside.

We heaved ourselves to our paws, more like I stumbled to get up, and we padded outside eagerly. My mind flew to Ivypaw and Wolfpaw, and I stiffled back a sob.

"Today, four apprentices are here because they have shown their ability to become a warrior." That must have meant Dawnpaw was back too now. "Sunnypaw, Dawnpaw, Brightpaw, and Lionpaw, step forward." Some warriors looked at me curiously, as if expecting me to collapse on my bad leg.

"Sunmark, Tigerheart, Flashdusk, and Splashfur, are these four apprentices ready to become warriors?" Riverstar asked.

"They are." The four mentors replied in unison.

Riverstar nodded and turned to us. "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Dawnpaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Dawnheart. StarClan honors your knowledge and bravery and we welcome you as a full warrior of WaterClan."

"Brightpaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Brightsong. StarClan honors your courage and wisdom, and we welcome you as a full warrior of WaterClan."

"Lionpaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Lionclaw. StarClan honors your strength and skill, and we welcome you as a full warrior of WaterClan."

"And last but not least, Sunnypaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Sunnyheart. StarClan honors you for your cunning ability and kindness, and we welcome you as a full warrior of WaterClan."

"Brightsong, Dawnheart, Lionclaw, Sunnyheart!"

We're warriors at last.

Today was okay

But tomorrow could be worse

Perhaps everyone was right

She was a curse

Chapter Thirteen

I woke up the next morning, feeling fresh and new. I was a warrior now! Brightsong was slumbering beside me, and Lionclaw was stretching outside. Dawnheart was no where to be seen. Perhaps she went hunting.

"Sunnyheart, do you want to go on a border patrol?" Lionclaw called to me. "Then maybe we can fix some gaps between us."

I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Sure, why not?"

Lionclaw led me to the entrance, where Rainwhisker and Stormpelt was waiting. They nodded to us and turned around to lead the way out. Lionclaw brushed against me, his pelt close to mine. I felt safe with him, but I knew I would never love him like I loved Wolfpaw.

"Check the forest's border. There could easily be cats roaming from there to here." Rainwhisker ordered me. "Lionclaw, you check the river, make sure there are no cats attempting the leap." After Wolfpaw's incident, nobody was allowed there anymore.

I limped off, sniffing the air. Before I could go any farther, I heard a bloodcurdling scream. Every limb in my body froze and I shuddered. It sounded like Brindle when she died from a fox attack.

Then came another scream. It was Brightsong. Lionclaw pressed against me as we raced forward, and he seemed to be gasping for air, as if he had ran like this before. Scenes flashed before me as I remembered my painful limp to the river, where Ivypaw had leaped across.

Then we saw the real scene.

Dawnheart was on the ground, her belly ripped open. Brightsong was beside her, wailing and screaming. At first, I didn't know who was dying, Brightsong or Dawnheart, but then I saw that Brightsong was untouched.


She turned around, her eyes glassy with tears. "I came to talk to her, and then I saw a fox leap out of the bushes snarling. Before I could do a thing, it just ripped her apart!" That explained the screaming.

Lionclaw pressed against me now and I took a deep breath. "Why StarClan?" I whispered to the stars. "Why are you letting them all die?"

Brightsong continued and whimper and Lionclaw looked into my eyes. "Sunnyheart, you can't just blame StarClan."

"Why not?" I challenged him. "Then why is everyone I love dying?"

"Brightsong and I are still alive." Lionclaw pointed out. "StarClan doesn't have control over everything. They can only watch over us."

"Then why bother with them?"

That he could not answer.


Her vigil was a long and slow night. Brightsong leaned against me, sobbing. Lionclaw had his head bowed, and even Stonepaw and Badgerpaw looked sad and forlorn.

"Dawnheart, I hope you're safe in StarClan." I whispered. "Where you can never feel pain again." Then I leaned down and licked her cold cheek and retreated into the darkness.

Lionclaw joined me afterwards and mewed, "You okay there, Sunnyheart?"

"Almost." I replied. "Just need something from you." He glanced at the filled clearing, then nodded and turned to stare at me.

"Do you love me?"

Lionclaw pondered that for a moment, then purred. "I do, more than anything." Then he licked my cheek and I curled my tail around his.

"This is perfect, Lionclaw."

"If only this could be the end."

Angels are not perfect

Nor are your friends

But when one is still around

A heart could mend


Sunnyheart sat beside the trees, resting against them. She was fine happy now, despite all her losses. Lionclaw and her had kits now, three of them. Today, she was just taking a stroll.

Lionclaw was busy, now that he was Clan deputy, and he couldn't come with Sunnyheart today. But maybe it was better that he didn't, so she could mourn Wolfpaw and his love for her even more.

The river looked so peaceful and calming, and Sunnyheart just wanted to dip her paws in. There was a rustle behind her, but she ignored it, not bothering to turn around.

"Oh Sunnyheart, would you be my mate?"

"Oh Lionclaw, I'd gladly do it." Sunnyheart had whispered back. "You're everything I wanted and needed. I need you more than I needed Wolfpaw."

Lionclaw and purred. "I'm glad it worked out right, I've always wanted to tell you that you're everything I've wanted."


"I think I'm having kits, Lionclaw." Sunnyheart purred. "I can't wait to see how they turn out. I'm sure they'll look just like you."

Lionclaw had laughed. "They'll be as beautiful as you I'm sure."


"What shall we name them?" Sunnyheart whispered, gazing down fondly had the three kittens she had given birth too."

"Dawnkit, Wolfkit, and Ivykit."

"They're perfect, Lionclaw, I think those names are sweet." Sunnyheart had mewed. "They'll grow up to become as strong as them."


That voice... It was so familiar. When Sunnyheart turned around, her mouth gaped open. "Ivypaw?"

The End.

Author's Note

This was a fun story to write :) I love Sunnyheart personality <3333 I hope you enjoyed this story, and if you did, please comment!

This will be continued in Fallen Angel.

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