Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Hey! Hello and welcome to another warriors fanfic! Hope you enjoy this huge WIP (this will not be done in just a few weeks)! This is a collab between QuailFrost and XxWillowWindxX . Check out ‘All about the clans’ for extra info! Anyways, thanks for visiting! Enjoy! ~Quail and Willow



Leader: Rosestar- white she-cat with a single flower-shaped ginger patch; the first Leader of RoseClan

Deputy: Bumblehiss- cream coloured tabby she-cat with dark brown stripes; the first Deputy of RoseClan

Medicine Cat: Shinepelt- very light brown tom with glossy fur; the first Medicine cat of RoseClan


Firerose- black she-cat with bright ginger underbelly

Witheredtail- grey and ginger tom with a twisted tail

Dashingthunder- ginger tom with white chest and white splotches

Whitewillow- small white and cream she-cat with white flecks and light green eyes

Spiderscream- long-legged, jet-black tom with dark brown eyes

- Grassypaw

Mothflutter- nimble she-cat with very pale ginger and light brown patches

ThornPetal- beautiful white she-cat with ginger flecks


Grassypaw- tabby ginger tom, half MeadowClan

Violetpaw- small, pale grey she-cat with violet eyes


Horizonlight- light ginger she-cat

Mouseclaw- pale brown tabby she-cat

Whiteflower- tall white she-cat


Mosspool- very dark brown, almost black tabby tom; newly retired


Leader: Meadowstar- light brown tom; the first leader of MeadowClan

Deputy: Volefur- fawn coloured tom with white flecks; the first deputy of MeadowClan

Medicine cat: Appleflight- pretty dark ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes; the first medicine cat of MeadowClan


Deerleap- dark brown she-cat with lighter brown splotches

Lightingstripe- golden tabby she-cat with lighter coloured stripes

Waspclaw- black tom with grey flecks

Rabbitear- dusky brown tom with huge ears

Pinedusk- black tabby tom with dark brown grey spots

Liontail- handsome golden-brown tabby tom with darker spots


Mousepaw- light brown she-cat

Locustpaw- golden-brown tom with a white muzzle and chest, half RoseClan


Fuzzypaws- golden-brown she-cat with a beautiful pelt


Eagleclaw- pale brown tabby tom; newly retired


Leader: Marshstar- dull black tom with dark amber eyes; the first leader of MarshClan

Deputy: Crowfur- dark grey, almost black, tom; the first deputy of MarshClan

Medicine cat: Oakeye- dark brown she-cat with almost black eyes


Fireflytail- dark grey she-cat with a ginger tail

Flowerfur- pale golden-brown she-cat with dark amber eyes

Sereneowl- dark brown tabby she-cat with black paws and ears

Blackfur- jet black tom

Featherpuddle- silver tabby she-cat

Timberberry- smoky black tom

-Apprentice: Sandpaw

Puddlecreek- dark brown tabby tom


Sandpaw- small tortoiseshell she-cat

Redpaw- dark grey tom with ginger paws


Crystalhiss- cream coloured tabby she-cat with reddish stripes, tail and paws

Sunflowereyes- pretty brown she-cat with ginger splotches


Leader: Mountainstar- silver tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes; the first leader of MountainClan

Deputy: Eelstrike- pale ginger tabby tom with a missing eye; the first deputy of MountainClan

Medicine Cat: Flowerbreeze- fluffy white she-cat with pink eyes; the first deputy of MountainClan


Gingerskip- light ginger she-cat

Paleburn- silver tabby tom

Milkleaf- very pale grey she-cat with darker grey swirls

Leafyeyes- blonde she-cat with bright green eyes

Webleap- tall cream tabby tom with unusual spots

-Apprentice: Mosspaw

Deertail- brown tabby tom with a white underbelly and a short tail


Mosspaw- blonde tabby she-cat with darker stripes and pale blue eyes


Whitenose- silver she-cat with white paws and muzzle


Leader: Froststar- pure white tom with spiky fur; the first leader of FrostClan

Deputy: Weaselpaws- extremely pale grey she-cat with short legs; the first deputy of FrostClan

Medicine Cat: Rabbitfreckle- white tom with pale brown flecks; the first medicine cat of FrostClan


Cloudedpelt- light grey tom

Sparklingfur- pure white she-cat, with beautiful glittering fur

Blacktail- white she-cat with an unusual black tail

-Apprentice: Snowpaw

Frozenfang- skinny white tom with a missing tooth

Lilysplash- white she-cat with pale blonde splotches

Stormbreeze- white tabby tom with pale grey stripes

-Apprentice: Lichenpaw


Snowpaw- white tom; half MeadowClan

Lichenpaw- speckled white she-cat; half MeaowClan


Minnowsong- dappled she-cat with a silky voice

Silver Guides


-Clan: FrostClan

-Role: Medicine Cat

-Appearance: white tom with pale brown flecks


-Clan: MeadowClan

-Role: Medicine Cat

-Appearance: pretty dark ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes


-Clan: RoseClan

-Role: Warrior

-Appearance: ginger tom with white chest and white splotches


-Clan: RoseClan

-Role: Warrior

-Appearance: small white and cream she-cat with white flecks and light green eyes


-Clan: MountainClan

-Role: Apprentice

-Appearance: blonde tabby she-cat with darker stripes and pale blue eyes


-Clan: RoseClan

-Role: Warrior

-Appearance: nimble she-cat with very pale ginger and light brown patches


-Clan: MountainClan

-Role: Warrior

-Appearance: brown tabby tom with a white underbelly and a short tail


-Clan: MarshClan

-Role: Deputy

-Appearance: dark grey, almost black, tom


-Clan: MarshClan

-Role: Warrior

-Appearance: dark brown tabby she-cat with black paws and ears


-Clan: FrostClan

-Role: Queen

-Appearance: dappled she-cat with a dark amber eyes

Little Lies- The Silver Guides

{Chapter 1}

{The First Meeting}

Minnowsong curled her fluffy tail around her single kit, doing her best to protect it from the chilling breeze blowing in the nursery. The Frozen Mountains weren’t the best place to raise kits, and the recent storm had proved her opinion, but Minnowsong was determined to give her remaining kit a good life. Since they had moved in their new territory living had been rough, fresh-kill was scarce and cats had died, but they had to get used to their new surroundings. She sighed, leaning her head down to lick her kit. It squeaked and snuffled around, waking up. Minnowsong began shushing it, smoothing its fur and pulling it closer to her belly. After a while of lulling the kit back to sleep, she curled up and closed her eyes, settling down for a nap. Before she could actually fall asleep, something scuttled around the entrance of the nursery, crushing fresh snow underneath their paws. Minnowsong lifted her head slowly, her eyes half closed.

“Minnowsong?...” It was Weaselpaws, the deputy of FrozenClan. She spoke quietly, but clearly demanding the question. “Minnowsong, are you awake?..”

“Yes Weaselpaws, I’m awake. What is it, you’re going to wake Ripplekit; I just calmed her down enough to sleep” Minnowsong muttered, tail-tip twitching with annoyance.

“It’s time for a meeting- Frozenstar sent me to get you. He said it was important, that you can’t miss it” After finishing what she had to say, she bounded out, taking large skips to pass through the snow. Minnowsong grumbled angrily, rising to her paws and stretching the sleep out of her limbs. She usually spent the long, cold days in the nursery, taking care of her kit, and not usually getting out. This time she knew she had no choice, as it was supposedly so important. With another grumble, she carefully picked up Ripplekit by the scruff and made her way out.

“All cats ready to enter the frost’s mist gather around the Chilled Boulder for a clan meeting!” Froststar yowled, the call ringing around the white, glistening clearing. Pure white, fuzzy pelts rushed to sit down and looked up at their leader.