Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

This is a crossover between warriors and the familiars, but more warrior-like. Enjoy!

Prologue: A Horrible End... Or Alive?

A black-and-white she-cat was struggling to fight a tom that looked just like her. "Malvern, we are family, stop!" she hissed. "Never," Malvern snarled in reply. "Everyone here knows that I am nursing kits!" she hissed. "Haha, and that only makes you weaker, Corliss," sneered Malvern.

Corliss leaped onto him and pinned him down. "You should have NEVER messed with me!" she snarled. "I can," replied Malvern. With that, he pushed Corliss into the river. He dumped her kits in beside her. Goodbye, Baxley, goodbye, kits. Corliss thought, struggling against the waves. She soon felt teeth in her scruff. Baxley?

She turned to see him carrying her, struggling. "Baxley... Don't waste your life on me," rasped Corliss. "I won't let you die," he replied. But, Corliss was carried under a wave. She felt a rapid push pulling her forwards. Waterfall, great, she thought. Barely concious, she lifted her head and sucked in her last breath. Baxley was still there. "If I can't save you, then I'll find the crown," he meowed. "Goodbye," Corliss rasped.

She closed her eyes and went into free fall. Her head smashed a rock, and all went black.

Chapter 1: A Clan

Baxley pressed his way through the woods. "Anyone?" he called. There was no answer. Then, he heard a rustling bush. His ears pricked, and then he saw cats.

"Intruder," growled one. It unsheathed it's claws, only to be stopped by another. "What do you think your doing, Brambleclaw?" asked the she-cat. Brambleclaw ducked back. "Sorry," he apoligized. "I'm only a new warrior."


Chapter 2: Corliss's Discovery

Corliss sat on the shore, dazed. She lifted her head. "What happened?" she asked. Nobody was around. "Weird," she meowed. She looked at a forest. "Maybe someone is in there," she suggested. With that, she padded in.