languages helped us see the past

and what kinds of mistakes we made

but our kind is slowly dying

slowly going to fade


a series of one-shots by sea


the linguist

the shadow

the scorch

the final


note about names:

umbra: "shadow" in latin

lucendi: "lighting" in latin

special thanks to firey for carissa's name!

this is the first set


the language

the test

the source

the past


note about the names:

nuance: "shade" in danish

lys: "light" in danish

this is the second set


the idea

the meeting

the starting

the future


note about the names:

ekhale: "ideal" in zulu

ulimi: "language" in zulu

this is the prequel set


the forgotten

the lost

the reunion

the ending


note about the names:

rasa: "lost" in hausa

masoya: "lovers" in hausa

this is the last set


author's note






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