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Warriors Fanfiction

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By:Featherstar Warriorcat0

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Leader-Lionstar,ginger tom with mane and yellow eyes

Deputy- Spotfur,tortoiseshell she-cat with greenish blueish eyes

Medicine Cat- Russetail,a reddish brownish she-cat with fuzzy tail and sharp green eyes

Medicine Cat Appentice- Blackpaw,a gray tom with a yellow eye,one eyes have blurry vision


Nightear- large white tom with black ears and yellow eyes


Smallstep-very small pale gray tom with blue eyes

Birdwing-pale ginger she-cat,yellow eyes

(Apprentice: Finchpaw)

Mouseblaze-brown tom with white tail tip and amber eyes

Grasstail-gray she-cat with soft tail and warm blue eyes

Rosestem- russet color she-cat with yellow eyes

Moonshine-a white she-cat with light blue eyes

Foxtail-a orange tom with white chest and amber eyes

Daisyfoot- black she-cat with white paws and pale green eyes

Rainpelt- pale gray tom with darker flecks

(Apprentice: Volepaw)


Finchpaw-light brown tabby she-cat with pale yellow eyes

Mudpaw-tabby brown tom with amber eyes

Volepaw-gray and brown tom with dark blue eyes


Fluffypelt-fluffy gray she-cat with thick fur, (Mother to Nightear kits,Whitekit a gray she-cat with white muzzle,and Graykit,soft gray tom)

Flytail-white she-cat cat with pale gray muzzle,(Mother to Rainpelt kits,Stormkit.a gray tom with fuzzy tail and Cloudkit,white she-cat with gray patches.)

Skyfoot-gray she--cat with white paws,(Excepting Smallstep kits,)

Leaftail- gray and white she-cat with only three legs. (Excepting Lionstar kits)


Clawstep-brown tom with brown spots

Mossclaw-gray tom with dark gray paws


Leader-Darkstar,black tom with amber eyes

Deputy-Blackthorn,gray tom with black spots with spiky fur

Medicine Cat-Ivyleaf,white she-cat with silver ear and silver spots


Snakefang-gray tom with amber eyes

Badgerstripe-black tom with white stripes


Swampelt-gray and brown tom

Smokefur-gray tom with yellow eyes

Toadclaw-brown tabby tom

Willowpelt-pale gray she-cat with blue eyes

Shadowtree-dark gray tom

Twigfoot-black she-cat

(Apprentice Ratpaw)

Shrewclaw-pale ginger tom with long claws


Ratpaw-brown tom

Thornpaw- brown and black tom with spiky fur


Frogskip-brown tabby


Leader-Lakestar-gray she cat with blue eye

Deputy-Mistfur-soft gray she-cat

Medicine Cat-Fishsplah-gray and white tom


Troutail-silver gray tom with a long

Graycloud-gray she-cat with blue eyes

Shimmerfur-tortoiseshell she-cat

Blueclaw-grayish tom

(Apprentice Shellpaw)

Whitestripe-large white tom with black stripes

Iceclaw-Blueish pale gray tom with long sharp claws

Minnowfin-white she-cat with ginger patches

(Apprentice: Mallowpaw)


Shellpaw- soft pale gray tom with dark blue eyes

Mallowpaw- white she-cat with black chest and paws


Birdflight- light brown tabby (Excepting Troutail kits)


Splashpelt-muscular black tom


Leader:Buzzardstar-light brown tabby tom with a fuzzy tail

Deputy: Heatherwind-pale gray she-cat with gentle blue eyes

Medicine Cat :Gorsefur-tortoiseshell she-cat (Apprentice: Airpaw very pale tom with amber mixed yellow eyes)


Hawkwing-brown tabby

Aspenleaf-brown she-cat with black patches

Sunpelt-ginger she-cat

Owlflight-light brown tabby

Breezear-black tom with dark gray ear and dark blue eyes

Snowpelt-white she-cat with light blue eye

Spiderpelt-black tom with amber eyes

Hareleap-brown and white tom

(Apprentice: Eaglepaw)


Eaglepaw-brown tom with white muzzle


Applepelt-pale brown she-cat, (Mother to Spiderpelt kits,Berrykit,black tom and Ashkit gray she-cat



Prologue (No one POV)

"That it! Just one more!"

a russet colored she-cat tried to encourage the gray and white queen. Finally a calico she-kit slid out. "That's it!" yowled the russet color cat trumpery. "You can come in now Lionstar!" a ginger tom with a mane trotted in. "Thanks Russetail." he dipped his head to the russet color she-cat. Russetail flicked her tail. "I would come back later to check on her." she padded out of the nursery. Lionstar crouched beside his mate and nuzzle her, "Wake up Leaftail!" he purred, "we got two wonderful she-kits!”

Leaftai opened her eyes and gently began lick both of them. Finally they started to mew and snuggled toward their mothers belly. Leaftail titled her head. "What should we name them?" she asked. Lionstar eyes gleamed. "What about this tortoiseshell one call Lilackit? And the calico one call Lilykit?"

"Wonderful." murmured Leaftail,as she stared down at the kits. Lilackit was tortoiseshell with black muzzle and Lilykit was calico with white muzzle. They look so much alike,they are perfect. Leaftail thought as she curled them up. Lionstar settle down beside her as she fell asleep.

Chapter 1 (Lilykit POV)

"Come on! Wake up Lilackit!"

Lilykit mewed impatiently. Her sister rolled over and grumbled something before going back to her deep sleep again. Leaftail raised her head sleepily. "Come on Lilykit,you can go play with Fluffypelt's kits.They are already awake and they are outside."

Fluffypelt was another queen,there is also Flytail and Skyfoot.

"Okay!" Lilykit bounced out of the nursery with excitement. Graykit and Whitekit,who were Fluffypelt kits were already outside,playing moss ball with their father,Nightear.

As Lilykit got near she heard Graykit squeak indignantly,"Not fair! You are much taller!" the little tom wailed. Nightear lowered the moss ball a little and Graykit hopped up,he missed by a bit less than mouse tail. "My turn!" exclaimed Whitekit. She jumped up and her claws tore the mosses,Nightear caught her just before she fall down with a thump. "Can I join?" asked Lilykit enthusiastically.

But Graykit sniffed and said, "Your too small. You can't jump as high as we could." he said as he stared at Lilykiy. Lilykit suddenly feel like he's right. She look so small comparing to them. Whitekit give her brother a shove. "Of course she can join!" she snapped at Graykit, "all she need is some practice then she can jump higher than you could!"

"I would like to see that happen!" growled back Graykit.

"Kits," Nightear sighed,with a hit of amusement, "stop fighting and yes, Lilykit might be small but of course she can join."

"Thanks!" Lilykit bounced over. Nighear lowered the moss ball. "Can you catch that?" he asked,his eyes gleaming. Lilykit was determine to show Graykit how wrong he was! She sprang up but as she sprang she slipped and fell down awkwardly. Nightear nosed her up. "Don't worry." he mewed. Graykit snorted. Whitekit turned to her brother and said smugly, "That happened to you on your first didn't it?" she asked.

"So?" Graykit hissed through gritted teeth. "Try again!" Nightear told Lilykiy. I would get it this time! Lilykit thought as she crouched down and got ready to spring again. This time she caught the moss ball! "Nightear help! I am going to fall!" she cried. Nightear putted the moss down and Lilykit scurried off it. I did it! she lift her tail trumpery. And I got it on mine second try!

"Hey!" Graykit voice jerked her out of her thought. "Why did you lowered the moss so much for Lilykiy?"

"Because she younger." Nightear licked his son head,who shook away him away. Lilykiy hurried back into the nursery. Wait 'till I tell Lilackit! she thought. Her sister would be so proud of her! When she entered the nursey, Leaftail was already awake. Leaftail was standing on...on..three legs! Lilykit haven't even realized until now her mother only have three legs. Leaftail must have see her staring because she mewed, "Don't worry,I am used to being on three legs. And it doesn't hurt now." Leaftail said,smiling.

"O-okay." Lilykit stammered. But immediately she began to feel enthusiastic again. "I caught the moss ball on mine first try!" she exclaimed loudly.

"Shhh." Leaftail mewed,still smiling. "Skyfoot and her kits are still sleeping,so are Lilackit. You did a wonderful job,dear."

"And Graykit is a pain in the tail." added Lilykit. Leaftail wobbled over to Lilcakit again. "Then why don't you try to play with Flytail kits? I heard that they are in the elders den."

"What their name?" asked Lillykit.

"Their name are Stormkit and Cloudkit. I think you would like them." Leaftail replied.

"Okay!" Lilykit bounded out again. She headed to the elders den. Just as she entered a she-cat pushed her way out and they bumped into each other. "Sorry!" exclaimed the she-cat. Lilykit was surprised she didn't snap, "Watch where you are going kit!"

"I am Flytail. Stormkit and Cloudkit’s mother, you must be Lilykit." the white she-cat added. Lilykit observed the she-cat,she was all white with a gray muzzle,finally Lilykit mewed, "Yes..I am Lilykit and sorry,I should have look where I was going."

"No problem,Stormkit and Cloudkit is right in there," Flytail pointed the elder den with her tail. Then dipping her head she headed to a pale gray tom with darker flecks who was coming into the camp with a pigeon in his mouth. Lillykit pushed her way into the elder den,inside it was warm and she can hear a tom voice squeak, "Then what happened?! Did you get it?" inside there was a tom and a she-kit, they all stopped when they saw Lilykit.

"Hi," rasped a gray tom with brown spots. "Are you here to hear a story,young one?" he asked. When Lilykit nodded eagerly he continued, "My name is Clawstep and this Stormkit and Cloudkit." then he began chatting again before Lilykit could ask anything more. "Then,yes,I got the fox and the fox was so surprised when I raked it muzzle and-" before the elder could go on another elder,a gray tom with darker paws pushed himself up and rasped, "Clawstep,you know I was there that time too,and I am pretty sure you didn't raked it muzzle."

"Get out of mine business Mossclaw," snorted Clawstep.

"Well I can't just sit and watch you lying to the kits," Mossclaw turned to look at Stormkit,Cloudkit and Lilykit who was watching with wide eyes.

"Did Clawstep raked it muzzle or not?" asked Lilykit.

"Then what happen?" breathed Cloudkit. Clawstep look satisfied that at least the kits enjoy his story. Mossclaw sighed and sank back to his nest again. Clawstep continued his story until he was interrupted by Leaftail. "Sorry," she mewed, "I am sorry to interrupt your story Clawstep,but may Lilackit join?" Finally! thought Lilykit happily,her sister was finally awake!

"Of course!" Clawstep beamed as Lilackit hopped over to sit next to Lilykit. "Thanks," mewed Leaftail as she pushed her way out. "Have a good time,kits!" she called. Lilykit heard Mossclaw let out a wearily sigh as Clawstep began to talk about the time he fought with a huge badger. When Clawstep stop to take a breath,before he could go on Mossclaw mewed, "Clawstep,why don't you tell them about the time you were wounded by Splashpelt,when we're younger?"

"Yes!" Stormkit exclaimed, "I want that story."

"In the name of StarClan," said Clawstep irritably, "Mossclaw stop that."

"Stop what?" asked Mossclaw innocently. Lilykit saw Clawstep let out a hiss of frustration and Lilackit giggled, Clawstep began to ignore his denmate. After a while,Flytail yowled, "Stormkit! Cloudkit! See what your father got for you!" almost immediately Cloudkit and Stormkit began to hurried out the elder den,stumbling over each other. Clawstep let out a yawn, "You might as well go." he mewed to Lilykit and Lilackit. "I want to hear more!" protested Lilackit.

"No more,I need some rest." responded Clawstep matter of factly.

"Let go meet our father!" squeaked Lilykit. "Graykit and Whitekit have met their father,so have Stormkit and Cloudkit! We should go meet ours!"

"Good idea!" mewed Lilackit enthusiastically. The sisters jumped and hopped out of the den. Our father is Lionstar. remembered Lilykit. She felt proud that she is a clan leader kit. And one day I might,just might also become a leader!

"Look!" squealed Lilackit,Lionstar was entering holding a squirrel with a small pale gray tom with blue eyes following him,the small gray tom have a rabbit and a only a bit bigger than Lilykit,light brown tabby she-cat followed with a mouse. As soon as Lionstar saw his kits,he dropped the prey and padded straight toward them,Lilykit swallowed her excitement ,she could see Lilackit was also trying to control her own excitement. But when Lionstar was almost there Lilykit tail began to quiver and she felt like bursting as her father,also her clan leader came closer. Lionstar purred,"Hello little one!" he rumbled, "have you eat yet?"

"No,we were waiting for you!" Lilackit squeaked.

"i caught the moss ball on mine second try!" Lilykit chimed in.

"Wonderful!" Lionstar commented,which make Lilykit heart soar,he's proud of me! She thought Lionstar continued, "and come on,let get you to Leaftail." Then picking up his squirrel and guide his kits toward the nursery. Leaftail staggered over and licked Lionstar ear. "Your finally back!" she exclaimed. "You guys been out so long and it freezing there!"

"Stop fussing,he look alright," mewed a gray she-cat with white paws,she must be Skyfoot,remembered Lilykit,Skyfoot tiny kits,a bit smaller than a moon,Flowerkit and Snowkit poked their head out curiously.

"Here," Lionstar dropped his squirrel and pushed toward Leaftail before turning to the deputy,Spotfur and ordered, "I want you to lead a border patrol to ShadowClan border,they seem aggressive and jumpy when the hunting patrol went there. I want our marks to be remarked." Spotfur swallowed her last mouthful of vole before mewing, "Who should I take?"

"Anyone you want to." Lionstar flicked his tail.

"Who the cat that come back with you?" Lilykit asked,look at the small gray tom and tabby she-cat.

"This is Smallstep and Flowerpaw," introduced Lionstar.

"What wrong with Smallstep? Why is he so small? Did he not grow properly?" whispered Lilackit whispered to Lionstar who let out a rumbling purr. "Oh no,he might look small,but he can creep up you before you know it,and he have sharp little fang."

"No he won't!" exclaimed Lilackit with indignation.

"Of course he won't hurt you." Lionstar brushed his muzzle on Lilackit head. Lilykit heard Spotfur yowl, "Smallstep! Daisyfoot! I want to come and border the border with me." Daisyfoot was a black she-cat with white paws and green eyes. She hurried over eagerly,but Smallstep lingered behind. "I just return from the hunting patrol." he pointed out.

"Are you questioning your deputy?" asked Spotfur although there was amusement in her mew. "Alright I would find someone to replace you." she began yowling again and Lilykit flattened her ears.

Lionstar surprised her by mewing, "Do you two want to go for a walk?" for a moment Lilykit just stared at her father in shock,but then Lilackit squealed, "Yes!"

"But..aren't we too young to leave the camp?" Lilykit asked,remembering Clawstep stories about foxes,badgers and worst,monster.

"No worry,I am with you guys." Lionstar reassured, "first I need to tell Leaftail so she doesn't panic when she can't find you two." he headed for the nursery and Lilykit belly turned. What would her mother said about going out of camp? When Lionstar ducked out again he was smailing, "Your mother said sure." he mewed. Lilykit heard Lilackit let out a sigh of relive.

"Come on,before the whole clan ask me why am I taking you two out." Lionstar meowed as he pushed his way out of camp. "I think we should go to RiverClan border." he suggested when Lilykit and Lilackit hopped out after their father.

"Okay!" Lilykit hopped next to Lionstar and Lilackit scurried after her sister.

Chapter 2 (Lilykit POV)

Lilykit and Lilackit bounded after Lionstar.

It so beautiful here. Lilykit let out a happy purr. Meanwhile,Lilackit was blasting Lionstar with a storm of questions.

"What do RiverClan look like? Are they nice? Are they mean? Do they look like fish? Do they know how do swim? Do they harm kits? Who the leader? Would they hurt us? Would we attack? Who RiverClan deputy? Why do they like fish? Do they eat birds? How do they catch fish and-"

"Hold on Lilackit." Purred Lionstar. "One question at a time and RiverClan are sleek and sometime..fat..they might be polite sometime and sometime they won't,depend on you if they think they look like fish or not,and of course they know how to swim." Lionstar paused before continuing,"They don't harm kits,as far as we know and their leader is Lakestar,she wise but sometime she might get serious,I mean too serious. I believe they won't dare to harm us,but maybe they would. They always think we are weak to give up Sunningrocks." Lionstar hesitated for only a moment before continuing, "And no,we would not stir up trouble we cannot handle,and the RiverClan deputy is Mistfur. I have no idea why they liked fish and not much cat in RiverClan like bird, I also have no idea how they catch fishes." Lionstar finished.

Lilykit was hardly listening but she could see Lilackit was amaze at all those answers.When they reach RiverClan border Lilykit wrinkled her nose as she smelled a fishy smell. "Is this their territory?" asked Lilackit.

"Yes,little one." rumbled Lionstar as he look across the river.

"Look!" gasped Lilykit. A pale gray tom with dark blue eyes was sitting by the river,his eyes were locked on the water. "He's fishing." whispered Lionstar.

"can we watch?" asked Lilackit,and Lionstar nodded. A moment later the tom hooked up a bass. He let out a purr of satisfaction.

"Hey Shellpaw!" Lionstar called, "how's RiverClan?" the tom looked up at once and relaxed when he saw it Lionstar. "Prey are fine." Shellpaw mewed.

"Wonderful." mewed Lionstar.

"How ThunderClan?" asked Shellpaw suddenly.

Lionstar seem a bit surprised but he responded, "Fine,there been plenty kits." Lionstar mewed. Lilykit heart seem to jump when Shellpaw turned his blue gaze on her. "I see you have two kits out here.." he hesitated as if he wasn't sure what else to said.

"Yes," Lionstar meowed, "This is Lilykit and Lilackit,they are my daughters." he added proudly.

"Congratulation." Shellpaw mewed, "Yesterday-" before he could finish a voice yowled, "Where are you,Shellpaw?!"

"Coming!" Shellpaw called back,then he hissed at Lionstar, "Gotta go! See you later at Gathering!" then he turned and picked up his bass and hurried toward the voice that was still yowling his name.

"Come on,we should go back as well." Lionstar mewed. Somehow Lilykit felt very tired,she saw Lilackit let out a yawn. Lionstar gently nuzzle them before picking up Lilackit,Lilykit stumbled after them.

Chapter 3(Shellpaw POV)

"What are you doing out there?"

Shellpaw flinched as his father, Troutail hissed at him. "Do you know Blueclaw was looking for you?" Troutail continued. "I..I was hunting." the word felt like it stuck in his throat.

"Well at least he back now isn't he?" squeaked a white she-cat with black chest and paws. It was his sister, Mallowpaw.

"Hunting?" Troutail let out a disbelieve sniff. He stared down at the large bass. "That all you got?"

"It huge!" exclaimed Mallowpaw,jumping into her brother defense. "What wrong with hunting?" she challenge her father. A moment later their mother Graycloud padded over and hissed at Troutail, "Stop being so rough with Shellpaw! He have a bad day already!"

"Have a bad day? Don't think so." retorted Troutail, "Blueclaw been searching for him!"

"So?" hissed back Graycloud, "you go do your business and I take care of my kits." she snapped. For a moment Mallowpaw looked worried. But when Blueclaw hurried into the camp and saw Shellpaw he brightened. "Hey Shellpaw!" called Blueclaw, "let go for a battle session!"

"Yes!" Shellpaw bounced after his mentor while Troutail sniffed behind him.

(sorry Chapter 3 is so short!)

Chapter 4 (Lilackit POV)

Lilackit and her sister bounded out,another bright new day!

It been a few days since they saw Shellpaw,though Lilackit always thought her sister look weird after meeting the RiverClan tom. Like...it was sort of hard to explain,but Lilackit think her sister mind was unfocused and look like Mudpaw when he talk about Snowkit.

"Are you okay?" whispered Lilackit to her sister,they're playing moss ball with Graykit,Whitekit,Stormkit,Cloudkit and the youngest kits,Flowerkit and Snowkit.

"What?" asked Lilykit.

"Are you okay?" repeated Lilackit, aren't you even listening to me? Lilackit wondered crossly.

"Yea..." Lilykit voice trailed away as the moss ball went straight toward her,she jumped up and it caught it between it claws,she throw it back to Cloudkit who hopped up skillfully.

"Are you sure?" Lilackit was unconvinced her sister was okay.

"I told you I am okay!" snapped Lilykit,Lilackit was surprised at her sister hostile. But before she could said more,the moss ball flew right at her. She caught it just in time. Lilackit throw it back to Flowerkit,who could not reach it and stumbled. "Sorry." muttered Lilackit , "I might have throw a bit too high.."

"It alright." Flowerkit puffed and throw it to Stormkit,who throw it to Snowkit. Lilackit stared at Lilykit who still look like she was dreaming. Graykit stop mid jump and stared at them with a questioning glance. "Are you two aright?" he asked,but before anyone could said anything the moss ball bumped his head and he let out a yowl. "Ouch!"

"Sorry Graykit!" exclaimed Cloudkit.

"It...alright." Graykit rubbed his head.

Lilackit sighed, there no way Lilykit would tell her what on her mind.

"Stop playing! Time to eat!" called Leaftail and Lilackit bounded away,Lilykit trailed after her. LIlackit glanced back at Lilykit one more time. I would find out what troubling you,if you don't tell me. Lilackit promised silently.

Chapter 5 (Graykit/paw POV)

"Graypaw! Whitepaw! Stormpaw! Cloudpaw!"

the clan exploded into cheers as Lionstar finished talking. Graypaw puffed out his chest,feeling proud. Graypaw saw that his father,Nightear eye was shining and he look as proud as Graypaw did. Graypaw got Grasstail as mentor,Whitepaw got Foxtail,Cloudpaw got Rosestem and Stormpaw got Moonshine.

"What are we going to do?" Graypaw asked Grasstail,who was looking at the other mentors. Finally she turned over and mewed, 'We would explore the territory."

"Great!" Graypaw exclaimed,he followed Grasstail and the other mentors and apprentices out. "This is ShadowClan border." explained Foxtail when a reek of mouse,lizard,swamp smell hit Graypaw nose. I am sure glad ThunderClan didn't smell like that! he thought as he quickly take a step back. Whitepaw leaned in and whispered, "Yuck!"

"I know right!" Graypaw whispered back. Rosestem glanced at the new apprentice, "You would get use to it." she promised when she saw Graypaw and Whitepaw face. "Come on let move on." Rosestem added. After a while the air cleared and a new scent hit them.

"Is that WindClan?" Graypaw asked, Nightear have told him WindClan smell clear.

"Yes." Grasstail seem pleased he got it right. "That WindClan."

"The other clan smelled weird." commented Stormpaw.

"I know right." agreed Cloudpaw with a sniff.

Foxtail glanced at the apprentices, "Let keep moving." he ordered. "And stop complaining about the scent."

"Foxtail,let them complain for a while. I remember when you were only Foxpaw." Moonshine narrowed her eyes at her mate who rolled his eyes.

"Are we going to see RiverClan now?" Graypaw asked as the apprentices padded faster to keep up with their mentors.

"Yes." Grasstail mewed.

"RiverClan would smell too fishy-" Stormpaw quickly stopped as Foxtail turned to glared at him.

"Sorry." mumbled Stormpaw.

"Come on." Rosestem voice was soft with sympathize. Why are we not allowed to complain about the smell? Graypaw slapped his tail on the ground crossly. Foxtail turned to him and hissed, "Please stop that!" Graypaw lowered his head and tried to keep his fur down.

"Don't worry." whispered Grasstail. "Foxtail is just moody today. And cross."

"But I didn't did anything wrong did I?" Graypaw asked innocently.

"Even if you did you won't be the first apprentice to get in trouble." reassured his mentor as she curled her tail around his back. Graypaw felt a bit more comfortable now.

"So..this RiverClan.." Rosestem began to mewed.

Chapter 6 (Lilykit POV)

"Lilykit! Lilykit! Watch this!"

Lilykit turned around and saw Lilackit crouched down and with her tail straight down and narrowed her eyes,Lilackit pounced perfectly. She sat up purring. "Mudpaw showed me that!" the tabby brown tom was siting outside the Apprentice den,talking to Volepaw. Lilackit blinked at Lilykit. "How was it?"

"it..it..it was.." Lilykit searched for the right word, "It was awesome!"

Lilackit narrowed her eye again,only with suspicious this time. Lilykit gulped. Her mind have kept wondered to Shellpaw. There something the way he stared at her she can't get that image of him out of her mind. Luckily her thought was distracted when the Graypaw,Whitepaw,Stormpaw,Cloudpaw and their mentors entered. Foxtail went straight to the Warrior den muttering something. Graypaw trotted to the fresh-kill pile and chose a thrush to eat. Lilypaw sighed. I wish I was a apprentice! She noticed Lilackit look like she wished too. Snowkit bounded out with Flowerkit close behind.

"Skyfoot said we would be apprentice soon!"squealed Snowkit excitedly.

"Cool..I mean it great." Lilykit tried to sound as enthusiastic as she can. Lilykit frowned. She did want to be a apprentice,why can't she muster any excitement? The younger kits was too excited to notice.

"I would be the best apprentice ever! And I would be the first one to sleep in Apprentice den!" Flowerkit exclaimed.

"You just want to be with Volepaw." retorted her sister.

"I do not!" retorted Flowerkit hotly. "And don't mind me saying,but I saw the way you looked at Mudpaw!" added Flowerkit. Lilackit bounded over,purring. "You two!" she playfully swiped her paws around the younger kits ears. Lilykit hesitated, she wasn't sure what to said. Finally she muttered, "I hope we get make apprentice..uh..together!" Lilackit titled her head at her sister and Lilykit gulped. "Wh-what?" Lilykit asked,feeling uncomfortable under Lilackit weird stare.

"You been acting weird these days." was Lilackit simple reply.

"I..I am?" Lilykit tried to sound normal. Snowkit and Flowerkit were gazing at them with wide eyes.

"Yes...haven't you noticed yourself?" Lilackit asked,staring at her.

"Eh,sort of." Lilykit mewed nervously.

"Sort of? Sort of? Lilykit I think you need to go to Russetail and get a check up!" exclaimed Lilackit. Worry edged Lilykit sister mew.

"I am alright." Lilykit shook her head and repeated, "I am alright. I am just thinking about something these days."

"Okay..but tell Leaftail if you don't feel alright." Lilackit sound less worry now.

"I tell you..I am fine!" exclaimed Lilykit,she was starting to get annoyed by her sister now.

"Okay,okay." Lilackit licked Lilykit who ducked away calling, "bet you can't catch me!" Lilackit bounded after Lilykit purring. "Wait for us!" Flowerkit and Snowkit scampered after the older kits. "Wait for us!" squealed Flowerkit as Lilackit charged after Lilykit who bounded toward the nursery. "Can't catch me!" puffed Lilykit as she stopped for a rest, Lilackit paused too. Flowerkit and Snowkit caught up after a while,puffing and panting. "We look so slow compared to you guys!" complained Snowkit. Skyfoot padded over purring. "Don't worry,you would get faster!" she licked Snowkit and Snowkit straighten up. "One day I would be faster than a rabbit!" Snowkit boasted.

"Then you would be WindClan!" retorted Flowerkit.

"I am ThunderClan and I always would be!" squeaked Snowkit indignantly.

"Stop teasing your sister,Flowerkit." even though Skyfoot sound stern,her eyes was smiling with amusement. One day I would be the best warrior this clan have ever see! Lilykit thought. Lilackit have stopped puffing after a while and asked, "Wanna continue?" before Lilykit could respond Leaftail mewed, "I am afraid you can't."

"Why?" both Lilykit and Lilackit turned to stare at their mother.

"Well..." Leaftail stretched the word. "It getting late and..." she leaned in, "tomorrow would be your apprenticeship!" Lilykit gasped and Lilackit stared with wide eye. "Really?" breathed Lilackit. Leaftail flicked her tail. "Of course it real!" Snowkit and Flowerkit looked miserable, "If you left no one would play with us!" cried Flowerkit.

"I wish we can be apprentice with you!" Snowkit added.

"You would soon." Skyfoot shooed her kits into her nest who peeped out sadly.

Chapter 7 (Snowkit/paw POV)

"Lilypaw! Lilacpaw! Snowpaw! Flowerpaw!"

Snowpaw stood proudly. Lionstar have decided to make Snowpaw and Flowerpaw a apprentice along with Lilypaw and Lilacpaw. Spotfur didn't really like this. "What if we did that to every apprentice?" she have asked Lionstar who answered, "They are just a day younger than my daughters,it won't be much harm."

So now Snowpaw was standing here,with her mentor. Snowpaw got Mouseblaze,Flowerpaw got Smallstep,Lilacpaw got Daisyfoot and Lilypaw got Spotfur.

"Our clan is so full of apprentice that our nest is always clean." joked Mossclaw from the elder den.

"I know right." rumbled Clawstep,licking Mossclaw,his old friend fur.

Before anyone could move Lionstar yowled, "And that not all! Three apprentice have pass their task,Mudpaw,Volepaw and Finchpaw please come up here!" the three oldest apprentice hurried up,looking excited and a bit scare.

" I, Lionstar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn." turning to Mudpaw he asked, "Do you promise to uphold the warrior code protect and defend this Clan even at the cost of your life?"

"I do!" Mudpaw exclaimed.

"Then by the name of StarClan,from this day on you should be know as Mudpelt,the Clan honored your bravery and we welcome you as a warrior of this Clan!" Lionstar rumbled,turning to Finchpaw and Volepaw he repeated the same thing giving them the name Finchwing and Volefoot.

"Mudpelt! Finchwing! Volefoot!" the Clan exploded into cheers. Snowpaw felt proud to be in such a strong clan. After the Clan was dismissed,Mouseblaze and the other mentors and their apprentices padded over. "We are going to explore the territory!" Flowerpaw explained excitedly.

"Come on let go!" Mouseblaze meowed gruffly. Snowpaw bounded excitedly after her mentor. "Where are we gonna explore first?" she asked.

"WindClan." was the answer from Mouseblaze a he lead her out.

"I can't believe we are actually going out of the camp!" whispered Flowerpaw.

"Yes," chimed in Lilacpaw.

"Come on let keep up!" Lilypaw mewed. Snowpaw bounded after her friends. "See...this is WindClan." Mouseblaze sniffed around.

"Have they cross the border?" asked Smallstep impatiently.

"No...don't think so." Mouseblaze replied. Then turning toward the apprentice he meowed, "Remember that WindClan smell clear and heather because they live on moor and there no tree there." he explained.

"How do they hunt if there no tree? Where would the squirrel hide if there no tree?" Lilacpaw asked.

"Easy,they chase rabbit." meowed Daisyfoot with a flick of her tail.

"Oh.." Lilacpaw shuffled her paws for a moment.

"Alright..let move on." ordered Spotfur. Snowpaw padded close to her sister who keep glancing back at Lilypaw and Lilacpaw,who were whispering something. Snowpaw dropped back a little to hear,but she can't. She instead she slowed down her pace and pricked her ear,she hear, "mentor....Spotufr..." Snowpaw think that was Lilacpaw. She can't hear what Lilypaw replied. Lilypaw suddenly narrowed her eyes at Snowpaw and Snowpaw quickened her pace so that they won't think she been eavesdropping.

"Come on,apprentices! Keep up!" Mouseblaze snapped. Spotfur let out a wearily sigh.

Lilypaw and Lilacpaw scurried to keep up. Another scent hit Snowpaw. Before she could said anything Flowerpaw asked, "That ShadowClan,right?"

"Uh,yes." Smallstep meowed. "How did you know though," he asked.

"It..was just a guess." shrugged Flowerpaw and Smallstep rolled his eyes.

After they looked around Spotfur mewed, "Let get going." So they move on to RiverClan. As soon as they are back to the camp they bounded toward the fresh kill pile. "I want to eat this!" Lilypaw picked up a vole and dangle it.

"Okay." Spotfur waved her tail before padding into Lionstar den. Lilacpaw chose to eat with Lilypaw,who happily accepted. Snowpaw picked a mouse. "Don't you want to eat?' she ask Flowerpaw,who shook her head. "I would later,I want to tell Skyfoot what happened first!" Snowpaw sister bounded away,all excited. Snowpaw crouched down and tasted the mouse. It tasted okay. Snowpaw glanced quickly at her denmates. They seem to enjoy their meal too.

Snowpaw wiped her muzzle when she finished and she glanced up and saw Flowerpaw padding over.

Chapter 8 (Lilypaw POV)

Lilypaw walked beside Mudpelt,or was it Mudpelt walk beside Lilypaw? Anyway they padded along,Lilypaw could hardly believe she was choose to go to the gathering. "So..how do you think about warrior life?" began Lilypaw awkwardly. Mudpelt stared right ahead,he was acting like Lilypaw wasn't even there. Lilypaw almost snorted. They padded along in silence until Mudpelt mewed smoothly, "fine."

"Fine what?" Lilypaw blinked,so much time have escaped she forgotten about her own question. Mudpelt titled his head, "Warrior life is fine." Finchwing padded over and give her brother a shove, "You mean Warrior life is wonderful!" she mewed cheerfully. Voleclaw joined in, "Yeah,we are so glad we don't have to do elder nests and ticks ever again." he meowed. Mudpelt rolled his eyes, "For StarClan sake," he grumbled,he padded ahead ignoring them. "He remind me so much of Mouseblaze." whispered Voleclaw. Mouseblaze was Finchwing,Mudpelt and Voleclaw father. Lilypaw purred. Finchwing snorted and mewed, "Come on,Lionstar is way ahead of us!" she scampered to catch up,Voleclaw followed close on her tail.

Lilypaw hurried to catch up with them,refusing to be left behind. She was different from Graypaw,who like to be alone,Lilypaw like to be with her clan together,she tried to get along with Graypaw but he was too annoying.


She crossed the tree bridge. When she reach the Fourtree she gasped. There was so many cats! Lilypaw was amazed that it was so peaceful. She glanced up at a huge rock,three cats was standing there,she saw her father take a skillful and swift leap,and sat up there. Lionstar gaze bore into LIlypaw's,then he nodded. "Who are those others up there?" Lilypaw asked Finchwing who replied, "That black one is Darkstar of ShadowClan,that gray on is Lakestar of RiverClan,and that light brown tabby is Buzzardstar of WindClan."

"Thanks for telling me." then noticing another groups of cats she asked, "What about them?"

This time Nightear replied, "Those are deputies,Blackthorn of ShadowClan,Mistfur of RiverClan and Heatherwind of WindClan."

"And those are Medicine Cats," added Finchwing, "Ivyleaf of ShadowClan,Fishsplash of RiverClan and Gorsefur and Airpaw of WindClan."

"Oh,cool." Lilypaw sat down. She keep looking at a gray dapple pelt tom,he look so familiar. Lilypaw wracked her brain trying to figure out who he. Suddenly she lit up, that Shellpaw! The RiverClan apprentice they met on their first time out of camp!

Lionstar yowled, "Cats of all Clan! Let's gathering began!"

Darkstar stepped froward. "We are doing well." he mewed with his eyes half close when he glanced at Lakestar, "We are recovering from RiverClan attack." he growled. Lakestar fur bristled but she said nothing. "Other then that we are perfectly fine." Darkstar let out a puff before sitting down again. Lakestar stepped froward immediately. "ShadowClan scents have been found repeatedly on our side." Lakestar glared at Darkstar, "I think Darkstar should explain that!"

Lilypaw could sense tension between the two leaders. "No ShadowClan have been on your border!" snapped Darkstar.

"For StarClan sake! Stop that!" called Heatherwind from the deputy spot. Darkstar smoothed his ruffled fur,but Lakestar still glare at him suspiciously. Lionstar stepped forward, "We have three new warriors and four new apprentices!" Mudpelt,Voleclaw,Finchwing,Lilypaw,Lilacpaw,Flowerpaw and Snowpaw!" everyone cheered their name,Lilypaw sat up straighter, but she began shifting uncomfortably when Shellpaw glanced at her.

Lakestar sat up and give her report, "Shellpaw and Mallowpaw have become warriors; Shellclaw and Mallowheart!" she yowled.


"Mallowheart!" the crowd yowled. Mallowheart sat a tail-length away from Shellclaw and smiled before whispering to Shellclaw. Lilypaw felt her fur bristled,although she wasn't sure why,she quickly make sure it lying flat again. Buzzardstar stepped foward,glancing at Darkstar then Lakestar nervously,before shrugging and began, "Airpaw have decided to be Medicine Cat Apprentice, we accepted. Airpaw!" Again the crowd explode again.

I would need to get my ears checked when we get back! thought Lilypaw as she flattened her ears. But secretly she was glad the four Clans was doing so well. After the leader news everyone relaxed and began to share news with others. Lilypaw noticed Lilacpaw,her sister was chosen too,Lilacpaw was talking to a WindClan apprentice called Eaglepaw. Lilypaw padded closer to hear what they were saying when Shellclaw stopped her.

"Wait." he mewed nervously before leaning down, "Meet me here tomorrow night..please." he whispered before he quickly stepped off. Lilypaw stared after him.

Chapter 9(Lilypaw POV)

Lilypaw curled up,but she can't sleep. She keep thinking about Shellclaw. No way I am meeting him at the Fourtree! I am not going to be the one to break the Warrior code! Lilypaw thought. But the more she thought the more she want to go and meet him. I would meet him just once...what would go wrong? she peeked outside her den,Mudpelt was guarding. She knew Mudpelt won't let her wonder around at the night,she would need a excuse. She padded over. Just as she predicted,Mudpelt blocked her with his tail. "Where are you going?" he growled.

Lilypaw knew that she can't sleep wasn't going to work,so she said, "Going to the dirt place." Mudpelt narrowed his eyes but he moved aside to let her pass. Lilypaw speed toward Fourtree,her heart pounding. Shellclaw was already there,when he saw her he lit up. "You took so long I thought you weren't going to come!" he purred.

"Sorry," puffed Lilypaw, "I have to get pass Mudpelt." she lied.

Shellclaw sat down,suddenly looking sheepish and awkward.

"So?" prompted Lilypaw, "what do you want to said,come on and get over with it so I can go back and sleep!"

Shellclaw stretched the silence before meowing, "I love you."

Lilypaw feel like the world have just crash down. His word echoed all around her. Lilypaw feel like fainting. "What..did..you..said?" she stammered,praying she heard him wrong.

"I love you." repeated Shellclaw awkwardly. For some way,Lilypaw was glad he make it so simple,on other she feel like she want to run out and never ever look back again.

Lilypaw took a step back,trying to remain calm as her mind swirled. Maybe I should run. she decided awkwardly. Shellclaw hesitated. For a moment they stared at each other in silence. "Okay..thanks for telling me...I..need to go now." Lilypaw said at last.

"No wait!" Shellclaw cried, "Meet me here next claw-moon,please." he mewed. Lilypaw shook her head,took a step back again,before running away,and run for her camp,run for her life,heart pounding,she almost crashed into Mudpelt,who quickly jumped out of the way and give her a questing glance. Lilypaw ignored him and went straight to her nest and curled up,she felt exhausted.

Chapter 10 (Shellclaw POV)

Shellclaw watched as Lilypaw backed away,and run away. Shellclaw glanced up sadly. She doesn't look like she interested in me at all... Shellclaw crouched down for a while before turning back and walking slowly back to RiverClan.

He curled up,and he felt like not even a heartbeat passed,he felt a tongue stroking his fur,he opened a bit of his eyes and saw the blurry image of Mallowheart. Shellclaw rolled over and yawned,then grunted. He heard Mallowheart purred, "What make you so lazy? Last night vigil?" she half teased,half asked for real.

"I can't sleep last night." murmured Shellclaw as he curled up again.

"Oh," Mallowheart mewed,before adding, "when you feel like waking up,I would be by the stream," Mallowheart turned waved her tail good-bye before leaving. Shellclaw sneezed as his tail touched his muzzle. After a while he opened his eyes,he was afraid if he slept too long Troutail would come in and yowl at him. He hopped out off his den,hissed in annoyance as he accidentally tramped over his nest,almost tripping. He remembered what Mallowheart tell him and he padded toward the stream. Mallowheart sat there,gaze fixed on the water. Shellclaw mewed loudly, "Hi Mallowheart!" Mallowheart turned back and smiled, "I was afraid you wasn't going to come!" she mewed. Shellclaw shivered,he wasn't sure why. They sat there.catching trout,bass,any fish.

He only glanced up once,when he saw Lilypaw and Lilacpaw passing. He froze for a moment,Mallowheart break the silence. "Hello,Lilypaw and Lilacpaw!" she mewed cheerfully.

"Hi Mallowheart!" exclaimed Lilacpaw. Lilypaw only give Shellheart a dark glance. Shellheart swallowed. When the ThunderClan apprentices are gone Mallowheart asked, "What wrong? You look like you have been frozen to death!"

"I...I.." Shellclaw searched for the answer, How can I explain this? "I was just..." Shellclaw knew Mallowheart would wait until he finished. He feel like he wanted to tell someone how he felt about Lilypaw,he have too. And he knew he can always trust his sister,he lowered his voice before guiltly mewing, "You better not tell anyone,so..." he began..

Chapter 11 (Lilypaw/Lilypelt POV)

"Lilypelt! Lilacheart! Snowbreeze! Flowershine!"

"I can't believed we are finally warriors!" Lilacheart squealed. Whitepaw,now called Whiteblossom,who have been a warrior a moon or two earlier,nodded her head. "If you guys need any tips,you can ask me,Graystorm,Stormclaw or Cloudsky."

"Thank you,Whiteblossom," Lilacheart mewed gratefully to her friend. Lilypelt feel like leaping in the air. But she manged to control herself. Spotfur came, "You been a well,behaved and good appretice,you deserved this." Spotfur told her.

Lilypelt dipped her head to her former mentor. "Thank you." she mewed, Spotfur nodded. Leaftail wobbled up. "I am so proud of you and your sister!" Leaftail licked her ear,Lilypelt ducked away playfully and purred, "I am too old for this!"

"No matter how old you are,you are always my kit." Leaftail retorted playfully. Leaftail wobbled away again. Lionstar padded over,even though Lilypelt is now a warrior she still feel like she a kit compared to her father. "I watched you grow..I am proud of you," Lionstar rumbled,his eyes shine of pride. Lilacheart bounded over, "What about me? Are you proud of me?" she asked.

"Of course." Lionstar mewed, "you two are the best kits I could have asked for!" he told them. "Lionstar!" Russetail called, "I need to talk to you!"

Lilypelt looked around,she felt someone staring at her,she turned around and saw Mudpelt staring at her,when she saw him,instead of look away,Mudpelt nodded. Lilypelt dipped her head in respond before padding away. She noticed Snowbreeze staring at Mudpelt. Flowershine bounced over, "Being a warrior is so cool! We don't even have to do the elder nests or ticks anymore!"

Clawstep have emerged just in time to hear what Flowershine said, "That Lionstar! He didn't even save one apprentice to clean my nest!" he grumbled. Mossclaw appeared behind his denmate. "Oh,come on Clawstep! We can do our own nests." he added to the new warriors. "I would help your nest for a few day," offered Lilypelt,she felt sorry for the elders.

"Oh,don't worry." Mossclaw assured her.

Lilypelt,Lilacheart,Snowbreeze and Flowershine sat quietly for their vigil. Lilypelt stared up at the moon. Soon it would be claw-moon,and she would meet Shellclaw....Should I? the question kept repeating itself in Lilypelt mind.

Chapter 12 (Lilypelt POV)


Lilypelt called,she have decided to come,"Shellclaw!" she repeated,sounding more scared now. Suddenly something pounced on her,knocking her over. Lilypelt struggled to free herself,she look up and saw Shellclaw.

"You scared me!" she exclaimed half hearty.

"I know," Shellclaw licked his paw. "I was afraid you weren't going to come!" he exclaimed, "Lilypaw-" he began but Lilypelt interrupted him, "It Lilypelt now. I am a warrior now!" she told him.

"Congrats! Anyway,Lilypelt..I love you,would you meet me here every night?" he asked.

For some reason Lilypelt found herself meowing, "Of course!" she feel like kicking herself. Did I just said that?! Lilypelt wondered,she wished the answer is no. That night,she and Shellclaw roamed the outside of their border together,Lilypelt can't believed she was doing this with a RiverClan warrior! But she was having a good time. Shellclaw halted and Lilypelt almost bumped into him. "What wrong?" she asked. The answer come to her itself,a reek of scent hit her,so strong. A fox! Lilypelt gasped.

"Keep away!" snarled Shellclaw,flexing his claws,he leaped for the fox,suddenly everything was a blur to LIlypelt except for the sound of snapping jaw and slashing claws. She heard a few hiss,she was too dizzy to even help. All she could do was stood there. After what seem like forever,the fox let out a howl and jaw snapped once more before she saw the fox fled. Shellclaw raised his muzzle,he was wounded but he still stand with his head high.

"Are you all right?" asked Lilypelt,Shellclaw nodded,"Let's go back." Lilypelt noticed he was struggling to keep up. Lilypelt slowed down her pace. When they reached Fourtree Shellclaw give a jerky nod before turning away and limped toward RiverClan. Lilypelt sped toward her own camp.

It was almost dawn,before she reached her camp she washed her self in a lake that marked the ThunderClan and WindClan border. Heatherwind was leading a patrol with Sunpelt and Breezear. Heatherwind leaved a scent mark,she turned to Lilypelt,Lilypelt wasn't worry of Heatherwind,every cat know the WindClan deputy is easy talking and fair. But Heatherwind can get very harsh if she want.

"Be careful,don't touch WindClan side." she warned Lilypelt. Lilypelt nodded quickly, "I was just washing my paws." she explained quickly when Sunpelt glanced at her suspiciously.

"Come on!" Heatherwind beckoned them with her tail,Sunpelt give one last glance before following. After washing her paws Lilypelt hurried toward her camp. Lilacheart was already awake, Lilypelt rolled her eyes as her sister moon over Stormclaw. To distract herself from everything she decided to visit Lionstar. Lionstar was in his den,as usual and was yawning when Lilypelt entered.

"What is it?" he asked before Lilypelt could said anything.

"I..was just visiting you," Lilypelt meowed.

Chapter 13 (Lilypelt POV)

"Just one more,"

Russetail meowed as her paws moved over Lilypelt stomach. "Blackeye!" called Russetail, "get the borage ready." Blackpaw have become Blackeye two moons early. Lilypelt want to yowl,but her pain was too much. Is this what Leaftail have felt when she give birth to me? she wondered,suddenly understanding her mother pain.

"Would she be alright?" fretted Leaftail,peering over.

"Give me some space!" hissed Russetail to,about every cat. Finally what seem like forever Russetail let out a puff. "Alright. All done. Four wonderful kits. Mudpelt you can come in now!" Lilypelt have grow close to Mudpelt,every cat thought him as the kits father,Snowbreeze been a bit upset.

Mudpelt squeezed in. Lilypelt lifted her head,Blackeye pushed some kind of herbs toward her, "Eat these," he ordered,Lilypelt obeyed and ate those. Blackeye left after he make sure she was okay. Mudpelt settled next to her and Lilypelt still felt awkward being with him. Finally Lilypelt glanced down at her kits,four kits,three toms one she-cat. One tom was pale gray with a long tail like Shellclaw,another was ginger with black marks on his forehead,and there was a brown kit with white spots,the she-cat was tortoiseshell like Lilacheart.

"The gray one is Shellkit." mewed Lilypelt almost immediately.

"Anything you want." Mudpelt responded.

"The ginger one is Sunkit,the brown kit is Fawnkit and the tortoiseshell..what about.." Lilypelt titled her head.

"Tinykit? She look rather small to me." suggested Mudpelt.

"Yes,Tinykit." Lilypelt agreed. She checked one last time to make sure her kits are safe,she curled them up and lay her head down again. Mudpelt shuffled closer to her,and Lilypelt fallen asleep.

When she woke up Mudpelt was still there,he titled his head when she woke up. "Have a good rest?" he asked. Lilypelt nodded. That when Sunkit stretched his tiny jaw and let out a squeak,Lilypelt noticed Fawnkit was nearly on top of Sunkit,Lilypelt gently nosed Fawnkit away,who squeaked indignantly. "I would go get fresh-kill." Mudpelt meowed abruptly,turning and padded out.

Lilypelt stared around the nursery wall,suddenly glad it was only her in the nursery. She stared at her kits again,so peaceful. She wished it can be like this forever, I hope the secret won't be revealed. But it was her secret alone. If she keep this secret surely no one would find out,right? Unless...a thought strike Lilypelt. What if Shellclaw told some cat..? Then shaking her head she mused, Shellclaw won't tell any cat,he won't. Her thoughts were interrupted  when Mudpelt padded in,and dropped a shrew beside her, "You want this? Or something else?" he asked.

"A shrew is fine." Lilypelt mewed,and ate it in swift bite. Mudpelt settled down beside her again,but not for long when Spotfur called, "Mudpelt! You been cramped in the nursery all sun high! Come on! Get out!"

"I need to watch over my kits and Lilypelt," called back Mudpelt.

"They can do fine without you," snapped Spotfur.

"No," retorted Mudpelt stubbornly. "I am staying here." Lilypelt let out a marrow of amusement as Mudpelt and the deputy bickered. Finally Spotfur stick her head in, "I need you on hunting patrol!" she snapped in annoyance now.

"Voleclaw can take my place," responded Mudpelt. Lilypelt was a bit surprised at how daring Mudpelt can be.

"No! Voleclaw is on border patrol!" Spotfur exclaimed,frustrated.

"Then call someone else!" Mudpelt hissed.

"Who die and make you leader?" zipped back Spotfur. Lilypelt gaze darted from Spotfur to Mudpelt. After arguing what seem like forever Lilypelt meowed, "Don't worry Mudpelt..I would be alright.."

Muedpelt narrowed his eyes when he stood up,he glared at Spotfur as he slowly make his way toward the entrance. "I would be back soon." he promised to Lilypelt. Then he turned around and padded off. Lilypelt saw Spotfur let out a sigh before following. Lilypelt was glad for a chance to be alone but not long Mudpelt come barging back in.

"So quick?" asked Lilypelt,glancing. Mudpelt nodded. Lilypelt rested her head on her paw,she can't believed she have mated a RiverClan tom. her kits were squealing again,