NOTE: This is in Ginger's contest.

Do you miss me? I know I miss you, and yet I know one thing...

This is that no matter what, you may have never loved me, and I doubt you ever will now.

Not after that...

I hope you are happy with your new friend, with your little conversations while you two eat. 

With your shared looks of pure hatred at me.

Even if you used to love me, it seems you will never now.

Not after that...


Birdwing touched her nose to Blazeclaw's nose, her eyes happy as he smiled softly at her. His eyes were simply so wonderful...

But he was looking at something... Or someone. 

Turning around, Birdwing looked for the source of Blazeclaw's interest. She felt her heart shatter into pieces,  her eyes wide as he padded toward the thing he was looking at.

It was a cat, her name was Frostheart.

Oh yes, a frosty heart indeed. She seemed to be the meanest and yet most popular cat in the clan. She had icy white fur and clear blue eyes. 

Unsheathing her claws, Birdwing calmly turned to look at Frostheart. "Hello, Frostheart."  She hissed the word "Frostheart"

"Hello, Birdwing." Frostheart mewed icily. Looking at Blazeclaw, she said gently, "Blazeclaw."

Blazeclaw smiled warmly at Frostheart, "Hi there Frostheart!" He padded over to Frostheart, walking with her to the fresh-kill pile.

Birdwing looked at the ground, tears forming in her green eyes. Turning away from the sight of her two clan mates, Birdwing dashed off into the forest. Once in the depths of the forest, Birdwing curled up into a ball, tears staining her light gray fur to a darker gray. After a while, she stood up, her eyes blazing.

"Well then, if thats all he thinks of me, then too bad! I will never begin to love another cat, I will always love him, but he will never love me." she hissed at the clear and bright stars shining above her.

Whipping around, Birdwing began to pad out of the dark and shady clearing. 

"Hello there." A voice said. A smooth furred back she-cat padded out of the bushes, her green eyes shining.

"W-Who are you? You aren't from the clan... Why are you in my territory?" Birdwing growled, eyes wide.

"I am not important, however, my dear, you are quite important." the black cat swished her tail over the crackling fall leaves underfoot. "I believe we have much to talk about..."

Blazeclaw padded around the clearing, waiting for Birdwing to return. Even if they didn't love each other any more, he at least still worried for her as a fellow clanmate.

She padded into camp, her eyes distant. She seemed to avoid Blazeclaw, which annoyed him. He padded over to her, his eyes unreadable.

"Hello, Blazeclaw." Birdwing mumbled, a piece of prey in her jaws, she began to walk towards a nice and shady spot to sit and eat, but Blazeclaw blocked her with his tail.

"Listen, I know we had... Feelings for each other, but I hope you know that my feelings for you are no more than that of a fellow clanmate. Maybe you will find someone else, I know I did." Blazeclaw whispered to Birdwing, his voice soft.

"No... Just no." Birdwing dropped the mouse, her eyes blazing with cold fury. "I trusted you, I loved you. And for that I get this, your betrayal. Why would I love again if I knew this would happen again, I would cry again. I would feel my heart shatter to pieces again... No, I will never love again, I will always have strange surviving feelings for you."

"It is over, and you know it." and with that, Blazeclaw left the clearing.

Birdwing felt tears run down her face as she pelted into the warriors den, scrambled to her nest, then climbed into it.

Wiping the tears away, Birdwing lay still, her eyes closed, as she drifted off to sleep...

Chapter 1

"Birdwing, wake up!" meowed a voice from across the den. Looking up, Birdwing noticed her apprentice, Sunpaw, poking his yellow head into the den. "You promised you would teach me a new hunting technique today, remember?"

Snorting, Birdwing sat up. It had been three moons since she had had the issues with Blazeclaw. Now she had an apprentice, and was usually to busy to think about her lost relationship with him. "Yes, I remember... What time is it?"

Rolling his eyes, Sunpaw meowed, "Well, as you can see, all the warriors are out of this den beside you, so it is pretty late!"

Sighing, Birdwing padded over to her apprentice, "Well, what are you waiting for? let's go!"

Without waiting for an answer from the younger cat, she rushed out of the den, bounding towards the entrance to camp. Waiting for her apprentice now, she sat by the tunnel.

"Why do you need to run so fast?" Sunpaw muttered, out of breath as he stomped over to her.

"I do that to annoy you." Birdwing teased, flicking her tail before she disappeared into the dark tunnel.

Hissing in annoyance, Sunpaw followed her into the forest, which was much lighter than the tunnel.

"Why don't we have an easier entrance?" Sunpaw mewed once they were out of the tunnel and into the tall grass.

"I dunno. Maybe it's more sheltered?" Birdwing guessed as she slid into the thick undergrowth, followed by her apprentice.

"But it's harder to go in and out of camp, only one cat at a time can fit through." Sunpaw complained as he sniffed the air for any scents of prey.

"Ots harder to have an invasion too." Birdwing pointed out. She had caught the scent of mouse now.

Signaling with her tail at Sunpaw to tell him to be quiet, she sneaked through the bush in front of her.

At the foot of a nearby tree, a mouse was nibbling on a nut. Crouching to the ground, Birdwing stalked closer to the mouse, until she could easily leap at it.

With a quick pounce, the prey was in her jaws. Turning around to look at Sunpaw, Birdwing smiled. Then she lay the dead mouse down, and quickly buried it.

"Nice catch." came a mocking voice.

Turning to look for the source of the voice, Birdwing could've sworn her heart had stopped. Standing in front of her was Blazeclaw, with his apprentice, Foxpaw.

"Well, at least I found some prey at all." Birdwing pointed out, "You don't have any prey, though your apprentice does."

Sniffing Blazeclaw looked at his apprentice, "Well, I will have prey!" and with that, he stormed away.

Foxpaw followed him, but gave Birdwing and Sunpaw an apologetic glance.

Sunpaw looked at his mentor, frowning, "Was that really necessary?"

"Yes, it was." Birdwing said quietly, her eyes blazing as she looked at the bush in which the two cats had disappeared into.

Sunpaw rolled his eyes, but followed his mentor as she stalked off towards the training clearing.

Once they reached the clearing, Birdwing padded towards the center of the dusty area with no trees.

"It's quiet today." Sunpaw remarked as he padded over to his mentor. "Maybe we should've asked Blazeclaw and Foxpaw to train with us."

Birdwing spun around, eyes blazing with a fiery anger, "I'm sorry Sunpaw, but I would like to be as far away from Blazeclaw as possible for a while. Wait, not for a while, forever."

Sunpaw hissed, "It's not my fault that you two aren't lovebirds anymore! It's not Foxpaw's either. I would like to train with my sister for once you know!" His eyes were wide with anger. "I feel like I don't stand a chance against the older apprentices, and there aren't exactly any kits at the moment so I can look forward to them becoming apprentices for a fair chance at a fight." he whispered.

Birdwing's eyes were guilty looking, "Look, I am truly sorry you can't train with your sister, I truly am, but if I were to be in the same clearing as Blazeclaw for longer than necessary it may become... Bloody."

"It's not like you guys would be alone! Me and Foxpaw would be there, and we could get the other apprentices and their mentors to train with us too! Maybe we could plan some sort of activity for all the apprentices!" Sunpaw said, more calmly than before.

Birdwing seemed to brighten up, then laughed, "You talk way to much for an apprentice, you know."

Sunpaw smiled, "Yeah, the other apprentices seem to always complain about that... Anyway, why are we just standing here? Shouldn't you be showing me the hunting technique?"

Birdwing sighed, "You are a handful, how do you know you know I won't get mad at you now that you spoke at me that way?"

"I just know you won't." Sunpaw said, "You have a kind heart, even if you don't want one you know."

Birdwing looked at him, "Well, you are right that you won't be punished. And yet how would you know whether or not I have a kind heart?"

Sunpaw shrugged, "Can we start training now?" he begged.

Birdwing nodded, then dropped into a hunting crouch.

"Watch me." she said as she moved her paws slowly, barely taking them off the ground as she seemed to slither towards a tuft of grass nearby.

She moved silently, and when she was close enough to pounce at the grass, she leapt quietly at the grass. When she landed, she had the grass underneath her paws. With a quick nip, a blade of the grass was in her jaws.

Padding over to Sunpaw, she mewed, "You try." dropping the grass at his paws.

Nodding, Sunpaw dropped into a low crouch, trying to copy what his mentor had done, but his paws were more clumsy and were less quiet.

A bit sloppily, Sunpaw leapt at the grass, but he landed a tail-length away from the grass, tripping over a rock.

"It's impossible." Sunpaw mumbled, looking at his mentor.

Birdwing sighed, "No, it isn't. Try again."

Sunpaw did, he failed once more. He had failed a few more times when Birdwing looked at the sky.

"It's later than I'd thought..." she whispered to herself, eyes on the sun, which was now high in the sky.

Sunpaw looked at her, "Can I try one more time?"

Sighing, Birdwing said, "Yes, but then we need to actually catch some prey before returning to camp."

Nodding, Sunpaw fell into the crouch swiftly, then stalked perfectly over the ground. When he neared the grass, he tensed, ready to spring. His leap was perfect, landing on the grass.

He quickly bit a piece of grass from the ground before heading back to his mentor, his eyes joyful. "Did I do well?"

Birdwing looked at him with a small smile, "Of yourse you did!"

Tilting his head, Sunpaw looked at her quizzically, "I've never seen the other warriors hunt like that... Where did you learn it?"

Birdwing looked at the ground, eyes distant, "I created it myself..."

Sunpaw shrugged, "ok, just wondering... Can we hunt now? I be I can catch a bunch of prey now!"

Birdwing nodded, "Of course!" before padding into the undergrowth with Sunpaw a her heels.

When they returned to camp with lots of prey with them, the clan was delighted. Cats were rushing over to them, exclaiming about their catches as they lay them onto the now huge pile of food.

"That is the most prey I've seen caught by two cats in my whole life!" an elder exclaimed.

Sunpaw padded off to look for his sister while still being praised, but Birdwing just wanted to disappear.

She turned towards the warriors' den, taking with her two mice, one of them the first one she had caught.

When she entered the den, she saw Blazeclaw curled up in his nest, gently snoring. Laying the first mouse she had caught next to him, she went to her own nest, curling up to eat, and then to drift off to sleep...

Chapter 2

Blazeclaw stirred in his nest, waking up. Opening his eyes, he noticed the mouse next to him. Confused, he nosed at the mouse. It smelled like Birdwing.

Not knowing what to think, Blazeclaw looked over at Birdwing, in her nest.

I wish she knew the truth about Frostheart...

Sighing, with a pang of sadness in his heart, Blazeclaw took a bite of the mouse. It wasn't very warm, but he still ate it.

Of course, it was the mouse that he had sneered at, the one that he had seen Birdwing catch!

Standing up, Blazeclaw stretched. He was still tired, even though he had had a full night of sleep.

Padding out of the den, enjoying the feel of the sun on his fur. He could see his apprentice with her sister, Sunpaw, Birdwing's apprentice.

Frostheart was sitting with some other she-cats, probably gossiping lies about the other clanmates.

He winced, they were near the Freshkill pile, where he was trying to go. Yes, he had eaten Birdwing's catch for him, but he was still hungry, besides, there was more than enough food on the fresh-kill pile.

Slipping towards the food, Blazeclaw heard their conversation.

"Who do you think killed Stonewhisper?" one of the she-cats asked the others.

Stonewhisper was one of the cats of the clan, but he had been murdered by a cat. A cat that was definetly one of the cats of the same clan.

"I dunno..." Another whispered.

"I do!" Frostheart exclaimed, "It was Birdwing!"

The other she-cats gasped, no one had ever suspected Birdwing, she was too... Nice.

Blazeclaw's fur was on end, and he was very angry. "No, it wasn't! I was--"

He was cut off by Frostheart, "Blazeclaw, honey, may I talk to you for a second?"

Blazeclaw swallowed his anger, "Alright, Frostheart. We can talk."

Frostheart stood up, motioning with her tail for him to follow her. He did. She padded out through the tunnel out of camp, and into a thick bush near camp.

"You almost forgot about our... Deal." Frostheart hissed. "You don't tell anyone, and you to be my mate, you don't end up like Stonewhisper."

"Dont you think they deserve to know who murdered their clanmate? The monster who killed him?" Blazeclaw growled.

"No, you are walking on a very fine line, you are lucky I haven't decided to get rid of you yet." Frostheart whispered fiercely, "Now return to camp, and remember our deal."

Blazeclaw nodded, and began to pad back to camp.

If only I could tell Birdwing I love her, who killed him, that I still want to be with her... That Frostheart and me, that that's all a lie, that I am Frostheart's puppet, she has forced me to be her mate...

That I still love her more than anything in the whole world.

Blazeclaw squirmed into camp, grabbed a piece of prey, and then lay in the shade to eat.

Chapter 3

Birdwing was looking for Blazeclaw.

She had already asked Fallenstrike, Redwillow, and Poppyflight if they would like to train with her and Sunpaw, and maybe Blazeclaw and Foxpaw.

Foxpaw was eating with Sunpaw across the clearing, maybe she could ask Foxpaw where her mentor was!

Padding lightly, Birdpaw reached the two apprentices, "Foxpaw, do you happen to know where your mentor Blazeclaw is?"

Foxpaw shook her head, "No, I don't."

Birdwing sighs, "Ok, try to tell me if you see him."

Foxpaw nodded, then continued to talk with Sunpaw, while Birdwing padded over to the fresh-kill pile.

Birdwing padded over to the fresh-kill pile, grabbing a plump squirrel. Taking her food to the shade of the bushes, she lay down and began to eat.

As she ate, she scanned the busy clearing. Cats were eating, sharing tongues, and talking. Spottedstar was talking to the medicine cat.

Finishing the food, she stood up and walked over to the camp entrance. She slid through the tight tunnel, and into the wilderness.

Flicking her tail, Birdwing walked along, watching leaves rustle as the crisp winds hit them.

A leaf fell from a nearby tree, spiraling towards the ground. Feeling like a kit, Birdwing leapt at it. Batting at the leaf, Birdwing fell to the ground, a smile on her face.

"Birdwing!?" a cats voice came from a nearby bush.

Turning, Birdwing saw Blazeclaw. "Oh, Blazeclaw! I have a question, would you and Foxpaw like to train with me, Sunpaw, and the other mentors and their apprentices?"

Blazeclaw looked like he was pondering this for a second, before replying, "Ok, it would be a good experience for Foxpaw... When exactly will we all be training?"

"The other mentors and I have deicded tomorrow shortly after sunrise, if that's fine with you?" Birdwing questioned.

Blazeclaw nodded, "That's fine, but I have a question."

Birdwing tilted her head, "What is that?"

A smile was on Blazeclaw's face, "Why were you acting like a kit?"

Looking at the ground, Birdwing replied, "I dunno, I'm just immature. You said that yourself."

Blazeclaw's smile seemed to flicker, "That was while we were fighting..."

"Are we not still fighting? You are still with Frostheart." Though I dont understand why... Birdwing whispered.

"It's not like I want to be with her..." Blazeclaw said so quietly Birdwing could barely hear him above the rustling of the leaves.

"What was that?" Birdwing asked, suprised.

"Nothing!" Blazeclaw cried out, seeming to be shaken.

There was a loud rumbling noise, and rain began to fall from the dark sky. Suddenly, the wind picked up speed, making Birdwing more suprised.

"Come on!" Birdwing cried out, eyes wide.

They were far from the camp, near the border to another clan's territory. It would be hard to return to camp before the storm grew worse.

Birdwing could see the quick sparks of light above the trees, lightning. Another roar of thunder tumbled through her ears, making her wince.

Blazeclaw looked horrible, his eyes blank as Birdwing grabbed his scruff. He was bigger than her by far, but she was able to guide him in the direction of the camp.

Through his scruff, which was wet from the rain, she muttered, "Please wake up, don't be afraid! We won't be able to make it back to camp unharmed unless you snap out of it!"

His eyes seemed to regain some color, and he let out a quick breath, "What is happened?!?"

"You blanked out, and it is heavily storming!" Birdwing growled, letting go of his scruff.

Blazeclaw nodded, looking at her, "We should return as fast as we can... Should I carry you?"

Blinking, Birdwing shook her head, "I'm fine, lets get back to camp as fast as possible!"

Blazeclaw seemed a bit upset, but nodded.

Soon they were both pelting through the undergrowth as fast as they could, both of them breathing heavily.

When they were back at the camp tunnel, they looked at each other.

"You should get to the medicine cat." Blazeclaw said, seeing that Birdwing had a few bleeding scratches from the thick brambles.

Birdwing nodded, but stayed where she was, "You should see him too, and you should enter first, Frostheart is probably waiting for you."

Blazeclaw nodded, but still looked doubtful as he entered the tunnel ahead of her. Following him, Birdwing entered the camp.

Both of them padded to the medicine den, and surprisingly Frostheart didn't appear from one of the dens.

The medicine cat accepted them into his den, put herbs on their wounds, then let them leave back to the warriors den.

Birdwing padded to her nest, sad about Blazeclaw, but happy to be dry, then lay down to sleep.

Chapter 4

"Foxpaw! Time for training!" Blazewing called into the apprentices' den, waiting for his apprentice.

Today it was muddy and wet outside, but he and his apprentice were going to train with the other mentors and apprentices. 

And Birdwing. It made him upset that she still pretty much hated him, even though they used to be very close.

And why did she hate him? Why was his life pretty much ruined? Why did every day seem to drag on? That was simple. It was all because of Frostheart.

"Coming!" a voice came from the inside of the den. Foxpaw's head poked out from the fronds of bracken surrounding the den.

"Ready to train?" Blazeclaw asked, distracted from his saddening thoughts, and brought back to his apprentice.

Foxpaw nodded, excited. "Yes sir!" She raced over to the fresh-kill pile, grabbed a mouse, and padded back over to Blazeclaw. "Are you hungry?"

Blazeclaw shook his head, "I already ate, take your time eating though."

"Ok!" Foxpaw wolfed down the mouse before standing up, clawing at the ground in excitement, "Can we go now?"

Blazeclaw nodded, then padded in the direction of the entrance tunnel.

The camp was in a scoop in the ground, which was in the middle of their territory. It was surrounded by tall trees and dense undergrowth. The tunnel was the easiest entrance and exit.

Foxpaw dashed throught the exit, eyes wide, "Lets go!" Before he could answer, she was racing through a bush towards the training hollow.

Sighing, Blazeclaw followed her. He weaved, leapt, and ducked around branches, until he had reached the training hollow.

In the center of the clearing, Birdwing was demonstrating a move for the apprentices, including Foxpaw, who were all sitting in the shade. The mentors were watching from across the clearing.

BIrdwing was crouched low to the ground, then she leapt frorward, seeming to be aiming her paw at a falling leaf, before she landed on the ground, the leaf in her jaws.

"How did you do that?" Foxpaw asked from where she was watching, "I didn't even see you catch the leaf!"

Birdwing tossed the leaf to the ground. "Magic!"

Sunpaw rolled his eyes, Blazeclaw wondered if he knew how she had done it...

Birdwing turned around, eyes bright, "Oh! Hi there Blazeclaw!" Her hostility towards him had seemingly melted away. "Ready to teach the apprencices some moves?"

Chapter 5

Birdwing stepped back to let Blazeclaw demonstrate a move. He started up in a tree, then instructed her to walk by as though she were in a invading patrol.

Birdwing nodded, then tried to crawl as stealthily as she could through the clearing. When she had thought she was safe, Blazeclaw landed in front of her. Trying not to cry out in suprise, Birdwing raised her paw, claws sheathed.

Before she could move, Blazeclaw had whipped around, then he had kicked her in the belly.

Failing to hide her suprise in a wimper, Birdwing collapsed on the ground, feeling paws whack her back. Deciding to make a comeback, she waited until the paws had stopped, then she leapt to her paws, swatting Blazeclaw with her paws.

He fell, and she placed a paw on his back, so he couldn't move, then smiled. "Well then, who won here?"

Blazeclaw grunted, struggling to stand up. "You did... Anyway, I went easy on you. After all, you are a she-cat."

"That has simply gone to far." Birdwing replied, an edge in her voice. "Never underestimate your opponent, she-cat or tom. There are always strong cats, no matter what age, or gender."

Rolling his eyes, he swatted at her with his paw, "Nevermind, i was joking anyway."

"I know."

"Eww! Just stop, we came here to train, not to watch you two being lovebirds!" Sunpaw cried out, obviously annoyed.

Birdwing felt as though she had been snapped back to reality, eyes blinking, she looked at her apprentice, "Ok, I am sorry about that..."

Blazeclaw seemed just as suprised, his eyes were wide, and his fur on end.

The rest of the training went well, the apprentices learning new things and training hard. They all excelled, and soon were tired. The mentors were tired as well, as they had demonstrated all of the moves to the younger cats. 

Redwillow in particular looked tired, his eyes seemed cloudy, and he would occasionally cough loudly, making Birdwing shiver, if her clanmate was very sick, things might be going bad for the clan...

"Birdwing!" Blazeclaw meowed from across the clearing. He was the only other cat left in the clearing, the rest of the group were on their way back to camp. "You coming?"

Birdwing nodded, then padded after him as he shouldered throught the undergrowth. She could remember when they were close, almost always together, happy. That seemed like the oppisite of how thing were now, they were so far apart...

Redwillow began to have a coughing fit, the worst so far. He coughed up some blood, then continued to weakly walk towards camp.

Soon they were back at camp, which relieved Birdwing. "Redwillow, I will take you to the medicine cat, everyone else enjoy the rest of your day!"

"I will go with you!" Blazeclaw looked at Birdwing.

Birdwing blinked in suprise, "Its only the medicine den!"

"Oh well, Im coming anyway!" Blazeclaw walked over to her, eyes calm. "Come on everyone, enter camp now."

Chapter 6

"Sunwhisker! Foxflight!"

Blazeclaw looked at the cat who had been his appentice fondly. Birdwing, who was next to him, seemed to burst with pride. The two in front of them seemed to be happy as well, their eyes shone as the whole clan called their names.

After their clanmates congratulated the two apprentices, Birdwing and Blazeclaw walked over to them. "Wonderful job! I hope you two are excited to be warriors! We can't wake you up now though, so you should learn to wake up earlier."

Birdwing laughed, then smiled at the two and Blazeclaw, "I believe that what he means to say is this, congratulations on becoming warriors. We made you two nests at the edge of the den!"

Sunwhisker looked at the ground, an uncomfortable smile on his face, "You really didn't have to..."

Foxflight flicked her sibling with her tail, "Thanks guys, we appreciate it."

Blazeclaw nodded to them, then sighed, "I hope you like being warriors, you were wonderful apprentices."

Sunwhisker sighed, "I wish, all we did was be complete mousebrains."

Birdwing smiled fondly, "Well, you need to learn things, and sometines you learn best from your mistakes."

Blazeclaw felt a pang of sadness, then nodded, "It's true, I haven't heard of one apprentice who hasn't made one mistake in their who apprenticeship. Birdwing has made many too."

"Hey!" Birdwing batted at him with a paw, "You made plenty of mistakes too you know!"

"Yeah... I guess." Blazeclaw looked to the side, where he saw Frostheart. His voice caught in his throat, Blazeclaw looked at the ground.

"We should probably go, first hunting trip as warriors!" Foxflight said, then she and her brother raced away to the tunnel.

"I should go too." Blazeclaw said quickly, preparing to race towards Frostheart.

This caused Birdwing to be upset, but she simply replied, "Ok, thats fine." She turned around, then padded away from him.

Blazeclaw looked after her, sad, before walking towards Frostheart. 

"Why were you with her?" Frostheart hissed to him, her eyes narrowed.

He looked at her, fur on end, "I can talk with whoever I want!"

"Really?" Frostheart said with a hint of menace in her voice.

"Yes." Blazeclaw turned around, then left. He padded to the tunnel, then exited camp. 

In the forest, Blazeclaw was stalking a scrawny mouse. It was chewing on a seed, sitting on the roots of a tree.  Trying not to make any noise, Blazeclaw crouched, then moved across the forest floor. Preparing to leap at the prey, he suddenly stopped.

The moues was frightened now,  and was scampering off to its hole in the tree.

"Mouse-dung!" Blazeclaw cried out, annoyed.

"Ouch!" A cat fell from the tree, landing in front of Blazeclaw. It was Birdwing, "Sorry... I was hunting a bird but lost my footing on the branch I was on..."

He flicked his tail, "It's fine."

Birdwing nodded in thanks before looking at the ground, "You almost caught it."

"Almost doesn't feed the clan." Blazeclaw replied before sniffing the air, trying to find more prey. He stopped smelling the air for a second, "Wait a minute, were you following me?"

Birdwing looked up from the ground, "Well... Umm... Yeah."

Blazeclaw sighed, "Why?"

"I dunno, I really was hunting for a while, but then I saw you and decided to watch you hunt." Birdwing turned around. "I should probably go anyway."

"No, wait!" Blazeclaw cried out, but she had already left.

Chapter 7

Birdwing stood at the head of the patrol. Sunwhisker, Blazeclaw, Foxflight, and Ferretclaw were with her.

"Remember, we are only hunting, not chasing dogs." Birdwing meowed to the younger cats, Blazeclaw at her side.

"We know that!" Ferretclaw muttered. He had just become a warrior, and was disrespectful.

Sunwhisker shot him a warning glance. "Yes, Birdwing." he mewed calmly, eyes still on the rude warrior.

Birdwing turned around as though the younger warrior hadn't said anything, and led the way out of camp and into the forest. She turned around to look at everyone, stopping.

"Why did we stop?" Foxflight asked, trying not to be rude.

"I believe that we should split into two groups. Blazeclaw, you and Ferretclaw will hunt in the denser woodland,  while Foxflight, Sunwhisker, and I will hunt near the Thunderpath." Birdwing said slowly.

They all nodded, but as Ferretclaw walked away with Blazeclaw, he whispered to the older warrior, "She just wants to get rid of us!"

Blazeclaw hissed in warning before leading the other warrior in the direction in which they were told to go.

"Alright, lets go!" Birdwing pelted towards the area of forest near the Thunderpath. 

"Birdwing!" Sunwhisker called out to her as he tried to keep up, "Where are we going to meet them after we hunt?"

"We will probably just meet them back at camp." Birdwing replied, unfazed.

Sunwhisker slowed down so he fell in line with his sister as they continued to run through the forest.

Birdwing loved the forest, from the sound of the birds, to the moss and grass beneath her feet, to the shade the tall trees which surrounded her provided. The beauty of the flowers and the sparkling water of the stream as she leapt over it, landing on the other side. Once she landed, she sat down, waiting for the younger two cats.

Soon, Sunwhisker and Foxflight had both joined her by the stream, out of breath. They took ragged gulps of air as Birdwing sniffed the cool air.

Sunwhisker watched Birdwing, eyes wide, "How did you run that fast and not be tired?"

Birdwing looked at the young cat, a twinkle of humor in her eyes, "Maybe I am tired, but I'm not making a huge show of it, unlike you two."

They continued walking, when Foxfligth seemed to have scented something. "I'll be right back!" She mewed loudly before pelting off into the dense undergrowth.

Birdwing blinked, "I guess I'll try to scrounge up whatever I can find at the moment..."

Sunwhisker nodded before heading towards the Thunderpath, ears perked as he listened to everything around him.

Birdwing watched him go before returning to the search for her own catch. She could smell a mouse, and hear its paws scuffling against the leafy forest floor. Slowly, she crept forward, eyes peeled for the soon-to-be-Freshkill.

Suddenly, before she pounced, a flash of white shimmered in the undergrowth, seeming to be near the Thunder-path. It was glossy, and was obviously that of a cat's.

Birdwing looked up at the place where the mouse had been, but all that was left was an upturned leaf where it had been. Cursing, she decided to investigate the white fur, which was now invisible from where she was. 

It had to be a cat from her clan! She had only smelled clan scent, not rogue, kittypet, or loner! But who? Only a few cats in the clan had white fur! Hmm... Let's see... Iceclaw, Snowpaw, Dapplelight, and... That's it! It must have been Frostheart! It had smelled like her, so there! If it was Frostheart, I should climb a tree so she won't notice me, but I can still manage to, you know, watch her.

Digging her claws into the thick bark of the oak tree which she was hunting near, he propelled herself up it's trunk, stopping on a fairly low branch. Trying to balance the best she could, she stumbled along the thick branch, that got thinner, and thinner, and...

Sunwhisker! The young warrior was talking with Frostheart by the Thunderpath...

Birdwing dug her claws into the branch, filled with anger. What is she doing with him, and why so close to the Thunderpath? She leaned forward, trying to hear what they were saying, but she only heard snippets of their conversation.

"...Rouges across the Thunderpath..." Frostheart muttered.

"What?!" Sunwhisker had cried.

"...You could stop them..." 


Frostheart seemed to prepare Sunwhisker to cross the Thunderpath, watching for monsters. "Go!"

As soon as the word came out of Frostheart's mouth, Birdwing wanted to yell 'No!' and yet she couldn't. She was frozen in horror as one of the mosters roared by, hitting him.

Frostheart seemed to smile, eyes slits as she padded over to Sunwhisker, or at least what was left of him. The monster had hit him hard enough to steal his life, but he wasn't bleeding.

Tears blurred Birdwing's vision, and she leapt down the tree, dashing over to Frostheart, who now looked innocent. "W-What happened?"

Frostheart's voice was flat, unlike her expression, "Monster."

Grabbing Sunwhisker's scruff, dragging him off the Thunderpath. Once off the monster-infested path, she looked at Frostheart, "Go find the others, now."

Frostheart opened her mouth as though she were going to complain, but simply nodded instead, padding away.

Dipping her head, Birdwing touched her muzzle to Sunwhisker's fur, tears still streaming down her face. "I will avenge your death, I swear."

Chapter 8

Blazeclaw was helping Ferretclaw to carry Sunwhisker back to camp. Frostheart had found both Ferretclaw and Blazeclaw while they were hunting. When they had returned back to the place where Birdwing had dragged Sunwhisker, Foxflight had joined Birdwing in mourning.

Foxflight was now leaning against Birdwing as they all trudged back to camp. They were talking quietly to each other now, also. They were the most upset, as Sunwhisker had been Foxflight's brother, and Birdwing's former apprentice. 

They were almost at camp now. Frostheart had already told them what had happened: A monster had hit him while he was chasing a rabbit. Birdwing and Foxflight had not agreed with this, but were now quiet. Frostheart had now run ahead to camp to warn everyone, so it was only the four of them now as they padded through the undergrowth.

"We'll run ahead, if thats fine with you guys." Birdwing said, voice hollow with grief.

Blazeclaw nodded, along with Ferretclaw. 

The she-cats rushed ahead, leaving the two toms together with Sunwhisker, or what was left of him by now. He was limp, so they practically were dragging him to camp.

"This is depressing." Blazeclaw commenting, not expecting the younger cat to reply.

And yet he replied anyway. "Yes, I feel shaken now, more than ever before."

By now, camp was in sight, causing them to put on a burst of speed. "Just go ahead, I can carry him the rest of the way." Blazeclaw mewed to Ferretclaw, grabbing Sunwhisker's cold scruff tightly, then pelting as fast as he could towards camp, wanting the comfort and feeling of safety the camp provided.

As Ferretclaw disappeared through the tunnel into camp, Blazeclaw guided Sundapple's body into the tunnel itself, and moving it along the tight space. When they finally entered camp, it had felt like an eternity of running and walking to return. Cats were gathered around him, crowding the clearing.

"What happened?"

"Why isn't Sunwhisker moving, mommy?"

"Who did this?"

A shape bounded towards him, squeezing between the cats who had gathered. "Please let me through!" It was Palelight, Sunwhisker and Foxflight's mother. Her eyes were clouded with greif as she walked forward to see her limp and unmoving kit.

"Everyone! Go back to your dens!" A loud voice called over the smaller voices, causing them all to quiet. Emerging from his den, Lionstar appeared. He had long golden fur, and green eyes. His muzzle and most of his fur was flecked with gray due to his old age. "What has happened here?" He asked once he had reached them and most of the cats had left. 

Now the only living cats in the clearing were Palelight, Frostheart, Birdwing, Blazeclaw, Ferretclaw, Foxflight, Lionstar, and the medicine cat, Willowsong, who had gray fur and clear blue eyes.

"Does anyone have any idea who did this?" The regal leader asked, eyes all of the cats who sat with him.

Frostheart stepped forward, head bowed, "First of all, my leader, I would like to welcome you out of your den, as you have been gone for so long, seemingly lost to the shadows inside. Secondly, I would like to accuse Birdwing for killing him. She lured him onto the road by claiming that there were rogues on the other side, and that he should investigate. I also believe that she is the murderer of our beloved clanmate who died early on these few moons, Stonewhisper."

Blazeclaw felt as though the breath had been knocked out of him, she was accusing Birdwing of everything she had done!

"Well Frostheart, you are certainly pinning a lot on Birdwing. if you are wrong, that gives us a reason to believe that you are a traitor, are you aware of this?" Lionstar asked, is calm gaze on the much younger cat.

Frostheart nodded.

"Very well. Birdwing, what do you have to say about all of this?" Lionstar asked, turning his attention to Birdwing.

"You can't ask her! She'll just deny everything!" Frostheart cried out, frustrated.

Lionstar flicked his tail at her, an act of silencing.

"She lies. She was the one who told Sunwhisker that there were rogues across the Thunderpath, then purposely counted so he would get hit by an oncoming monster. As for Stonewhisper's death, I dont know anything on the subject." Birdwing replied, calm.

"Does anyone have any support for either Birdwing or Frostheart?" Lionstar asked.

"I support Birdwing! She and I both saw her kill him, I was hunting, then saw them, deciding to watch. I saw my brother die basically at her paws!" Foxflight cried out.

Lionstar nodded in aknowledgement, "Anyone else?"

Summoning all his strength, Blazeclaw stepped forward, "Yes, Frostheart was the one who killed Stonewhisper, I saw her, so she threatened that she would kill me!"

"Frostheart, more cats vote against you, do you have a confession to make?" Lionstar asked, a slight edge in his voice.

"I hate you all!" Frostheart cried out, before leaping at Birdwing, claws unsethed and at her throat. "Anycat moves, and Birdwing dies."

Blazeclaw froze in fear as Frostheart bared her long teeth at the others. He had to save Birdwing, but how could he without killing her?

A black furred shape appeared out of one of the extremely tall trees surrounding the camp. "Get away from her, my daughter!"

Frostheart looked up at the shecat in the tree, eyes wide, "Mother, I thought I had already killed you!"

"Shadowpool!" Lionstar poke in amazement as he watched the shecat bound down the tree. "I had thought a dog had attacked you!"

"No, she did." Shadowpool turned to look at her daughter, teeth bared, "Walk away from Birdwing, what has she ever truly done to you?"

Strangely, Frostheart obeyed, stepping away from the shecat so she could scamper back to her clanmates. "What do you want? Do you want me to kill you again?"

"No, I wish for you to die with me!" Shadowpool leapt at Frostheart, clawing at her. Frostheart clawed back at her, both were bleeding.

Blazeclaw steepped forward to stop them, but Lionstar stopped him, "Let them fight to the death, it is their destiny."

At that moment Shadowpool had lunged forward to bite Frostheart's neck, but not before her daugther was able to leave deep claw marks on her. Frostheart went limp in her mother's jaws, the claws of death enveloping her at last.

Shadowpool turned to look at the others, pain clouding her eyes. "Goodbye-" She collapsed to the ground, bleeding heavily.

Lionstar touched his muzzle to Shadowpool's shoulder at she grew cold, and death snatched her away. "Goodbye my friend."

Blazeclaw looked at Birdwing, eyes wide like hers, Is this how it all ends?

Chapter 9

Birdwing nuzzled her mate, Blazeclaw. 

They now had three kits: Sunkit, a young golden-furred tom, Shadowkit, a black furred shecat, and Lightkit, who had pale cream colored fur.

Sunwhisker and Shadowpool had both been mourned properly, though Frostheart had been abandoned on the Thunderpath.

Curling her tail around her kits, Birdwing looked up at Blazeclaw, eyes happy, and teasing. "Well, will I ever get any food around here? I had kits recently you know, your kits."

Blazeclaw nodded, a smile on his face, before rushing to the freshkill pile outside the nursery. Soon, he returned with a squirrel, which he let her eat.

"They're beautiful" he finally said, still looking at the kits.

"Yes, yes they are." Birdwing replied, looking at her mate.

"You know, Frostheart was truly evil." Blazeclaw remarked, "Killing so many cats and all..."

"Yes, she was, though I do pity her." Birdwing said slowly.

"And why may that be?" Blazeclaw asked, confused.

"She never had a true mate, and I guess she was really lonely."

"Maybe." Blazeclaw thought for a moment, "Still, I don't forgive her, for anything."

"Neither do I."


"Yes, Blazeclaw?"

"I love you, truly."

"i love you too."

I simply must add that this is the end!

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