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this series takes place in the old forest.

Yeah, I just kinda thought up this series while reading Bluestar's Prophecy. The reason I thought this up is I was thinking about all the cats that were dying in pointless battles while the cats that really needed to die sat plotting and training (Thisleclaw and Tigerclaw). So this series is about killing the cats who need to be killed and saving the cats who need to be saved.

Although it sounds grouesome, all the books are rated moderate because it has a lot of violence, but it is regreted, and most of the bloody gorey stuff is covered up grief for some lost ones, and strangely enough only like, 5 cats die in these booksand three of them are in the first book and are unnamed kits.

This series is basicly about three apprentices who were just made warriors, Strongclaw, Sweetberry, and Bluedove. Strongclaw is a gray tom who seems to think fighting is the only answer. Sweetberry is a ginger she-cat who is to kind and would give away all of ThunderClan's territory to a starving Kittypet. Bluedove is a blue-gray she-cat with a darker gray spot on her back. She is kind of in the middle, kind but aggressive. Strongclaw is a RiverClan warrior, Sweetberry is a ThunderClan warrior, and Bluedove is a WindClan warrior. Just as the first book begins, ShadowClan is driven out by Twolegs.

Strongclaw, Sweetberry, and Bluedove make a heroic journey together (but do not get along) to fetch ShadowClan and fight for their homes back from the Twolegs. As they journey they meet many different cats, and create three traveling Clans known as StrongClan, BerryClan, and DoveClan.

Traveling Clan: a group of cats, just like a normal Clan, but they do not have one camp, they keep traveling from one place to the next.


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