Season One

Episode One: Wind Chimes

Being a Water Elemental, Chime is forced to separate from her family, living her life in complete secrecy. As she lives the life of a loner, she desperately tries to keep her abilities concealed from others. But when she bumps into a ShadowClan tom, her life changes for the worst.

Episode Two: Fire Elemental

Chime has made a mistake. She foolishly followed a strange tom into the forest, now she's captured by ShadowClan. She fears for her future, knowing that Elementals are considered scum with the Clans. However, there are traitors within ShadowClan that could save Chime from destruction. 

Episode Three: Escaping Chances


Episode Four:

Episode Five: 

Episode Six:

Episode Seven:

Episode Eight: 

Episode Nine:

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