This is a series by Nighty. It is based partially off of Rainy's series The Hidden. It is told from Fallenpaw's POV.

(all credit to the play/movie Les Miserables and the original soundtrack)

Okay, so this isn't a songfic series. It's more like a series of normal fanfics based off the songs from the play Les Miserables. So, without further ado...


The Parole

Freedom and Forgiveness

6 Moons Later

At The End of the Day

I Dreamed a Dream


Castle on a Cloud

Master of the House

6 Moons Later

Look Down

Red and Black

I Saw Him Once

A Heart Full of Love

On My Own

The Arrival of Talonstrike

Little People

Do You Hear the People Sing?

A Little Fall of Rain

Final Battle

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables


Together At Last

The Death of Talonstrike

Our Communion


Winterpaw as Gavroche

Adderclaw as Jean Valjean

Ripplefeather as Eponine

Sunbloom as Cosette

Darkfoot and Whitefrost as the Thenardiers

Talonstrike as Javert

Featherflight as Fantine

Bravewind as Marius

Viperstar as The King


  • I have left out some parts about Featherflight/Fantine for our younger readers.
  • Some titles of the songs have been changed to fit the story.
  • Instead of being arrested for stealing, Adderclaw/Valjean was arrested for not making prey payments. Adderclaw/Valjean is/was a theif in this, though.
  • The characters above are not the full cast, just the main characters.
  • If you have watched the play/movie, you will know that part of it is about the failure of the Revolution. In this series of songfics I am referring to the fact there was another revolution before the one in The Hidden.
  • Darkfoot and Whitefrost/the Thenardiers do own a sort of "inn" in this. It is just a small clearing on the outskirts of the GreenClan camp. The cats who stay there make payments of prey, of which Darkfoot and Whitefrost/ the Thenardiers sell on the black market.
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