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Molekit's last words to his mother, Poppyfrost.

Last Words Before Death


I was killed today.

By a ShadowClan patrol.

No need to fuss.

Time for me to go.

I wanted to tell you how much I loved you.

Tell Jayfeather he did as much as he could.

Tell Cherrykit she's the only one now.

Did what I was told.

Lived a good life.

When we played.

I never said goodbye.

I had to go Mom.

Please don't cry.

I'll always be with you.

In your heart.

Even if you can't see or hear me.

I'll be there.

When the cats attacked, a huge claw swiped across my chest.

He was bloodthirsty.

I died.

Tell Berrynose I love him.

And the same with you.

Tell Firestar he was a great leader.

Tell Dovepaw, that she was great. I was thankful when she brought the water back.

Tell Daisy I'll miss her.

Tell my friends that they'll always be the best.

I'll be watching you.

I'm no better than the rest.

Tell Bumblestripe, I'll never become his apprentice.

I left without a lick or a nuzzle.

Mommy, 'please remember I'm in StarClan with the rest.

I ran as fast as possible.

When I heard the claw scratching, mom, listen to me if you could.

I wanted to become a warrior.

The deputy.

The leader.

I guess I'll never see the forest.

I wanted to have a mate.

And have a kit.

I wanted to be the best warrior ever. I wanted to live.

But I must go now. Time is flying.

Tell the Clan I'm sorry.

I love you, mom, it's true.

I guess I just wanted to say, 'Mom, I love you.'

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