Note: This series is a rewrite of another series. To read the old version, see The Forming of Lakeclan Series.


A trilogy series about the creation of Lakeclan by Aquamarine1212.

✾ . BOOK 1: Newleaf

There is only one rule for the cats of the lake - loyalty to blood comes before everything. In the frigid Norwegian forest, kinships of cats fight for survival. Families have to stick together - everybody else is competition in the forest. Lake, orphaned from the age of ten months old, has to play to the ever-shifting alliances in order to survive. But Cloudberry, a young mollycat, proposes a ludicrous idea - a permanent alliance between all the cats of the lake. At the same time, Lake is making powerful allies, and something is leaving behind a trail of bodies in the forest. Together, Lake and Cloudberry just may be able to unite the cats of the lake underneath one banner to face this new threat, before it's too late.

⚡ . BOOK 2 : Divided

Coming Soon

☼ . BOOK 3: Wildfire

Coming Soon
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