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For season upon season, the cats living around the lake have lived apart and alone, fending for only themselves. But when a tom named Lake rises to power and begins to build a clan, nothing will ever quite be the same. Bitter feelings arise, and Lakeclan may just find that it has already made a vicious enemy.



Leader: Lakewater - short-haired blue-gray tom with blue eyes.

Deputy: Mist - long-haired light gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: Cloudsky - long-haired gray she-cat with a white left paw and blue eyes.


Air - short-haired ginger tom with green eyes.

Dust - short-haired brown tabby tom with green eyes.

Fire - short-haired reddish orange she-cat with amber eyes.

Mud - short-haired brown she-cat with green eyes.

Streak - short-haired white she-cat with gray tabby markings and blue eyes.

Snow - short-haired white she-cat with amber eyes.

Grass - long-haired dark gray and white tom with green eyes.


Leader: Viperfire - shor-thaired brown tabby tom with green eyes.

Deputy: Flameclaw - long-haired ginger tom with darker ears, tail and paws and green eyes.

Medicine Cat: Tinybird - short-haired blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes.


Gorgedip - long-haired black tom with green eyes.

Nightpelt - black she-cat with green eyes.

Raccoonfeet - black she-cat with white paws and amber eyes.

Treeflower - brown tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes.

Applefang - ginger she-cat with blue eyes.

Grassclaw - gray tom with green eyes.


Rabbitpaw - white tom with green eyes.

Badgerpaw - black tom with a white stripe running down his back and amber eyes.

Blackpaw - black she-cat with amber eyes.




All was quiet in the forest. Then grass rustled and cats slipped out of the shadows. They all gathered around a tree in the clearing. Every cat in the forest had gathered here. Every cat but one. One cat stayed in the shadows and watched, his green eyes gleaming. Then a blue gray cat came out from the crowd and jumped onto the tree.

"Cats, you all know why we have gathered." he began. "We are thinking of making a clan. One clan is stronger than one cat. The elderly cats will be fed, the queens will have more cats to care and watch for them, and we will be able to defeat more enemies than we could separated." Cats murmured in agreement. “But if we are to do this, we need to choose a leader. How many cats think I should be leader?” the blue tom said. Every cat in the clearing said I. “Does anyone think they should be leader?” the blue tom said. Just then the dark tabby with green eyes came out.

“I would like to be leader.” He proclaimed.

“Cats who want him to be leader, say I.” the blue tom said. The clearing was silent.

“Then I shall be leader.” The blue tom proclaimed. Cats in the clearing cheered. “The meeting is now dismissed” he said, then jumped off the tree. The dark tabby walked away slowly, and his green eyes flared with anger.

“I was afraid of this.” He murmured to himself. “They don’t trust me. But I shall build a bigger and better clan, then destroy theirs. I shall rule every cat that steps beside the lake, and I will not allow one cat into my territory without permission. Lake, prepare to be killed.” Then he dashed into the undergrowth, and was gone.

Chapter 1

Lake woke up and then immediately remembered what had happened last night. He was going to be leader of the new clan! He got up and stretched his legs. The colors of dawn reflected in the lake. What shall my clan be called? he thought. He looked at the colors reflected in the lake. Dawnclan? No, not right. How about Lakeclan? Yes, that was it! It made sense because they lived beside the lake!

What should cats be called? Well, cats expecting kittens are always called queens. And cats that hunted and fought for the clan could be called warriors for their strength and courage, like a warrior. Cats that we being trained to be hunters could be called apprentices. Elderly cats could be called elders and the cat that would take over after him could be called a deputy. And a cat who healed others could be called a medicine cat! He thought. Now he had everything sorted out. Except he needed a camp. He started to walk around. He started to approach the river area. Then Mist, one of the clan members, appeared out of nowhere.

“Trying to find a camp?” she said.

“How did you know?” he said suspiciously.

“Good guess” she said and shrugged.

Lake said. “So, what are you doing out here?”

“Just looking around, enjoying things.” Mist said. "Look at the way the dawn shimmers on the lake." She sighed. Then she tilted her head curiously. "Oh, I never noticed that island before."

“I think I just found a camp!” Lake suddenly said, and then dashed off. Mist bolted after him. Finally, Lake made it to the shore close to the island. “This island should be our camp!” he said.

“How do we get to it?” Mist asked.

“Like this.” Lake said, and then shoved a fallen piece of timber to the shore, and placed it so one side was on the shore and one was on the island. “And it’s even better because when danger comes, we drag the log to our island, and the enemy has to swim. And that gives us more time to warn people and get into hiding.” Lake said excitedly.

“Good choice.” Mist said calmly.

“Mist, can you tell everyone to meet me in the river area by the lake tomorrow at sunrise?” Lake pleaded.

“Sure.” said Mist, and was gone.

“Good, now I know everything I needed too.” Lake thought. Then he went to his nest and took a long nap.

Lake yawned. It was almost sunrise! He got up quickly. It took a minute to regain his balance, but when he did he dashed to the shore of the river area. “Good.” He thought. “I’m the first one here.” He looked around for a tall rock or tree to go in so everyone could see him. “Aha! There’s one!” he thought. He ran over and went on the tall rock. He looked down. “Yep, everyone will see me here!” he thought.

He waited a while, and soon all the cats gathered. Then he yowled for silence, and the clearing fell silent. “Cats, I have found a camp.” He began. Cats started to cheer. Lake raised his tail for silence. “I need to know your opinions on it first, so we are going to see it today. Follow me” he yowled, and then jumped off the rock to lead them to the island.

“We’re here” he announced. “Follow me to the island.” Lake jumped onto the log. It was a bit wobbly, but after a bit it steadied. He walked across carefully, watching the dark murky water below lapping at the log. When he made it to the other side he signaled for the others to follow. Lake watched all of them go over.

Almost every cat was over, but Cloud hadn’t made a move to go over. “Come on Cloud!” Lake shouted. Cloud looked at the water doubtfully. Finally she jumped onto the log. It started to wobble, and then she panicked. She tried to run to the other side but didn’t make it. She fell into the water.

“Help!!” she screamed. Lake raced to the shore and jumped in. He could feel the water tugging him down, but refused to go down. He grabbed Cloud by the scruff, and then started to swim towards shore. He kept going. Then suddenly it was a bit too much for him. The weight of Cloud tugged him down, but he kept Cloud’s head above water. When he came up for a breath, he saw he was almost to shore. He summoned up all his strength, and then swam as fast as he could. When he got to shore Dust and Fire took Cloud for him, and he heaved himself on land. Cloud started coughing up water, and then Lake joined her. Finally he caught his breath and heaved himself up.

“Are you sure this is the right choice?” Dust said. “A cat could drown trying to get to their camp!”

"Cloud is not meant to be a warrior.” Lake whispered. "She is meant to be a medicine cat, and she will learn how to get over the bridge, don’t worry.”

“Ok…” Dust said, but obviously he still wasn’t sure.

“So, in the middle of the island is a huge tree. That is where I will call clan meetings” Lake began. There is a hole in the tree, so I can also have my nest in there. There are caves around the island too. I found one for the warriors and one for the apprentices. We can build a wall made of twigs and brambles to make the nursery, and there is a nice looking log that the elders can nap in.”

“Sounds like a good camp to me.” Fire said. “Why don’t we go check it out?” she said. Then she dashed to the middle of the island. Other cats were about to follow but looked at him.

“Go ahead.” He said, and then the whole clan dashed to see the camp.

“Wow!” Dust said, thoroughly impressed. The clan stayed and explored the island the rest of the day.

“Good night!” Lake said to his clanmates, and then went to his new nest. They had built nests, explored the island, and made half of the nursery all in one day. “I’m pooped” he thought as he flopped into his nest. It had been a long day, and tomorrow would be their first full day as a clan. “I hope we grow strong and make a wonderful clan," he thought, and then dropped off to sleep.

Chapter 2

The dark tabby tom headed towards the outskirts of the lake territory. “I must find cats to train” he thought. “And I know where one is” he ran past the border and into a small cave on the other side. “Gorge! Gorge!” he yelled into the cave.

“What do you want Viper?” a big black tom came out of the cave.

“I am forming a clan.” Viper began. “And I want you to be in it.”

“Seriously? I’d love to!” Gorge said. “Good. Meet me at the edge of the pine forest in two sunrises.” Viper said. Then he dashed into the undergrowth.

Viper went to every cat on the outskirts of the territory. Now he had enough to build a clan! He must find a camp though. He looked around. “Aha! Perfect!” he thought. He ran over to a big dip in the ground. “That can be the leaders den, that one can be the warriors den, that one can be the apprentices den, that one can be the elders den, that one can be the medicine cat's den, and that one can be the queens den!” he thought. He went into the leaders den. “Here’s a good place for a nest!” he thought gingerly. He gathered up some moss, feathers, and soft grass, then laid it all into a big nest. He curled up and fell asleep, dreaming of ruling the forest.

Viper woke up. Then he remembered. Today was the meeting! He got out of his nest quickly and dashed to the meeting place. Only a few cats weren’t there yet! He jumped into a large tree and waited. Soon the two missing cats came. Then he yowled “Silence!” Everyone looked up to him.

“We are building a clan.” He began. “And tonight we gather to discuss who wants to be in my clan. If you want to join my clan, and live a better life say I.” Every cat in the clearing said I. Good. He thought. My plan is working. But before I put the best part into action, I must make my clan strong over the moons.

“Then I shall give you all warrior names. I shall keep your name, but add another word to the end of it. Gorge, come forward.” He said. Gorge came up feeling excited and determined.

“Gorge, do you promise to follow the leader's rule and fight for your clan, even at the cost of your life?” Viper asked.

Gorge nodded eagerly. “Yes!” he said.

“Then I hearby name you Gorgedip!” he yowled. “Gorgedip! Gorgedip!” the cats yowled. Gorgedip went back down to the crowd.

Viper went through the same ceremony for each cat. “Now, I shall do the most important and last ceremony!” Viper said. “I am now Viperfire!” Cats cheered as loud as they could. “Now follow me to camp!” he yowled. Then ran towards the big dip in the ground.

Viperfire curled up in his nest. Today he had become leader of… what should his clan be called? Flameclan! Yes that was it. He was now leader of Flameclan! Then he fell into a deep sleep. He shook his head. He was in a forest!

Then he heard a voice, and it whispered in his ear, “Beware! The lake is strong, and can beat you easily! You must train hard, and in time, you may be able to defeat the lake, once the flame grows strong and big!”

“Who are you!” Viper demanded.

“I am one of Fireclan, your ancestors.” The voice said. “I shall meet you often.” Just then a large tabby appeared. "I am your father, and someday you shall join me in Fireclan, and then Flameclan will have real ancestors, but right now I am the only one in Fireclan. Goodbye, young son.” The dark tabby began to fade.

“Wait! I must now what the lake and flame message means!” Viperfire said. But the dark tabby tom was gone.

Chapter 3

Lake yawned. Then he remembered that today was the first full day of Lakeclan! He got up and stretched. He went out, and then leaped in the high tree. “Clan meeting!” he yowled. All the cats gathered around the high tree. “I think we need to discuss a few things.” He began. “We should have border patrols. One goes to the pine area, one to the woods, one to the moor and one to the river. Also we need patrols of cats to go hunting. Does everyone agree we should do this?” All the cats nodded their heads in agreement.

“Good. Now I will assign you patrols.” He said. “We will need every cat including me and Cloud to go on a patrol. Snow and Grass, do the moor area, Fire and Dust, do the pine area, Mud and Streak, do the forest area, And Mist and Cloud, do the river area. And I will hunt for the clan.” Lake said. “This meeting is over.”

He jumped off the high tree. The patrols went out and Lake headed for the river. When he got there he crouched near the water to look at his reflection. “Was making a clan the best thing to do?” he wondered. Then a fish swam practically in front of his nose. He pushed in out of the water with a swipe of his paw. He watched it wiggle for a while, and then stop. He dug a small hole; put the fish in it, then covered the top with twigs and leaves so other animals wouldn’t see it, then moved on. He saw a fat looking squirrel, crept up on it, and then killed with a swift bite in the neck.

“Good catch Lake!” Lake turned to see Mist calling out to him with Cloud. He nodded briefly to them, then dashed off to find more prey.

Lake walked back, two squirrels in his mouth, a vole tucked in between his chin and neck, a fish tucked in with it as well, and he was kicking a rabbit along. Mist ran towards him. “Let me help.” She said. She picked up the rabbit and vole in her jaws. “You caught some pretty good prey!” she said, her voice muffled by the prey in her mouth.

They got into camp and dropped the prey into a pile. “One piece for every two cats. We’ll have to share." Lake said. “I didn’t catch enough prey.” His head drooped.

“You caught enough for half the clan!” Mist said. Lake smiled. Mist was always so supportive. Then a thought struck him. “I need a cat to be leader after me.” He thought.

“Mist, meet me in my den as soon as you can.” He said.

“Okay…” Mist said. She sounded confused.

“Good” he said, then went to his den.

“Mist, I have something important to ask you.” Lake said. I hope she says yes.. he thought, worried.

“Yes?” she said.

“I want you to be my deputy, which means when I die you will become leader.” Lake said. Mist gasped. “You really want ME to be deputy?!”

“Yes. Would you like to?” Lake said.

“Would I like to?! I’d be honored!” she exclaimed.

“Ok.” Lake said. He ran out and jumped into the high tree. “Clan meeting!” he yowled. Cats came out of their dens and gathered around the high tree. “Cats of Lakeclan.” He began. “I have good news to announce. I have decided on a deputy. Mist, come forward.” Mist came up eagerly. “I, Lake, leader of Lakeclan, am proud to name this hunter a deputy. She is encouraging and brave, and will make a great leader someday. And we will accept her with honor. Mist, do you accept the honor?” Lake asked.

“I do.” Mist said in a shaky yet sure voice.

“Then we accept you!” Lake yowled. “Mist! Mist!” the cats yowled. When Mist went down the cats gathered around her to congratulate her. Lake watched her proudly. But then he heard a voice whisper in his ear, “Go to the lake tonight. Touch your nose to the water and close your eyes. “What? Where are you?” Lake demanded. But the voice was gone.

Lake woke up. It was time. He got out of bed. “I know I’m going crazy, but I have to be sure.” He thought. He tiptoed out of camp. Then he ran along the shore till he was almost at the end of the river area. He settled down, closed his eyes, then touched his nose to the water. He opened his eyes. He was in an unfamiliar field! He looked around. Then he saw a blue she-cat and gray tom approaching him. “Mom? Dad?” he said, so surprised and shocked he barley got the words out.

“Son!” they said together. They ran towards each other. “I was afraid you’d ignore our message!” his mom said.

“No mom. When a voice whispers in my ear, I want to know if I’m going crazy or not." They all laughed together.

“Now to do what we called you here for.” His dad said. Lake got exited. “We have come to give you your ten lives.” His mother said.

“TEN LIVES! For what?” Lake exclaimed.

“You will need them to become a leader that will prove he would use every last life he got for his clan. This is like a test. Leader’s who use all ten lives for their clan go to live with their ancestors when they die, in Waterclan. Other leaders who don’t, will not join us here.” Lakes father said.

“Where do they go to then?” Lake asked.

“Beats me” his father said. “Now, on with the ceremony. With this life I give you power. Use it when your clan is in a fight." Lake felt like something was electrifying him. “Ready for the next?” his father said. Lake nodded. “With this life I give you courage. Use it to face the toughest fights of your life.” His father said. Lake felt like a cat had pounded him flat. He gasped for breath. “Ready his father asked.

“Smoky, give him a break!” Lake’s mom said.

“But Sky…” Smoky began.

“I’m ready now.” Lake said. Smoky turned to him. With this life I give you loyalty. Use it to always think of your clan first.” Smoky said. Lake felt like he had just came out of war, and was scratched badly. “With this life I give you strength. Use it to beat out any enemy. Lake felt like if he tried, he could outrun a cheetah. “With this life I give you hope. Use it in the darkest days of your clan.” Smoky said. Lake felt like whatever happened, it would always end up right. Smoky stepped back and Sky stepped forward.

“With this life I give you love. Use it to treat all your clanmates with care.” She said. Lake expected a soft life, but it was the opposite. It felt like a force pushing him in all directions at once. When it stopped, he gasped for breath. How much longer could he take this? “With this life I give you wisdom. Use it to make hard decisions.” she said. Lake felt much older, and like he knew everything anyone could know. “With this life I give you fairness. Use it to treat others fairly.” She said. Lake felt like everyone was equal, and should be treated the same way. “With this life I give you honesty. Use it tell your clan the truth.” She said. Lake felt a spark go through him, and felt like he could tell nothing but the truth. “With this life I give you responsibility. Use it to take on the challenge of being leader.” She said. Lake felt like a huge wave crashed on him.

“Now, there are a couple more things we want to say.” Smoky said. Lake got a look of despair in his eyes.

“More lives!” he thought.

“No son, not more lives.” Smoky said. There was a amused look in his eyes, Then they turned serious. “The leaders name shall end in Water, and the medicine cat's name shall end in Sky.” He said. “Ok” said Lakewater. Then Sky came over and whispered in his ear, “Beware of the Flame, for it will come for revenge. But peace will come in good time.”

“What do you mean?” Lakewater said. Then they started fading. “No! Don’t go! I need to know what the message means!” but they were gone. Lakewater woke up. It was almost dawn. “I’d better get back to my clan!” he thought. And then dashed along the shore back to the camp.

Chapter 4

Lakewater jumped into the high tree. "Clan meeting!" he yowled. Soon all of the cats had gathered. "I have had a dream..." he began. There were yowls of protest. "You made us gather because of a dream!" Grass shouted. "Quiet!" Lakewater yowled. The cats immediatley hushed. "I dreamed about Waterclan. They are our ancestors. They have told me that the leaders name should end in water, and the Healer's name ends in sky. So I am now Lakewater and Cloud is Cloudsky! Also, they have granted me ten lives, and every leader shall get them. They are to prove that the leader would use every life that he or she got for the clan." Lakewater said. "Lakewater! Cloudsky!" the cats in the clearing cheered. "The meeting is over." Lakewater said.

Lakewater came back into camp from a patrol with Fire. He looked at the fresh-kill pile. Mist had caught enough so everyone could have half a peice. Cloudsky and Grass were sharing a piece. Lakewater went over to Mist. "Want to share a piece?" he said. "Sure." she purred. Lakewater looked at her with care, and something else. What is it? I can't put my paw on it... it is a good feeling, a feeling like somthing is tugging me over to her... could it be? it love? Do I love Mist? Lakewater thought. He looked into her eyes. Now he knew. No doubt about it, he loved her. What about Mist? Does she love me? he thought. But as he looked into her eyes, he realized she had loved him the minute she had met him. "Let's go for a relaxing walk, ok?" Lakewater said. "Ok!" Mist purred, and they walked out of camp, their tails intertwined.

Lakewater stretched. Today looked like a great day to go hunting! He looked around. He was the first one up. "May as well go hunting." he thought. He looked for prey and spotted a squirrel. He killed it, then hid it. He dashed off to get more prey.

Lakewater went through the camp entrance. He dropped his squirrel, mouse and rabbit in the fresh-kill pile. Cats were just getting up. Lakewater went over to Mist. He gasped. "What? What's Happening?" Mist said.

Suddenly a huge smile appeared on Lakewater's face."Your having kits! My kits!" he said as he beamed. Mist looked at her belly, then realized she WAS having kits! Mist purred so loud nearly everyone heard her. "I'm honored!" she said. "I love you Mist." Lakewater purred. "I do too" Mist purred. "Let's get you into the nursery." Lakewater said. And Lakewater herded her into the nursery.

Days went by, but no kits. Cloudsky was nervous about her first time helping birth kits. She had found a leaf, Fire had volunteered to test it, and all it did was make her throw up. Cloudsky called it yarrow. "I need a medicine that can help a queen with her milk..." she thought. Maybe a bit of rest would help her. She layed in her bed. Soon she fell into a peaceful sleep.

She woke up in a clearing. "Where am I? Wait, I'm just dreaming." Cloudsky thought. She heard voices whispering. "What is it? What do you want?" she said. But the voices disappered, and she woke up for real. Cloudsky shook her head. Then she thought about the voices. There were two. One sounded like a she-cat, and one sounded like a tom. Who were they? Just then Lakewater called her out. Well, she'd have to think about the voices another time.

Cloudsky stretched out on her nest. She was almost asleep she heard a groan from the nursery. Mist! She ran over. What should she do? Then a voice whispered in her ear, "Stroke her belly." it whispered. Cloudsky started to stroke her belly. A huge groan split the air, and a kit popped out. Cloudsky looked at it.

"A healthy tom." she proclaimed.

"Now lick the kits fur the wrong way." the voice whispered. Cloudsky started licking it's fur the wrong way. Soon it was warm and was meowing for milk. Mist let out another groan, and another kit popped out.

"A healthy tom." Cloudsky said again. She felt Mist's stomach while she licked the kit. "Only one more to go." Cloudsky said. Just then another kit popped out. "A healthy she-cat." Cloudsky said. Mist started licking the small kit. Just then Lakewater came crashing through the nursery entrance.

"Is she alright?" he asked.

"Yes, and she had two toms and a she-cat." Cloudsky said. Then she pushed all the kits towards their mother. They began to suckle.

"What should they be named?" Mist said.

"The gray tom should be...Pebble!" Lakewater said.

"And the yellow she-cat with the spotting should be Sunny." Mist said.

"And the blueish-gray tom should be...Wave!" Mist said. After a bit Pebble and Sunny finished. Wave was trying to suckle, but Mist had run out of milk. Wave meowed in protest, but soon Mist put him to sleep.

As Cloudsky walked out of the nursery, she became worried again. How could she get Mist more milk? Wave had at least got some. She layed in her nest. Maybe the voices could help her. She fell again into a peaceful sleep, and woke up in the field. The voices started whisper. "I need you! I need something to help Mist get milk!" Cloudsky said. Then the she-cat's voice became loud and clear.

"Look for the leaves shaped like stars, they will help you. They are borage leaves, find them in the woods..." the voice began to fade.

"Thank you so much!" Cloudsky said. Then she woke up.

She ran out into the forest in the middle of the night. She looked everywhere but couldn't find the star shaped leaves. She laid down and started to cry. "I'm a failure at being a healer!" she said. Just then the moon shone on a plant, and Cloudsky looked up. There it was! The star shaped leaves, borage leaves! Cloudsky ran over and collected as many as she could, then raced back to camp.

She looked for Mist, but she was gone! Then she realized that she must have gone out with Lakewater for a walk. Snow was watching the kits till they came back. Well, she'd just have to wait.

"It feels so good to smell fresh air!" Mist exclaimed. "Let's go over to the mountains!"

"That sounds great!" Lakewater said. Soon they were there.

"Wow, it sure is amazing, isn't it?" Mist said.

"Yep, sure is." agreed Lakewater. Just then He heard a rumble. He looked up to see rocks rolling down the mountainside. "Avalanche!" he yowled, then dashed for dear life.

Chapter 5

Lakewater dashed as he watched the mountains whiz past. Mist was just behind him. The rumbling was getting louder by the minute. The avalanche got closer, and closer, till it was nearly at the end of the mountain. Lakewater knew they couldn't run out of the area the rocks were falling, so Lakewater dashed to a tree, shoved Mist up to the highest point they could go to.

Just as they thought they were safe, he slipped and fell out of the tree. He started to scramble towards the tree, but it was to late. At first it was only a shower of pebbles, but then a huge boulder landed on him and everything went black.

Mist watched in horror as the avalanche buried Lakewater. She wanted to throw herself there and die with Lakewater, but she knew her kits needed her. She sat there crying, wondering how she would go on without Lakewater, when she remembered his ten lives! He would soon wake up, so if she could get him out before he woke up, then he would be out and only lose one life!

She looked at the avalanche, waited for it to be over, then leapt down onto the rocks. She had to be careful, because she could cut her paw on a rock. She lifted her head to see where she was, and she forgot about the sharp rocks and started to walk again, but then she yowled in pain. She had cut her paw! She looked at it. Blood was oozing from it.

She stepped carefully till she got to the rock Lakewater was under. She looked back to see a trail of blood on the rocks, but she didn't care. She pushed and pushed and pushed till finally the boulder moved. Mist stared at him with horror. He had a deep cut on his right back leg, and the tip of his tail was gone. She quickly got him out and carried him to a clearing. What should she do?! Well, she had to stop the bleeding. She looked around for something to put on the wounds. Cobwebs! Cobwebs were strong and would stop the bleeding! She gathered as many as possible, then placed them on the wounds. Lakewater began to stir.

"Lakewater! Are you awake? Lakewater!" Mist said frantically. Lakewater opened his eyes. "You're ok! Thank Waterclan!" Mist said. 

"What about you?" Lakewater said. Mist stared at her bloody paw. "I'll be right back!" she said, then dashed to get more cobwebs.

Mist leaned against Lakewater as they went back to camp. "I just lost a life." he thought. His father had told him he had lost a life in his sleep (or whatever happens when you lose a life) He still had nine lives though. As they staggered into camp, they heard heard gasps of shock. Cloudsky ran out.

"Mist I fond an herb that-" she stopped when she looked at Lakewater. Her eyes got wide. "I found cobwebs and they stopped the bleeding." Mist said.

"Oh, good! I already found a plant called comfry. It helps make sure the wound doesn't get infected." Cloudsky said. "Fire, will you go get me some fresh cobwebs?"

"Sure" Fire said.

"Um, I also cut my paw on a stone." Mist said as she lifted her paw.

"Oh!" Cloudsky said. "If you don't have enough comfry, you don't have to do mine." Mist said.

"No! I've got plenty of comfry!" Cloudksky said hurriedly, and with that she dashed into her den.

Lakewater stepped out of the healers den. He felt much better. Cloudsky had discovered a leaf that helped give queens milk. It was called borage. Lakewater was glad Mist had enough milk now. He walked over to the nursery. When he entered the kits were suckling. Wave was sucking eagerly. Sunny and Pebble finished, but Wave kept going on. When he finally stopped, he layed down and burped. Mist and Lakewater laughed together. Wave now had all the milk he wanted. Wave was the smallest of them, but he sure did drink a lot of milk! Suddenly Sunny opened her eyes. She blinked to get used to the light of the world, and looked at her mother. She immediately started sniffing around. She sniffed everything! She sure was a curious kit! Then he looked at Pebble. He liked to relax a lot. When he looked at all his kits, he knew that each one of them would become a great warrior.

Lakewater settled down for a nice nap. He sure was tired! When he fell asleep, he opened his eyes to see himself in the clearing of Waterclan. His father came out of the bushes. "Son!" he smiled. "Hi father! Why have you brought me here?" Lakewater asked. "A big war is coming up, and you need to be ready. I will visit you every night to teach you battle moves and give you advice. Show your clan my moves, so they will be ready too. Let's begin." Smoky said. Lakewater learned five battle moves that night, and practiced them. At the end he was very tired. "You are doing good." Smoky said. Lakewater smiled. Soon he would have all the battle moves down, and be ready for this big war. But who would he be fighting against?

Chapter 6

Viperfire stretched his limbs. Today he had to think up more battle moves. He looked over at Tinybird. She was not very good at fighting. Just yesterday, he had told her to pretend he was the enemy, and fight her. But she had said "Scratch another cat!? I couldn' would be so harsh, I'd rather heal a cat" Viperfire shook his head. If she couldn't be a warrior, than what could she be? "I'd rather heal a cat...heal... That's it!" he thought. "She should be a medicine cat!" Just then Gorgedip came up. "Tinybird is going to be a medicine cat!" Viperfire whispered to him. Gorgedip nodded.

"Clan meeting!" he yowled. Everyone gathered."I would like to announce that i have decided that Tinybird shall be the clans medicine cat!" Viperfire yowled. Tinybird looked shocked, yet pleased.

Viperfire walked through the forest. Today he was going to relax. But just today. Suddenly he heard a rustle in the bushes.



"Where have you been?"

"Just hanging around."

"I tried to find you!"

"Well, what did you want?"

"I wanted you too.."

"Go on"

"I wanted you to join Flameclan! I made it! I'm leader too!"

Flame looked at Viperfire, looking amazed. "You really want me to be in your clan!" Flame said. "Yes, and I even saved a nest for you! I also really wanted to you to be my deputy, you will become leader after me. So, did you want to?" Viperfire asked. "Would I like too?! I'd be honored!" Flame said. "Great! Follow me to camp!" Viperfire said.

Viperfire looked around at his clan proudly. Flame, no, Flameclaw, was a great addition to his clan. Flameclaw would be a great leader someday, just as long as he took Viperfire's instructions seriously and followed them. But something about Flameclaw had bothered him lately, what was it? Something about his personality... Just then Viperfire saw Flameclaw helping Tinybird with carrying herbs. Wait. That was it. Flameclaw was too giving. He helped and always wanted to sort things out. He needed to learn that if you try and work things out, and the person doesn't accept, it is war. Don't try any further. And he needed to learn that sometimes you need to concentrate on yourself, not others. He would help Flameclaw become a sucessful leader someday. Like him.

Chapter 7

Lakewater walked towards the nursery. He wanted to look at his kits again. As he approached the nursery, Sunny, Pebble and Wave came tumbling out of the nursery, tripping over their own feet. Lakewater purred. "Hi Daddy!" Sunny said.

While Pebble and Sunny chatted away, Wave snuck behind Lakewater, then pounced on his tail, his tiny claws unsheathed. "Oww!" Lakewater yowled. He whipped around just in time to see Wave scampering away. Lakewater smiled. Wave was so good at sneaking up on cats.

"Oww!" Lakewater yowled again. He turned agian to see Sunny and Pebble running into the nursery, laughing. He licked his feet. Now his paws and his tail hurt! He snuck into the nursery, and jumped out at the kits and yowled "Where are my kits? I want to see my kits!" "We're here!" they all sqeaked, and ran to him."I think that my kits scratched my tail and paws!" he said. "Oh no! He's gonna get us!" they squealed. They ran to their mother and dived under her belly. Lakewater could hear them giggling.

He put a paw under her and scooped them all out. "Ahh!" they squealed. He tickled them till they all squealed "Please! (laughing) Let us go! (laughing) We won't scratch you again!" Lakewater stopped, although he knew they would scratch him again.

After a game of play fight the kits went to sleep. Lakewater walked to give out patrols. His kits should become small hunters soon. As he walked to the tall tree, he smiled to himself.

"Sunny, Pebble, Wave, do you all accept the path of a hunter? And do you accept being an small hunter, which means that you accept to follow the leaders word, and protect this clan, even at the cost of your life?" Lakewater said.

"I do" Sunny said.

"I do" Pebble said.

"I do" Wave said.

"Then let Waterclan accept you as small hunters!" Lakewater yowled. Pebble was smiling. Wave's eyes were gleaming, and he was smiling. Sunny was smiling, her eyes were gleaming, and she was bouncing up and down. "Sunny! Pebble! Wave!" everyone cheered. Lakewater watched happily.

Suddenly he saw gleaming green eyes. Viper! He showed his fangs, then dashed along the shore, running out of their territory. Lakewater knew what that meant. That signal meant battle.

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