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"There are tickets to watch the filming for the music video of Start All Over!!!!" Silvercloud screeched as she burst into camp. "NO WAY!" screamed Brindleshine, and Mousefire started screaming. "Yes! All we have to do is steal them from EarthClan!" said Silvercloud, and the happy look on Mousefire's face faded. "How are we gonna get the tickets from a whole Clan?!" Sorrelfur asked. "Easy! We steal them in the middle of the night!" Silvercloud said.
It was dark when Silvercloud, Mousefire, Brindleshine, Sorrelfur, and Rabbitpool snuck into EarthClan camp. With the others keeping guard, Silvercloud walked into Windstar's den. She saw the tickets on the wall; enough for the whole clan! She slowly padded past Windstar and picked up the tickets. "Ugh..." Windstar groaned, making Silvercloud jump. Slowly, she padded out of the den, and the group of LakeClan cats left EarthClan camp.
LakeClan attended the music video next day. They waited patiently until it started. This is so exciting, thought Silvercloud. She sat back and watched the video she'd been waiting so long to see. thumb|300px|right|Watch this to finish the story.