Hello dear people! I have no ideas for cats :' )

Please save me and put in some cat submissions.

Here's the run-down:

For the clans:

1 Apprentice per cat. (apprentices are unlimited)

10 Warriors per clan.

4 Elders per clan.

5 Kits per clan.

4 Queens per clan.

5 guards per clan.

Leaders and Deputies are decided by meh.

As for the rogue groups:

30 cats per group.

5 kits per group.

15 normal members per group.

3 personal guards per group (basically the leader's attack dogs)

1 Warden (dude in charge of the prison, because all the rogue groups in this story have prison cell den things for captured cats)

5 prison guards

(Leaders are decided by meh)

(Sorry, Stoneclan guards are closed)

Here is the submission template:



Description (what he/she looks like):





Relationships (kits, mates, apprentices, etc):


(The conquerors and The Watchers are rogue groups)


Leader- Swirlstar (a she-cat with a pale peach-coloured pelt and brown swirling stripes on her fur)

Deputy- Greatclaw (a tabby tom with a torn ear and white paws)

>Mate: Birchheart

Medicine cat- Moonfur (A tortoiseshell cat with white paws and no tail)


Shadefoot- A white cat with grey ears, tailtip and paws.

>Apprentice: Briarpaw / Mate: Deadbriar

Birchheart- A calico she-cat one missing eye.

> Apprentice: Shadowpaw / Mate: Greatclaw

Flamestripe- A flame-coloured cat with a single black stripe runnning from his neck to his tail.

Hazelslip- A hazel-brown she-cat with one white sock on her right front paw

>Apprentice: Larkpaw

Hatchblaze- A brown she-cat with a white underbelly and white socks.

Seedeye- A white tom with black paws and blue eyes.

>Mate: Blueskip

Leopardtail- A yellow tom with a white underbelly and leopard-like patterns on his pelt.


Sunhawk- A yellow cat with brown wing-like patterns on his pelt.

Rubblebright- A blind russet-furred tom.


Blueskip- A blue-furred she cat with a white stripe running from her neck to tail-tip and white paws.

>Kits: Birdkit and Mudkit / Mate: Seedeye

Deadbriar- A black she-cat with green eyes.

>Kits: Brownkit and Treekit / Mate: Shadefoot

Note: This next category is of my own making. They're basically just cats who guard the dens and borders. Warriors on patrol have to check in on them every time they pass a checkpoint. There are only five per clan.


Fernfoot- A pale brown she-cat with white spots.

>Mate: Crookeddapple

Crookeddapple- A red-furred tom with white stripes.

>Mate: Fernfoot

Slatefur- A grey tom with a white muzzle.

>Mate: Breezeleaf

Stormclaw- A grey-and-white striped tom with white paws.

Breezeleaf- A pale peach she-cat with brown paws, ears, tailtip and muzzle.

>Mate- Slatefur


Leader- Leafstar (a dappled tortoiseshell she-cat)

>Mate: Hawkheart / Apprentice- Blackpaw

Deputy- Hawkheart (a brown tabby cat with white paws, muzzle and tailtip. One of his ears is torn in half and part of his tail has been cut off)

>Mate: Leafstar

Medicine cat- Kestrelstem ( a white tom with black patches)


Birchpelt- A ginger she-cat with dark orange stripes.

>Apprentice- Twistpaw / Mate: Clawpelt

Clawpelt- A black tom with white socks and a white tuft of fur on his head.

> Apprentice- Splintpaw / Mate: Birchpelt

Mudfang- A brown tom with yellow swirling patterns on his pelt.

>Mate: Swiftfoot


Swiftfoot- A siamese she-cat with a broken paw.

>Mate: Mudfang / Kits: Littlekit and Cobblekit


Gruntfur- A once-grey cat who has his fur falling out in patches, so he looks like a naked cat.

Flintnose- A white tom with a deep black nose and muzzle.


Grimfoot: A white tom with green eyes and one black foot.

>Mate: Streamfur

Streamfur: A grey she-cat with white stripes and dapples

>Mate: Grimfoot

Beefur: A yellow tom with black stripes.


Leader: Swampstar- A brown-furred tom with white paws and muzzle.

Deputy: Murkfoot- A grey-furred tabby tom.

>Mate: Mothheart

Medicine cat: Willowheart- A white-furred she-cat with brown-and-dark-brown patches.


Slimefur: A brown tom with white patches.

>Apprentice: Gloompaw (she-cat)

Rockfoot: A white tom with a grey foot and black stripes.

Barkface: A white-and-brown tom with yellow eyes.

> Apprentice: Skunkpaw (tom)

Mothheart- A white she-cat with black spots.

>Apprentice: Fogpaw (she-cat) / Mate: Murkfoot

Leanfoot- A black she-cat with one brown paw and brown stripes.

>Mate: Rootfang

Rootfang: A yellowish-brown tom with black patches.

>Mate: Leanfoot

Bogfur: A yellowish-furred tom with brown patches.

>Apprentice: Bugpaw (tom) Mate: Thestralpelt


Thestralpelt: A silver-furred she-cat with grey stripes.

>Mate: Bogfur / Kits: Birdkit, Slugkit and Flintkit


Cloudfang- A white tom with blue eyes and a crooked jaw. (deaf)

Sandtear- A sand-coloured she-cat with a crippled leg.


Woodpelt- A brown tom with a big white patch on his chest.

Sinkfoot- A grey tabby cat with one torn ear and one blind eye.


Leader: Sandstar (a beige tabby she cat with blue eyes)

Deputy: Stumpytail (a brown tom with white paws and no tail)

Medicine cat: Clumpfur (A beige-furred tom with his fur falling out in clumps)

More coming soon

The Conquerors


Leader: Vilika (A black she-cat with white patches)

Elite Guards:

Fierce: A flame-red tom with white paws and a white muzzle

Savage: A black-furred tom with one white paw and a white muzzle.

Delta: A brown tabby tom with bright green eyes.

Warden: Rage (A russet-furred tom with one black paw and green eyes)

Prison Guards:

Dog- A brown tom with a beige underbelly and unusually long teeth.

Gouge- A completely white tom with yellow eyes.

Grouse- A black tom with brown patches.


Wolf: A grey tom with yellow eyes and black stripes.

>Mate: Spring

Spring: A ginger she-cat with a huge scar running down the side of her face from her ear to her jaw.

>Mate: Wolf / Kits: Shadow and Flame

Shade: A black she-cat with a white patch on her forehead and chest.

Ghost: A pale-brown furred she-cat with one blind eye and a broken tail.

(More coming soon)

The Watchers


Leader: Phantom (A black cat with white paws and a white patch of fur in the shape of a star on his chest)\

Elite guards:

Fawn: A light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Burn: A black tom whose fur on his back has been burnt off.

Shadow: A black tom with a white patch around his eye.

Warden: Sky (a slate grey she-cat with white patches)

Prison guards:

Log- A brown cat with a beige muzzle.

Mud- A white cat with brown patches.



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