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This story is long after ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan. The four clans are LoveClan, SparkleClan, StoneClan, and MeadowClan. The story focouses mainly on my main role play characer Mousefire and her life story. I may switch back to Tanglefrost's point of veiw sometimes, but I strongly doubt it.


It was a cold night in leaf bare. A beautiful golden tabby padded quickly to Star Cavern. She was weak, cold, and in pain. She knew she had broken the warrior code but she had no choice. She had a plan, but she wasn’t sure if it would work. The young tabby had finally reached Star Cavern and fell to the ground. She felt miserable and ached from the tips of her ears to the tips of her claws. But it wasn’t too long before two kits lay at her side. One she-kit and one tom-kit. She she-kit was light brown with darker brown paws, ears, and tail, and the tom-kit was a brown tabby. Neither of them looked like their father and the she-cat was grateful to StarClan. She reflected on the prophecy she had received from Bramblestar and then looked at her newly born son.

“You will be named Bramblekit, in honor of Bramblestar,” the queen meowed.

Then she looked at her newly born daughter. Laying there, she looked like a small mouse but yet a mouse that would not give up. One that would overcome challenges and help LoveClan in the future, as Bramblestar had said.

“I can’t name you Helpfulkit, but I can call you Mousekit,” she meowed.

The tabby looked at the sky. The stars were twinkling brightly in the sky and it seemed like a night that all cats would be happy. The queen was happy, but she knew she couldn’t keep these kits. She had to go quickly and give them to Redpool. The she-cat breathed in and then picked up her kits and made her way quickly back to her camp.

When she arrived the went straight the nursery. She saw Redpool sleeping with two kits at her side. The tabby went over the queen and whispered, “Redpool.”

Redpool blinked open her eyes. “Tanglefrost, what are you doing here?”

Then the tortoiseshell queen laid her eyes on Mousekit and Bramblekit.

“So these are the kits you have been expecting?”

“Yes, Redpool, they are me and Darkfang’s kits, so will you nurse them?”

Redpool sighed. “I don’t see why not. Patchkit passed away a few days ago, and ever since Foxfur and Talonclaw left the Clan, I had to take care of Janglekit and Seakit, so yes, I will take your kits. What have you named them?”

“Mousekit and Bramblekit.”

The queen nodded. “We can make up a story for Kestrelstar tomorrow. You now must go back to the medicine cat den now.”

Tanglefrost gazed one last time at her kits. “Okay, Redpool. Thank you.”

The she-cat turned and left the nursery. As she left, she felt as though her heart was just clawed out. She now was doubting Darkfang’s love, and now, her kits would never know her. But she must find a way. She would, she knew she could, she had to. As the medicine cat curled up in her nest that night, and as sleep took over her, she got a prophecy from the great Bramblestar.

“Darkness will arise, and the crystals will shine. The river will run with blood and death shall come near. Only the fire of the eldest one can help to stop it.”

Tanglefrost tried to beg Bramblestar to tell her what it meant, but all he could say was, “The fire of the eldest one and your knowledge, will save the Clan.”

Chapter 1

Mousekit awoke the next morning after she had opened her eyes. She saw her mother and siblings still asleep. She yawned and stretched out, flexing her little claws. She poked Seakit.

Seakit moaned and rolled over. Mousekit narrowed her eyes. Why must she be so lazy? But this kit would not give up, she then poked Bramblekit. Her brother looked up at her.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Wake up!” Mousekit meowed. “Please? I’m so bored!”

Bramblekit huffed, but got up and stretched. “Why do you want to get up so early? Redpool and Applepelt are still asleep.”

“Yes but they are older, we are young we need to have fun!” Mousekit meowed.

“That is rude to say,” Bramblekit mewed.

Mousekit shook her head. “I speak the truth.”

Fayfeather opened her eyes and her gaze was rested on Mousekit and Bramblekit. She looked down on Cocoakit, who was still asleep.

“Good morning Fayfeather!” Mousekit meowed cheerfully.

“Ah good morning Mousekit,” Fayfeather meowed warmly. “You are up early.”

“Yes and I want to play!” Mousekit meowed.

Cocoakit looked up from her spot beside her mother. She looked at Mousekit and smiled. “Okay I want to play too!”

“Sounds good, let play fight!” Mousekit suggested.

Cocoakit got up and bounded over to Mousekit, flexing her tiny claws.


Mousekit pounced at Cocoakit and Cocoakit bit at Mousekit’s ear. Mousekit raked Cocoakit’s belly with sheathed claws. Cocoakit jumped on Mousekit’s back but Mousekit threw her off. Then Cocoakit started to wine.

“That was mean!” she wailed. “So?” Mousekit retorted. “I won, what is the big deal?”

“Your hurt me!” Cocoakit said.

Mousekit rolled her eyes. “I beg to differ.”

“So what do you want to use against her Cocoakit?” Bramblekit teased. He was sitting over by the sleeping Redpool, grooming himself.

“Be quiet Bramblekit!” Mousekit meowed.

Fayfeather walked over to Cocoakit and sniffed her. She nudged her to get up.

“Get up, Mousekit didn’t hurt you,” Fayfeather meowed. “Now stop overreacting.”

“Fine but I don’t want to play anymore,” Cocoakit meowed.

“Whatever, I will just wake up Janglekit, she will play with me,” Mousekit replied.

Mousekit bounded over to Janglekit and poked her. “Wake up!”

Janglekit shrugged. “I guess I should so I don’t sleep all day.”

“You think?” Mousekit teased.

Then Mousekit heard a rumble. “What was that?”

“My stomach,” Janglekit told her. “I’m so hungry!”

“I will go get something from the fresh kill pile for us all,” Fayfeather meowed.

“Can I come with you?” Mousekit meowed.

Fayfeather shrugged. “I don’t see why not. Come on, you too Janglekit.”

“Okay!” Janglekit meowed, following Fayfeather and Mousekit.

When Mousekit stepped out of the nursery, the scents of the camp amazed her. She saw two warriors at the fresh kill pile. One was a black tabby with red eyes and the other was a white cat with ginger tinges.

“Do you think that black cat looks scary?” Mousekit whispered to Janglekit.

Janglekit looked at him. “I think you are right, he does.”

The black tabby nodded to Fayfeather and then looked at Mousekit. He whispered something to the other cat and then padded over to the kits.

“Are you Mousekit?” he asked.

“Yes,” Mousekit meowed.

“Great!” he meowed. “I’m Darkfang, this is my mate Crystalwing. You know, I do love kits. One day I believe I will be your mentor.”

Mousekit stepped back. This scary cat as her mentor. No!!

“Oh okay Darkfang, well I need to go back to the nursery now,” Mousekit meowed.

Darkfang nodded. “Of course. Go back there with Fayfeather and your sister.”

Mousekit watched Darkfang go back over to Crystalwing and whisper something else to her. Mousekit turned to Fayfeather.

“Why did he do that?” Mousekit asked.

“I don’t know, Darkfang is social that’s all,” Fayfeather meowed padding back to the nursery with two mice and a squirrel.

Mousekit shot into the nursery ahead of Fayfeather and Janglekit, wanting answers. She went over to Redpool, who was now awake.

“Redpool, do you know a cat named Darkfang?” Mousekit asked.

Redpool’s eyes blazed with fear. “Yes, what did he say to you?”

“He just wanted to know if I was Mousekit and he introduced me to his mate Crystalwing and said he will be my mentor when I am six moons,” she meowed.

Redpool looked angry. “Okay then, don’t worry about him. Fayfeather, watch the kits, I need to go see Tanglefrost, I think I have a bellyache.”

Fayfeather had just pulled off some more squirrel for Mousekit and sat it in front of her. She turned to Redpool and nodded.


Redpool left the nursery. Mousekit ate the bit of the squirrel that Fayfeather had given her. Seakit finally woke up and padded over to Fayfeather.

“Can I have some?” she asked.

Fayfeather nodded and ripped off a piece and gave it to her. When Mousekit had finished eating, she padded over to her nest and sat down and gave her pelt a wash. Janglekit padded over.

“Did you also notice that black cat’s eyes?” she asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it!” Mousekit mewed. “That cat will give me nightmares if I think about him.”

“I’m sorry,” Janglekit apologized.

Mousekit nudged her. “It’s okay, it’s not your fault. I just wonder why Redpool all of a sudden had a bellyache.”

Janglekit shrugged. “Maybe it was just sudden.”

“It could be,” Mousekit agreed. “Well let’s not worry about it now.”

“I agree let’s just play a game.”

“I have an idea for a game,” Mousekit meowed, grinning.

Janglekit leaned over by Mousekit. “What?”

“It’s called…attack Bramblekit!”

Bramblekit looked up and then he saw a flash of light brown fur come towards him. And there, in the center of the nursery, Mousekit and Bramblekit fought. Janglekit giggled as she realized that Mousekit was winning. So for the rest of the afternoon, the kits played the game, “Attack Bramblekit.”

Chapter 2

It was a cool and breezy afternoon. Mousekit was sitting outside of the nursery with Janglekit. Redpool was inside of the den with Bramblekit and Seakit, along with Fayfeather and Cocoakit. Mousekit glanced over to the entrance to the medicine cat clearing. She could somewhat see Tanglefrost in there, but it was just a blur. Tanglefrost then padded out of the den and smiled at Mousekit. Mousekit has always noticed that Tanglefrost was always to nice to her and Bramblekit and she couldn’t realize why.

“Have you ever noticed how Tanglefrost is so nice to me?” Mousekit whispered.

“Yes I do notice that, I wonder why,” Janglekit meowed.

Mousekit shrugged and continued to stare at the medicine cat. The entrance of the nursery then rustled, and Seakit padded over to Janglekit and sat down beside her.

“What are you two doing?” she asked.

“Nothing really, just getting fresh air,” Janglekit replied.

Seakit nodded. “That sounds better than napping.”

“Who said anything about napping?” Mousekit asked.

“That’s what Bramblekit and Cocoakit are doing,” Seakit explained.

Mousekit nodded. “How long did Redpool say till we are apprentices?”

“Four moons,” Janglekit recalled.

“That’s sounds like forever,” Mousekit sighed.

Seakit pricked her ears and looked towards the entrance of the camp. Tawnypaw and Spottedpaw were coming back from a hunting day with their mentors, Leafdapple and Shortclaw.

“Hi Tawnypaw and Spottedpaw!” Seakit called.

Tawnypaw looked over at the kits and smiled. Spottedpaw didn’t even turn to look at them. Tawnypaw bounded over to the three kits.

“Hi kits!” Tawnypaw meowed.

“Do you enjoy being an apprentice?” Seakit asked.

“Do you know how to hunt?” Janglekit asked.

Seakit and Janglekit began asking Tawnypaw many questions. Mousekit shook her head. “I think you are annoying Tawnypaw.”

“Barely, but maybe just a little,” Tawnypaw meowed.

“I have one question only,” Mousekit continued. ‘Why isn’t Spottedpaw over here with us?”

“She’s….not very social but only with her friends,” Tawnypaw meowed.

“I’m guessing you are one of her friends?” Mousekit meowed.

“Yes, Spottedpaw and I are best friends!” Tawnypaw meowed.

“It figures,” Seakit muttered.

“So Leafdapple is your mentor, Tawnypaw?” Janglekit asked. Tawnypaw nodded. “Yes and she’s a great mentor! But she sometimes gets sad when she sees kits. Woodclaw does too.”

“Why?” the three kits asked in unison.

“Woodclaw’s kits were stolen by TwoLegs when they were your age.”

Mousekit gasped. “Did they know us?”

“You three were born a moon after them,” Tawnypaw meowed. “They knew you, but you never knew them. Their names were Thornkit and Jewlkit.”

“Poor Woodclaw,” Janglekit meowed.

“Now you three better hush about it,” Tawnypaw warned. “After they were captured, Kestrelstar told the clan that it should not be spoken of.”

“But that makes no sense,” Seakit objected.

Janglekit nudged her. “It was probably for Woodclaw’s sake.”

“It was,” Tawnypaw meowed.

“Tawnypaw!” Spottedpaw called from the other side of the clearing. “Come have some fresh kill with Cloudpaw and I!”

“Okay!” Tawnypaw called back. “Bye Mousekit, Janglekit, and Seakit!”

Tawnypaw rushed over to Spottedpaw and Cloudpaw. Mousekit watched the apprentices mingle. Then she heard rustling at the entrance of the nursery. Fayfeather burst out.

“What is wrong Fayfeather?” Mousekit asked.

“Featherwing is kitting, I’m going to get Tanglefrost,” Fayfeather meowed.

Fayfeather bounded away and disappeared. Within seconds, she reappeared with Tanglefrost. The two cats then went into the nursery.

“More kits in the nursery,” Seakit commented.

“Yes, I wonder when Skykit and Hawkkit will open their eyes,” Mousekit meowed.

“And Firekit and Diamondkit,” Janglekit added.

Mousekit nodded. “Oh yes they are so tiny I forgot about them.” Janglekit giggled. “Well, at least we will be apprentices before any of them.”

“That’s right,” Seakit meowed. “It will be great!”

Within a few moments, Redpool stuck her head out of the nursery.

“You three come inside now,” she meowed.

“Did Featherwing have her kits already?” Mousekit asked.

“Yes two toms, Graykit and Nightkit,” Redpool meowed. “And during that all, Skykit and Hawkkit opened their eyes.”

“Cool!” Janglekit meowed, bounding into the nursery.

Mousekit and Seakit ran in after her. Mousekit saw Skykit already meowing something to Janglekit. She turned, about to say hi to Hawkkit but then stepped back. Hawkkit didn’t look friendly like her sister. Seakit pushed past Mousekit and over to Hawkkit. Mousekit shrugged and followed.

“Hi I’m Seakit,” Seakit was meowing.

“And I’m Mousekit,” Mousekit added.

“Hi Seakit and Mousekit!” Hawkkit meowed.

Skykit and Janglekit padded over to them. Mousekit and Seakit introduced themselves again, but this time to Skykit.

“Now be sure to be quiet,” Stormwind meowed.

“Yes please do so,” Redpool agreed.

Tanglefrost nodded. “Featherwing needs to sleep, and so do her kits.”

“Okay Tanglefrost, I will,” Featherwing meowed.

“Wait, did you eat the herbs I gave you?” Tanglefrost asked.

“Yes,” Featherwing meowed.

“Good well I will be leaving now,” Tanglefrost meowed.

“Bye Tanglefrost,” Redpool said.

Mousekit noticed Tanglefrost look at her again. Mousekit felt annoyed. Why was some creepy warrior named Darkfang and the medicine cat so interested in her! She felt like asking Redpool, but decided not to. She decided to wait for her answers.

Chapter 3

About two moons passed, and now Mousekit and her siblings were four moons. Mousekit kept constantly asking Redpool if two more moons would be long and Redpool was getting irritated. But Mousekit couldn’t help it, she wanted to be an apprentice!

The weather was still breezy and one afternoon Mousekit and her siblings were taking a nap. A loud yowl echoed in the LoveClan camp and it woke Mousekit up. She blinked open her eyes and got up. Redpool was shaking moss off of her pelt and was about to leave the den.


“What is it Mousekit?” Redpool asked.

“What was that sound and why are you leaving?” Mousekit asked quickly.

“Kestrelstar just called a clan meeting and I need to go and attend it. You, Janglekit, Seakit, and Bramblekit stay here with Brownspots and Featherwing while Fayfeather and I go to the meeting.”

Mousekit saw Fayfeather going over to Redpool.

“And stay here and don’t leave,” Fayfeather added.

“Okay!” Mousekit meowed.

Fayfeather and Redpool left the den. When she was sure they were gone, Mousekit poked Janglekit. “Get up!”

Janglekit blinked awake. “Why?”

“Let’s listen to the clan meeting Kestrelstar just called!” Mousekit meowed.

Janglekit looked around. “Redpool and Fayfeather went to it, didn’t they?”

“Yes and I want to know what it is about even though Redpool said to stay here.”

“Let’s go then!” Janglekit meowed.

Together, Janglekit and Mousekit went out of the nursery. They hid under a small little overhang of leaves by the den.

“This is fun!” Janglekit squeaked.

“Shut up!” Mousekit hissed. “I came here to listen, not to just disobey Redpool.”

Janglekit nodded and did not say one more word. Mousekit scanned the clearing. On top of the Lovestone was Kestrelstar and warriors and apprentices were gathered around the stone and their leader. Mousekit didn’t see Darkfang there and she felt happy not to.

“Cats of LoveClan,” Kestrelstar began. “I bring eerie news. This afternoon, Darkfang invited me to go hunting with him. I went and during that hunting patrol, he attacked me and sadly, he took one of my lives. But not all, because I was quick and StarClan told me what to do next. I drove Darkfang out of the territory and therefore I pronounce him as exiled.”

Mousekit gasped. “Did you hear that Janglekit?”

“That’s just…oh my,” Janglekit meowed. “Who would dare to kill Kestrelstar?”

“Darkfang apparently,” Mousekit retorted.

“Curlyfur,” Kestrelstar continued. “Darkfang is up to something, maybe he wants to kill us all. So I would like you to double the patrols, and if any cat sees him on the territory they may drive him off, attack him, and if needed…kill him.”

Almost every cat in the crowd yowled with approval, except Crystalwing and Beaverfoot. Mousekit noticed Tanglefrost glance at them and hiss.

“I wonder why Crystalwing and Beaverfoot aren’t cheering,” Janglekit mewed.

“Crystalwing is Darkfang’s mate I think,” Mousekit meowed. “That gives her a reason, but Beaverfoot is our father, he should be cheering!”

Before Janglekit say something to Mousekit she squealed. Mousekit turned and saw Bramblekit on top of her attacking her. Mousekit pushed Bramblekit off of Janglekit.

“Be quiet Bramblekit!” Mousekit meowed. “We don’t want to get caught.”

“Actually, you already did,” Bramblekit said. “Brownspots sent me for you two.”

“Fox-dung!” Mousekit meowed. “Redpool will be upset.”

“I heard what I needed to know so I don’t care if she gets mad,” Janglekit said.

“Good point,” Mousekit meowed quietly.

Mousekit and Janglekit follow Bramblekit back into the nursery.

“Get in your nest,” Brownspots meowed. “Now tell me, what was the meeting about?”

“Darkfang attacked Kestrelstar on patrol, took one of Kestrelstar’s lives, and Kestrelstar drove Darkfang out and just pronounced him as exiled,” Mousekit meowed.

Brownspots gasped. “That’s awful! I would have never expected Darkfang to do that! Well sometimes things like that happen. I’m sorry you two had to listen to that. But now you know to listen to Redpool, right?”

“Yes Brownspots,” Mousekit and Janglekit said in unison.

“Are you still going to tell Redpool what they did?” Bramblekit asked.

“No, they got a scare, right?” Brownspots meowed.

“A scare and a shock,” Mousekit corrected.

Brownspots nodded. “Oh yes, that was shocking.”

Then there was rustling at the entrance of the den. Redpool and Fayfeather padded back into the den, their faces grim. Mousekit wondered how they had handled it. Redpool went over to Brownspots and whispered something to her. Mousekit knew what she was saying, but she knew that Brownspots had already known too. Redpool then went over to Featherwing and she told her also.

Mousekit just stood beside Janglekit, watching. Was Darkfang important to this clan? Or was there something she just didn’t know. Maybe she should ask around, she glanced at Redpool and then started to creep away.


“Yes Redpool?” Mousekit asked, not even looking at her.

“It is getting late and the warriors outside are busy, do not go outside.”

Mousekit sighed and went over to her nest and nestled down and just laid there.

“Do you want to play a game?” Janglekit asked, noticing Mousekit’s angriness. “No,” Mousekit meowed. “I don’t feel like it.”

“Oh ok,” Janglekit meowed.

“I want to play!” Cocoakit meowed, bounding over.

“Me too!” Hawkkit meowed.

“And don’t forget me!” Seakit meowed.

“Okay let’s play clan warriors!” Janglekit meowed.

“Can I be clan leader?” Seakit asked.

“Okay Seastar!” Janglekit meowed. “I’m your deputy, Janglefur.”

“I can be SparkleClan’s leader, Cocoastar!” Cocoakit said.

“I’m Cocoastar’s deputy, Hawkdapple,” Hawkkit declared.

“Okay!” Seakit meowed. “Come Janglefur, SparkleClan stole our prey, we must attack!!!!”

Janglekit nodded. “Yes Seastar.”

“No one will challenge Cocoastar and Hawkdapple!” Cocoakit meowed.

“We just did!” Seakit hissed, attacking Cocoakit.

Janglekit and Hawkkit also started fighting. Mousekit just laid there in her nest watching Seakit, Cocoakit, Janglekit, and Hawkkit play. She turned her head and closed her eyes, thinking of ways to learn more about Darkfang.

Chapter 4

A few days passed and Mousekit still could not think of ways to learn of Darkfang. She knew he had to be important if everyone was surprised that he tried to kill Kestrelstar. But during Mousekit’s thinking days, Firekit and Diamondkit opened their eyes. The nursery was getting crowded and Mousekit now more than ever, wanted to be an apprentice.

Mousekit was now sitting in the nursery, watching Bramblekit have a fight with Hawkkit. Bramblekit was winning and Firekit was cheering him on.

“Go Bramblekit!” he was meowing.

Mousekit looked at Firekit and smiled. Firekit was kind of cute for a younger kit. She tried to shake the thoughts from her head, learning about Darkfang was more important now.

Bramblekit then threw Hawkkit off of him. “I win!”

“That wasn’t a fair fight,” Hawkkit hissed. “You are older than me!”

“So?” Bramblekit meowed. “If you and Firekit fight and he wins, then what would you say?”

“I know what she would do, she’d still whine!” Firekit meowed.

“Shut up!” Hawkkit told him.

“Hawkkit!” Stormwind growled. “Be nice!”

“Whatever,” Hawkkit meowed, going to her nest.

“Do you know if a patrol went out today?” Mousekit asked Stormwind.

“I don’t know, why?” Stormwind asked.

“I want to talk to Tawnypaw,” Mousekit meowed.

“Well go check outside for her,” Stormwind suggested.

Mousekit nodded and left the nursery. She saw Leafdapple and bounded up to her. “Leafdapple! Where is Tawnypaw?”

“Oh hello Mousekit, why do you need Tawnypaw?” Leafdapple asked.

“I need to ask her something,” Mousekit meowed.

Leafdapple sat down, laying her tail neatly around her paws.

“What? Maybe I could help.”

Mousekit hesitated. “Well…you might get upset.”

“Trust me Mousekit, I don’t get mad at kits very easily,” Leafdapple meowed.

Then Mousekit remembered what Tawnypaw said about Leafdapple and Woodclaw and kits. So then Mousekit knew she was telling the truth.

“Well I want to know more about Darkfang,” Mousekit meowed.

Leafdapple gasped, but didn’t seem angry. “Why?”

“I listened to the last clan meeting and I saw how surprised every looked that he tried to kill Kestrelstar,” Mousekit explained. “I wanted to ask Tawnypaw to ask you, but maybe you can just tell me straight.”

“Well if you must know,” Leafdapple meowed. “I will tell you.”

Mousekit nodded and got ready to listen.

“Darkfang was a great warrior. Always loyal, fierce in battle, and was always protective of the leader, deputy, medicine cat, and every member of his family. He was always a friendly cat, although he could sometimes scare you with this eyes as red as blood. His mother, Joyfeather, left the clan after realizing that her mate, Carrotfoot, was part StoneClan and she felt betrayed because he never told her. A patrol, that I was on, found her dead the next morning on the territory because she ate death berries. But anyway Darkfang befriended the medicine cat Tanglefrost and they became good friends. You see, Darkfang then started acting weird, hanging out with only Beaverfoot and Crystalwing. Kestrelstar or any of the clan thought nothing of it. We even realized that Darkfang hovered over you! The day that Darkfang tried to murder Kestrelstar shook the clan because they thought Darkfang was loyal, because he always acted like it.”

Mousekit gasped. This explained so much! Darkfang was good friends with Tanglefrost, and both Tanglefrost and Darkfang would hover over her all the time. It was all making sense.

“Thank you Leafdapple!” Mousekit meowed. “I understand now!”

“I’m happy I could help,” Leafdapple meowed, smiling.

“I have one more question though,” Mousekit meowed.

“What would that be?” Leafdapple asked.

“You know how Darkfang always hovered over me?” Mousekit meowed.

Leafdapple nodded.

“Well you say Darkfang was good friends with Tanglefrost, and Tanglefrost is always so nice to me, do you think Tanglefrost is nice to me because of Darkfang or something? I saw her cheering for Darkfang’s death at the meeting though.”

Leafdapple sighed and put her tail around Mousekit.

“Sometimes things are better left unknown,” she meowed.

“Oh so you know the answer?” Mousekit asked.

“No I don’t know the answer Mousekit,” she whispered.

Mousekit nodded. “Okay Leafdapple, thanks again for your help.”

“Your welcome,” Leafdapple meowed.

“Goodbye Leafdapple I need to go now,” Mousekit meowed.

“Goodbye Mousekit,” Leafdapple said.

Mousekit narrowed her eyes. Leafdapple was not looking at her, not even turned her way. Mousekit could tell that she might be remembering Thornkit and Jewlkit like Tawnypaw said. Mousekit just turned away and padded back into the nursery.

“Did you find Tawnypaw?” Stormwind asked.

“Yes I did,” Mousekit lied.

“What did you want from her anyway?” Skykit asked.

“Nothing important,” Mousekit lied again.

Oh how Mousekit hating lying! But this time, she felt like she had to.

“Well are you hungry?” Redpool asked.

“A little bit,” Mousekit meowed. “Why, is there fresh kill in here?”

Redpool put her paw on the leftover squirrel and pushed it towards Mousekit.

“Thanks Redpool,” Mousekit meowed.

Mousekit devoured the squirrel within a few minutes. She didn’t realize how hungry she was. It was still early morning but because of the cold and rainy weather that they had been having, only cats that were going on patrols were out of their dens. Mousekit let out a yawn.

“Don’t do that Mousekit,” Redpool pleaded. “It makes me remember how sleepy I am and how I need to sleep.”

“Go to sleep then!” Mousekit meowed.

Redpool laid her head on her paws. “Correct, I need sleep.”

Mousekit watched as Redpool curled up and drifted off to sleep. Then Mousekit could hear thunder and then drips on the roof of the den. Then the drips got heavy and the rain was showering over the camp and most of the territory. Mousekit didn’t know how far the rain was going but she hoped other clans were getting this awful weather too.

“Oh that thunder is noisy,” Featherwing commented.

“Hopefully it won’t get worse,” Brownspots meowed.

“The thunder is scary!” Diamondkit whimpered.

Brownspots licked Diamondkit. “Don’t worry it will be okay.”

“Yeah don’t waste your time being scared!” Firekit meowed.

“I don’t mind the thunder, I just hate the rain,” Skykit meowed.

“Why?” Hawkkit asked. “The rain is fun to play in!”

“Too bad because you aren’t leaving the den till it stops,” Stormwind muttered.

“But rain makes everything wet!” Skykit argued.

“Well I think the rain and the thunder together is soothing,” Mousekit meowed.

Featherwing, Brownspots, Skykit, Hawkkit, Diamondkit, and Firekit just stared at Mousekit. They didn’t understand why Mousekit thought that.

“I think I agree with her,” Stormwind meowed, stretching out.

Mousekit nodded and turned away from everyone. She nestled down in her nest and let the rain and thunder put her to sleep.

Chapter 5

It continued to rain almost all night and Mousekit was sleeping hard. She was dreaming about being a warrior by the name of Mousetail and saving LoveClan from danger.

“You have saved LoveClan Mousetail!” Kestrelstar meowed.

Mousetail smiled. “It was an honor.”

Then there was a crash and Mousekit awoke from her dream. It was raining and she was still a kit and in the nursery. She had heard the crash and then heard rustling at the entrance of the den. Mousekit scented a strange cat. But then she saw blood red eyes glowing by the nursery entrance. Darkfang!

Mousekit tried to bury herself in moss, but she knew it was stupid to do so she stopped. The red eyes were laid on Mousekit and they got closer and closer.

“Mousekit,” a voice whispered.

“What do you want from me?” Mousekit asked, terrified.

“To join me, in exile,” Darkfang meowed.

“Why should I?” Mousekit let out a puny hiss. “You tried to kill Kestrelstar!”

“It wasn’t supposed to be that way,” Darkfang meowed.

“Wait, so you say you didn’t want to kill Kestrelstar at all?” Mousekit asked.

“I would never kill my leader!” Darkfang hissed.

“Oh so did Kestrelstar lie to LoveClan?” Mousekit asked.

Darkfang nodded. “He did, so will you come with me in exile?”

“Well..” Mousekit thought about it. She would miss her clan, Redpool, and her siblings. Would she give all of that up to go with a cat that used to scare her?

“I don’t know if I can Darkfang,” Mousekit meowed. “I would miss LoveClan.”

“Trust me, once you get away, you won’t miss anything,” Darkfang meowed.

“No!” Mousekit meowed. “I won’t go!”

With that, Mousekit plopped back down in her nest. “Oh yes you will!” Darkfang hissed.

Darkfang went over to Mousekit’s nest and tried to pick Mousekit up by the scruff. But before Darkfang could grab her scruff, Mousekit got away and poked the nearest queen by her, Featherwing. Featherwing didn’t even budge.

Mousekit ran over to Redpool. “Get up!”

“Don’t you dare!” Darkfang spat.

He bent down and caught Mousekit, now she couldn’t get away.

“Redpool!” Mousekit screamed.

Redpool stirred and then looked up. Her bristled as she saw Darkfang with Mousekit. Redpool lunged at him, releasing Mousekit from his grasp. Darkfang slashed Redpool’s muzzle sending her back.

“Mousekit, come with me,” Darkfang meowed.

“She shouldn’t have to!” Redpool spat. “You give her no good reason.”

“Oh really?” Darkfang challenged, meeting Redpool’s gaze.

“You wouldn’t!” Redpool spat.

“Mousekit why stay here with your fake mother when you can be with me, your father?” Darkfang meowed.

“You aren’t my father!” Mousekit meowed.

“Oh yes I am, I’m Bramblekit’s father too,” Darkfang meowed. “And Tanglefrost is your mother. Redpool is a fake!”

Redpool’s fur bristled as she attacked Darkfang again. Darkfang pushed her off again and let out a growl.

“Leafdapple trained you poorly!” Darkfang spat.

He turned and bounded out of the den.

“Don’t go near Tanglefrost!” Redpool yowled.

But as soon Redpool yowled those words, Mousekit and Redpool heard Tanglefrost’s yowls of pain. Redpool quickly shot out of the nursery and to the medicine cat den. Mousekit ran out of the nursery and sat at the entrance. She didn’t know what to do. She was way too scared to even move. Then Curlyfur bounded out of the warriors’ den and to Mousekit.

“What is going on?” Curlyfur asked.

“Darkfang tried to kidnap me and now he is attacking Tanglefrost.”

Curlyfur shivered. “Are you okay?”

Mousekit nodded.

“Okay get Kestrelstar I’m going to the medicine cat den!” Curlyfur meowed.

Curlyfur quickly ran to Tanglefrost’s den and Mousekit heard more yowling. Mousekit bounded into the clearing yelling for Kestrelstar. But before Mousekit could get Kestrelstar, a big black and brown tabby tom and a smaller orange she cat appeared at the camp entrance.

Mousekit ran into Kestrelstar den without yelling once more for him.

“Kestrelstar! Darkfang is here in camp!” Mousekit yelled.

Kestrelstar got up quickly and bounded out of his den. Then Mousekit heard him stop dead and she went out of the den.

“Talonclaw and Foxfur!” the LoveClan leader spat. “You left!”

“Yes and we have been planning this forever!” Talonclaw hissed. “If we succeed, Tanglefrost and Redpool will both be dead!”

“Why those two?” Kestrelstar growled.

“First off, Redpool is Beaverfoot’s mate and is too nice for him,” Foxfur meowed.

“And, if you didn’t know, Tanglefrost is Darkfang mate and Mousekit and Bramblekit are their kits,” Talonclaw finished off.

Kestrelstar’s yellow eyes blazed with anger and sadness. Talonclaw lunged himself at Kestrelstar. Mousekit backed away and went to try to get more help. Then she heard Beaverfoot’s yowl and knew it wasn’t good. Mousekit stuck her head in the nursery.

“Fayfeather come quick!”

Fayfeather got up and went to Mousekit. “What’s wrong?”

“Darkfang and two cats called Talonclaw and Foxfur are attacking the camp! And Talonclaw is attacking Kestrelstar by the entrance. Go help!”

Fayfeather nodded and bounded away to help her leader.

Mousekit just stood there, not knowing what to do. Then she heard a another yowl and Curlyfur was chasing Darkfang out of the medicine cat den. Mousekit felt happy to see Darkfang finally leaving. Then she saw Crystalwing come from the warriors’ den and Beaverfoot come from a hole by the nursery. Both cats attacked Curlyfur but Curlyfur was stronger than them and pushed them off. Crystalwing bite down on Curlyfur’s nose but Curlyfur scratched Crystalwing’s eyes and the wound was only a little bad.

“Retreat!” Darkfang yowled.

Beaverfoot and Crystalwing bounded down to where Talonclaw and Foxfur were and Darkfang followed. Then the five former LoveClan cats started to run away, but they were stopped by Redpool.

“Beaverfoot!” she called.

Beaverfoot turned around. “What?”

“How can you leave me?” Redpool asked. “Can’t you stay? I thought what we shared was love. You betrayed me like Darkfang did to Tanglefrost.”

“This is how it must be,” Beaverfoot meowed. “Get over it.”

Redpool growled and lunged at him. Beaverfoot got away and started running and Redpool chased after him and the others until she stopped and plopped onto the ground, panting.

Kestrelstar got up and bounded to Redpool.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Redpool shrugged. “I’m heartbroken and angry.”

Tanglefrost bounded after Curlyfur with herbs in her mouth.

“Is everyone okay?” she asked.

“You should check Redpool,” Curlyfur advised.

Tanglefrost bounded over to her friend and dropped the herbs. She treated Redpool quickly and gracefully and the said, “Go back to the nursery.” Redpool nodded and started to walk away. She stopped by Mousekit.

“Are you coming?” she asked.

“No I need to do something,” Mousekit meowed.

“Suit yourself,” Redpool sighed, heading off to the nursery.

Tanglefrost went over to Curlyfur and treated her.

“You were lucky Curlyfur,” Tanglefrost meowed. “Your wounds were not as bad.”

“Okay thank you Tanglefrost I will go to the warriors’ den now,” Curlyfur meowed.

Tanglefrost nodded and watched Curlyfur go and then glanced at Mousekit. She said nothing but just let out a sigh. Tanglefrost looked away and started to go to her den.

“Tanglefrost wait!” Mousekit called, chasing after her.

Tanglefrost turned around. “What is wrong Mousekit?”

“Do you mind if I talk to you in your den?” Mousekit asked.

“Not at all, come on we can talk now,” Tanglefrost meowed.

Mousekit nodded and followed Tanglefrost to the medicine cat den. Maybe now, she could finally get the answers to all of her questions.

Chapter 6

Mousekit followed Tanglefrost into her den. The den smelled just like Tanglefrost, which is the smell of herbs. Mousekit didn’t mind that smell, she actually liked it. But she was nervous, mainly because she didn’t understand how she could be Tanglefrost’s daughter.

“Well make yourself comfortable Mousekit,” Tanglefrost meowed. “We have a lot to discuss.”

Mousekit swallowed. “Okay Tanglefrost.”

“First off Mousekit, I’m sorry you need to know this, but..” Tanglefrost stopped talking. She turned away from Mousekit for a moment, overwhelmed with saying this. “When I was a kit, a bit older than you, maybe Cocoakit’s age, I didn’t want to be a warrior, but a medicine cat. Blackgem, who was my mentor, explained to me that a medicine cat could not fall in love or have kits, but they could love StarClan and their clan. I accepted that thinking I would never fall in love at all. But I was wrong. I was a moon older than Tawnypaw and Spottedpaw when I realized I loved Darkfang. I realized he loved me and we became mates. But we weren’t supposed to. Darkfang started to be loving at first but then, little by little, he spent more time with Crystalwing and Beaverfoot, and soon he completely ignored me.”

“But what about when you were going to have me?” Mousekit asked.

“I did tell him that but he had a odd gleam in his eyes,” Tanglefrost meowed. “And I didn’t understand it. So I had you, and Bramblekit, by Star Cavern late one night four moons ago…”

“So Bramblekit and I are your kits, so Janglekit and Seakit are Redpool’s?”

“Well, I’m sure Redpool is telling them the whole story now but I will tell you too,” Tanglefrost meowed. “Do you remember what big brown tabby and the orange cat that was with him earlier tonight?”

“Yes,” Mousekit meowed. “Kestrelstar called them Talonclaw and Foxfur.”

“Yes those are their names and they are Janglekit and Seakit’s parents.”

Mousekit gasped. “Janglekit’s parents are traitors like Darkfang!”

Tanglefrost nodded. “Beaverfoot too. He is Janglekit’s uncle, which makes Redpool Janglekit and Seakit’s aunt.”

“So since you broke the warrior code, what happens to you?” Mousekit asked.

“Well, I must explain to Kestrelstar,” Tanglefrost meowed. “Hopefully I won’t get kicked out of the clan.”

“But doesn’t the clan need you?” Mousekit meowed.

“Yes, actually the clan needs me a lot,” Tanglefrost meowed. “I’m their medicine cat, and without me, the clan would die.”

Mousekit smiled. “You really love your job don’t you?”

“So much,” Tanglefrost meowed. “That is why I had to give you and Bramblekit to Redpool, and that’s why I am worried that Kestrelstar will do about this. I’m so sorry Mousekit.”

“You did it for the sake of the clan right?” Mousekit questioned.

“Yes, all for LoveClan,” Tanglefrost confirmed.

“So please don’t be sorry,” Mousekit meowed. “I understand.”

“I appreciate that Mousekit,” Tanglefrost meowed. “Do you think Bramblekit will understand too?”

“Well, are you going to tell him now?” Mousekit asked.

“I would, but I must go tell Kestrelstar the truth,” Tanglefrost meowed. “Go to the nursery and see if Redpool said anything to him, Janglekit, and Seakit. If not, just wait, I will be back from Kestrelstar’s den soon.”

Mousekit nodded and left the medicine cat den. Tanglefrost followed her and ran off to Kestrelstar’s den. Mousekit slipped back inside the nursery. She saw Janglekit, Seakit, and Bramblekit with confused look on their faces. “Mousekit,” Bramblekit meowed. “Were you speaking to Tanglefrost?”


“Is it really true?” Bramblekit asked.

“Yes, but it is no big deal,” Mousekit meowed.

“I know,” Bramblekit meowed.

He tries to act like he is strong. But he isn’t. Truth is, neither am I. I should have never have been born. Sadly, nor should of Bramblekit.

“Well don’t worry all four of you don’t,” Redpool meowed. “Mousekit, where is Tanglefrost?”

“She went to tell Kestrelstar the truth,” Mousekit replied.

Redpool’s whiskers twitched. “This should be interesting.”

Janglekit padded over to Mousekit. “Mousekit, even if we aren’t sisters, can we be friends?”

Mousekit was surprised. She was planning on being like Janglekit’s sister anyways. “Of course! We can still be like sisters though!”

Janglekit smiled. “Cool!”

Then, much to Mousekit’s surprise, Kestrelstar entered the den, along with Tanglefrost. Kestrelstar smiled at all of the kits. Redpool stood up and dipped her head to Kestrelstar, her eyes blazing with worry.

“Kestrelstar, I’m sorry,” Redpool meowed. “I knew the truth about the kits, but Tanglefrost was my friend, I couldn’t let the whole clan know.”

Kestrelstar rested his tail on Redpool’s shoulder. “Be calm Redpool. I am not angry, Tanglefrost nor you shall be punished. Nor should the kits.”

“Again Kestrelstar, I truly thank you,” Tanglefrost meowed.

“It is no problem,” Kestrelstar meowed.

All of a sudden, Kestrelstar started coughing. Tanglefrost looked alarmed.

“Are you okay Kestrelstar?” she asked.

“Oh I’m fine I have had this cough for days,” he meowed.

“Why don’t you come to my den so I can check it out?” Tanglefrost meowed.

“No Tanglefrost that is not needed,” Kestrelstar said.

Tanglefrost narrowed her eyes. “Kestrelstar, you really should.”

Kestrelstar hesitated but nodded. “Okay then, goodbye Redpool, kits.”

“Yes goodnight and goodbye everyone,” Tanglefrost meowed.

Kestrelstar left the nursery with Tanglefrost following him. Redpool turned to the kits and smiled. “See how easy that was?”

Mousekit settled down in her nest. “Oh yes very easy.”

“Now let’s get some rest,” Redpool meowed, settling down.

Redpool, Bramblekit, Janglekit, and Seakit were asleep, but Mousekit was still awake. She felt unwanted and useless, but was she really?

Chapter 7

Mousekit bounded out of the nursery with Janglekit, Bramblekit, and Seakit. Cocoakit came out after them, smiling hard. Fayfeather came out after her and then Redpool. The others stayed inside.

“We’ll miss you in the nursery Cocoakit!” Janglekit meowed.

“Tell us all about being an apprentice!” Bramblekit told her.

“Have fun!” Seakit meowed.

Cocoakit was going to be apprenticed that day and the kits were excited. Mousekit swallowed. She and Cocoakit hadn’t gotten off to well that first day.

“Cocoakit,” Mousekit meowed. “I’m sorry about how we first got off.”

“I guess I can forgive you,” Cocoakit meowed.

Mousekit smiled. “Sounds good.”

Then Kestrelstar yowled and it echoed the clearing, very loudly. “Come Cocoakit,” Fayfeather meowed. “Let’s go.”

Fayfeather bounded to the Lovestone with Cocoakit running behind her.

“Can we watch the ceremony from right here?” Seakit asked.

Redpool nodded and wrapped her tail around her paws. “Yes, we can.”

“Yes!” Bramblekit meowed. “I just can’t wait till I can really attend a meeting!”

“Shh!” Mousekit and Janglekit said in unison.

“Cats of LoveClan,” Kestrelstar meowed. “I have two important things I need to do at this moment. First off, we all know Cloudpaw’s mentor Crystalwing has left the clan to be with Darkfang. So I would like Blackwhisker to take up his training.”

Blackwhisker stepped forward and touched noses with Cloudpaw.

“Cloudpaw! Blackwhisker!”

“Now, our oldest kit of the nursery is ready to be apprenticed,” Kestrelstar continued. “Cocoakit, do you promise, to train hard to be a warrior, listen to your mentor, and follow through with your apprentice duties to be the best warrior you can be?”

“I do,” Cocoakit meowed.

“Then you shall now be known as Cocoapaw,” Kestrelstar meowed. “And your mentor shall be Horsehoof.”

Horsehoof looked surprised to be chosen to mentor Cocoapaw. Mousekit saw an odd look in his eyes. She had barely seen this warrior before, the most she had seen him was when he would leave camp and be gone for hours upon hours. As he touched noses with Cocoapaw, there was a gleam of something that looked like regret.

“Janglekit look at Horsehoof,” Mousekit meowed. “Doesn’t he look like he is hiding something?”

“Isn’t everyone hiding something?” Janglekit retorted.

Mousekit shrugged. “Good point.”

She turned back and looked at the clan as they started cheering for Cocoapaw and Horsehoof.

“Okay that is all,” Kestrelstar meowed. “You may return to your regular duties.”

“Let’s get back inside the nursery,” Redpool meowed.

“Can I stay out with Janglekit and just sit?” Mousekit asked.

Redpool sighed. “Fine but be good.”

“We will!” Janglekit vowed.

Redpool went back into the nursery with Bramblekit and Seakit. Janglekit turned to Mousekit. “Alright, what is the point of this?”

“Figuring out what the gleam in Horsehoof’s eyes meant!” Mousekit meowed.

“It was just a gleam, don’t worry about it,” Janglekit meowed.

Mousekit got up. “The least you could do is make sure Redpool doesn’t realize what I’m doing. Okay?”

Janglekit sighed. “Okay.”

“Thanks Janglekit!” Mousekit meowed, running off.

Mousekit scanned the clearing for Cocoapaw and then she saw her talking to Tawnypaw and Cloudpaw by the apprentices’ den.

“Cocoapaw!” Mousekit meowed.

“Mousekit!” Cocoapaw hissed. “Why aren’t you in the nursery?”

“I need to talk to you,” Mousekit meowed.

Cocoapaw glanced at Mousekit and then Tawnypaw and Cloudpaw. “Not now.”

“Whatever,” Mousekit meowed, annoyed.

She turned and ran off. She knew if Cocoapaw couldn’t help her that Tanglefrost could. When Mousekit arrived at Tanglefrost’s den, she didn’t even call for her she just shot in. Tanglefrost looked up, surprised.

“Mousekit?” Tanglefrost meowed. “Why aren’t you with Redpool?”

“I need to talk to you,” Mousekit meowed, out of breath.

Tanglefrost narrowed her eyes and scanned Mousekit. “Why are you out of breath? Does Redpool know about this?”

“No,” Mousekit meowed. “But I have to ask you something.”

“Okay, but then you are going back to Redpool,” Tanglefrost meowed.

Mousekit nodded. “When Cocoapaw was apprenticed a few moments ago, Redpool, me, Janglekit, and the others were sitting out of the nursery watching and when Horsehoof touched noses with Cocoapaw, I swear I saw a gleam of regret in his eyes. And I always see him sneaking out of camp, what could this mean?”

Tanglefrost gasped. “He sneaks out of camp?”

“Well yes, don’t you see…” Mousekit was cut off.

“Mousekit, do me a favor, stay out of this,” Tanglefrost meowed. “I need to go speak to SparkleClan’s medicine cat, I think I’m out of poppy seeds.”

“Oh okay I will go back to Redpool,” Mousekit meowed.

Tanglefrost nodded. “Yes go do that.”

Mousekit watched as Tanglefrost set off running. She didn’t understand why she was so upset about this. She shrugged and went back to the nursery.

Chapter 8

Mousekit was sitting in the nursery telling Janglekit everything. From what happened with Cocoapaw and then what happened to Tanglefrost.

“So she just set off to SparkleClan?” Janglekit repeated, again.

“Yes!” Mousekit meowed.

“I wonder why,” Janglekit meowed.

Just then yowls and screams came from the clearing. Then other scents other than LoveClan filled the cats’ noses. Redpool got up and peeked out of the nursery and gasped at what she saw.

“Redpool, what is going on out there?” Mousekit asked.

“SparkleClan cats!” Redpool meowed.

Mousekit and Janglekit looked at each other. “SparkleClan!”

Redpool narrowed her eyes. “Why is that such a surprise?”

Before they could say anything Featherwing meowed, “How many?”

“Three,” Redpool meowed.

She peeped out again. “No wait that’s four, no that’s Horsehoof!”

“What is he doing?” Mousekit mewed.

“Defending all three of the SparkleClan cats!” Redpool meowed.

Mousekit squeezed past Redpool and into a good spot to watch. Then she saw it, Blackwhisker lunged at the white apprentice but Horsehoof attacked him.

“Horsehoof stop it!” the oldest SparkleClan cat meowed. “These are your clan mates! Now don’t make me slip.”

Kestrelstar approached the cats. “Slip about what, Spottedfur?”

Spottedfur turned to Horsehoof and he hung his head. The gray apprentice stepped forward and nudged Horsehoof.

“Kestrelstar..I..I..these are…” Horsehoof couldn’t find the words.

Tanglefrost made her way over to Horsehoof’s side and she ran her tail on his back. “Don’t be afraid Horsehoof, he didn’t hurt me or my kits.”

“These are my kits, the apprentices, Snakepaw and Tinypaw,” Horsehoof meowed.

Kestrelstar gasped. “They are? Which SparkleClan cat is your mate?”

“Motheyes,” Horsehoof meowed. “And we don’t love each other anymore, she betrayed me and loves Dingoclaw now. But when she lied to our kits about who their father was, I got mad and snuck into SparkleClan’s camp to tell my four kit’s the truth. Snakepaw and Tinypaw are the only ones who will accept me. The other two won’t.”

“Well why are they here?” Kestrelstar prompted.

“I have been sneaking out to see them,” Horsehoof meowed. “And today I was at the border, at the same spot I usually see them at, and then, I see Tanglefrost running at top speed to SparkleClan, so I follow her and then she returns with Spottedfur and well..”

“You see Kestrelstar,” Tanglefrost cut him off. “I just figured out that he was doing this today, and Spottedfur knew too. So I ran to SparkleClan to see if Spottedfur knew and then, Horsehoof makes the decision to run here and Snakepaw and Tinypaw follow him and so did Spottedfur and I.”

“Oh really?” Kestrelstar meowed. “I want these SparkleClan cats out of camp, I will speak to Horsehoof later.”

“Kestrelstar,” Snakepaw meowed.

“Snakepaw no,” Spottedfur whispered.

“No let him go on,” Kestrelstar meowed.

“May I join LoveClan with my father?” Snakepaw asked.

“I want to join too!” Tinypaw added.

Horsehoof looked surprised. “May they Kestrelstar?”

Kestrelstar narrowed his eyes and circled Snakepaw and Tinypaw.

“Well they are older than six moons,” he pointed out.

“And they don’t really did their mother’s permission,” he added.

Kestrelstar then stopped and looked at Horsehoof. “I am willing to let these two join LoveClan. But before they can stay, you and Spottedfur must take them to SparkleClan so they may tell Motheyes, I don’t expect Spottedfur to take care of that herself. You are their father, you need to do it.”

Horsehoof turned to Spottedfur before answering. “Will you help me?”

“Of course Horsehoof,” Spottedfur meowed.

Horsehoof turned back to Kestrelstar. “We shall do that then. Come Spottedfur, Snakepaw, Tinypaw, we must go speak to Motheyes.”

“Shall I go with them?” Tanglefrost asked her leader.

Kestrelstar glanced at Spottedfur and then nodded. “But be careful.”

“Yes Kestrelstar,” Tanglefrost meowed.

Horsehoof, Tanglefrost, and the three SparkleClan cats left the camp. Mousekit turned to away from the nursery entrance, surprised. According to what Tanglefrost had told her, he had broken the warrior code.

“Redpool, Horsehoof wasn’t supposed to have a mate in SparkleClan, was he?” Mousekit asked.

“No he wasn’t,” Redpool meowed, backing away from the entrance.

“So I heard most of it,” Brownspots meowed. “But did Horsehoof get punished?”

“No he didn’t,” Redpool meowed. “But two of his kits are joining LoveClan.”

“To think I acted like deputy of SparkleClan!” Hawkkit meowed.

Skykit rolled her eyes. “It was just a game.”

“Yeah and it sounds like a stupid one,” Firekit added.

“Be quiet kits!” Stormwind scolded.

Mousekit sighed. Such immature kits. At least she Janglekit, Bramblekit, and Seakit were mature. She went over to her nest and plopped down. She was ready to sleep for once today. She closed her eyes and then something jumped on her. It was Hawkkit. Mousekit got up and pushed Hawkkit off.

“Back off Hawkkit,” Mousekit meowed.

“But I want to play,” Hawkkit meowed.

“Well I want to sleep,” Mousekit hissed. “Leave me alone.”

Hawkkit rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Firekit, want to play?”

“Do I have to?” Firekit asked, annoyed.

“Please!” Hawkkit begged.

Firekit got up and crouched down. “Anything to shut you up!”

Firekit lunged at Hawkkit and attacked her. Hawkkit squealed and fought back and not much to Mousekit’s surprise, Firekit won. Mousekit sat there wondering when Tanglefrost would be back and if she would tell her what happened.

Chapter 9

By the time Tanglefrost, Horsehoof, and the SparkleClan cats returned back to camp, the last patrol of the day was coming back. Mousekit could guess they had a hard time with Motheyes and persuaded her to let Horsehoof’s kits stay in LoveClan. Looking around the nursery, Mousekit could see that Redpool was not there, and the other three queens were asleep. Mousekit got up and sat at the entrance, watching the cats in the clearing. Horsehoof’s kits were there with him and Tanglefrost, but Spottedfur was not here this time.

Kestrelstar emerged out of his den with a surprised look on his face. He seemed surprised that Tinypaw and Snakepaw were here and not still in SparkleClan. He looked at Horsehoof. “Did she agree?”

“Yes she did,” Horsehoof replied.

“Then it is decided,” Kestrelstar meowed, leaping onto the Lovestone. “They will join LoveClan.”

Mousekit then saw Redpool at that moment, coming from the dirt place tunnel.

“Redpool!” Mousekit meowed. “I just heard that Horsehoof’s kits are joining the clan!”

Redpool narrowed her eyes. “Well I suppose that’s a good thing.”

“It’s a bad thing?” Mousekit asked, confused.

“Well I think…” Redpool was cut off by Kestrelstar calling a clan meeting. Sighing, Redpool padded over to the Lovestone to listen to Kestrelstar.

Mousekit watched Redpool go. She seemed rather upset to her. Since she was bored, Mousekit decided to watch the clan meeting. To Mousekit, it was boring. All Kestrelstar did was tell the clan what Horsehoof did and who Snakepaw and Tinypaw were. But then the leader went on to Mousekit’s favorite part, new mentors!

“Since Snakepaw and Tinypaw will be living in LoveClan, they need LoveClan mentors,” Kestrelstar meowed. “Puffypelt, you will mentor Snakepaw and Blackwhisker you will mentor Tinypaw. Train them well.”

Puffypelt touched noses with Snakepaw and Blackwhisker touched noses with Tinypaw. To Mousekit, Puffypelt didn’t seem pleased with training a SparkleClan cat, but Blackwhisker seemed sympathetic.

Behind her, Mousekit heard something. She turned around and saw Skykit and Janglekit coming out of the nursery.

“What’s going on at the meeting?” Skykit asked.

“Horsehoof’s SparkleClan kits have joined the clan,” Mousekit replied.

“Cool!” Janglekit meowed. “More apprentices.”

Mousekit nodded in agreement. The kits quieted as Kestrelstar brought the meeting to an end and Redpool made way back to the nursery. The sun was setting and the cats could almost see the moon. Mousekit noticed that the moon was almost full. She knew that meant something, but she forgot.

“Redpool, doesn’t full moon mean something?” Mousekit asked.

“Yes it means it is gathering time,” Redpool meowed, going to her nest.

Following Redpool in Mousekit meowed, “What do cats do at a gathering?”

Redpool yawned. “You’ll see, I believe you are becoming an apprentice just in time for tomorrow night’s gathering.”

“We are five moons old?” Janglekit questioned, peeking her head back into the den.

“Yes you are, you’ll be apprenticed tomorrow,” Redpool meowed. “Perhaps be allowed to go to Tree Crossings too.”

“Tree Crossings?” Mousekit repeated.

“The gathering spot,” Redpool told her. “That sounds wonderful!” Janglekit remarked.

“It is,” Redpool meowed, drowsiness in her voice. “One more night in the nursery, not just you but for me too, so go to sleep.”

Mousekit sighed. It was early yet, but Redpool did have a point. Tomorrow, Redpool would be a warrior again, and Mousekit, Bramblekit, Janglekit, and Seakit would be apprentices. Curling up in her nest, Mousekit thought about how great being an apprentice would be. Wanting the next day to come closer, Mousekit silently fell asleep.

Chapter 10

“May all cats old enough to catch their own prey, join here under the Lovestone for a clan meeting!”

Mousekit blinked awake. Was it time already? Quickly, she got up and poked Janglekit, then Bramblekit, then Seakit. Then she scurried over to Redpool and poked her also.

“Get up!” she meowed. “It’s time for the apprentice ceremony!”

Bramblekit was second to get up, and Janglekit woke up next. Together, those two were able to wake Seakit up. Redpool opened her eyes and looked at the kits with amusement in her eyes.

“Come on let’s go,” the queen meowed when she got out of her nest.

Mousekit bounded ahead of Redpool and the other kits. When she arrived outside the nursery, Tanglefrost bounded over to her.

“Hi Tanglefrost!” Mousekit meowed.

“Congratulations you are going to be an apprentice!” Tanglefrost meowed.


Tanglefrost licked Mousekit’s head and when Bramblekit came out of the den, she licked his head also. The medicine cat then bounded away for a spot for the ceremony. Mousekit followed her den mates and Redpool to a spot close the Lovestone.

“Today LoveClan will receive four new apprentices,” Kestrelstar meowed proudly. “Janglekit, Seakit, Bramblekit, and….”

The LoveClan leader was cut off by his own hacking cough. Acting like it never happened he finished his sentence, “Mousekit.”

Mousekit stared hard at Kestrelstar. What is with that?

“I call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon these four kits,” Kestrelstar meowed. “They all would like to become warriors of LoveClan, but first they must become apprentices. Janglekit, from this day forth until you have earned your warrior name, you will be known as Janglepaw. Woodclaw will be your mentor.”

Mousekit wondered if Janglepaw knew as much about Woodclaw as she did. But other than her loosing her kits when they were two moons like Tawnypaw said, Woodclaw was a great warrior, just like her mother Leafdapple. Woodclaw stepped forward to touch noses with Janglepaw.

“Seakit, from this day forth until you have earned your warrior name, you will be known as Seapaw,” Kestrelstar meowed. “Carrotfoot will be your mentor.”

Carrotfoot stepped forward to touch noses with Seapaw. Mousekit didn’t know much as Carrotfoot, but she did know he was Darkfang’s father, making him her grandfather.

Before continuing, Kestrelstar coughed again. Mousekit saw Tanglefrost look at the leader with a worried look in her eyes. Then Kestrelstar stared down at Mousekit and Bramblekit and started up again.

“Bramblekit from this day forth until you have earned your warrior name, you will be known as Bramblepaw,” Kestrelstar meowed. “Brackenmoss will be your mentor.”

Brackenmoss stepped forward to touch noses with Bramblepaw. Mousekit knew Brackenmoss was Woodclaw’s mate, and that was about all she knew.

“And now Mousekit,” Kestrelstar meowed.

Mousekit got excited. She had been waiting for this!

“Mousekit from this day forth until you have earned your warrior name, you will be known as Mousepaw,” Kestrelstar meowed. “Curlyfur will be your mentor.”

Mousepaw wanted to jump up happily. Curlyfur was Kestrelstar’s deputy! The deputy was her mentor! Mousepaw padded forward to touch noses with Curlyfur. When she did, Mousepaw saw there was a mean look in the deputy’s eyes. Mousepaw slowly drew back, not understanding. Was it because she was daughter of Tanglefrost, or worse, daughter of Darkfang?

“Before I dismiss this clan meeting I want to say that our new apprentices will be coming to the gathering tonight,” Kestrelstar meowed. “Now, you are dismissed.”

The LoveClan cats walked away from the Lovestone. Mousepaw saw Janglepaw, Bramblepaw, and Seapaw planning stuff with their mentors.

“Are we going to do anything?” Mousepaw asked Curlyfur.

“Morning patrol probably,” Curlyfur meowed. “But the dawn patrol is not back yet, so we have time. Go eat some fresh kill or something.”

“Yes Curlyfur,” Mousepaw meowed.

Mousepaw padded away, but she wasn’t going to the fresh kill pile. She was going to the medicine cat den. Mousepaw was planning on asking Tanglefrost about Curlyfur.

“Tanglefrost!” Mousepaw called when she arrived.

The medicine cat appeared at the entrance. “Oh hello Mousepaw, what’s wrong?”

“I’m not sick or anything,” Mousepaw started off. “But I want to know something.”

Tanglefrost nodded. “Come in.”

Mousepaw followed Tanglefrost into the entrance. But it wasn’t an entrance to the den, it was a tunnel that led to a whole medicine cat clearing. It was not as big as the main clearing, but it was big. Mousepaw could see one den was a patient den, one was Tanglefrost’s den, and the other was just a dent for herbs. Tanglefrost sat down by the herb stock and was sorting through it.

“So tell me, what’s on your mind?” the medicine cat meowed.

Mousepaw padded over to Tanglefrost and sat down beside her. “While I was being apprenticed, and I touched noses with Curlyfur, I saw a mean look in her eyes.”

“What do you mean by a mean look?” Tanglefrost questioned, looking straight at Mousepaw.

“A look like I was unwanted,” Mousepaw meowed.

Tanglefrost’s amber eyes blazed with fury. “Did you see what Brackenmoss looked like with Bramblepaw?”

Mousepaw shook her head.

“So likely of Curlyfur,” Tanglefrost snorted. “She never liked misfits.”

“Oh, I didn’t know,” Mousepaw mewed.

“Well don’t worry, are you two doing any training today?” Tanglefrost asked.

“Yes we are doing a patrol when the dawn patrol gets back,” Mousepaw meowed.

“Show her your best,” Tanglefrost meowed. “You will rise higher than any other cat before you.”

Mousepaw was puzzled. “What do you mean by that?”

Tanglefrost didn’t reply. “Just go on your patrol Mousepaw.”

“But Tanglefrost, I…”


Mousepaw knew better than to fight anymore with Tanglefrost. She nodded and then turned and left. When she was back in the main clearing, she saw Curlyfur speaking to Kestrelstar.

Probably about me. No! Why would they do that? It is about the patrol!

Before on more thought could cross Mousepaw’s mind, the dawn patrol bounded into the clearing and over to Kestrelstar and Curlyfur. Mousepaw saw that Whitepaw and Spottedpaw were on it, along with Bonflower, Shortclaw, and Blackwhisker. Spottedpaw and Whitepaw bounded over to the fresh kill pile to get something to eat while the warriors reported to Curlyfur. Then, Puffypelt padded over to Mousepaw.

“Are you going to be Curlyfur’s patrol?” Puffypelt asked.

“Yes,” Mousepaw meowed.

“Good, so I am, can you go get Snakepaw from the apprentices den?” Puffypelt meowed.

“Sure Puffypelt!” Mousepaw meowed.

She bounded over to the apprentices den. When she got there, she peeked her head in. Mousepaw saw Snakepaw in there still sleeping. She went inside the den and poked him.

“Wake up Snakepaw!”

The former SparkleClan apprentice blinked open his eyes. “What? Who are you?”

“I’m Mousepaw,” she meowed. “I’m a new apprentice. A patrol is going out and you need to go on it too.”

“Another patrol?” Snakepaw complained, getting up. “I barely went on patrols in SparkleClan.”

“Well you are in LoveClan now,” Mousepaw retorted.

“I know that!” Snakepaw snapped, stalking out of the den.

“Stupid piece of fox dung isn’t he?” a voice said.

Mousepaw turned to see a small white she cat at the den entrance. “Are you Tinypaw?”

“Yes,” the white cat said. ”Snakepaw is my brother, he’s a handful.”

“I can tell,” Mousepaw meowed, padding over to Tinypaw. “I hope I didn’t insult him.”

“You did, but don’t worry, he stubborn,” Tinypaw meowed.

Mousepaw shrugged. “Okay then. Well, my luck I have to go on that same patrol. See you later Tinypaw.”

“Okay, bye Mousepaw!” Tinypaw called as Mousepaw ran off.

When Mousepaw got over to Curlyfur, Puffypelt, and Snakepaw, she then realized they were waiting for her. She must of spoken too long to Tinypaw.

“Okay let’s go,” Curlyfur meowed, annoyed.

Curlyfur padded out of the camp entrance followed by Puffypelt and Snakepaw. Mousepaw lagged behind. The territory didn’t seem like Mousepaw thought. But it was huge! She could smell squirrels, mice, and all kinds of prey. Curlyfur led the cats to a spot near a huge stony hollow.

“Mousepaw, have you ever heard of Stone Hollow?” Curlyfur asked, not looking at Mousepaw.


“Stone Hollow is scared land shared by LoveClan and StoneClan,” Curlyfur meowed, stopping in front of the hollow. “The first leaders of the two clans, Lovestar and Stonestar, had kits together and Lovestar had them here. Plus, poppy seeds grow here and all medicine cats are allowed here to get the seeds.”

“Cool,” Mousepaw meowed.

“I don’t find it very interesting,” Snakepaw muttered.

Because you lived most of your life in SparkleClan!

Curlyfur started spraying the scent makers at the StoneClan border and Puffypelt helped her. When they were done, Curlyfur started going the way they came.

“Are we going back home?” Mousepaw asked, confused.

“No,” Puffypelt laughed. “This is the way to the SparkleClan border.”

“Okay,” Mousepaw meowed.

Mousepaw followed the patrol and looked around her. The ground under-paw wasn’t as grassy as before, but more sandy. When she looked up she saw a huge cave, with water flowing around it, and on the other side of the land, there was a bunch of sand.

“What’s that cave?” Mousepaw asked.

“That’s Star Cavern,” Curlyfur meowed. “Medicine cats go there to speak with StarClan.”

Cool! I will ask Tanglefrost more about it one day.

Mousepaw nodded. “Is the sandy land SparkleClan’s territory?”

“Yes,” Puffypelt meowed, spraying a scent marker.

Snakepaw opened his jaws and gasped. “Curlyfur, a SparkleClan patrol is coming.”

Curlyfur let out a snarl. Mousepaw looked up ahead and saw three cats come forward. Two were warriors and one was an apprentice. To Mousepaw, Snakepaw looked like he knew them.

“Berryheart, Grayclaw, and Dapplepaw,” Snakepaw hissed.

Dapplepaw glared at Snakepaw. “Why are you hissing at us? We are a patrol like you!”

“She’s right Snakepaw, stop it,” Puffypelt said quietly.

Snakepaw listened to his mentor’s silent command. Grayclaw looked at Curlyfur.

“We are just passing through, and we didn’t come here to get our apprentices back even though they are rightfully ours,” the SparkleClan warrior meowed.

“They are half LoveClan,” Curlyfur reminded him. “Besides, right now, that is not of concern.”

Grayclaw snorted. “Just wait till tonight’s gathering!”

Curlyfur let out a long hiss and stroke out at Grayclaw. “Get away!”

Grayclaw swiped a unsheathed paw at Curlyfur and backed away, hissing.

“Enough Grayclaw, let’s go,” Berryheart meowed calmly.

“Fine,” Grayclaw snarled.

The gray warrior bounded off in the opposite direction. Berryheart sighed and followed. Dapplepaw glared at Snakepaw for a moment and then ran off after Grayclaw and Berryheart.

“Come on, let’s go report to Kestrelstar since we are done here,” Curlyfur meowed.

Puffypelt nodded and Curlyfur bounded back to camp. Mousepaw bounded after her mentor with Snakepaw and Puffypelt following. Mousepaw couldn’t believe that it was her first day as an apprentice and she already experienced a border fight!

When the patrol got back to camp, Curlyfur and Puffypelt went straight to Kestrelstar. Snakepaw slinked off to the apprentices den. Mousepaw went to find Janglepaw. Turns out, Janglepaw was at the fresh kill pile. Mousepaw grabbed a squirrel and plopped down next to her.

“Hey Mousepaw!” Janglepaw greeted her. “What happened on the patrol?”

“SparkleClan border fight between Curlyfur and a SparkleClan warrior named Grayclaw.”

“Wow,” Janglepaw meowed. “All Woodclaw did was take me hunting.”

“Sounds better than watching Curlyfur attack SparkleClan cats,” Mousepaw meowed, taking a bite of her squirrel. “I think I’ll learn to hunt tomorrow.”

Janglepaw finished off her vole. “Cool. Did you hear what Bramblepaw and Seapaw did?”

Mousepaw shook her head. “No, what?”

“Brackenmoss and Carrotfoot took them around the territory,” Janglepaw began. “Then they ran off and it took forever to find them. They almost couldn’t go to the gathering tonight, but they let it slide.”

“That’s so like Bramblepaw,” Mousepaw laughed.

“And Seapaw will give into anything,” Janglepaw added, also laughing.

Tinypaw then padded over to Mousepaw and Janglepaw. “Are you two going to the gathering?”

Mousepaw gulped down the last of her squirrel and stood up. “Yes, why?”

“Oh I’m just suggesting if you are, to take a nap,” Tinypaw meowed. “The gathering might last longer tonight than ever. There have been some issues going on.”

Janglepaw licked her paw and then swiped it over her face. “Ha! I’m sure you aren’t going to bother napping now.”

“I do every time there’s a gathering,” Tinypaw meowed.

Mousepaw gave her paw a quick lick and nodded. “Good idea. Bye Janglepaw.”

Mousepaw followed Tinypaw off to the apprentices den. Janglepaw looked up, dumbfounded.

“Hey wait for me!”