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Chapter One: Ashfur/Nightcloud

It was another day in the clans when all of a sudden all the dead cats came back, and starting mating with all the wrong cats! All was normal and Nightcloud was patrolling the Windclan border when suddenly out of nowhere Ashfur appears.

"Nightcloud! I love you!" He exclaimed. "And I don't know why!"

"Oh Ashfur, I love you to!" She cried, rushing forwards to touch noses with him.

"Nightcloud! How could you do this to me?" Said Crowfeather, rushing forward.

"Oh, Crowfeather, why don't you go over to Leafpool or something?" Nightcloud told him.

"Fine!" cried Crowfeather, bounding off.

"Oh Ashfur, lets go have some kits or something." Nightcloud sighed.

And so they had three kits, Nightkit, Ashkit, and Nightashkit.

Chapter Two Crowfeather/Silverstream Brokenstar/Leafpool

As Crowfeather raced into ThunderClan territory, he scented it, the most wonderful scent in the world. He followed it into ThunderClan's camp, ignoring the surprised cries of other cats. Then he spotted her.

"Silverstream! Be my mate!" Crowfeather shouted at her.

"Oh Crowfeather, yes!" She told him, rushing forward to nuzzle with him.

"Silverstream, how could you?" Graystripe said in a hurt voice.

"Oh Graystripe I love Crowfeather, deal with it" Silverstream snaped at Graystripe.

"Oh what is this all about?" Leafpool asked padding out of the warriors den.

"Leafpool! Your perfect! I love you!" Brokenstar shouted, suddenly appearing.

"Brokenstar!" Leafpool yelled, running over to him.

They had two kits, birdkit, and awsomekit.

Then Tigerstar suddenly came back to life with a bomb that would kill all cats who were already dead. So it went off, and he had forgotten that the bomb would kill him also.

The End!

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