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Rainpaw and Foxpaw were always mistrusted by their Clan, because of their heritage. They can hardly take it any longer, when an outrageous accusation was made against them by the evil deputy, Tigertalon, with those amber eyes. And Greenstar is old and frail, basically on his deathbed, so Tigertalon is basically leader. And Tigertalon is determined to get them out of the Clan forever. Will they win the fight?


"Alright. I'll dispose of those pesky apprentices..." It was a low growl, and Rainpaw recognised it at once. Tigertalon. "Foxpaw?" she breathed softly to her littermate, as he tensed beside her. "Did you catch that?" she asked, although she dreaded the answer.

"You bet I did." replied Foxpaw, watching the shadows flit around through worried eyes. "Did you?"

"Of course I did. I just thought of something." Rainpaw breathed, and she trembled as if her legs were jelly.

"What?" Foxpaw asked.

"What if "those two pesky apprentices" means us?"

Chapter 1- Robo

Foxpaw carefully glanced around, "Something's not right," she whispered cautiously to Rainpaw, "Something just does not feel right."

"What are you two doing here?" Foxpaw jerked her head up to see Tigertalon standing in front of them. When they exchanged a worried glance, he repeated, just fiercer and with rage, "What are you two doing out here right now?"

Foxpaw knew better than to stay silent.

"We were walking to the fresh-kill pile," she stammered, as the deputy glared at both of them hardly, "We just finished our training."

He didn't remove his harsh eyes, "And what makes you think that it is okay for you two to go and eat? The fresh-kill pile is for clan cats only."

"But we are clan cats!" Rainpaw protested.

A sneer spread across the deputies face, "I wouldn't be too sure about that young, Rainpaw. The clan doesn't like having traitors among them."

"What are you taking about?" Rainpaw asked sharply, but Tigertalon just turned around and marched off. The siblings exchanges a worried glance, before shrugging and walking up to the fresh-kill pile. After a quick look around, Foxpaw decided to take a squirrel while Rainpaw picked out a mouse.

"That doesn't belong to you!" It was Redheart, a senior warrior, "What do you think you are doing?"

Foxpaw took a quick step back but Rainpaw held her ground, "I am getting fresh-kill" he claimed, "Which every clan cat is allowed to do."

"You are no clan cat!" He shrieked and unsheathed his claws with rage.

Rainpaw took a quick step back as Foxpaw watched with wide and scared eyes.

"I'm sorry..." Rainpaw stammered.

Redheart nodded, "You should be," he claimed before stalking off.

Foxpaw walked up to her sister, "What was that about?" she asked her.

"Something's not right," Rainpaw claimed, "Something is not right."

Chapter 2 (NOT DONE)

Rainpaw cried in her nest that night. "I don't belong."

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