In MistClan, there are two rules: kill or be killed. In fact, it's not even a Clan with everyone running around constantly and breaking their so-called 'rules'. Mothsplash, a regular cat that happens to live in MistClan, is living in a remote shelter at the edge of camp with her father, who is constantly grieving over the death of his mate and Mothsplash's mother, so it comes as a bit of a surprise when he offers to teach Mothsplash how to survive MistClan. Unfortunately, Mothsplash's world is tipped upside down when her father is kidnapped, and she must go on a journey to save his life in time.

Mothsplash - silver spotted tabby she-cat with white spotting
Owlfoot - white tom with some patches of solid chocolate fur; Mothsplash's father
Mintspot- blueish-silver spotted tabby she-cat; Mothsplash's mother
Rainbreeze - smoke tabby tom with a fluffy white chest; Mothsplash's brother
Sootfeather - elderly dark grey spotted tabby tom with a darker nose and paws; Owlfoot and Mintspot's mentor (formerly)
Leafwing - huge, muscular ginger tabby she-cat with pale green eyes; main antagonist
Cinderleaf -dark grey tom with a stumpy white tail and dark eyes; friendly loner who escaped MistClan moons ago
Leafshade - white tom with very pale grey chest and very light eyes; another friendly loner who escaped MistClan moons ago
Shadowpool - pale reddish brown tom with a bushy tail and very dark eyes; very loyal to Leafwing and never leaves her side


Season One -
In MistClan, you are either dead or alive. Cats drop like flies, and die everyday. There is not much hope in this cruel world a small family lives in. Mothsplash, a sensible young she-cat born into this world, has her mother die while she is still young. Mothsplash always wondered what truly happened to her - she doesn't believe her mother actually drowned. Her suspicions grow when a troublesome she-cat named Leafwing rises to power...
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