Season One

Tainted - Meet Mothsplash, an ordinary young she-cat in MistClan, most likely the most messed up Clan there is. She lives with her family; her parents, Owlfoot and Mintspot, and her brother, Rainbreeze. But then, a sudden turn of events happen and before you could say 'mouse', Mintspot is dead. A very mysterious death at that, too. The popular belief is that she was drowned, but Mothsplash thinks otherwise.

Selected - The most worst possible thing has just happened. After breaking the news of Mintspot's death to the rest of her family, Mothsplash has been chosen for those stupid MistClan games. Then, a surprise comes to her as Owlfoot teaches the young she-cat how to survive the games, and the small family devises a plan to escape MistClan.

Malice - Mothsplash, Owlfoot and Rainbreeze have successfully escaped MistClan, and now they have set up camp in a remote forest. But mysterious omens are popping up everywhere, and when a devastating accident occurs, it's now a matter of life and death.

Disaster Strikes - N/A

Good Heart - N/A

Travel - N/A

Missing - N/A

Anger - N/A

What You Mean To Me - N/A

Finale - N/A

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