Jayfeather glanced sadly at his love, Lilyheart and she stared back at him her eyes glistening in sadness, and love. Jayfeather hissed in anger and in sadness. However much the two wanted to be together they couldn't. Starclan had sent the sign 5 moons ago when Jayfeather was a newly appointed warrior, the sign was a blue jays feather witch lead to the conclusion of Jayfeather.  Later that day, Lilyheart walked in his den, "Hi Lilyheart," He meowed, "What do you need?" "I need you. I... I... I love you Jayfeather." Lilyheart stammered. "Meet me by the dead holly tree tonight so I can talk to you." "Um... Lilyheart. If we do... do this what will happen when you expect kits!" Jayfeather murmured. "Tigerfur can be my mate." "Ok" Jayfeather said. "Bye" Lilyheart whisked her tail in farewell and left the den. Jayfeather wanted to yowl. He couldn't wait for tonight.


Jayfeather raced across Thunderclan territory, his paws feeling as light as air, as he darted to the dead holly tree. "Hi. We can't do this!" Lilyheart said fearfully. "Lilyheart, we all walk the different paths, and you are at a crossroad, you can go with me, or walk the path of a normal warrior. You choose what you want. You can go back but never change. We shape our destinies by actions. Starclan can't shape our future. They prepare and see our choice and forgive. So what do you choose?" "I choose you." Lilyheart said confidently gazing into Jayfeather's eyes. "I knew you would." Jayfeather said. Lilyheart curled up beside him he fell into a deep sleep. He woke up before dawn and nudged Lilyheart. "Wake up." Jayfeather said. "Let's get back to camp." "Ok." Lilyheart said. Then they set off. 

At mid-day Lilyheart asked Tigerfur to be her mate. He accepted. Dread flooded through him. He had fears about Tigerfur. But he couldn't tell the two cats padded out of camp side by side and Jayfeather followed. "I just will keep an eye on them to make sure she will be ok"  Jayfeather thought. He heard a wail and saw Tigerfur murdering Lilyheart. Then he heard a voice that said "I love you Jayfeather and I will wait for you, always..." Jayfeather filled with rage and swore to his mate in the sky, "I will kill this cat and train until I can defeat him and avenge your death." 


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