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  • This is a really interesting story. I love the idea, the creativity, and everything!

~ Broken Promises Forgotten Lives... 20:48, December 5, 2013 (UTC)

Its fabulous, Feathers and Fur was beast, this will be super! This is my REMEDY 00:30, December 27, 2013 (UTC)

Fore Note

To Flamey, my clever mastermind collab partner who thought up of this amazing idea for a series. And to particularly everybody, purry Christmas! -Jay

Thank you Jay! One thing though; The Owlclan series is dedicated to all the fans. Have a merry leafbare, hope that Santa claws (Does anyone get my joke? Hint: "Claws") gives you a good Christmas. - Flamey


"I can no longer be mates with you, my love." -Mousefur

"Jag... Our owlet is hatching..." -Skyflight

Chapter One

"Muuuum, when will Ripplekit ever open her eyes?" Tigerkit whined.

"Soon." Mousefur told him.

"But soon is forever!" Tigerkit groaned. "Why can't I explore camp by myself and then show her around?"

"Wait until she fully opens her eyes and is ready." Mousefur told him firmly.

Tigerkit sighed. His little sister was lazy! She just had to open her eyes. It wasn't fair.

Tigerkit quickly got bored. He chewed on his toes delicately a, slid out his claws back and forth, and feeling his pad.

"Here! Go play a game." Mousefur meowed and tore out a piece of moss from the edge of their nest and threw it to Tigerkit.

Tigerkit moaned. But once he began playing with his moss-ball, he couldn't stop. He just played it over and over again...

It took a few minutes and Tigerkit's eyes finally rested on Ripplekit, who still hadn't opened her eyes. They were shut.

Tigerkit felt flames flicker inside his own body. He pounced on top of Ripplekit and tugged her ears and tried to open her eyes himself.

"Tigerkit! What on earth are you doing?!" Mousefur hissed. She grabbed Tigerkit's scruff with her teeth and pulled him away.

Tigerkit frowned. "I only wanted for her to open her eyes!" He said.

Quiet sniggers crackled the nursery. "Poor Tigerkit!" Greykit sneered.

Tigerkit frowned and settled beside Ripplekit, vowing not to touch her again. He sensed eyes fluttering open.

Tigerkit turned around. Ripplekit had opened her eyes!

Chapter Two

Ripplekit gazed in confusion at Tigerkit with her watery blue eyes. "Hi." Tigerkit meowed.

"Hi." Ripplekit answered.

"Yay! We can explore camp now!" Tigerkit shrieked, jumping out of his nest, but Mousefur's teeth gritted the end of his tail to stop him from running away.

"Oh no, you aren't!" She hissed, eventually pulling him back. "Wait until Ripplekit fully settles in." She mewed.

"Ugh!" Tigerkit spat. "I wanna explore. NOW!" He shouted.

[[User:Silvertruth|<span style="color:aquamarine;font-family:Papyrus;font-size:22px;background:-webkit-linear-"Me too, Mama." Ripplekit squeaked, unsure if she should join the argument or not.

All Mousefur did was sigh, curl her tail around her nose and mouth, and fell asleep.

Tigerkit and Ripplekit crept behind Mousefur in curiousity. Greykit, and his sister Spottedkit, were glancing at them.

Greykit stepped over his mother's, Whitewing, leg. "Spottedkit and I shall show you two around camp." Greykit said, puffing out his chest as if accepting deputyship of the Clan.

Tigerkit glanced at them. "Well, how can we? Mousefur won't let us." He meowed.

Greykit smirked. "Now this is where you need to think, Tigerkit. You can't just wake her up and ask, she'll just say no! You need to sneak out." He whisper-mewed.

"What if she finds out?" Tigerkit mewed, looking from side to side. He had never thought of sneaking out before. Interesting. Sly. Sneaky.

"That's easy. You just tell her Ripplekit was really happy and settled by the time you went out, and that should do the trick." Greykit winked as he spoke.

Tigerkit crept soundlessly over Mousefur, and Ripplekit followed after. Except she tumbled over and landed on Mousefur's paw, which caused her to wake up.

Mousefur slanted her eyes suspiciously at Tigerkit and Ripplekit. "Were you two going outside without telling me?" She murmured slowly.

Tigerkit bowed his head in embarrassment and gulped. "Well, yes, maybe, no, yes. We were, kind of, mama." He murmured guiltily.

"Just go." Mousefur muttered. Tigerkit shrugged.

"Ok." He gestured Ripplekit forward with his own tail and followed Greykit and Spottedkit.

"And try not to get under any cats' paws!" Mousefur called as the four kits headed out.

"Step back, and you'll see the nursery. It's where kits like us and the queens sleep." Greykit meowed.

Tigerkit glanced up at the large nursery. It was protected by a twisted golden shield of brambles.

"And over here is the elder's den, it's the place you should go if you want storytime." Greykit mewed.

The four kits peered into the den with a honeysuckle bush dangling over the entrance.

"Let's go in!" Ripplekit squeaked, barging in. The other three kits, Tigerkit, Greykit, and Spottedkit, padded in after Ripplekit.

A scruffy dark grey tom with clouded eyes stared down at them.

"Hello." He rasped.

A ginger tabby she-cat with soft hazel eyes glanced at them.

"Greetings, Greykit and Spottedkit. Are these the new kits?" She asked.

"Yes. I'm Tigerkit. This is my little sister, Ripplekit." Tigerkit introduced himself to the old tabby, raising his head up.

"I'm Molewhisker." The grey tom meowed.

"And I'm Cherryblossom." The ginger tabby she-cat mewed.

"Can we hear a story?" Ripplekit asked, tipping her head onto her shoulder.

"Eh, no." Tigerkit muttered pulling back his sister. "We have no time. I wanna explore camp some more."

The four padded out of the elder's den and Greykit suddenly stopped as he was one fox-length away from the elder's den.

"Molewhisker is blind. Cherryblossom is Molewhisker's sister." He meowed, and then he grinned wildly.

"Let's have a race." He mewed, lashing his tail.

"Yes!" Spottedkit mewed, spinning around on her tippy toes. "Me and Greykit against you too!"

Tigerkit looked at them, and a grin began to creep on his face. There was no turning back now.

"Sure." Tigerkit meowed.

"Bring it on." Greykit replied.

"Ready, get set... Go!" He yelled, and Greykit and Spottedkit bolted.

Tigerkit and Ripplekit took off swiftly too, and Tigerkit looked over his shoulder and felt a twinkle of satisfaction in his eye as Greykit and Spottedkit slowly dropped back.

"Faster!" Greykit panted, eyes furious.

"I'm trying!" Spottedkit whined.

Ha! Tigerkit thought to himself. They don't stand a chance against us now!

But Ripplekit was charging towards a cat...

"Ripplekit, wait! Stop! You're about to crash right into a --" But Tigerkit was cut off as Ripplekit slammed headfirst into the young tom cat's white front paw, and fell over.

The other three kits immediately stopped racing and rushed over to Ripplekit's side.

"Are you okay?" Spottedkit asked.

"I'm fine!" Ripplekit squeaked, stumbling up. She glanced at the young white tom cat with the blue eyes staring straight at her. "Who are you?" Ripplekit asked the white tom.

"I'm Snowpaw." The fluffy white tom announced. He narrowed his eyes at the four kits, scanning them over. "And may you be?" He asked.

"I'm Tigerkit, this is my little sister Ripplekit, and my friends Greykit and Spottedkit." Tigerkit introduced.

Snowpaw flicked his tail and sat down.

"I have a sister. Her name is Amberpaw. She is the medicine cat apprentice because of a paw incident. I feel sorry for her, sniffing around those yucky herbs and collecting disgusting cobwebs!" Snowpaw snorted.

"Well, we gotta go now. Nice to meet you, Snowpaw." Tigerkit meowed. He was in a hurry. He couldn't explore properly with all these distractions.

"Let's go, Greykit and Spottedkit and Ripplekit." Tigerkit meowed, turning around and walking away.

"But I don't wanna leave! Snowpaw seems nice." Greykit whined. But it was no turning back.

Tigerkit headed for a den underneath a bush but a brown tom with scraps of moss and feathers on his fur stepped out.

"What are you sneaky four doing here? Get out! Shoo!" He snapped.

Greykit quickly led Tigerkit, Ripplekit, and Spottedkit away.

"We were about to go in the warriors den. But Birchfall told us off." He whispered.

Ripplekit spotted a den not far away from the warriors den.

"Hey! Why don't we go there?" She squealed, charging forward.

"Oh no you don't, Ripplekit!" Tigerkit growled.

Ripplekit had already barged in. Her voice was loud and clear from the inside.

"Hello! Who are you? I'm Ripplekit! Why do you smell so weird?"

Tigerkit, Greykit, and Spottedkit padded inside the medicine den, and a grey tabby tom with clouded blue eyes was glaring at Ripplekit.

"That's Jayfeather, the ThunderClan medicine cat." Greykit whispered to Tigerkit.

Tigerkit padded up to Ripplekit and pulled her away.

"Let's go." He muttered in her ear through gritted teeth.

Tigerkit bumped into a leg. He turned around and looked up. A very pretty pale grey she-cat with some white socks and amber eyes was staring softly down at him.

"Who are you?" Tigerkit managed to choke out.

"Amberpaw, the medicine cat apprentice." The pale grey she-cat mewed.

"That's my brother, Snowpaw." Amberpaw twitched her ears into the direction of her fluffy white brother who was nearby the camp entrance.

"We've met Snowpaw. Ripplekit accidently bumped into him." Tigerkit meowed. He quickly noticed that Greykit and Spottedkit were trailing away. Tigerkit caught a swift glance at them.

"Gotta go!" He huffed, darting away. Ripplekit followed.

Eventually, Tigerkit and Ripplekit had followed Greykit and Spottedkit to a stony wall.

"This is Highledge. Firestar speaks up there. In here it's his den." Greykit whispered.

"Why don't we sneak in?" Ripplekit suggested. Greykit nodded.

"Let's go." He mewed. He padded inside, and Ripplekit followed. Tigerkit and Spottedkit was about to go in but a ginger tom with bright green eyes was towering over them. His teeth were slightly crooked, and he had a pale shade of green, like he was sick.

"One kit means curiousity. Two kits or more mean mischief." The ginger tom huffed, squeezing past the kits into his den.

Is he sick? Tigerkit wondered.

"Let's go back, now that we've explore the whole camp." Greykit meowed. Spottedkit nodded.

"Well then. Let's go." Tigerkit meowed, and he began to head back to the nursery.

Chapter Three

"Kits, straighten your backs! Your father will be coming soon." Mousefur meowed.

Tigerkit grumbled slightly as he and Ripplekit straightened their backs.

"Straighter, Tigerkit! Your father doesn't want to see you slouch. Not to mention that it is bad posture!" Mousefur scolded, nudging Tigerkit so he could straighten his back more.

"Ripplekit - look at you! Your fur is sticking up all over!" Mousefur scolded Ripplekit, licking down the tufts of blue-grey fur sticking out.

A shadow fell across the nursery. A large cream tom with black stripes rippling down his body and clear, emerald fern-green eyes towered over the nursery entrance, little evening light piercing the outline of his body. The cat also had the longest tail Tigerkit ever saw.

Mousefur stood proudly over her kits.

"Kits, meet your father - Longtail." She meowed.

Longtail stepped in. He purred at the sight of the kits.

"So they are...?" Longtail murmured, his voice trailing away.

"Tigerkit and Ripplekit." Mousefur meowed, finishing Longtail's sentence, she flicked the tip of her tail to each kit as she called out each name.

"Wonderful." Longtail purred, examining his kits.

"What a strong, handsome son!" Longtail declared in glee as he glanced at Tigerkit.

Tigerkit raised his head proudly as Longtail lumbered over to Ripplekit.

"What a beautiful, perfect darling!" Longtail purred in delight as he scanned over Ripplekit. Longtail glanced at Mousefur.

"I have to go, my patrol needs to report back to Brambleclaw." Longtail meowed.

"How is Firestar currently?" Mousefur said slowly, twitching her ears.

Longtail suddenly had a serious expression on his face.

"Bad." He murmured quietly so only Mousefur could hear. And with that he stalked away.

What was that all about? Tigerkit wondered.

Pine gazed in Midnightshade's deep blue eyes.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Pine managed to choke out.

Midnightshade closed her eyes and sighed. The two owls were away from OwlClan camp, in OwlClan territory.  Midnightshade was Pine's mother as well as teacher. Midnightshade was a medicine owl but she insisted that she would train Pine, Ripper, and Star to be fully-fledged warrior owls, warrior owls that OwlClan could be proud of. She slowly breathed again..

"Pine," Midnightshade hooted firmly. Pine looked up.

"Yes, mother?" He murmured.

"You are no longer deemed worthy of calling me mother. Because, I am clearly not your mother."

Chapter Four

"No! It can't be!" Pine screeched.

"Yes, it can be, Pine!" Midnightshade screeched back. Suddenly, Midnightshade seemed so, dark.

"Your parents were two revenge seekers, named Skyflight and Jag. Skyflight used to be mates with Sunheart before we joined ThunderClan, but when we did, Sunheart fell in love with Mousefur. When Skyflight found out, she was so upset, she had sworn revenge. Jag had offered to help.

"So Skyflight had unleashed a pack of dogs into the forest to attack ThunderClan. She thought that the dogs would kill Mousefur. But boy, she was wrong. The dogs ended up killing a queen and her kit, injuring another queen and her kit.

"That was Skyflight's and Jag's last draw, after Mousefur had four kits. Sunheart kept two of them who are in OwlClan right now, but Mousefur kept the other two and they are growing in her Clan. Skyflight and Jag attacked Mousefur at a cliff, but the other good owls came and fought. A few owls died that day. Sunheart chucked Skyflight and Jag down a cliff, and that was their end. That's when their eggs hatched..." Midnightshade's voice trailed away, and she lost her breath.

"Should I tell Ripper and Star?" Pine asked.

"That would be appreciated." Midnightshade murmured. Pine was about to fly off but a question was nagging him. So he turned and asked;

"Who are the two kits of Mousefur in OwlClan? Who are the two kits of Mousefur in ThunderClan?" Pine asked. Midnightshade shook her head.

"We may never know. We're never even aware of it." Midnightshade rasped.

"I should take you somewhere." Pine hooted, concerned for his mother - er, so-called mother.

Midnightshade's eyes were closed. Pine nudged her to her feet and guided her too a nest inside a hollow tree.

Midnightshade's eyes fluttered open, but they closed again. Pine closed his eyes and sighed. The truth seemed so real. Pine turned and flapped off. He needed to tell his siblings.

Chapter Five

Jayfeather stepped in the dark, empty leader's den. He slowly blinked his blind pale blue eyes. He padded further and he felt his paw rest on fur. He bent down and sniffed around the cat's fur. Firestar.

A strange odor had risen in the air and Jayfeather flinched a little. He pushed up his nose into his muzzle, until it was lost in his fur.

Jayfeather rubbed his paw over Firestar's body and felt something rough against his pad, like a graze. Jayfeather bent down and he sniffed the rough bit. He felt it again. It was a mark, a graze, and flesh.

Jayfeather lifted his paw and let it rub around Firestar's body. He eventually felt his paw grasp his muzzle. Jayfeather slowly opened Firestar's mouth and felt his way around inside. He took out some kind of product.

Jayfeather began feeling the product. Small, smooth, and it smelled like apples. Apple seed! Jayfeather thought. It should be apple seed!

But Jayfeather felt sure that apple seeds weren't enough to kill a cat. Unless he had been as weak as Firestar. Jayfeather was determined to find more substances in his mouth.

So he began feeling his way around again,p. Jayfeather had enough and grabbed Firestar's head and pulled it toward him so he could see his neck. He felt liquid trickle onto his chest.

Jayfeather let go and glanced at his chest, though he could see nothing, so he felt his way around. He swiped up the liquid and sniffed it.

It smelled as sharp as thorns. Darker then night. Powerful then a badger. Poison then deathberries. Wait, deathberries? This was deathberry juice! Some cat must've poured it into Fierstar's mouth after forcing in the apple seed. But what were the marks from? To hold him down?

Jayfeather rushed to the medicine den with the apple seed clutched in one paw and the liquid on the other. Jayfeather put down his apple seed and tried to dig a hole with one paw, and he poured in the deathberry juice and dropped the apple seed in the hole, and refilled it.

Who has been at Firestar?

Chapter Six

Brambleclaw's eyes fluttered open as he found himself in a field of blinding light. He slowly blinked. It felt like two seconds ago when he arrived at the Moonpool. Soon he stood up, getting ready for a long journey home when he saw something strange. BADGER! 

"Get away you peice of foxdung, or I'll rip your pelt off!" He Growled. 

The badger did not listen. Instead it got closer a fammiliar face appeared.

"Midnight!" he gasped.

"Yes?" She replied sternly

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

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