A series of two cats, Jadepaw and Quartzpaw. They must find 'The Golden Ruins', or disappear into nothingness.

Jadepaw and Quartzpaw stand upon a once-proud heritage of their mothers and fathers, ruined by the Evil Cats. The whole Clan is distrustful, as one of their fathers is dead. But when they hear of 'The Golden Ruins', they know they must find it, or fall apart forever.

Series Books

Fire River - Jadepaw and Quartzpaw have just gotten their warrior names, and are so excited! But the Clan thinks they are a curse. The kits think their suspicions are confirmed when a fire river happens, and the Clan is even more suspicious.



Tail Trailers - Jadewing and Quartzstone decide to leave the Clan, and discover a mysterious group of rogues called the Tail Trailers. They claim to pick out scents from only a cat's tail, but Jadepaw and Quartzpaw find out how evil they are, and run away. Now lost, they must go somewhere, but where?

The Quiver - The Earth makes a giant Quiver, and now Jadewing and Quartzstone are lost and bruised. They come across more cats, and finally are stable. But these cats are questionable, and Jadewing thinks they should leave again. Quartzstone wants to stay, and things get intense quick.

Current Fighters - TBA

The Great Roar - TBA

Slowly Burn - TBA

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