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Warriors Fanfiction
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A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story

NOTE: This story is rated Moderate.



Leader - Twighlightstar - a black she-cat with white speckles near her ears, purple eyes, and a gray-ish muzzle

Deputy - Brightear - a ginger she-cat with a torn ear and hazel eyes

Medicine Cat - Whitetail - a white she-cat with sky-blue eyes

Elders - Troutear - a silver tom with a black-ish muzzle and a torn claw

Willowsky - a willow-colored she-cat with a white muzzle, white paws, and a plumed tail

Queens - Skyfeather - a gray tabby she-cat with a white muzzle and amber eyes (mother to Moonkit - a silver tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes, Nightkit - a black tom with a white muzzle and hazel eyes)

Warriors - Tigereye - Orange tom with black stripes and amber eyes

Smallclaw - a small oak-colored tom with small claws and silver eyes

Firewhisker - a flame colored tom with silver eyes

Feathernose - a gray tabby she-cat with lilac-purple eyes

Mistyfur - a blue-ish gray-ish tabby she-cat with hazel eyes (apprentice: Lostpaw - a ginger tom with a tail stub, lots of scratches near his ear, and a raked pelt)

Breezetail - a gray tom with white freckles covering his body and dark blue eyes

Ratpelt - a she-cat with a white muzzle and a rat-colored pelt/coat (apprentice: Emberpaw - a golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes and white paws)

Berryblaze - a cream-colored tom with blue eyes and a firey spirit (apprentice: Blackpaw - a black tom with white speckles and blue eyes)

Mapletail - a maple-colored she-cat with purple eyes

Flameclaw - a fire-colored she-cat with silver eyes (apprentice: Ravenpaw - a black tom with white paws and silver eyes)

Blizzardbreeze - a black tom with blue eyes and gray paws


Leader - Goldenstar - a golden tabby she-cat with hazel eyes

Deputy - Cinderwhisker - a gray she-cat with silver eyes

Medicine Cat - Stormtail - a black tom with amber eyes

Warriors - Nettle-eye - a flame-colored tom with green eyes and a ragged pelt

Featherpelt - a silver she-cat with green eyes

Fernear - a gray tabby she-cat with green eyes

Freckledpelt - an oak-ish colored tom with darker oak-ish colored feckles all over his body (apprentice: Specklepaw - a white she-cat with speckles near her blue eyes)

Sharpclaw - a black tom with a white underbelly and sharp claws

Darkeye - a dark gray (almost black) tom with amber eyes and a white muzzle (apprentice: Tigerpaw - a tiger-colored tom with blue eyes and unusually-good hearing)

Elders - Snowfall - a white tom with black spots on pelt and a torn ear

Queens - Foamfur (mother to Frostkit)


Leader - Thrushstar - a gray tom with green eyes

Deputy - Firepelt - a flame-colored tom with amber eyes (apprentice: Smallpaw - an unusually small she-cat with a black pelt and green eyes)

Medicine Cat - Mudpelt - a brown tom with golden eyes (apprentice: Fernpaw - a gray she-cat with green eyes)

Warriors - Hollyclaw - a black she-cat with blue eyes (apprentice: Creampaw - a cream colored tabby she-cat with golden eyes and a torn ear)

Oaktail - a brown tom with amber eyes and a torn ear

Redfur - a red tom with green eyes

Queens - (none)

Elders - Snowclaw - a snow-colored she-cat with amber eyes and a ragged pelt


Leader - Duskstar - a black she-cat with amber eyes and a torn ear

Deputy - Bluepelt - a blue tabby she-cat with light purple eyes and a ragged pelt

Medicine Cat - Mossnose - a brown-ish white-ish tom with amber eyes (apprentice: Bramblepaw

Warriors - Milknose - a white she-cat with a good sense of smell and blue eyes

Skypelt - a sky-colored she-cat with a tail stub and blue eyes

Watersky - a blue-ish she-cat with amber eyes

Queens - Cloudshine - a white she-cat with brown eyes (mother to Cloudkit, Whitekit)

Elders - Silversky - a silver tabby she-cat with feather-soft chest fur and sky-blue eyes


"She's opened her eyes!"

You curiously look around the nursery. What a sight! Then, you catch a glimpse of another cat. Suddenly, you hear a tiny voice.

"Hello, Moonkit! I'm your brother, Nightkit. Nice to meet you! Ready to explore the camp?" Nightkit mews.

"Hello, Nightkit! I'm ready to explore the camp. Nice to meet you, too!"

You two pad out of the nursery and into the clearing.

"Where should we go? To the warrior's den or the medicine cat's den?" Nightkit asks. (If you want to go to the warrior's den, go to Exploring the Camp - Warrior's Den. If you want to go to the medicine cat's den, go to Exploring the Camp - Medicine Cat's Den.)

Exploring the Camp - Medicine Cat's Den

"Let's go to the medicine cat's den!" you say.

The two of you pad over to the medicine cat's den. Along the way, you see a lot of cats staring at you. You two ignore the cats and as you reach the medicine cat den, you see Whitetail.

"Hello, you two!" Whiteteail says as she sorts herbs.

"Hello, Whitetail. We've only come to watch," you and Nightkit say.

Whitetail nods and you and Nightkit sit down and watch Whitetail sort herbs until your mother calls you. (Go to Unfriendliness Explained.)

Exploring the Camp - Warrior's Den

"Let's go to the warrior's den!" you mew.

You two pad over to the warrior's den as you see Brightear, Smallclaw, Tigereye, and so many other warriors staring at you.

"What do you want?" Brightear asks.

"Uh, we've only come to watch..." you reply nervously.

"Well, that's all you better do!" Tigereye nearly snarls.

You and Nightkit don't seem to understand why the warriors are acting so unfriendly. You watch them bath and whisper all sorts of gossip with their cross faces every time they look and see that you and Nightkit are still there. Your mother calls you back and you go back to the nursery. (Go to Unfriendliness Explained.)

Unfriendliness Explained

After you and Nightkit are back in the nursery you ask your mother why the warriors were so unkind.

Your mother sighs.

"It's... because of your father," she says slowly.

"What did he do?" Nightkit asks.

"H-he left us. Worse, he abandoned us. He fell in love with someone from a different clan. He just left us to join RiverClan. He was even the clan deputy. A-and... Flowerstar was on her last life. After she... d-died, we weren't even a clan anymore. Until Twighlightstar decided to become our leader."

Your mother's voice trails off as you and Nightkit just stare at her in awe. Our father ABANDONED us! you think to yourself.

"No wonder no one wanted to look at us," you mumble.

You and Nightkit just go to sleep after your mother finishes washing you and after you and Nightkit share a vole from the fresh-kill pile without saying a word. (Go to Apprentice Ceremony.)

Apprentice Ceremony

You and Nightkit wake up full of joy. They were going to be apprentices! After you wash and eat, Twilightstar calls a clan meeting.

"Moonkit and Nightkit have reached the age of six moons. It is time I give them their apprentice names. Moonkit, from this day on until your warrior ceremony, you will be called Moonpaw. Firewhisker, you have a great amount of courage and loyalty. I wish you to pass on your skills to Moonpaw. Nightkit, you will be called Nightpaw until your warrior ceremony. Feathernose, you are ready to take on another apprentice. I wish you to pass on your fighting skills to Nightpaw. Congratulations, Nightpaw and Moonpaw."

"Moonpaw! Nightpaw!" everybody mews in fake cheerful voices that Twilightstar doesn't notice. She tells the clan that they are dissmissed and you catch the eyes of most of the warriors and their faces are not happy. (Go to Meeting Your Mentor)

Meeting Your Mentor

The next day, you wake up full of excitement. You are going to meet your mentor, Firewhisker. I wonder if he judges me by my father like everyone else. you think. As you push away the thought, you meet Firewhisker outside of the camp. You're amazed at how large it is outside.

"Hello, Moonpaw."

You're surprised at how warmly Firewhisker greets you.

"Hello, Firewhisker..." you say quite shyly.

"I understand. Your father makes you quite unpopular," he mews.

"I wouldn't believe you would know anything about it," you mumble uncomfortably.

"It actually happened to me. But with a mother," he says quite sadly.

"Really??" you ask. I wouldn't bear losing my mother. Who would nurse me then? you think.

"Really. ThunderClan distrusted me for what seemed like ages. Until I really proved myself."

"But how did you prove yourself? I don't know any way to prove myself and I don't want to be distrusted for my entire life."

"You have to be a great warrior. Loyal. Kind. Unbelievable."

"It's nice to know I'm not the only one," you say.

Your mentor purrs.

"Well, I think that's enough chatting. Follow me, we're going to tour the outside of the camp!"

After you see the outside of the camp, your mentor asks you whether you want to learn battle moves or how to hunt. (If you want to learn how to hunt, go to Training - Hunting. If you want to learn battle moves go to Training - Battle Moves.)

Training - Battle Moves

"Let's learn battle moves!" you mew.

"Alright, come over here!" Firewhisker replies.

Firewhisker leads you to a massive rock.

"This is where we'll be doing battle moves. But first, I'll have to assess you."

You nod and your mentor assesses you until it's dark.

"We can work on new battle moves tomorrow, if you like."

You nod and the two of you walk back inside the camp. (Go to First Gathering.)

Training - Hunting

"Let's learn how to hunt!" you mew.

"Alright! First, we have to work on scent."

You sniff the grass until you find something.

"I think I smell vole!" you say.

"Good job, Moonpaw! You are absolutely correct. I can smell vole too. Here's the hunting crouch. Now, remember to be swift and quiet. Your prey might hear you."

You nod as you admiringly watch Firewhisker drop into a hunting crouch. His paws are light, quick, and quiet. He pounces on the vole and kills it in one bite.

"Fresh-kill now!" he mews.

Your jaw drops open in awe at how quickly Firewhisker got to the mouse. Will I ever be able to hunt and fight like him? you think. Your mentor teaches you hunting techniques until it's dark. (Go to First Gathering.)

First Gathering

You wake up full of excitement. A full moon tonight! A gathering! You wonder if you and Nightpaw will get chosen to go. Nightpaw doesn't know what you're so excited about.

"It's a gathering tonight!!!" you nearly shout.

"Oh. Oh! I forgot! HOORAY!!!!" he says.

The warriors from outside of the den snarl at you.

"Be quiet already! Nobody can sleep in peace. Unless you want to start training EARLY with US!"

You and Nightpaw shake your head and say you're sorry. Why must we be treated like this? We did nothing wrong! you think.

"Well, Nightpaw, I'm still really, really excited. Aren't you?"

"Yeah. But, what if Twilightstar doesn't pick us to go? It's a possibility."

"We're new apprentices. S-she has to let us go..!"

Though you said that, you can't help thinking it too. Oh, StarClan, please let Twighlightstar pick us to go to the gathering... please!! you desperately think to yourself.

Brightear walks to you and you get a feeling of excitement. Am I going to go to the gathering tonight? you ask yourself.

"Moonpaw," she started with a snarl. "Twighlightstar chose you and Nightpaw to go to the gathering."

"O-okay..." you respond.

"Eat some fresh-kill. We're leaving soon."

You nod and pick a rabbit out of the fresh-kill pile and walk to Nightpaw.

"Nightpaw, we've been chosen to go to the gathering! Here, share this rabbit with me... we're leaving soon."

Nightpaw stares at you in shock.

"We've been chosen to go to the GATHERING?!" he nearly screams.

"Yes!" you mew full of excitement.

"Oh. My. Gosh!!!" he mews back.

The two of you share the rabbit and wash.

"Cats who are going to the gathering tonight, follow me or Twighlightstar, we're going now!" Brightear mewed to the cats.

You and Nightpaw follow them to the gathering.

"We're going to have to cross WindClan border. DO NOT FIGHT," Twighlightstar says.

All the cat's nod and you walk onto the WindClan border.

"What are you doing on our territory?" Storm-muzzle snarls.

"We only wish to cross to get to the gathering, Storm-muzzle," Twighlightstar replies calmly.

Storm-muzzle nods.

"Let them pass," he signals to his clanmates. "But, remember, this is ONLY for the gathering," he adds.

Twighlightstar nods and you cross the WindClan border and walk to the gathering.

You arrive at the gathering as you look around the Fourtrees.

"Oh, wow!" you and Nightpaw mew. What a sight! you think.

Goldenstar starts the news.

"ShadowClan does not have much to report. We have plenty of prey and water. Twighlightstar?"

"Thank you, Goldenstar. ThunderClan has plenty of prey and water as well. However... we have encountered battles because of that. RiverClan has been on our territory hunting and whenever we catch them, they pick a fight. Duskstar, anything you want to say about that?"

"It's not our fault Twolegs come into our territory and poison the fish," Duskstar says simply.

While the leaders talk, the WindClan tom next to you starts chatting with you.

"Hi. I'm Rabbitpaw. Who are you?"

"Hello. I'm Moonpaw. Nice to meet you."

"I've heard about you. Your father switched clans, right?"

"Oh, um, yeah."

"Don't look so bummed about it, a lot of cat fall in love with cats from different clans!"

"Nice to know."

You two chat until Nightpaw comes over.

"Moonpaw, Brightear and Twighlightstar are ready to go. C'mon!"

"Nice meeting you, Rabbitpaw! Bye!"

"You too, Moonpaw."

You hear warmth in his mew.

"Moonpaw, who was that???"

"A WindClan apprentice."

"Moonpaw, I don't know about you, but I don't think I would makes friends with a cat from another clan. Remember, nobody trusts us. We need to prove that we're loyal!"

"I know, I know, it's just... nobody wants to be friends with us in ThunderClan! It's really lonely..."

Nightpaw nods and you two follow Brightear and Twighlightstar back to camp. (Go to Warrior Ceremony.)

Warrior Ceremony

After 6 moons of training, the day is finally here. You wake up with such excitement.

"Nightpaw!!! We're going to be WARRIORS today!!!"

"Uh... how do you know? I thought it was the mentors' job to decide that...?"

"Firewhisker told me yesterday! You and I are going to be warriors! I can't wait at all!"

After a few moments of Nightpaw staring at you, Nightpaw jumps up and down.

"We're going to be warriors! Warriors! WARRIORS!!!"

"Shush, already!" spoke a new voice.

It was Tigereye.

"Listen, you two are always as noisy as 10 ShadowClan gossip elders combined!"

"S-sorry..." Nightpaw starts but you cut him off.

"No. All the apprentices get excited when they become warriors! How come we're not allowed to be excited?"

"Enough!" he snarls. "Unless you want to wait a few more days, you can be quiet!"

You two mutter that you're sorry although you don't really mean it. Just as you finish eating, Twighlightstar calls a clan meeting.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join us beneath the highledge for a clan meeting!"

You and Nightpaw race to the highledge full of excitement.

"Nightpaw and Moonpaw have passed their final assessment. Today, they will be getting their warrior names. Moonpaw, from this moment on, you will be known as Moonbeam. Nightpaw, from this moment on, you will be known as Nightsky. Congratulations, you two!"

"Moonbeam! Nightsky! Moonbeam! Nightsky!"

The only true voices are Feathernose, Firewhisker, and your mother, Skyfeather.

"As tradition, you two will sit vigil tonight and watch over the camp. Clan dismissed."

After you two sit vigil, you fill up the fresh-kill pile and go to bed. (Go to First Gathering as a Warrior.)

First Gathering as a Warrior

"Nightsky, we've been chosen to go to the gathering. Pick something from the fresh-kill pile. We're leaving soon."

"Moonbeam, ever since we've became warriors, you've been less fun and exciting!"

"Well, we still need to prove ourselves. It's the perfect time."

"Alright, alright, let's go."

You two follow Twighlightstar and Brightear and arrive at the gathering early. You pad over to see Rabbitpaw again.

"Hi, Moonpaw!" he greets you.

"Hi, Rabbitpaw. It's Moonbeam now."

"Wow, you got your warrior name? That's awesome! I got mine too. I'm Rabbitwhisker now."

"That's a cute name!"


You two chat about everything that's been going on in WindClan and ThunderClan. Then, Twighlightstar's voice starts.

"We have two new warriors. Congratulations to Moonbeam and Nightsky!"

Then, his face turned cross.

"However... I have heard that Tigereye has been meeting with Doveheart of RiverClan!"

All of ThunderClan gasps. However, Tigereye speaks up.

"I have not!"

Duskstar starts to speak.

"Doveheart, is this true?"

"I think she's going to deny it," you whisper to Rabbitwhisker.

"Me too," he whispers back.

Doveheart starts to speak.

"I- It's t-true... I know I've went a-against the w-warrior c-code b-but I l-love h-him."

"TRAITOR!" RiverClan starts to shout.

Suddenly, you hear a ThunderClan voice too. Tigereye is calling his own mate a traitor when HE'S the traitor to ThunderClan! And he even has the nerve to call me and Nightsky unloyal!

"Hey, at least that's not you," Rabbitwhisker whispers to you.

"True," you reply.

On the way back, Twighlightstar looks at you.

"You can go hunting or check the borders." (If you want to patrol the camp, go to After the Gathering - Checking the Borders. If you want to hunt, go to After the Gathering - Hunting.)

After the Gathering - Checking the Borders

"I'll check the borders," you respond to Twighlightstar.

She nods and you sniff the territory.

"Twighlightstar! There's RiverClan scent here, along with Tigereye's scent!"

"Just what I thought. Get Tigereye."

You walk to Tigereye.

"What do YOU want?" he snarls.

"Twighlightstar wishes to speak with you," you reply.

"Great. More trouble. Just what we need," he mumbles.

He walks over to Twighlightstar.


"Explain why there is RiverClan scent along with YOUR scent here."

"I- I um, uh-"

"I'm waiting."

"Fine! Yes, I'm mating a RiverClan she-cat but that's over!"

"How exciting. Tigereye, I thought you were loyal. I've also seen you accusing Nightsky and Moonbeam for their father's doings when they did nothing wrong.

"Well, there's bad blood in them!"

"There's bad blood in YOU, Tigereye. I'm disappointed in you. You are no longer a ThunderClan warrior."

"Y-you mean... y-you're e-exiling m-me??"

"Yes, Tigereye. I thought you had more sense than this. Now leave."

Tigereye hisses.

"I will get my revenge! It will never be over, Twighlightstar! I will defeat you till every last life of yours is taken! You better believe that!"

He unsheathes his claws and tries to hurt Twighlightstar but she dodges.

"Tigereye, that's enough. Do whatever you like, but you won't hurt ThunderClan."

"Oh, yes I will! And when you're gone, I'll hurt Brightear too!"

You burst in.

"Tigereye, Twighlightstar already said it. You are no longer part of ThuderClan! Believe it or not, JUST LEAVE," you snarl.

He finally leaves.

"Thank you, Moonbeam." (Go to Getting Your Apprentice.)

After the Gathering - Hunting

"I'll go hunting, Twighlightstar." you say.

"Very well, Moonbeam."

As you scent a few rabbits, you catch them in a few bites. That should be enough. you think. Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of another cat. Tigereye! I bet he's going to see Doveheart again. You follow Tigereye to where Doveheart is. The two start to touch noses and purr. I better report this to Twighlightstar! you think.


"Oh, Moonbeam, did you bring back fresh-kill?" Twighlightstar asks.

"Yes, I got a few rabbits but you won't believe what I just saw!"

You tell her all about Doveheart and Tigereye together. When you finish, she hisses.

"That mangy furball! I knew something was up. Lead me to where he is, Moonbeam. He may not be there anymore, but at least I'll still scent them."

You nod and lead Twighlightstar over to where you saw Tigereye and he and Doveheart are still there. So much for the happy moment we're going to ruin. you think.

"Tigereye!" Doveheart mews.

"What are you doing here?!" Tigereye snarls at you and Twighlightstar.

"We're here to stop this, as it's against the warrior code!" you say back.

"Tigereye, this is unacceptable. You'll be exiled."

"Fine! I'll go. But I'll get revenge and you better believe it!"

Doveheart jumps in.

"But Tigereye, what about our kits?" she cried. Kits? you think. Can it be?

"That's your problem," he replies with no warmth in his voice. "You ruined everything. I have nothing left."

Tigereye walks into the shadowy trees as Doveheart watches him go, eyes full of pain.

"Come on, Moonbeam. We should get back to camp," Twighlightstar says after a moment of silence.

You nod and you and Twighlightstar walk back to camp. (Go to Getting Your Apprentice.)

Getting Your Apprentice

"I wonder who Fernkit's mentor will be," Nightsky mews.

"Well, I wonder who Mousekit's mentor will be!" you mew back.

"Hey, don't tease me now!"

"You've been saying it all morning! How can I not, you furball!"

Things were much better now that Tigereye was exiled. Although people still distrusted them, it was one less.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join us beneath the highledge for a clan meeting!" Twighlightstar mews.

You and Nightsky walk to the highledge together. You look up at Twighlightstar and see Fernkit and Mousekit beside her.

"Fernkit and Mousekit have reached the age of six moons. They will be getting their apprentice names today. Fernkit, from this moment on, you will be known as Fernpaw. Moonbeam."

You walk up the highledge.

"You are a skilled fighter and a talented hunter. I expect you to pass on the skills you learned from Firewhisker to Fernpaw. Mousekit, from this moment on, you will be known as Mousepaw. Nightsky."

Nightsky walks up the highledge.

"Feathernose has taught you many hunting teqniques and fighting skills. Pass these on the Mousepaw."

"Mousepaw! Fernpaw! Mousepaw! Fernpaw!"

"Clan dismissed," Twighlightstar ended.

"Well, Fernpaw, today I'm going to show you the outside of the camp, okay?"

"Okay, Moonbeam!" she replies excitedly.

As you two walk out, you hear Brightear whispering to the other warriors.

"I feel bad for Fernpaw and Mousepaw. Having mentors like those!" Brightear whispers.

Luckily, Fernpaw doesn't hear. Excited to have an apprentice, you show her the outside of the camp. (Go to A New Deputy.)

A New Deputy

Many moons passed. Fernpaw became Ferntounge. Mousepaw became Mousepelt. As you come back from a hunting patrol, you see Feathernose talking to Twighlightstar. Twighlightstar sighs and responds.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join us beneath the highledge for a clan meeting!" Twighlightstar calls.

When all the cats arrive, Twighlightstar starts.

"Our beloved deputy, Brightear, has been found dead with fox scent all over her. Her body has been brought back to camp and we will sit vigil tonight to honor her memory. By moonhigh, I will choose the new deputy," she said as she touched noses with the unmoving deputy. "But what warns me is that she was killed by a FOX. All patrols MUST be on a big lookout for foxes. Clan dismissed."

That night, all the warriors sat vigil for Brightear.

"ThunderClan honors you. Please watch over us, Brightear."

You also feel sympathy for the deputy although she was so cross about you and Nightsky.

"We miss you," you whisper.

As more warriors start to touch noses with the deputy, you spot ThunderClan's medicine cat, Whitetail, walking to Twighlightstar's den. She probably got a sign from StarClan. If that's true, I wonder who it is. You here them talking from inside and Twighlightstar and Whitetail walk out of the den.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join us beneath the highledge for a clan meeting."

Her mew was painful and Moonbeam felt sorry for Twighlightstar. It must be so sad to lose a deputy you had for more than 3 moons. you think.

"I have thought very hardly and... you may not respect my choice... but it truly is best for ThunderClan. I say these words before StarClan, that the spirits of our ancestors may hear and approve my choice. The new deputy is Moonbeam."

Everybody gasps. You stare at her in awe.

"Twighlightstar, how can we trust her? Her father is Hawksnow!"

"Her father may not be one, but she is a loyal warrior and that's not the only reason. Whitetail, tell the clan about the dream StarClan sent you."

"Well, Nightsky came to me for help because there was a fox in the territory... all the injured cats were in the warriors' den... and Moonbeam was leading the fight. But that's not the end... in another dream, she was the only one patrolling the camp... because everyone was inured... even she was severely injured but she still fought for the clan. And... in the last one... Flowerstar directly came to me... she told me Moonbeam was the one. After so many signs, surely more cats would believe she is trustworthy?" she mews.

Cats dipped their head in agreement.

"Alright then... everybody understands. Clan dissmissed."

As you walk to your den, Smallclaw comes up to you.

"I- I'm sorry..."

You cut him off.

"It's alright."

He nods and you walk to the warriors' den. (Go to An Outbreak of Greencough.)

An Outbreak of Greencough

"Moonbeam, Moonbeam! There's an outbreak of greencough in the camp!" Frogpaw says frightened as he circles your patrol.

"Oh dear... is Twighlightstar alright?"

"No! That's why I came to get you... so many cats are infected! And also, since you guys aren't sick, you'll have to stay out of the camp for a long time..."

You gasp. She's on her last life! you think. As you walk back to camp with the fresh-kill you and your patrol got, you see a few cats out of the camp and walk over to them.

"Choose some fresh-kill, everyone! We need to keep our strength up."

"Moonbeam, are you and your patrol okay?!" Nightsky asks.

"Yes, but don't worry about us. How strong is Twighlightstar?"

"Not strong at all! She's so weak... this really might be her time... and Firewhisker, Lostheart, and Skyfeather are dead..."

You sigh and nod. But then, the commotion stops as Whitetail walks out. All the cats, including you, wait for Whitetail to speak.

"T-twighlightstar is d-dead." she announces.

All of the cats gasp.

"Twighlightstar is DEAD?!" cats gasp.

You're emotions are filled with sadness and depression. Why, Twighlightstar... you think. All the cats look at you and you start to speak.

"Tonight, we will sit vigil for the cats who we have lost due to greencough. Tomorrow, we will bury them. Tonight... will be a very sad night."

Everybody nods and walks back into camp.

You sigh and follow the cats as Whitetail walks up to you.

"I miss her, too."

You sigh. Whitetail sighs too.

"I just never expected her to join StarClan so early."

"Me too. But life never waits."

You nod.

"And, also... ready to get your lives?"

"So early?"

Whitetail nods.

"Alright. I'm ready."

Whitetail leads you to the Moonstone.

"Here it is."

You gasp.

"It's beautiful...!"

She nods.

"Bend down and let your nose touch the stone. Then, StarClan will come to you in a dream and give you your lives." Whitetail mews.

You nod as you let your nose touch the shiny stone. You see darkness surrounds you. Is this what's supposed to happen?! you think.

Then, you see many cats around you. Some familiar, some not. You hear Firewhisker's voice as he walks up to you.

"Welcome to StarClan, Moonbeam! My apprentice, I knew one day you would be able to prove yourself. And look at yourself, you have. Congratulations. Now, with this life, I give you courage. When your heart longs backwards, lead yourself forward."

As he touches your forehead, you feel blazing pain in you. You wish to step back, but you cannot. Then, you hear Brightear.

"Why, Moonbeam, I never knew you would live up to this. I'm so sorry about what I did to you and Nightsky. Forgive me, please. You have become a strong and loyal warrior and you will make a great leader. So, with this life, I give you justice. Use it well as you judge the actions of others."

Your mother, Skyfeather, comes.

"Why, my daughter, I am so proud of you. With this life I give you loyalty to what you know to be right. Use it well to guide your Clan in times of trouble, Moonbeam."

Lostheart comes.

"People have doubted your loyalty, yes. But truly, as you became deputy, I admired you. Moonbeam, you truly have courage, loyalty, and justice. So with this life, I give you protection. Use it to care for your clan as much as you would care for newborn kits."

Then, you hear an unfamiliar voice.

"Greetings, Moonbeam. I am Hawksnow, your father. I'm sorry cats have doubted you because of me. With this life I give you love. Love the cats in your clan - even the ones who have doubted you or the ones that aren't loyal."

You hear someone else you've known before... Rabbitwhisker! you think.

"Rabbitwhisker! It's been so long."

"I know. So, with this life I give you clear judgment of character, for the ability to see the value of some cats, and the threat posed by others."

Then, you hear Feathernose.

"I give you a life for determination. Use it so you can lead your clan, in times of trouble," she mews.

Flowerstar comes... you've never met her, but you know all about her...

"Moonbeam, I give you a life for second chances. Sometimes things fail... sometimes cat break the warrior code... but have faith in them, and give them a second chance."

Lastly, you hear Twighlightstar.

"Moonbeam, you have worked hard. You have overcome fear and you will be a loyal and great leader. So with this life, I give you faith. Give all your heart to StarClan, and StarClan will lead you. Now, you are the official leader of ThunderClan. Welcome, Moonstar."

"Thank you, all. I will try to do my best to lead ThunderClan to be a good clan despite all the wrong things we've done. I will use the lives you have given me according to the gifts you presented to me."

"Moonstar, you will truly be a good leader. StarClan will always walk with you."

"Moonstar! Moonstar! Moonstar! Moonstar!"

You awake from the dream and see Whitetail standing over you.

"Ready to go?"


You two walk back to camp and see the cats waiting for you. (Go to Deciding the Deputy.)

Deciding the Deputy

"Whitetail... if you receive any signs about the new deputy... please let me know before moonhigh," you tell Whitetail.

She nods. As you walk over to your new den, Nightsky comes up to you.

"So... you're the leader now."

"Yes. But that'll never change the fact that we're littermates."

He nods.

"So... any clue on who the new deputy will be?"

"Not really, Whitetail promised to tell me if she was sent a sign or anything. How are things at camp?"

"It's fine. Most cats still believe we're disloyal, though."

"The same as before?"

"No, some other cats. We've seem to have earned some of their trust.

"That's nice to know. But anyway, could you lead a hunting patrol? You can choose the cats you want to go."


He walks away as you go inside the leaders' den. It smells like Twighlightstar. you think. You start to think about who you would appoint as deputy. Hmmm, Nightsky wouldn't be a bad idea... but neither would Smallclaw or Ferntounge. Maybe even Mousepelt. you think. As you keep on thinking, Whitetail peeks her head in.

"Can I come in?" she asks.

"Sure. Did you receive a sign?"

"Yes. In fact, that's the reason I came here."

She talks about her dream. She explains that she saw the night sky shining very brightly. In another dream, Nightsky seemed to be driving away badgers from ThunderClan.

"I think that means that Nightsky is the best choice for deputy."

You nod and walk over to the highrock.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join us beneath the highledge for a clan meeting." you call.

All the cats begin to eagerly walk to the highledge and sit down beneath it.

"The time has come. I shall appoint the new deputy. I say these words before StarClan, that the spirits of our ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. Nightsky is the new deputy of ThunderClan."

"She's probably only choosing him because he's her littermate!" she overheard.

"No, Nightsky is a good and loyal warrior, too!"

"I could do better than HIM!"

You can't stand any of the talk anymore so you tell the clan that everyone is dismissed.

"Moonstar?" Nightsky asks after all the cats are gone.


"Did you choose me because I'm your littermate?"

"No, Whitetail recieved signs."

He nods and walks off to hunt. (Go to A Battle Between ThunderClan and ShadowClan.)

A Battle Between ThunderClan and RiverClan

"Moonstar!" Nightsky mews. "RiverClan is invading!"

"Get the senior warriors to fight and five junior warriors near the nursery! Also, get the elders to the nursery, too!" you say as you start mewing out orders.

You race over to the senior warriors.

"ThunderClan! Tail to tail! FIGHT!"

You come across a familiar warrior.

"Tigereye!" you snarl.

"Not Tigereye anymore. It's Tigerstar! Looks like ThunderClan's gotten weaker than I thought so," he snarls as he pins you to the ground. "Twighlightstar's gone... I'm gonna rip away your lives, Moonstar! ThunderClan's not great with YOU as a leader!" he snarls as you pin HIM to the ground.

You slash his throat and blood runs out. You watch him as he falls to the ground and wakes up.

"He's on his ninth!"

This is easier than I thought, then, you think.

He pounces on you and you claw his ear. As you think he got you, tells RiverClan to retreat. Thank StarClan... you think as relief floods you.

Smallclaw races to you.

"Moonstar! Nightsky's getting weaker and weaker..."

You and Smallclaw quickly head over to where Nightsky is.

"He wants to have a moment with only you," Smallclaw mews sadly.

You nod and sit by your brother

"I'll never forget you," he mews weakly.

"Don't leave..." you reply in agony.

"It's my time," he croaks.

"You were like a warrior right to the end. Hawksnow and Skyfeather must be so proud watching from StarClan to see what you've become," you whisper full of pain.

"I bet they're proud of you too, Moonstar. You've accomplished so much and been so loyal," he replies.

"Oh, Nightsky, I wish you could stay with me forever," you reply.

"Me too. But StarClan has chosen me tonight."

He closes his eyes and you know that StarClan has come to claim him. (Go to Who's Next?)

Who's Next?

You just sat vigil for your brother. You walk over to the fresh-kill pile and gasp. On top of all the other prey, there's a squirrel. A squirrel with tiny claws and silver eyes. Your clanmates look puzzled and walk over to the fresh-kill pile as well. They gasp too.

"That was Smallclaw's prey," you hear Ratpelt peep.

"That means... Smallclaw is the new deputy of ThunderClan," you mew. "Do you accept?"

"Yes," he replies.

He starts to sort out patrols and you see warmth and a bit of love in his eyes. (Go to An Invasion of Twolegs.)

An Invasion of Twolegs

"Breezetail... Ratpelt... Mistyfur..."

Your mew is cut off by Graypaw.

"Moonstar, there are Twolegs in our territory!"

"How many?"

"A whole bunch! There were about 10 of them. But me and Smallclaw can't be sure if there's a second patrol. One of them also took Smallclaw back to their Twoleg den!"

"Oh dear. Well, Flameclaw, Ravenwing, Mapletail, and Mistyfur. You're the first patrol. Attack the Twolegs when you can. If you need any help, flick your tail. Silversky, Ratpelt, Breezetail, and I will lead the second patrol. We'll come when either one of you four flick your tail. Graypaw, Blackear, Berryblaze, and Embercloud, you're in charge of camp. Blizzardbreeze, get all the apprentices, queens, and elders to the nursery. First patrol, leave now."

The first patrol walks out and the second patrol stalks after them.

You see Mistyfur charge at a Twoleg. She flicks her tail and you hiss at the Twoleg. The Twoleg screams and all the other Twolegs go back to their den.

"Graypaw! Show the way to the Twoleg nest!" you mew.

You follow Graypaw to the Twoleg nest and you look inside a window and see Smallclaw inside a cage.

"We'll come back for him at night," you whisper to Graypaw.

You two return back to camp. (Go to Freeing Smallclaw.)

Freeing Smallclaw

"Moonstar, do you think the Twolegs are asleep yet?"

"Well, our warriors are so let's go and check."

You two stalk out of camp and look through the window. You see Smallclaw sitting there in fright but you don't hear any Twolegs anywhere.

"Graypaw, it's better if you stay here. You're only an apprentice."

For a moment you think the gray apprentice is going to reject but he nods.

"Will you be okay? I can go back to camp to get another warrior."

"I'll be fine. Just stay here. I don't think you learned how to handle Twolegs yet."

He nods and you quietly go inside the Twoleg nest.

"Smallclaw!" you whisper.

Smallclaw whips around.

"Moonstar! I though I'd be trapped in here forever." he says as he rolls his eyes. "These Twolegs want me as a kittypet. As if I'd let them!" he mews as he snorts.

"Great story, tell the clan later. We need to get out of here at once."

He nods.

"There's a key right there but I can't reach it because I'm in a cage."

You walk over to where he's pointing and see a key. You pick up the key with your mouth and manage to unlock the door. As you quietly walk out of the Twoleg nest, you hear a Twoleg that's awake. You hear it throw a gigantic tantrum. The Twoleg turns to cry to a bigger Twoleg who begins to go outside.

"Let's get out of here," you whisper to Smallclaw.

You two walk over to Graypaw.

"Graypaw, the Twolegs are looking for Smallclaw. We need to get back to camp as quickly as possible," you whisper to Graypaw.

He nods and the three of you quickly run back to camp. Thankfully, that's the last you saw of Twolegs in your camp. (Go to The Flood.)

The Flood

"Let the gathering begin!" Thrushstar mews from the Great Rock.

"WindClan doesn't have much to report. We have prey and water and that is all we need," he reports. "Moonstar, would you like to speak next?" he asks.

"Sure," you mew. "Newleaf has brought plenty of prey and water as Thrushstar said. However, Newleaf also brings more Twolegs. They have invaded our camp and tried to steal our warrior, Smallclaw. I predict they won't be back soon, but I suppose you all should keep a lookout for Twolegs," you report. "And, this past moon, RiverClan has invaded our territory. They unreasonably wanted a battle when we did nothing wrong," you finish. You eye the new RiverClan leader, Dovestar as she starts snarling at you.

"I TOLD Tigerstar it was a fish-brained idea to invade ThunderClan for no reason. That's no reason just to turn on the rest of us!" she hisses.

"Well, you went along with it, didn't you? That does make you no better than him, doesn't it?"

ShadowClan and WindClan nod and Dovestar snarls again and launches herself at you. You dodge her attack and say, "Invading a camp and trying to attack ThunderClan's leader for it. That must make you a very strong leader, doesn't it?"

She snarls again.

"Anyway, Silverstar, you may speak next," you mew to the ShadowClan leader.

"Thank you, Moonstar. Like Moonstar, RiverClan has invaded our camp. Dovestar, you were deputy then. Why didn't you stop Tigerstar? If you knew what's good for you, you would've stopped him," she snarls.

Dovestar launches herself at Silverstar, like she did to you. Silverstar launches back and warriors start fighting. Suddenly, the sky grows dark and you cannot see the other warriors anymore.

"StarClan is angry with us! We must retreat," Stormtail mews over all the chaos.

"ShadowClan, go back to camp!" you hear Silverstar say.

"Same for you all, ThunderClan," you mew.

As you leave, Dovestar comes up to you.

"This isn't over, Moonstar. I hope you know that," she growls.

When you get back to camp, you go to your den full of exhaustion. The next morning you see water rising at your paws. A flood! you think.

"Smallclaw! Get all warriors, queens, elders, and apprentices outside the camp!"

He nods.

"Do you think... Dovestar is behind this?" he asks.

"I don't know. But we'll find out sooner or later. Just evacuate the cats now!" you mew.

He evacuates the cats and you and Smallclaw go outside.

After the water clears out... you forget about it... but little do you know, Dovestar still is going to get her revenge. (Go to The Prophecy.)

The Prophecy

As you drift into sleep the next night, you hear a firmiliar voice. Suddenly, you recognize it. Nightsky! you think.

"Yes, Moonstar. It is me," he says as if you had spoken out loud.

"What are you doing here, Nightsky? Do you have a sign?" you ask.

"No... not a sign. A prophecy. Beware a river of coldness and ice. But Shadow and Thunder will equal fire." he mews.

As he fades away, your mind stirs with thoughts. What does this mean? you think.

As you wake up, you go to Whitetail's den.

"Moonstar! Are you sick?"

"No... I've received a prophecy... do you know what it means...?"

"It depends... what is the prophecy?"

"Beware a river of coldness and ice. But Shadow and Thunder will equal fire."

"I don't know... but it would mean... something bad is happening and RiverClan is behind it..."

As you walk out of her den, you're still very confused. There hasn't been a battle against RiverClan since... the last gathering... you think.

"Could it be...?" you mumble.

"Could what be?" another cat mews behind you.

You whip around and see Smallclaw behind you.

"Nothing," you say quickly.

"Wanna go hunting?" he purrs.

You nod. You and Smallclaw have gotten closer in the past moons and have a feeling elders are storing up gossip on the two of you. As you walk out, you scent mice and drop into a hunting crouch. You bite a mouse and kill it in one bite.

"Fresh-kill," you mew.

He purrs.

"I scent the rabbits but I can't find them!" he mews a little grumpily but with a little humor.

You purr in laughter.

"Maybe you need to stop giggling, then!" you joke.

"Hey!" he mews.

He drops into a hunting crouch and pounces on a rabbit.

"There! Now you can't tease me."

You giggle. This is fun... but I still don't know what the prophecy means! you think.

"Do you think this is enough?" he asks.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go back in camp." He noticed that I'm distracted... the prophecy seems so difficult to understand... you think.

"Beware a river of coldness and ice. But Shadow and Thunder will equal fire," you repeat to yourself.

Suddenly, you understand.

RiverClan is the river of coldness and ice, and Shadow and Thunder are ShadowClan and ThunderClan, and we'll melt the ice so everything can be peaceful with the clans again! you think. You try to think about what horrible thing RiverClan would do, but nothing comes to you. The next night is the gathering night. Perhaps I'll find something out there, you think.

"Let the gathering begin," Dovestar mews from the great rock. "RiverClan does not have much to report. All is peaceful and well. However, our deputy, Embertail, has moved to the elders den. Icefang will take her place," she says.

Suddenly, it all makes sense. You repeat the prophecy to yourself and finally put a few pieces together.

"Beware a river of coldness and ice. But Shadow and Thunder will equal fire," you mutter to yourself.

"We also have a new warrior. Welcome, Frostheart!" Dovestar says as RiverClan starts cheering. "Thrushstar?"

"Thank you, Dovestar. This past moon, ShadowClan and WindClan has had a battle. They tried to steal our medicine supplies. We have had three warriors injured and unfortunately, Mapleleaf has had to join StarClan. Silverstar, do you have anything to say about this?"

"The only thing I have to say is that I did not lead this battle. My deputy, Leaf-fang, did."

Thrushstar narrows his eyes.

"Moonstar, you may speak next."

"Thank you, Thrushstar. All is peaceful in ThunderClan. We have plenty of prey and water. However, this past moon, we have had a flood. Fortunately, no cats have been injured," you finish. "Silverstar, you may speak next."

"Thrushstar, Leaf-fang had the idea. No other cats did, and Leaf-fang threatened them to attack WindClan with her. Leaf-fang has gone to StarClan as well, though. ShadowClan has plenty of prey and water, just like Moonstar said. That is all I have to say," Silverstar mewed.

After a few cats went home, Icefang comes up to you.

"Remember, this isn't over," he snarls.

The next day, you wake up to see Smallclaw standing over you with big eyes.

"Moonstar, ShadowClan is on our territory! They're causing no harm but RiverClan is! RiverClan is attacking us! ShadowClan is trying to defeat them but it's not enough!"

The prohecy rings in your mind as you nod and race out of camp.

You nod and race outside.

You see Icefang... but not Dovestar.

Icefang jumps on you and you hiss.

"Icestar, look out!" Frostheart mewed.

IceSTAR? you think.

The prophecy comes rushing back to you.

But as you're thinking, Frostheart claws your ear as Smallclaw jumps on her and rakes her pelt.

"Thank you," you mutter to Smallclaw.

"You're welcome," he whispers back.

Icestar jumps on Ratpelt and rakes her throat and her eyes close.

"Ratpelt!" you mew in fear.

"That's for Tigerpaw and Lilacpaw!" Icestar hisses.

You don't understand who Tigerpaw and Lilacpaw are or what happened to them.

Silverstar jumps on Icestar and you jump on Frostheart.

Frostheart gasps and her hissing dies away.

"Frostheart!" Icestar gasps.

As you pounce on Icestar he hisses.

He flips you over and pins you to the ground. RiverClan's medicine cat rushes over to Frostheart.

"Please tell me she's okay!" Icestar says with loss in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Icestar. She's gone to StarClan," Flowercloud mews sadly.

"No!" Icestar wails. "Why Frostheart...?" he whispers. "RiverClan, retreat. Rainsplash, please bring Frostheart's body to camp..."

You turn to face Silverstar.

"Thank you. ThunderClan owes you," you mew to Silverstar.

"Oh, it was nothing," Silverstar replies.

"The thanks of all of ThunderClan will go with you. Good luck on your future journeys," you say.

"Thank you and good luck to you too, Moonstar," Silverstar says as she and her clan disappear.

Whitetail comes up to you.

"Are any cats badly injured?" you ask Whitetail.

"I wouldn't say badly injured but some of them have deep scratches," Whitetail mews.

You nod.

"So... I guess the prophecy is fulfilled?" Whitetail asks.

"I'd say," you reply.

At least it's something to get out of your mind. (Go to A New Medicine Cat.)

A New Medicine Cat

Before you know it, it's leaf-bare and the greencough chaos starts again.

"Moonstar! Moonstar!" Starrypaw, Whitetail's new apprentice mews.

"Yes, Starrypaw?"

"There's an outbreak of greencough! We need you out of the camp!"

You nod and race out of camp. Your mind flashes back to the outbreak of greencough that made you leader but took Flowerstar, Firewhisker, Lostheart, and Feathernose.

Hopefully no one dies this time, you think.

You see a crowd of cats outside of camp and count everyone but you realize that Whitetail is the only one missing.

"Where's Whitetail...?" you ask.

"She's... d-dead," Starrypaw stammers.

You freeze.

"No..." you whisper.

The cat you would always turn to in trouble... gone... from greencough...

Starrypaw interrupts your thoughts.

"I'll have to go to the Moonstone tonight to become a full medicine cat," she mews.

You nod.

"She'll never be forgotten," you say as you mourn Whitetail.

"Never," Starrypaw mews.

You jump onto the highledge and cats start gathering around it.

"Our beloved medicine cat, Whitetail, has gone to StarClan. Tonight, we will sit vigil for her, and all the other cats who died," you mew.

Just like that one outbreak of greencough, you think.

"Starrypaw will travel to the Moonstone tonight to receive her full medicine cat powers. Clan dismissed," you finish.

Whitetail's dead... More warriors... More apprentices... More kits... Everything's changing in ThunderClan and I can't keep up with it! you think, frustrated.

You sit vigil for Whitetail and everyone else that were taken from StarClan. You return to your nest in sorrow... Why Whitetail? She had been such a good friend, what had she done wrong for StarClan to take her? Would someone else who did nothing wrong get taken by StarClan? Your mind stirs with thoughts as you fall asleep... good friends gone.