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Book 1
Preceded by:
Into the Wild Spoof Succeded by:
Fire and Ice Spoof

Rusty: I want to go into the wild.

Bluestar: (Apears.)

Rusty: Who are you?

Bluestar: I'm Bluestar. Come into my clan at the cost of only 100,000,000 kitty coins!

Rusty: Okay! (Gives coins.)

Bluestar: This is only 99,999,999 kitty coins. Your one short.

Rusty: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Waks over to Smudge.) Give me a kitty coin.

Smudge: Wh-

Rusty: (Kills. Looks in pocket. Nothing there.) Darn!

Bluestar: You've passed the test!

Rusty: What test?

Bluestar: You killed an innocent kittypet for money. You truly have the makings of a warrior!

Rusty: Yay-wait, I killed Smudge? But he was my best friend.

Graypaw: (Apears.) I am your new best friend!

Bluestar: Your name will be Firepaw!

Rusty: But I like my name!

Bluestar: To bad! I hate StarClan!

Rusty: What the h***?

Graypaw: Bluestar, you haven't gone insane yet.

Bluestar: Oh, I see.

Goosefeather: I'm insane!

Bluestar: (Kills Goosefeather.) Go back to the firey grave that you came from!!!

Graypaw and Firepaw:........

Bluestar: Oh, I probably scared you young apprentices. Now, come with me!

A few moons later.

Firepaw: I am ready to be a warrior.

Graypaw: No your not! Your pathetic!

Firepaw: Shut up, Graypaw!

Sandpaw: I hate you, Firepaw!

Dustpaw: Yeah!

Firepaw: Why? Why do you two hate me?

Sandpaw: I don't know, but I'm sure it's for a good reason.

Firepaw: Ooooaaaakkkkaaaayyyyy.

Sandpaw: I love you Firepaw! I don't know why, but I feel strangely attracted to you!

Dustpaw: Yeah!

Everyone but Dustpaw: (Steps away from Dustpaw.)

Firepaw: Ew, gross. I'm leaving!

(Firepaw and Graypaw run away.)

Ravenpaw: Tigerclaw is going to kill me!

Firepaw: Why?

Ravenpaw: I forgot! Now, get me out of here!

Firepaw: Okay!

Bluestar: Firepaw, come with me, Graypaw, Ravenpaw, and Tigerclaw to the moonstone.

Firepaw: Okay!

Ravenpaw: But what about-

Tigerclaw: Shut up worthless apprentice!

Ravenpaw: Your going to let him speak that way to me, Bluestar?

Bluestar: Yep!

(Everyone goes to moonstone.)

Bluestar: Firepaw, you will come with me to the moonstone.

Ravenpaw: Can't I come?

Tigerclaw: No, an apprentice so unworthy, foolish, dumb, stupid, horrible, bad, and weak as you can't go. But, a warrior as great, awesome, fantastic, strong, and wise as me can.

Bluestar: No, neither of you can come.

Tigerstar and Ravenpaw: Why?

Firepaw: Because I'm the fire that will save the clan. Let's go Bluestar.

(They go in.)

Firepaw: OMG! This is...this is....a huge blue rock! It's so cool!

Bluestar: Oh, that's not the moonstone. This is. (Points to a tiny gray rock.)

Firepaw: That's disapointing.

Bluestar: Oh no! Our clan is in trouble! We need to go!

Firepaw: How can you tell?

Bluestar: Shut up and follow me!

(Go out of cave. Sees Yellowfang in a net.)

Bluestar: Why did you capture Yellowfang.

Graypaw: She was lurking about, and I thought it would be fun to catch her.

Yellowfang: Let me out!

Graypaw: Shut up!

(Everyone heads back to camp. Rats apear.)

Ravenpaw: Oh no, rats! There going to kill us all!!!!!!!!!!

Firepaw: Um, Ravenpaw, rats are our prey. They can't hurt us.

Barley: (Jumps onto a rat.) I will save you!

Tigerclaw: We don't need to be saved you fat peice of fresh-kill.

Barley: Oh, I see.

Ravenpaw: Can I live with you, Barley?

Bluestar: Why are you leaving? Not that I really care, but...

Ravenpaw: That information is classified because if I said it a certain brown tabby tom with battle-scars who's name rymes with Figerclaw will kill me.

Bluestar: I wonder who that is.

Tigerclaw: Well, it's better your not here anyway! Your useless!

Barley: Wait, don't I get any say in this. I mean he is going to live with me, after all.

Everyone but Barley: No!

(Ravenpaw and Barley pad off.)

Graypaw: That wasn't akward at all.

Bluestar: Let's go!

(Goes to camp. See it destroyed.)

Graypaw: Lionheart is dead! Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Tigerclaw: Yay! I'm deputy now!

Whitestorm: No, I'm deputy!

Tigerclaw: You'll be deputy when I die, or more likely, when Bluestar dies. Muhahahaha!!!!!!!

Bluestar: I still suspect nothing.

Firepaw: Who did this, anyway?

Darkstripe: It was Yellowfang!

Yellowfang: But I was inside Graypaw's net when you were attacked. How is it my falut?

Mousefur: Spottedleaf is dead and some kits were stolen.

Firepaw: No! Why, StarClan, why? Why Spottedleaf, my one true love?!?!?!?! I will kill Brokenstar for this!

Graypaw: How do we know it was ShadowClan? No one told us.

Runningwind: Well, it was ShadowClan!

Graypaw: Now someone told us. Carry on, Firepaw.

Firepaw: Okay. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Firepaw runs to ShadowClan camp followed by Whitestorm and some other ThunderClan cats.

Sandpaw: Actually, it was me who killed Spottedleaf. Muhahahaha!!!!!!!

(Outside ShadowClan camp.)

Firepaw: What's the plan, Whitestorm?

Whitestorm: Why me?

Firepaw: You always give me plans when I'm leader.

Whitestorm: But your not leader yet.

Firepaw: Oh yeah. I forgot. It's just Graypaw and Ravenpaw always get me whatever I want, so it makes me think I'm leader. Graypaw, get me soap! Ravenpaw, you get me a sink!

Graypaw: Ravenpaw is gone.

Firepaw: I miss him aready!

Yellowfang: I have a plan!

(Cats do plan just like in book. Brokenstar dies and gets banished.)

(Back at ThunderClan camp.)

Bluestar: Well, you've done well, Firepaw. You too, Graypaw. You'll be named Fireheart and Graystripe. Your going to sit vigil tonight.

Graystripe: Okay!

Bluestar: NO TALKING!!!!!!!!

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