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Cosmo is just a normal kittypet. He has a fear of the woods, and for good reason. His mother always told him what dangers lurked there, overexagerating them. But Cosmo can't help but be curious. Once he becomes six moons old, he gets taken to his new housefolk's house, which is closer to the woods than before, and one day he ventures farther than he ever planned to, only to descover something extraodinary. This story is written by Cinderstar.


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"And that is why we must never venture into the woods." Carly purred. Cosmo shivered, feeling thankful for the soft blanket in the basket. His mother was a great storyteller, and he could just imagine sharp teeth or talons ripping his fur and the bitter cold winds that swept through during the winter.

"Someday I'll kill a badger, and I'll bring home it's pelt for you!" Cosmo's brother, Eddie, boasted. Their sister, Dee blinked admiringly at him.

"The badger would rip your pelt off before you could get a claw into his." Carly meowed sternly. "Promise me you'll never go into the woods."

"I promise." Cosmo mewed instantly. Personally, he sided with his mother. He caught Eddie looking at him as if he were a coward. I'm not a coward! He glared back.

"I promise." Dee mewed. Cosmo knew his sister was too scared to go into the forest, and thought any cat brave who wanted to venture into it.

"I don't see why we should promise." Eddie mewed defiantly. "Our father was never afraid!"

"And look where that landed him." Carly meowed icily. "Hit by a monster as he was trying to catch a rabbit to feed himself. The forest is not the right place for cats, now promise to me."

"Fine, I promise." Eddie mewed, though Cosmo could tell he was lying.

"Good." Carly meowed. "I wouldn't want anything to happen to my kits." She gave each of them a lick on the top of their heads.

Chapter 1

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