1. Cendre (Cinder)

Mistlepaw goes on a moss-collecting trip with Splashpaw, Ivypaw, and Sunpaw. When she looks in Splashpaw's eyes, there is a fire that Mistlepaw's never seen before. When the patrol returns, a cat is dead. Cinders has lived with Bright his whole life, and he's always wanted to know about his real parents. But when she tells him about his mother, his life may be changed forever.

2. Copains (Friends)

Mistlepaw learns the cause of Hawktail's death. When a RiverClan medicine cat come to inspect the problem, the Clan learn that other cats may have the same sickness that Hawktail had. Cinders decides to atempt learning about Clan life. When he meets a WindClan cat, he learns his mother is gone.

3. Prophétie (Prophecy)

Mistlepaw overhears a mysterious prophecy. She thinks she may have deciphered a prophecy, and has an idea of who the Clans' savior could be. Cinders doesn't want to join WindClan. He never did. But Mistlepaw calls on him to help, he learns he could be the only hope for his mother's former home.

4. Rêver (Dream)

Mistlepaw can only watch as her Clan falls apart around her. Less cats are getting sick, yes. But that doesn't mean no cats are getting sick. She goes to RiverClan to get something that helps, but it won't be enough. Cinders recieves a dream. He may have a different perspective of WindClan now.

5. Argent (Silver)

Mistlepaw is overjoyed. But she has to get Silverrain. So, she sneaks back to camp. Planting a few lies along the way, Silverrain successfully sneaks them out and back to camp, this time with Cinders. When morning comes, Cinders receives a new name, along with other cats. But something glitters behind the leader's eyes. So is Poppystar all that she seems?

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