This is a crackfic collab founded by Hermione.

Part One

Hermione6720: *Sits at computer, typing away*

Jayfeather: *Pads in* Ahem.

Hermione6720: Not now.

Jayfeather: Good day, young twoleg.

Hermione6720: *Turns around* Holy-

Jayfeather: we of the Clans have come to express a few complaints.

Hermione6720: *Mouth hangs open*

Jayfeather: We feel it is unfair that you twolegs are aloud to write fanfictions about us with no regard-

Hermione6720: *Raises hand* Hold up. Why are you telling me? I'm not an admin!

Jayfeather: Yes, but your stories stink anywa so I figure i'd do you a favor.

Hollyleaf: *sticks head in* Oh no he di'int!

Hermione6720: *wipes tear* That. . . that just hurts.

Jayfeather: See? I'm making your boring fanfiction interesting already!

Hermione6720: . . .

Dustpelt: *Sticks head in* Oh yes he did.

Jayfeather: And so, back to my point, we are making fanfics about you!

Hermione6720: Gee. Thanks.

Jayfeather: You are totally welcome!!!!!

(Hermione6720's room suddenly transforms to Game Show studio.)

Hermione6720: What the heck????

Jayfeather; *Is now at podium. Clears throat* And our first story is by . . . Hollyleaf!

Hollyleaf: Thank you! Thank you! *Curtsies*

Hermione6720: And you say I'm a bad writer? How can a cat curtsy?

Hollyleaf: Get over it! *Voice changes back to sickly sweet* This story is a crackfic.

Hermione6720 has Thai

One day Hermione6720 went to get Thai food. He had to much and died. The End.

Hermione6720: you stupid cats never cease to amaze me. Thats a story?

Hollyleaf: *reads definition from dictionary* Archaic. An account of-

Hermione6720: No, I mean there was no depth or anything to it. And I promptly die.

Hollyleaf: And the crackfics about us are filled with hapy endings?

Hermione6720: *Mutters darkly*

Jayfeather: And now, for our new guest of honor. Give it up for . . . Forestpaw13!

Forestpaw: *Is dragged in, tied and gagged*

Hermione6720: oh dear god!

Jayfeather: *Hops down. Rips gag off Forest* Good evening Forest! So, how does it feel to be featured on Hermoone6720's extremely boring page!

Forestpaw *Gasps for air* stupid . . . cats . . .

Hermione6720: I know, right?

Jayfeather: Tsk, tsk tsk! Twolegs have no manners. *Promptly coughs out hairball*

Forestpaw: ...

Hermione6720: ...

Jayfeather: presenting... Brokenstar!

Brokenstar: *Enters* OMG, Forestpaw this is such a pleasure.

Forestpaw: Speak for yourself!

Brokenstar: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spottedleaf: *sticks head in* Ohhhhhh

Brokenstar: I wanted to do a dark, dramatic story.

Forestpaw's Dark, Dramatic Story


Forestpaw shuddered as she moved his mouse to tyhe block button, and slowly pressed it.

Chapter One: Seven Days Later

"Forest- how could you do this to me?" typed Zaffie angrily on Forest's page.

"I had to-" she typed sadly. "You made a minor edit without marking it."

"I was young, okay?" Zaffie messaged. "Young, and foolish. Just give me a second chance."

"I- I would. But . . . I can't."

"WhY? Why Forest? I thought you were my friend?"


"That's it. This banana isn't staying here no more. I'm going to. . . quit the wiki!"


"User blog:Zaffie/Leaving"

I am sorry, my friends, but I am tired of this cruel, inimaginable-

Forest: Torment! Cruel and horrid torment! *Bangs head on table*

Hermione6720: *Wakes up abruptly*:Wha?

Jayfeather: Now, now. Poor Brokenstar wasn't finished!

Brokenstar: *Pretends to cry*

(Wall Explodes)

Birchy:*Runs in with gun* Paws up! This is the Resistance.

Jayfeather: *puss in boots eyes*

Birchy: Awwww

(One Minutes later)

Birchy: *Is tied up* Let me go!

Hermione6720: Thatcat stopped being cute about three minutes ago when he insulted my fanfctions.

Jayfeather: *completely ignores* And now for a new fanfiction by...

Drum Roll

Jayfeather: SPOTTEDLEAF!

Random Cat: *Runs on stage, and whispers in Jayfeather's ear, than exits*

Jayfeather: Due to spottedleaf's inconsiderate fading from every plane of existence in a desperate bid to save the Clan she loves, I'm afraid the story must now be shared by... *tear trickles down cheek* Our backup.

Crowd: *Gasps*

Jayfeather; Everyone, please welcome....Purdy. *runs out screaming*

Crowd:*Begins screaming and begins to run for the exits which slam shut as Purdy enters*

Hermione6720: Whatever it is,I bet it can't be worse than what we've already heard.

Purdy: *Jumps in wearing Elvis outfit. Gives ear piercing shriek* Hello, Kinkow!

Birchy: *puts out hand for money*

Purdy: I wrote a story especially for y'all. It goe slike this:

Is This Even A Fanfic?

A bad! A bad romance! Rarara-

Forestpaw: I think this is the part we're supposed to scream hysterically fro them to kill us.

Birchy: Ask him. He created this article. *points to Hermione*

Hermione: Hey this isn't my fault.

Purdy: *Yells to crowd* None of this could've happened without hsi help. *Points to Hermione*

Crowd: *Charges at Hermione*

Birchy: *To Forest* So, how wre we going to explain his death to Arti?

Forestpaw: We could blame Anons. ThT always works.


  • Screen Experiences Static. Channel switches to Dora wiki, where she is also rebelling*

Dora: Die! Die *Cracks chair against admin's head*

  • Screen experiences static and returns to this wiki. Hermione6720 is covered in cats*

Hermione6720: I should have stuck to percy Jackson fanfiction.

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