This is a series by Hollyleafisawesome. There will be probably be about 10-15 episodes, and its rated PG-13

(For gore and violence at sometimes)

I'll make as many Seasons as either I want, or you guys want.

It usually will premiere every other Saturday... Or on weeks when its not on Saturday, its on Tuesday.

It is about Lightpaw, and apprentice that is supposed to stop the War occurring between the clans, a terrible free-for-all with seemingly no end.

Even if she could stop the War, would it be enough to stop the evil forces rising while the clans are distracted by the War.

Season 1

Meet Lightkit and her clan, they're being exposed to the war, and cats die quite often. Opposing clans are enemies, hated and despised. There has been a murder in the clan, Lightkit is now Lightpaw, and LeafClan launches a major attack. Death is frequent, and the smell of it hangs in the air...

Season 2

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