Imperfectly Lovely

“I don’t care if I’m so-called ‘imperfect’, I will always love you. Even in this mess.”


Cloverpaw is an apprentice of SunClan, a perfect and orderly society of cats. No one rebels, no one asks questions, and everyone follows the many rules. Everything—and everyone is perfect. Utopic.

No one has choices.

Peace and perfectness has ruled the forest of SunClan as long as Cloverpaw has been alive...

Until his initiation. 

At this time, an enemy emerges—calling themselves MoonClan—and challenge SunClan and their ways. War soon starts, and Cloverpaw is in the middle of it.

Then something changes in him. This change drastically turns his world upside-down, and Cloverpaw and his friends begins to realize that MoonClan isn’t the real enemy.

And it’s up to Cloverpaw and his friends to save the forest.


Season One

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